Before reading this, I’d like you to know that the following story is a truthful account of actual events. The details and rhythm are all in fact real albeit names for confidentialities sake. Even dialogue is the same. Bare in mind the first half of this chapter is exposition. This is only the first chapter of a currently-shaping parable I hope most sincerely will last a lifetime. I hope he reads this and sees my love for him. Please enjoy and feel free to make comments, how to improve it.

This will be a serialised love story. Following my romantic and sexual experience with my love.

Growing up in the small quaint town of Fletching was a particular feat for any young man; the town’s being devoid of any real life being it’s primary characteristic. But for the young gay male adolescent, the seemingly small world can act as a trap driving any to insanity. For being homosexual, Damian was alone there. This is the story of quite a few things. How he found himself falling in love for the first time. How he ended up in another country and the story of his first time coming properly face-to-face with a nice cock. Most importantly this is about his romance and the best moments of his life.

After a tragic mishap several months before he’d suffered a loss unlike any other. He had tried everything in a attempt to rectify the past, but alas to no avail. Diving into his greater consciousness he felt something missing and a shadow on the tip of his mind. With every idea exhausted, he came to the conclusion, he must do it. Time has simply run out. He had been running to stand still, but for too long. 

Returning home from a family out, he set out sneaking out of the house to the neighbouring city of Brighton (the fledgling gay capital of the UK). The weekend of the annual gay pride. Taking the train he travelled there, Grindr and Hornet installed on his phone. Walking around the city, a flood of messages rained in, begging to meet the blonde blue-eyed 17 year old. He had a semi-athletic build with broad shoulders. That innocent little boy, was me.

I wandered the streets, baffled by the alien world, listening to 'There's too much love - Belle and Sebastian'. The number of dick pics I received was insanity. My phone flooded with images of hard-ons, worse than looking at a porn site.

Scrolling through Facebook I spotted some old teachers posting pictures from a square just around the corner from me. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking but I suddenly found myself there. The irony was beautiful. It was a place from my childhood. I remember back to those days. I could see a little boy wondering around eating ice cream. But he wasn’t me. He had no idea what was in store for him. That’s one interesting thing I thought though. We’re different people, all throughout our lives. Every second of every day. The events that were to follow this day, made me decide. I would not forget the people I am these next few months. I would always remember. 

Anyway, entering that old place sent nostalgic shivers down my spine. I wasn’t greeted by teachers however, but by an old friend. I stood there, with my eye suddenly caught by a beautiful young man  not 30m away. His build certainly wasn’t bad. Fifteen minutes later I begot the first message. He responded. There was something instantly endearing about him. Was it his stylish black hair or his dark brown eyes? Or was it his modest approach, talking merely as if a friend and not sending a picture of his large cock? He spoke apt English with an attractive tone. “Whereabouts are you from?” I asked with anticipation. He explained he was from Brazil and was here to learn English. 

We got off talking. It was interrupted however with my heart sinking as an alert flashed on my phone with a minute 5% of battery left. I wrote to him saying if we meet tonight it had to be immediately. But it wasn’t to be. My phone ran out of battery and I had to go back home by train.

Upon arrival back at home, I frantically charged my phone again to message him. I explained my phone had ran out and was lying in bed. Edward so nice, kind, polite and certainly attractive going by his profile picture. He sent me a few more pictures, his olive skin, slim profile and attractive face clear. We began to talk about ourselves. The time pasted in seconds, with the next time me seeing the clock being 5am. He invited me out for a drink the next day and a no was out of the question.

The following day I woke up and soon travelled to the city. I waited at the front of the train station. He was 10 minutes late. I began to worry. What if he wasn’t coming? A dashing lad like himself could anyone and this was the gay capital of the damn country.

Soon though, I saw his unique figure walking towards me. We greeted each other and I found my heart already beating out of control. He took me for a walk, we went down the river to the site of an old chocolate factory. Gazing over the river we began talking about the British and Brazilian culture. “What’s the difference between Great Britain and England?” he asked. It was beautiful. I was intrigued by this man, whom had an entirely different background. Someone who came from a different world.

We visited his apartment at my childhood square to pick up money, before going off and buying drinks going to the park. We sat on a bench, covered in dappled light, the sun setting and green trees swaying above us in the wind. We talked and talked. He voice like silk in the wind.

Eventually he asked “how do you feel about people knowing you’re gay?”

I replied with “I’m fine with it, I don’t really care.”

“But how do you feel about things like kissing in public?” he asked.

“I really don’t care.”

“Well how would you feel if I were to kiss you now?”

I paused and thought for one moment. Should I kiss him? But the answer was already inevitable, staring into those dapper eyes. I said I’d feel great.

He moved in as I did slowly. My lips began to press against his. Moving and brushing my hand through his hair, we kissed in a state of grace. It was amazing. I’d never felt something like that before. I still remember everything just like that today. He asked if I could stay for the night, but I couldn’t. I needed to get home. But I couldn’t leave even more so. So I messaged my parents asking if I could stay around a friend’s house that night. They replied saying yes. And I exploded into gleefulness. I said I’d spend the night with him, but wouldn’t have sex.

We got back to his flat and ate some food. He took me onto the balcony out of his window. I laid down on his chest. We talked. He told me I was beautiful and how he liked my pale skin. I listened to his beating heart. We gazed up at the shining stars and down at the dazzling city. It was a true moment to behold. But here’s the truth as to how I saw it. The stars were boring. The city was boring. There was something else in my eyes. Something with such great allure and undisputed beauty I couldn’t take my eyes off. Edward. He lit the skies up above me. A diamond visage like nothing I had ever seen before. He was just so beautiful and I’d never seen anything like it.

After admiring his good looks and 12’o clock shadow, we laid in bed. He laid there. Next to me with his chiseled jawline and a bulge in his jeans. We slowly starting to take each other’s clothes off while kissing. I was nervous, but oddly relaxed. He comforted me,slowly kissing me on the lips. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers, revealing a longer thick cock throbbing. Once completely naked he said “relax, turn over,” gesturing to lie down on my stomach. He massaged me with his lips tenderly kissing my neck as his hard cock rubbed against my ass. He slowly began to kiss downwards until he began rubbing my ass with his hands. It felt great, like in heaven. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in almost a year.

Parting my cheeks with his strong hands and began to eat me out. Licking and kissing and nibbling me softly. I began to breathe heavily and moan quietly with a raging hard-on. That night however as promised we didn’t have sex. But making out naked we beat out cocks. We both jerked our cocks back and forth over and over. Moved down to his member, moving in front of me. I gently licked the shiny head of his cock, tasting it for the first time and sucking up all his pre-cum. He laid over me kissing me with my tongue inside him as we both shot warm cum from our cocks onto each other, feeling the ecstasy of life, soon wiping it off with towels.

After that, we fell asleep together, lying in each others arms. I lay listening to his heart beat, so quickly becoming enamoured. Imagining all of him, every piece of hair, the blood pumping through his veins. I said I’d remember and I did. That had been one of the best days of my life, with memories I will cherish forever. At that time I had no idea of the adventure to await me. From fireworks to sex in forests from country to country. I had thought the best of my life was over. But the truth is the greatest adventure was yet to come. To be continued?


Edward Salvatore

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