A little over a week since Sean's attack has left him scarred both physically, and emotionally. His parents tell him that he screams at night; and hallucinates as he is sleepwalking. Even though he is suffering for what the kids did to him, he refuses to press charges. He sees it as a waste of time, and the situation is something that Karma will handle on it's own. As he walked through the hallways, he could spot the group of guys that did this to him coming from the opposite side of the hall. He is in no condition for a confrontation and his arm Is still in a sling, so instead, he walked right by them; until one of them stopped him. They surrounded Sean once again. "I see you got a bad arm, Sean." the leader, Derek Haynes said as he intimidated Sean. There was nobody in the hallways; nobody to help Sean. They picked him up and brought him out to the parking lot to beat him up once again. Sean struggles to get away, but every time he does, they squeeze on his bad arm; maybe even hitting it. Just as they were about to leave the school, Derek turned around and they let go of Sean. Sean didn't know what was going on until he himself turned. He saw Toby. Behind him was Principal Marshall. The principal ordered the boys to his office, and Toby approached Sean. "I'm sorry, but I had to tell him, Sean. I won't let them hurt you again."

"why can't you just mind your own business?!" Sean signed angrily. "they were going to hurt you! I'm not going to let anyone hurt you anymore! Don't you see why I'm protecting you, Sean?! I love you, and I don't want to lose you!" Toby signed as he started to cry. "I can take care of myself." Sean signed in reply. "really? Even with your BROKEN ARM?!" Toby signed with emphasis. Sean looked at his feet; he knew deep down that Toby was right. But, he was so used to fending for himself in his old school, that when someone else gets involved, it makes sean look weak, and an easy target. Toby pulled Sean into a tight embrace, and walked him to his economics class. He found a seat in the back of the room and sat down. The teacher, Mr. Farnsworth brought over the assignment list for the week so Sean knows what is due. He could see another friend of Derek, Bryan Jarvis, glaring at him. Sean tried not to pay attention, but he couldn't escape his gaze. He could feel bryan's eyes burn into him as he started doing his classwork. 'why does everyone hate me?' he thought. He tried not to think about it and just focus on his work. 


Soon after class, Sean was approached by Bryan. Sean knew that this could get ugly. He shoved him up against the wall; "you better hope to god that nothing bad comes out of Derek's talk with the Principal today." he said totally unaware that Sean can't hear him. He gave him a final shove and walked away. Sean picked up his bag, glanced in Bryan's direction, and walked to the gym. He opened his gym locker and got undressed. His bruises and his bandages could now be seen by everyone. He quickly put on a shirt to hide his wounds as he got ready for gym. He threw on some gym shorts and sneakers and proceeded to the gym. He ran over to the gym office and took out a baseball bat. He asked the gym teacher, Mr. Collins for the keys to the pitching machine. Mr. Collins smiles and hands him the keys and a helmet. Sean walked out to the baseball shed and dragged out the pitching machine and set it up. He took his cast and pulled out a pocket knife and cut it off. He hated having it on. His arm felt better and he didn't care what his parents said. He put on the helmet and turned on the pitching machine after filling it with baseballs. He stood in the batters box and waited for a pitch. A ball hurdled towards him as he took a swing. Time seemed to slow as the ball flew through the air and out of the park. Sean smiled and waited for another pitch. This time, it flew into the corner. He was totally unaware that the baseball coach was watching him as he hit another ball out; this time to right field. Ball after ball was hit for singles, doubles or complete home runs. This was the one thing that Sean called his own, and the one thing he is good at. Baseball. He did this all through gym class and into the evening. The coach was nice enough to leave the lights on. Soon after, Sean saw blinking red and blue lights. He turned and was blinded by a spotlight. He saw two officers and tried to tell them he was deaf. "sir, please put down the bat and get down on your knees!" 

"get down on your knees!!" the officer repeated. Sean stepped towards the officers but was soon taken down. He soon felt the cool steel on his wrists tighten. 'Was this really happening?'

Bryan and Derek sat in a car witnessing the whole thing. "thank you. He was really scaring us." Derek said to the 911 dispatcher. They both smiled evilly. 


Aaron Heights

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