Sean couldn't believe what was happening. He found himself sitting in a holding cell alone. He felt scared, like a caged animal. He sat quietly on the cold steel slab used as a "bed." he saw an officer approach his cell and open the cell door. Sean slowly stood up and followed the officer to another room. He had Sean stand in front of a camera; the officer took mugshots. The officer took Sean's fingerprints and sat Sean down; handcuffed on the bench. He couldn't wait until his parents got here. The officer informed him of his right to remain silent, and that anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of law. 

"how could this have happened? I didn't break any laws!" he thought to himself. He still couldn't understand what was happening; and he was damn sure that his parents will be infuriated. His parents soon arrived and demanded the officer to release him immediately. Seeing how irate Sean's mother was, he took off the cuffs and released Sean to his parents. Sean rubbed his sore wrists tenderly to show that he is still hurting. Sean climbed into his dads SUV and saw Michael sitting next to him. "what happened bro?" he signed. "all I was doing was hitting baseballs o the field, the coach said I could and even left the lights of for me. What I wanna know is who was the douche-nozzle that called the cops!" Sean signed angrily. On the ride home, all Sean could think about was the way Bryan Jarvis looked at him yesterday. "could he have called the cops on me?" he thought. The family soon arrived home and Sean found Toby waiting in his room. "hey Toby!" Sean signed happily. He was so glad to see his boyfriend. He walked over to Toby and leaned in to give him a kiss when he pulled away. Sean was confused. "what's wrong?" he asked. "we need to talk." he signed with a serious expression on his face. "is this about last night?" Sean asked. "yes. What were you doing out there? And what's this I hear about you getting arrested?!" he signed angrily. "I didnt do anything wrong! Stop yelling at me!" Sean signed starting to get upset. "oh sure. 'you did nothing wrong' that's what they all say, Sean. Now what were you doing?"

"I was hitting baseballs off of the pitching machine at the baseball field, then some asshole called the cops. There, are you happy now, Toby!?" Sean signed growing more upset. "so, the cops just came along and arrested you? Is that it? I think you were doing something else and I wanna--"

"get out!!" Sean signed spelling every letter. Toby's eyes grew full of regret. "I'm sorr--"

"out! I don't want to see you anymore, Toby!" Sean signed as he pushed Toby out of the room. Sean slammed the door shut and laid down on his bed; starting to cry. "what the fuck is his problem?! I didn't do anything wrong!!" he screamed in his head. He felt sick to his stomach; he wondered what he needed to do so people would stop doubting him. He closed his eyes as tears still fell, and cried himself to sleep. 


Sean woke the next morning and decided to walk to school. The sun was shining and he knew that today was going to he different. He put on the nicest shirt he had, plus the most expensive pair of shorts he owned, and a Boston Red Sox flat-billed hat that he wore backwards. He grabbed his backpack and headed out. The sun felt so good on his skin; he loved it. As he walked down the street, he felt an immense pain grip the back of his head. He fell face down and felt himself being dragged. "sit him up against that wall." Derek said to Bryan. Bryan braced Sean's slender body against the wall, and saw that Derek was ready. He looked at Sean as he was still trying to get his bearings, and then Derek struck. He pulled down his pants, and took out his giant 9" dick and shoved it down Sean's throat. He began to thrust down the smaller boys throat as he threw his head back with pleasure. Bryan started to get hard too, and he started stroking his cock as he watched Derek abuse Sean. Sean couldn't take Derek, and he started to choke. "yeah... That's right, choke on my cock, homo! You filthy faggot!" Sean began to cry. He tried to push Derek off of him, but Derek was stronger then him. Noticing his rejection to submitting, derek put Sean's head against the wall and pushed deeper down his throat. It felt amazing to Derek. Having this kind of control over someone just added to the pleasurable sensations. He pulled out and allowed Bryan a turn. Bryan was smaller than Derek, but only by 3". It didn't cause Sean to choke, but it doesn't make getting raped any easier. Bryan instantly came; his young body wasn't ready for pleasure of that caliber. He looked at Derek and saw that Derek was going to cum too, so Bryan pulled out of Sean's abused mouth and watched as Derek forced his entire meat down his throat, and watched as he came. The boys soon got dressed, and kicked Sean a few times, then left. Sean was scared out of his mind; he slowly climbed to his feet and hunched over. He soon threw up, and cried. He turned around and stumbled home.


Sean slept right through dinner that night and woke up the next morning. He lazily crawled out of bed and took a shower. Once he had cleaned himself from all of the gunk and cum, he looked himself in the mirror. "nothing more than a piece of crap deaf kid. Why would a gorgeous guy like Toby want to go out with a loser like you? You deserve to get beat up. You deserved to be raped." he said to himself. He has had enough; bullies were constantly hurting him, his parents doubt him, his boyfriend thinks he is a liar, what more could he lose? He picked up his backpack and walked into his dads room. He looked under the bed and found a small box with a password lock on it. Sean knew the code, so it was pretty easy to acquire the contents of that box. He took the item and shoved it in the waistband of his pants, in-between his jeans and his briefs. Sean was mad; Sean was finished; Sean had finally cracked. He walked onto his bus and looked at each face of the people on it as he found a seat towards the back. As he stared out the window, all he could see was Dereks face change as he raped him. This infuriated Sean. "I will get my revenge!" he thought to himself. As the bus pulled up to the school, Sean was the last kid to get off. He looked around and slowly walked into the school. He passed the big double doors and walked down the hallway. He soon came upon Derek and his posse. He froze as images of yesterday's fiasco filled Sean's vision. Derek stepped towards him, and grinned. "you got a hot mouth, deaf boy." he laughed. Sean grew furious. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, and he pulled out the item. It was his fathers gun. He pointed it at Derek, and watched as fear filled his evil eyes. Sean shook with anger, but continued to have a steady hand. "let's calm down Sean, ok? I'm sorry! I wont bother--" a loud bang filled the halls. People screamed and ran away as Derek clenched his chest. Sean looked to Bryan and pulled the trigger on him. Then he shot Marc, and Darin. He looked to the fifth member, and the least Involved, Aidan. He couldn't shoot Aidan; he didn't do anything to Sean. He held his hands up and backed into a wall. "please, Sean. I'm sorry for what they did, but please stop this!" he said as his words fell upon Sean's deaf ears. Sean felt a hand on his shoulder and he spun around and saw Toby. Toby looked so hurt and disappointed, but not frightened. "Sean, please give me the gun." he signed. Sean refused to answer him. "please baby, give me the gun. It's ok. Nobody is going to hurt you anymore." he signed with a worried look on his face. "they kept hurting me and beating me up. They did horrible things to me. Do you know what thats like, Toby?!" he said signing with the gun in his hand. "no, I don't. But this won't solve anything. Stop hurting people, Sean. This isn't the way. So, please give me the gun." he signed calmly. Sean looked at Derek who had stopped moving but was slowly breathing. He then looked at Bryan who wasn't moving at all; he was dead, So were Marc and Darin. Sean fell to his knees and hung his head. Toby sat next to him and gently took the gun away. He placed it against the wall and hugged Sean close. "it's ok, baby. It's ok now." he signed as Sean cried silently.


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