We’d been going out for a few weeks at this point. We’d certainly hit it off. We would message each other on WhatsApp every minute of every day we were apart, from dawn till dusk. We found out theme song: Video Games - Lana Del Rey. 

Last week we watched dazzling fireworks over the river. The raw energy, the spark of the fireworks, the dazzling colours shining in the dark and illuminating the skies was a beautiful representation of just how I felt. Something had been missing for so long, I didn’t know what but by now I had realised it was there. We also went visited a lake. I tried to teach him how to swim. Isn’t it wonderfully ironic how a beautiful country famously known for it's crystal clear warm waters has a regularity for people who can't swim? This was an aspect I loved. While swimming I got to look after and hold him shirtless in the water, feeling my stud under the water.

I was having the time of my life. I’d just met the guy of my dreams and had discovered I was really quite fond of getting rimmed. And one thing I have to say is Latinos certainly know how to do it in bed. 

Anyway, last week we had picked up a new TV series, Sense8. I’d certainly recommend you checking it out. My newfound 21-year-old lover was particularly fond of the German Wolfgang and I’d have to inform you the sight of his cock hanging out certainly made him stir. I was half expecting him to jump on top of me whipping his Johnny out at any second. Suffice to say this did not occur, although he certainly made up for it later.

We’d fallen into a sort of weekly routine. He’s go off to study English during the weekdays (Monday - Thursday) and I’d lie in bed at home dreaming of the next Thursday evening I could run to the train, arrive in the rainbow city and press my lips against his. His flat was on the top floor. Every Thursday I’d be there, waiting for him to get home. Fortunately, the elevator was very slow and so as we waited for it to ring on the ground floor he’d push me against the wall passionately kissing me, his tongue seeping in and out of my mouth.

I’d begun to cook for him, although I’d always mess up, so nervous trying to impress him. Edward was really hot and so beautiful. He was and is the kind of guy who could walk into a club and get anyone he wanted. I wouldn’t be too surprised if that statement was akin to straight bars. His touch was electric, with a single moment of it sending a shock up my soon erect trousers.

We’d had a long hot day and he decided to take a shower. While leaving out the door he offered for me to join him. Excited, I accepted. I’d been waiting for that. 

Walking into the bathroom and locking the door, we both began to strip, with me unveiling my well-sculpted buttocks first. He soon took off like jeans revealing magnificent bulge. Seeing it had instantly given me a hard-on, just imagining his cock pressed against mine as we make out. He then removed his boxers and revealed once again his thick 7-inch cock, the head wet from pre-cum. We turned the shower on as for others in the flat not to hear (the flat was shared). 

We passionately made out in the shower, the water dripping down his well-built chest and my hairless. As I jerked off he told me to stop, slowly moving down. He began to lick the head of my hard cock, before beginning to suck down my shaft, lapping up my pre-cum. I brushed his hair as he consumed my member. 

After we both continued to jerk off as we kissed, me eating his hunky face. Eventually we ended up exploding cum all over each other, me especially. It was my first time with another guy in the shower and it was truly amazing. Fortunately there were many times to come.

In the past few weeks I’d come a long way from the timid and shy teenager I had been. Not only one week ago was my first time ever having sex...


Edward Salvatore

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