when they met

The moment I saw him I was struck with these eerie powerful feelings. I was standing right there in the middle of the mall just staring at him as he picked out shirts and jeans. He had the most gorgeous blond hair I'd ever seen and as I glanced in to the store from the rushing hallway of teenagers I couldn't help but think... he's the guy I've been looking for. I didn't know what to do so I began to walk away only to be stopped by my to best friends Sarah and Tommy. 'Hey Ty whats up?!' Sarah asked me. 'We've been looking for you all over.' 'yeah' Tommy said 'I wanted to show you this sweet game I just picked up'. Even though I could hear their voices I couldn't take my eyes of that guy. Sarah and Tommy eventually followed my eyes to see who I was glaring so intently. 'wow, he's cute. Why don't you go talk to him, ask him his name' I looked at Sarah like what she had just said was the dumbest thing to say but I knew that if I didn't take this chance there would be a huge cloud of 'what if' floating above me. So I took a deep breath took a few steps toward store and then looked back at my friends who gave me reassuring expressions and a hyper-active thumbs up. I grinned nervously and went ahead. I was stand right beside him at this point as he was gazing at some bad ass jeans and then i saw a pair that actually took my interest especially since was looking for any reason not to say anything but also a reason to still following him as he slowly trailed along the path of skinny jeans. So as I went to grab the fierce pair of black jeans... so did he. His hand met my hand and a shiver ran through me. He looked up at me and thats' when i saw those gorgeous hazel eyes. They looked like beautiful leaves of fall. He smiled and hesitated for a moment and i realized he was looking into my eyes too. Then of coarse it got awkward and we both looked at the floor. Then he did something unexpected his face rose from the sight of the ground and he says 'you have the deepest blue eyes' his voice was sexy and charming. His muscular build was, great. I answered in a low voice 'eh, thank you but they are no where near as nice as yours' It surprised me to say that. I'm usually not that straightforward. 'hi my name is Tyler' I held out my hand and he shook it 'hi my names Sean' I loved his name. He looked at me in a puzzled way ad then he asked my 'hey do you have anything planned tomorrow?' and I said I didn't, even if I did, I still didn't. 'great' he says in the sexiest way you could say that. 'do you have a cell?' I handed him my cell phone and he put his number in it and i did the same with his cell phone. In just a few minutes I'd met someone, a great someone and now we see where it goes. I started walking backwards to my friends still not able to take my eyes of of him like I was too afraid that if I looked away he'd disappear forever. I turned around and kept walking but I could feel his eyes on me, those beautiful eyes were watching me. Tommy gave me a pat on the back and Sarah hugged me with her right arm. i guess they were proud that I took a risk and glad that I didn't suck ass and embarrass myself. I felt the same way.

aww, he brought me flowers.

It was the next day and I have a date. I'm proud of myself for finally getting one, a little ashamed because it didn't take much effort and I could have done this sooner but mostly I'm nervous as hell. I'd only been on two other dates and they sucked. One of the guys was a pervert and the other one was a blind date that turned out to be a 40 year old. I'm a senior in high school, uh.. against the law. And he was kinda gross. glancing at the mirror in front of me with my brunette hair down to my shoulders and my athletic build I couldn't help but think, 'why my number? He could have chosen anyone else but me so why choose me? and why was it so easy?' I was wearing black jeans with a white T-shirt that had these crazy skulls on the front and some designs on the back and wore a black long sleeve shirt under it. I bought some new hi-tops just for the occasion along with some new cologne and a cool twisted chain at the side of my jeans and a studded belt at my waist. I thought I looked pretty good. I just kept saying that I wanted this to go well, I was trying to stay calm enough so I wouldn't sweat. I couldn't worry about It too much longer as I sat on the steps of my house waiting for Sean to come pick me up. I didn't have to wait long, he was surprisingly on time. Another something to make him perfect. He stepped out of his car which was a slick black color, it looked like it was made from obsidian. I looked down at his shoes as he stepped out of the car, also hi-tops. In the back of my mind I thought, 'awesome'. I looked him up and down. He wore white hi tops with blue jeans and a white and blue dress shirt with a white shirt under it the first few buttons open. I stood up at the sight of him, nervous and stumbled. He caught me and I looked into his eyes again they were the colors of a rain forest. All these different shades swam and swirled through his pupils. I said 'wow.... I mean thanks for, for catching me.' i smiled and so did he. 'No problem. I brought you these...'' He lifted his arm and there was a bouquet of blue and white roses. I thought that to be really weird because my favorite color was blue so I of coarse loved them. It didn't occur to me until later in the date that the flowers matched what he was wearing. It could have been a bunch of twigs wrapped together with a rubber band in a class of water and i still would have thought they were beautiful. ' Thank you, they are beautiful' I said and I motioned him to follow me into my house and I put the flowers in a vase and turned around to see Sean holding a blue heart shaped box of chocolates. A cliche with a touch of personality. I loved it too. I walked up close to him and he opened the box and picked out a piece of chocolate and he fed it to me... unexpectedly. But I was quick to the draw and It touched my tongue just in time to make it and it was good. We then walked outside and climbed into his sleek vehicle, put on our seat belts and drove off.

The Date

While riding passenger I couldn't help but wonder where we were off to. I was afraid to ask because I wasn't sure If he had already told me and I was just to focused on his body to really know what he was saying. So I sat a and waiting and as if he was reading my thoughts he asks 'hey, so where we goin'? ' I just looked at him and giggled in a non-girly way. 'what, whats so funny?' and I respond 'nothing, he he, uh where do you want to go?' he sits and thinks for a while and says 'I know just where to go' and I look at him waiting on him to tell me where and he looks at me with a sexy expression and says 'you'll see' just as if he was in my head.

Next thing I know we pull up to the beach and I couldn't help but have a few inside thoughts like the following... 'What the hell?!', 'Um... Okay?!?', and my favorite 'Why the f*** are we at he beach?!' It was awesomely romantic but I didn't have a suit, I swim like a bird being forced to barely dance, and there was no way I was going to skinny dip in mid day with some old-way too tanned- people can watch me drown in nude!. Then Sean solved the problem. We got out the car and he go's to his trunk and pulls out all this beach gear, gigantic umbrella, towels and some nice swim trunks.. then I was excited to see him in just swim trunks. I could tell he enjoyed this idea because he couldn't stop grinning all grinny like. We went to the stalls to change and I couldn't help but be a little nervous and I also couldn't help but do some push ups in the stall along with some crunches. I walked out of the stall to see him lying on the two towels he brought and the umbrella was put up. he motioned me over and I sat beside him completely intrigued with everything I knew and didn't know about him. 'One question, why do you have a bunch of beach stuff in your trunk If you didn't know where to go?' 'Oh that's because I love going to the beach and take any spare time to do so so i have all this stuff with me in case plus I was kinda hoping we;d come to the beach. He looked so good shirtless. 'you look good shirtless' and I regretted what just spawned from the depths of my psyche I even grabbed a the air a little to put it back but it was too late. He just looked at me and then leaned over and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer to him and had me laying on his chest. 'you're not too bad yourself' he said with coolest voice. We just stayed there like that for a long time I didn't even want to check what time it was but people were leaving. It had to be like 3:00 and we had been there since late ten o'clock. I was right underneath is chin and he looks down at me and we just knew... we raced to the water and swam out until the water was at our shoulders. we just swam circles around each other, splashed, just had a good time, we even had a few races and then he wanted to go out further and I thought about it 'I don't swim very well, If I'm not touched the bottom I'm on the bottom.. drowning,' ' C'mon Tyler look I'll even hold your hand' he grabbed my hand and pulled me out with him and I would have been scared with anybody else but him. There just floating above the water with Sean... omg I didn't know his last name, I knew plenty about him but never asked his last name so I did 'what's your last name? It just occurred to me that I didn't know It.' 'Sean Pennett and yours?' 'Tyler Dawning' He looked amused, happy. I couldn't blame him, this was a nice moment, a legendary moment. Sean then leans up and grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him so close that I can feel his chest rock up and down from his heavy breathing. And still floating in the deep water the currents seemed to have fallen silent and I heard nothing but his breathing and my heartbeat. We stared into each others eyes and he kissed me and I could feel his soft lips against mine and It seemed to have lasted forever. Eventually we went back to the beach and talked some more on the white sand. It was then I knew this was it and this was the rest of my life and I didn't mind it at all. He then looks down at me and I was laying on top of him. 'You know this is too good to be true, and it may not last forever but I haven't felt this way at any point in my life.' 'Yea I know what you mean.' i said. ' I don't want this to end. I'm afraid that It will.' 'Don't worry.' He assured me. ' Right now Is the best time in our lives. We can worry about he future later, we'll be okay for now.' I sat up as he gave me an honest nod. 'I can't get over your eyes.' I said smiling deeply. And we kissed again, even better than the first one.



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