He was so fucking muscular I could hardly believe it. And he was definitely making sure that everyone knew it. He was a lot shorter than me, maybe 5'10' but I'll bet he weighed up towards 200 pounds. He was gorgeous and he knew it; strutting around like a peacock in all it's glory. And the way he was dressed was like a giant sign saying 'I'm a butch dominant stud: look at me'. He was totally into the dominant leather uniform of black boots, tight leather pants, leather harness crossing his bulging pecs showing through the open black leather jacket. And he was either very well endowed or was wearing a cock ring or something to enhance his size, because the protrusion sticking out of his leather pants was monumental. I'd bet my bottom dollar that if you stripped him down you're find one of those thong type of straps that was forcing his cock to jut up and out, or at least a cock ring. And I definitely was going to try to find out before the night was over. And speaking of protrusions, you would not believe the ass on him. No question about it, that was probably the hottest ass I'd ever seen and it was absolutely screaming out for my cock. And my cock went crazy every time I looked at it.

And on top of all that I swear he looked about seventeen years old. Obviously he had to be at least twenty-one to be in the bar, but I'll bet either his ID was illegal or he hadn't been twenty-one for more than a week.

I could see he had this big confident look on his face, but I've been around and I know a newby when I see one. I could see right through that facade he was putting on. He was young and inexperienced and very nervous, but was doing one hell of a job of covering it up with his butch behavior. He may have been fooling everyone else in the bar, but he wasn't fooling me.

Every eye in the bar was focused on him, but he was so perfect and so formidable that most of the guys were afraid to approach him. Almost everyone. Actually, he was surrounded by four really fem queens. You know the type: total faggots. Leave it to them to try to dominate his attention. One of them had latched on to him from the moment he walked in, and the other three had tried to horn in, and I figured before very long they'd be trying to scratch each others eyes out. But butch boy was loving it. He came here tonight to be admired, and he was getting all the adoration he could handle. The queens were really fighting for his attention but I noticed that his eyes were never on them, but were moving around the room soaking up the admiring looks he was finding everywhere. He was in seventh heaven. Every once in a while one of the queens would touch his naked chest and giggle and he would beam with pleasure, but still keep his eyes moving around the room.

He was so enamored by the faggots that it took me a while to finally get his eye. But when I did, I gave him a nod so he'd take note of me. And he did; giving me a double take and then a long look up and down my muscled body. There was no doubt I was the hottest and butchest number in the bar, so I figured I would attract his interest. That answered all the questions I had about him: He was young, he was gorgeous, he was muscular, and he admired and envied hot muscle guys like me who were bigger than him. However, I was pretty sure he was the type of kid who went to the bar to be admired, and then went home alone and jerked off in front of a mirror. Total vanity. I was substantially taller and heaver than him, so I knew he would be intimidated and fearful, but there had to be a way to break through that narcissist barricade of his. He might be a tough nut to crack but I intended to have a go at it. Obviously he was living in a fantasy world where he was the dominant stud, so I had to figure out how to break into that world and show him that he needed to be controlled while he found out what the word dominant really meant. The best way to handle him was probably with kid gloves and build up his ego as a butch stud, but that really wasn't my style. My style was to dominate and intimidate a guy until he finally realized he wanted to be under my control. It worked with most guys, even those 'wannabe' butch ones like this one.

I stepped away from the wall and headed towards him, and he watched me come; ignoring the four queens around him. I pushed my way between two of them, grabbed the leather harness where it crossed his chest, and started pushing him back. He was forced to back pedal and bumped into several people as I kept pushing until he was finally up against the wall and I was pressed up against him. Then I kissed him. The four queens were speechless. For a moment.

'Who the fuck you think you are?' one of them finally screamed. Still holding onto butch boy with my right hand, I grabbed the faggot around the neck with my left, and as I squeezed I lifted him up onto his tip toes, almost off the floor, and pulled him in close.

'You talking to me bitch?' I growled into his face. He turned red and started gurgling as I strangled him with one hand. Then I turned to butch boy and gave him a big smile. 'Tell your lackeys to get lost so you and me can have a talk' I said to him. I could tell that my aggressiveness was making him nervous but when I smile people usually melt, and he was no different. His whole face brightened up as he smiled back. I let go of the faggot, put both hands on butch boy's waist and kissed him again. A nice long spit exchanging kiss. And shit, his tight muscular mid section did not have an ounce of fat on it. His body was hard as a rock. But I was making him nervous; he was actually shaking but I could tell by the kiss that he was really turned on.

'Get lost faggots' I said to the queens as I squeezed butch boy's tight muscular waist. I knew they wouldn't listen to me, and I couldn't kick their asses here in the bar, so I spoke to butch boy again. 'Com'on stud. Get rid of them so we can get acquainted.' Getting really close, out noses almost touching, I looked into his eyes. I was bigger and taller than he was and I could see his mind working, trying to decide if he wanted to be with the hottest muscle man in the bar, and I could feel him shaking even more. Hell, he was really afraid of me. And then I saw the change in his eyes. He felt safe here in the bar with lots of guys around, but he wanted to be with me, to be seen with me, the most muscular, dominant guy in the bar. And there was no question that was me. If this kid had seventeen inch arms, mine were nineteen and a half. If his chest was fifty-eight inches, mine was sixty-two. If he was 5'10', I was 6'3'. And if he weighted 200 pounds, I weighed 263. He was just a punk kid, but man, was he gorgeous.

'Get lost guys' he said without taking his eyes off of me.

'What about the drinks I bought you' one of the queens squealed. I turned and reached for her but she backed off. 'Bastard. Prick tease' she shouted as all four backed out of my reach. I turned and gave her a look. Nobody messed with me, particularly a skinny faggot.

'You lookin for trouble' I growled? Every eye in the bar was on us, expecting a fight, but the four faggots backed off seeing in my eyes that I was not about to put up with any shit. They continued bad mouthing me from a safe distance, but I ignored them as I turned back to muscle boy.

And just that quick I had dream boy all to myself. I still had hold of his tight waist and was holding him against the wall. But now I put one hand behind his neck, pressed my body hard against him, crotch to crotch and chest to chest, and bending down, kissed him again. A long languid spit exchanging kiss. As we kissed, I moved my hand to his hair and tugged just a little, moving his head to a better angle for the kiss, letting him know that I was the one in control. And as if it had a mind of its own, my other hand slid down onto that incredibly hot butt of his as he put his arms around me. As we continued kissing I moved my hips, rubbing our cocks against each other. He was definitely hard and I sure as hell was getting there.

I knew I had to be careful now, and not be too aggressive. Maybe even let him think he was the butch one, although I was so much bigger than him it wasn't really practical. I finally forced myself to pull my hand off his fine butt while we continued kissing and I planned how to capture him. I'd show him who was Boss when I got him back to my house, but in the mean time I had to cool it and make him think we were going to just rub pussies against each other.

'I need a beer. You want to get me one?' I asked.

'Ah... yeah. Sure.'

'You answer Yes Sir when you speak to me boy' I ordered. So much for my subtle approach. Shit! The fact is I didn't know how to be subtle. I was a dominant and a control freak and I manipulated everyone for my own benefit. That's the only way I knew how to act.

Anyway he got a shocked look on his face, and then said 'yes sir'. 'Good boy' I answered and gave him another quick kiss and let go of him so he could get to the bar. The four queens were giving me the evil eye but I ignored them as I watched him get two beers and head back. I took the beer he handed to me, and grabbing his hand, pushed it down to my crotch

'Rub it for me baby' I whispered in his ear. 'Get a good feel of what I've got for you.' He rubbed it with the back of his hand at first, and then took hold as he looked down and watched it grow. Then he gradually moved his eyes up past my belt to my skin tight black shirt and up to my massive pecs where he hesitated. Like all muscle boys, he was definitely into other muscle guys. He knew what it took to build a body like mine, and he was unquestionably impressed if not awestruck. Hell, he couldn't even pull his eyes away from my chest, so I helped him out by putting my hand behind his neck and pulling him down, rubbing his nose against those steel hard pecs. I held him there for only a couple seconds, but just before letting go I felt him give me a kiss. Oh yeah. He was definitely a chest man.

'A muscle man and a muscle boy' I whispered in his ear as I let go of him, reached down and groped him finding him completely hard. He was still holding on to my prick which was pretty much fully hard as I squeezed him. I gave a smile of satisfaction as I felt his cock ring which was giving him the nice bulge I'd seen from across the room. Just as I suspected Actually, he was maybe average; maybe six or seven inches; no where near my nine and a half. 'Superman and superboy' I whispered. 'Muscle against muscle. I want to lick every inch of your body baby' I murmured in his ear 'and I want to feel your lips on mine.' This was obviously an exaggeration since I had no intention of licking him, but it was definitely turning him on, and I knew he'd do one hell of a job exploring my body with his tongue. I'd see to that. But first of all I had to get him out of the bar and away from his many admirers. But he was such a prima donna that that might be difficult.

We chatted for a few minutes and he introduced himself as Jeff, and told me he was twenty-four years old, but I found that hard to believe. He looked like he was sixteen, but then again, you don't build a body like his over night, so maybe he was up in his early twenties. But Jesus Christ, what more could a guy ask for: a big muscular body, with a really cute baby face attached with a smile that almost brightened up the whole room. And that ass was still screaming for me to fuck it.

'I'm gonna go take a piss' I whispered in his ear. 'Give me a minute or so and then follow me.' I didn't wait for an answer but just walked away heading for the back. He was in a real dilemma now; trying to decide whether to obey me or to snub me. I'd played this game before and I had no doubt what his decision was going to be. He wouldn't consider it as an order and he wouldn't dream of obeying an order from me anyway, at least not yet, but he'd follow me in any case; out of curiosity if nothing else.

The restroom had two stools partially enclosed and a long urinal with two guys pissing in it. I pulled my cock out of my pants and let it dangle, but waited by the door for leather boy. When he came in I took his hand and pulled him to the urinal.

'Get it out' I said. He kinda looked around and then unzipped and had to struggle to get it out because he was still semi hard. No underwear of course. I reached over and took his hand and pulled it to my cock, while I grabbed his cock with my other hand.

'Hold on to it while I piss' I said, but just in case he had any doubts, I held his hand there. He made a half hearted attempt to pull away as he kept glancing at the other two guys who had quit pissing and were just watching. His own cock was completely hard and pointing at the ceiling so I knew he wasn't going to piss. But, let me tell you, I had a lot of control and although I was about half hard I started to piss. Leather boy couldn't help but look down and watch my piss streaming into the urinal and I felt his hand tighten around my prick and it started to grow some more. I was holding his cock making sure it stayed hard. Nobody said anything but there were four sets of eyes watching me grow as the piss continued. Give me a couple beers and I can take one hell of a whiz so I went on and on.

Just before I finished, I pulled his hand in front of the stream so we both got piss on our hands. With my hand still on his cock I pulled him away from the urinal so he was facing me, and I started jerking him, fast and hard. Then I pulled his piss covered hand up to my face and took two fingers in my mouth and started sucking them. I stared into his eyes as I sucked my piss off his fingers, and then I slowly moved my piss covered hand to his face and pushed all four fingers into his mouth. He opened up and let me do it as we stared into each other eyes. And then his eyes closed and he started shuddering. I almost laughed aloud, because, right on schedule, he started cuming.

Oh yeah. Just as I'd planned, he was so turned on that he started to shoot. He continued almost frantically sucking my fingers as his first shot went straight up and almost got me in the chin. The next couple shots landed on my shirt' and as he dept firing, he got it all over me.

'Oh shit baby' I said with a laugh. 'You made a mess.' I kept laughing and he started laughing as well.

'Jeeze. I'm sorry man' he said still laughing. 'You had me so fuckin turned on I couldn't help it. Damn. I'm sorry.' By now I'd pulled my fingers from his mouth and let go of his cock. I had his cum all over the front of me: my shirt, my pants, my hand, and even my dangling cock.

'You are one horny bastard' I laughed, 'but I'm going to have to go change.'

'I'm really sorry man' he said again.

'That's okay babe' I said. 'I only live a mile or so from here. Why don't you run over with me while I change. It's still early enough we can make it back before closing.' I knew he would say yes. How could he not? He caused the problem so he couldn't just ditch me and pretend it was not his fault.

'Okay man. Sure. I'll ride along.' As we headed out I noticed that one of our watchers had also cum and was cleaning up, and the other one was jerking like crazy.

I led him over to my Harley and headed home. I lived more than a mile from the bar, but leather boy was holding on to me for dear life and was in no position to argue. Actually, I lived more like ten miles away, but we were there in less than fifteen minutes.

I opened the door and let him go in first, because I wanted to get another look at that super hot ass of his. Oh fuck was it pretty.

I grabbed two beers from the fridge, handed him one and led him into the living room. We hadn't said a word since we'd arrived and I just left him there and went to my bedroom. The game was over now and I'd won, so I wasn't planning to play anymore. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble controlling him. With my muscles and my judo, boxing, and wrestling training I could handle most anybody; and as big as he was, he was a hell of a lot smaller than me. If I had to handcuff him or tie him down, I'd do it, but I was going to get me some hot boy ass one way or another in the next hour or so.

Leather boy didn't wear underwear because he wanted to enhance the look of his cock, but I was partial to jockstraps. So I stripped down to just the jock. Grabbing my beer, I headed back to the living room. He was still standing in the middle of the room as I entered.

'Hey man' he said with a startled look on his face as I walked in. 'I thought we were heading back to the bar.' I didn't say anything, but just put my beer down and gave him a 'double bicep' pose.

'What'daya think?' I asked. 'You like?' I moved to the 'lat spread' and then the 'side chest', and then back to the 'double bicep'. He just stood there sort of mesmerized as I showed him my awesome body. And there ain't no way around it, my body is truly awesome, and I don't mind saying so. Six foot three inches tall with enormous muscles everywhere, all 263 pounds of me perfectly proportioned with really tight cuts that were absolutely amazing.

'Nah' I said. 'I thought we'd stay here for a while and get acquainted.' I picked up my beer and walked over to him. As I took a swig, I flexed my other arm and pushed the bicep into his face.

'Kiss it babe' I said softly. 'Go on. Kiss that big bicep.' He took a step back, and I stepped forward still holding it in his face. 'Com'on babe. I know you're turned on to my muscles. Kiss it.'

'Com'on man' he said as he tried to step back again, but was now against the couch. 'Let's not do this. Let's go back to the bar.' Still holding my bicep in his face as he tried to lean back, I put my beer down, reached up, and gently took a handful of his hair. Holding on to it, I again pushed my bicep up against his nose and lips.

'Kiss it babe. You know you want to. So, kiss it.' He was thinking about it and so was I. I was beginning to think that I might start kicking his ass. I'm not a very patient man and this kid was going to find that out pretty damn quick if he didn't get with the program.

So he kissed it, just a peck, and then tried to move away. But I had a hold of his hair, and I tightened my grip as he tried to move and pulled him into my bicep mashing his nose against it.

'That wasn't good enough babe' I growled at him. 'Now do it right and give me a big wet kiss.' That was it for him. Deciding he'd had enough, he pushed my arm and tried to pull away from me. I jerked hard on his hair getting a squeal from him and dragged him down to his knees. His beer went flying as he fell to his knees, and letting go of his hair, I leaned down reaching behind him and jerked his elbows, pulling his arms behind him. Then I pulled him forward on his face and put a knee behind his neck as I twisted both arms behind his back.

And there we were. Seven seconds and I had him trussed up and moaning as I twisted his arms and mashed the side of his face into the floor.

'I don't necessarily want to hurt you babe' I said 'but you'n me are gonna get it on. If you want your ass kicked first that's okay by me but it's still gonna happen.' He was really moaning so I guess I musta banged his head pretty hard on the wood floor, and I wasn't being at all gentle with his arms.

'Now I'm going to put the cuffs on you, but if you're a good boy I might consider taking them off later.' Pulling my knee from his neck, I jumped around to get into a better position, and really twisted his arms up towards his shoulders and now he screamed.

'Yeeeeeaaaaaoooooh. Please man, please. You're breakin my arms.'

Okay, so I'm a bully and a sadist and I like hurting guys. I like raping guys too. And if they fought back that made it even better. Having a guy crying and begging me as I knocked him around was music to my ears, and taking a guy who thought he was butch and turning him into my bitch was incredible. Nothing made my cock harder than that.

Holding and twisting his arms as he whimpered, I dragged him over to the end table. Holding them both with one hand, I opened the drawer, took out a pair of cuffs and put them on him. These were going to be temporary only. I hated using them because it made it seem like I couldn't handle a guy. But until I got a guy trained to beg and crawl for me it was a lot simpler to keep his arms out of the way. A couple times when I was training a guy I ended up knocking him out, and then it's like fucking a god damn zombie. You sure's hell can't teach a guy to worship if he's out cold, so I'd keep him cuffed for a while. Just for a few minutes while I got him started on my training program.

I grabbed a handful of his hair, and got another squeal from him as I dragged him along the floor over to where he'd dropped his beer. The bottle hadn't broken but the beer had spilled all over my wood floor.

'You spilled your god damn beer on my floor baby' I said as I dragged his face back and forth through it. 'That pisses me off baby. So you're gonna lick it up.' I slammed him really hard with my fist just below his shoulder blades and got a grunt from him. Then I grabbed his arms and started pulling them up towards his shoulders.

':You'd better start licking pretty damn quick baby, before I decide to break your arms.' And he started crying now as his arms really starting hurting. Yeah, crying. Already. Hell, I hadn't even done anything to him yet. He really was a baby. But he also started licking up the beer. Oh yeah. This kid was something else.

'Suck it up babe' I ordered as I as I let go of his arms, grabbed his hair again and maneuvered his face around the puddle letting him clean it up. After he'd got most of it up I pulled him to his knees and got on my knees in front of him, only inches away. His face was wet from the beer, his hair plastered to his forehead, and tears were dripping down his cheeks as he continued to cry.

'Please sir. Please sir' he whimpered. 'Please don't hurt me sir.' Hell, the kid had manners. I gave him a big smile as I flexed by big bicep again and pulled his face into it.

'A big wet kiss' I said. This time he did what he was told and gave my bicep a big kiss. 'Lick it boy. Slobber on it' I ordered and as he started to lick. I held on to his hair but just watched him as he did his thing. Then I pulled his head back and gave him another quick kiss.

'Now listen babe' I said staring into his eyes with our noses almost touching. 'I like my tricks to be completely submissive. So I'm going to be your Master for tonight, and you're going to learn how to be my slave. That means total and complete obedience. You do whatever the fuck I want you to do. And you do it when I tell you'

'Now, I'll kick your ass some more if I have too, but you're going to be my slave no matter what.' He was still crying softly as I gave him a big smile and another quick kiss. 'And listen man. I know you're going to love it.' Then I took hold of his throat with one big hand and started squeezing gently.

'I'm not going to hurt you slave boy, but I've got to teach you to do what your told' I said as I squeezed a little more. 'Now, call me Master.' Still crying softly, he just stared at me with a bewildered look on his face. I squeezed his throat hard, jamming my thumb in and gave him a good shake causing him to gurgle and begin to turn red.

'Call me Master' I said again, looking into his eyes.

'Master' he croaked.

'Again' I said.


'Tell me you're my slave' I ordered giving him another violent shake.

'Aaaggg' he garbled. 'I'm your slave.'

'Good boy. You catch on quick' I said as I let go of his throat. 'I say anything to you, you answer 'yes Master'. Nothin else. Got that?' There was a slight hesitation as he thought about it, and I growled at him.

'Don't you fuckin hesitate you little shit! You answer Yes Master!' I was still holding his hair, so I gave him a good jerk to get his attention. Now there was real fear showing in his face. He'd stopped crying but he was now terrorized by my violence.

'Yes Master' he whispered.

'Louder' I yelled

'Yes Master' he yelled back.

'You're my slave aren't you?'

'Yes Master'

'You'll do what I fucking tell you, won't you?'

'Yes Master.'

I grabbed him by the throat once more and snarled into his face. 'You hesitate again when I tell you to do something, and I'm gonna bust your god damn ass. You hear me?'

'Yes Master' he whimpered.

Then I let go of him and stood up and just looked down at him for a minute of two. Long enough to make him nervous, and worry about what was coming next. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks and his face was still wet from the beer, and there was no doubt about the fear in his eyes.

'A slave belongs on his knees in front of his Master, doesn't he?' I growled.

'Yes Master.'

'Okay slave boy. Kiss your Master's feet' I said and reached down and pushed on his head to get him started. This time he finally understood that he'd better obey, so he kissed my foot. 'Both of them dumb ass, and let me hear it' I growled. He kissed the other foot with a loud smack and then went back and forth kissing them several times.

Most guys are really humiliated by being forced to kiss my feet, so by doing it without question I knew my leather boy was almost ready. He was definitely beginning to act like a slave.

I reached down, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him up so he was looking straight up into my eyes. 'Thank me slave boy, for letting you kiss my feet.' I gave him a moment for that to register in his brain, and I saw his eyes instantly tear up. He was humiliated even more now, but he knew he had to obey.

'Thank you Master' he mumbled and his voice broke. I thought he was going to start crying again.

'Spit it out slave boy. Thank me for letting you kiss my feet. Say it!'

'Thank you Master for letting me kiss your feet' he said and I gave him a big smile. Oh yeah, he was ready.

'Kiss 'em again' I ordered, and he immediately bent down and gave me a few loud smacking kisses. I turned and walked over to the end table, opened the drawer and stirred around until I round the key to the handcuffs. Leather boy just stayed there on his knees waiting and watching. I walked back over to him, and got close so my crotch was directly in his face almost touching his nose.

'Kiss it' I said and he did, kissing my cock through the jockstrap. I reached behind him, removed the handcuffs and then walked back to the sofa. Leather boy was rubbing his wrists, but was watching me intently, waiting for orders. I sat down and groped myself through my jock, and then snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor in front of me. He didn't get up, but just scurried over on his knees and waited in front of me.

'Kiss it again' I ordered, and he leaned forward and kissed my jock covered cock again.

'Okay slave boy. Strip for me.' He stared at me for a second, and then sat on his ass and pulled off his boots.

Now you must understand that, yeah, I had to set some minimum standards of cooperation from a guy before I fucked him. But the guys I fucked were straight looking hunky gay guys. That's gay, as in g-a-y! I may have slipped up and taken an actual straight guy here and there, but generally it was gay guys I fucked. And what gay guy wouldn't want to get fucked by me, with my dominate personality and big cock; my incredible body and my handsome face. Shit, they all know I'm a fuckin god. Maybe I was a little demanding sometimes, but hell, I could afford to be since most everyone wanted me anyway, and would do pretty much anything to get me.

At the bar tonight I'd picked leather boy because he was the best 'looker' in the place, but I could have had any of the other guys or even a group of guys if I wanted, just by snapping my fingers. So, what I'm saying here is, I don't rape guys. I simply make sure they know I'm in charge and that they are fucking lucky to be with me. Then I show them exactly what they have to do to satisfy me. I mean, it's not like there's any question about whose gonna fuck who. Admittedly part of my pleasure comes from slapping them around a bit, and I have to concede that seeing a look of fear in a guys eyes is a real turn on for me, particularly if he's a hunky stud. Getting him afraid and then making him crawl and squirm for me; shit, that's just like frosting on the cake. But the guys I pick mostly understand that I really am superior, and they expect to treat me with reverence, and if there's a certain amount of pain and humiliation involved, that's just an understandable requirement of going with a god. Oh, and one other thing, I absolutely love to hear a guy begging me. Begging me to hurt him or not to hurt him or to spank his ass or whatever, I don't care. Getting them begging and maybe crying always gave me a real charge and really got my juices flowing. I only pick the absolute cream of the crop of course, the real beauties, but by the time I'm done breaking them in, I can count on them to feel they're damn lucky that I even let them submit to me. And I know that for a fact because they always thank me after we're done. I make sure of that. And almost every damn one of them would give their right arm to go with me again.

But leather boy was special. Young and cute with a very impressive muscular body. He got his boots off and then his socks, and stood up. He was watching me as he pulled off his jacket, probably hoping he'd see a glimmer of appreciation. I just watched while I gently groped myself through the jock. I think the harness was new to him because he struggled getting out of it. And his leather pants were something else. They were damned near painted on, and he literally had to peal them off. His cock slapped up against his crotch, and as I guessed, it was less than seven inches fully hard. I also noticed the cock ring was missing, so somewhere along the way he'd removed it so he would not be embarrassed by my finding it there.

I just let him stand there in the nude for a couple minutes without saying anything, making him very uncomfortable. Finally I pointed to the floor and he immediately dropped to his knees. Then I stood up in front of him with my crotch just inches from his face, and he hesitated, not knowing whether I wanted him to kiss me or what.

I grabbed a handful of hair and looked down into his eyes. 'You don't do anything unless I tell you slave boy. Got that?'

'Yes Master' he answered. Holding him by the hair, I headed for the bathroom, forcing him to scramble along on his hands and knees to keep up. When I got there I sat on the toilet with my legs wide apart, still in my jock, and pulled his head down in front of me with his chin right near the toilet bowl. My jock was only inches from his face. I just waited, and he looked up at me with a puzzled look on his face.

I must have sat there for a full four or five minutes without saying a word, and then slowly I started to piss. Leather boy smelled it first and then saw my jock start to get saturated with piss as it filled, bulged out and began to drip into the toilet. I had built up plenty more since the bar and just let it go for a minute. The feeling was wonderful, the hot piss filling my jock and heating my crotch.

Leather boy kept looking at my jock, just inches from his face and then up at me and then back down again with a look of shock. He knew damn well what was coming and I gave him a smile to let him know he was right.

'Suck it' I whispered as I put a hand behind his head and slid forward. He pressed back against my hand, but there was no way I was going to let him go. 'I said suck it' I growled. As I said it the fear factor clicked in and he just let it happen, allowing me to slide up to him and mash his nose against the piss filled jockstrap.

'Take a big whiff slave boy and enjoy it' I said with a grin. I didn't hear anything so I repeated myself. 'I said take a big whiff slave boy. Make me hear it' I said sternly. Then I heard him take a deep breath. Oh shit, that was so fucking hot. Humiliating a hot guy like this was like an aphrodisiac to me, and my prick started growing again.

'Now do what I told you' I said. 'Suck those juices outa there. Either do it or I kick your ass and then you do it anyway.' And damned if he didn't start sucking. Jesus Christ what a turn on. There was nothing more degrading to a guy than making him drink my piss, but Jesus, what a turn on it was for me. Once a guy took my piss, there was never any doubt in his mind that he knew I was his Master. Nothing made him feel more like a slave than drinking my piss.

'Keep it up babe. You're doin good' I said with a laugh. Shit, the combination of knowing he was drinking my piss, and at the same time sucking my cock through the jock, was really doing a number on me. And I was about ready to fuck. Almost, but not quite, because I still had a couple more games to play. I gave him a couple minutes so he'd get most of the piss sucked out, and I give the kid credit; I figured I'd have to knock him around a bit first, but he didn't stop sucking until I finally stood up and pushed him away. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him in and humped his face a few times, rubbing my pissy jock all over him. As I pulled him back I saw that his face was now wet from my piss instead of beer.

I put my hand under his chin and forced him to look up at me. He still had a shocked look on his face and I could see fresh tears in his eyes. What a god damn turn on; I loved seeing him like this. 'Tell me that was good slave boy' I ordered. 'Tell me you loved suckin your Master's piss.' I waited a moment and then gave his chin a shake. Go on, say it!' I demanded.

'Thank you Master for letting me suck your piss' he said and the tears streamed down his face. I just smiled at him for a couple minutes letting him know that I was enjoying his complete submission.

'Take 'em off slave boy' I ordered, and without comment he pulled my jockstrap down and off. I took one step over and leaned against the shower door, and grabbing his hair, and just held him there. My cock was about half hard and aimed pretty much straight out as I started to piss again. He closed his eyes as the stream of piss hit him in the nose and I couldn't help but laugh at the look of total shock on his face. All right, so I'm a total bastard. I didn't need to treat him with contempt like this, but he was such a fake, with his macho put on, that I enjoyed degrading him, and letting him know he was just a worm in my sight. I was pretty much pissed out so he only got it for a couple seconds; just enough so it was dripping down his chest and stomach.

He was completely accepting as I stuck a thumb into his mouth, prying his teeth apart, and pushed my cock in forcing his mouth open wide. Now I was big, and it wasn't easy giving me a blowjob, but I never let that stand in the way of getting a mean suck. Some of them were trained and talented and gave me what I wanted, and the others learned real quick how to handle it because I didn't mollycoddle them. In fact I didn't mind at all hearing a guy gag and choke as I took him. Leather boy got busy sucking, but I really suspected he was going to be lousy at it. Anybody as pretty as him who tried that hard to look butch, probably accepted blowjobs instead of giving them.

I put my hand behind leather boy's head moving him gently, getting a jacking motion started as he sucked. With each inward thrust I pushed his head only until my cock hit his throat, and then let him back off. I just let him go at it for about ten minutes and I even let him hold on to me to keep his balance. However, his hands were never still; moving up from my muscled calf's to my bulging thighs and my hard ass. I told you he was into muscles, and him feeling me up made it clear he was enjoying this as much as I was. He just couldn't get enough of my massive turgid thighs. From the time I saw him in the bar, I knew he wanted to be controlled by a real man. He didn't realize then that I was the man to do it, but he sure's hell knew it now.

I bent down so I could whisper to him. 'Take a deep breath babe' I said, and as he did I pulled hard on his head and rammed my hips forward, sinking my prick all the way into his throat jamming his nose against my crotch. He started choking uncontrollably, but the feeling of his convulsing throat against my cock was wonderful and I just held him there for a good twenty seconds or so. God, there was nothing like a guy's reaction from the shock of the first deep thrust into his throat. As I pulled back he spewed out what was probably my piss and the beer he'd been drinking, but I just jammed his face back in again. His throat was almost closed this second time so I really had to force it, but I did get it all the way back in, and again got that spectacular feeling of his convulsing throat. I only held him there for a couple seconds this time and he spewed out more beer and piss as I pulled back. This time he gasped for a quick breath before I slammed him in hard again. He didn't convulse much this time but his throat stayed fuckin tight. Shit that was good. I got a rhythm going now with deep thrusts mashing his nose into my crotch each time. I made no allowances for his breathing because I was getting really hot and actually didn't give a shit, but he finally caught on that he had to time each gasp for breath between each of my thrusts.

I was almost there. I grabbed his head with both hands mashing his ears, and started ramming into him hard and fast. He didn't even have time to breath between each thrust now, but I was almost there so it didn't matter. As I rammed into him as hard as I could one final time and held him there, I let go my first shot. Since he couldn't breath and I probably shot my cum into his esophagus he really started choking and convulsing which forced a second shot from my cock and a scream of ecstasy from me. He was really struggling now and beating on my legs with his fists, so I pulled back and completely out of his mouth. He was really coughing and choking now and gasping for breath, but I still had a hold of his head so I just let the rest of my shots hit him in the face.

When I finally let go and leaned back against the shower door, he bent down and put his head to the floor still gasping and trying to get his breath back.

Neither of us moved for five minutes or more and my cock began to droop as it started softening. Finally leather boy lifted his head and looked up at me. His face was covered with my cum, and maybe mucus and piss and beer, and he was a real mess. He didn't look angry or fearful, but maybe just worn out.

'Good job babe' I said as I smiled at him. 'Good job.' When I put my hand behind his head and pulled him into my crotch, he started licking without any instructions from me. I let him go at it for a few minutes and then pulled him to his feet. Grabbing a wash cloth from the sink, I washed his face. He didn't say a word until I spoke.

'Say thank you to your Master, slave boy' I whispered in his ear.

'Thank you Master' he said hoarsely through his sore throat. I bent over and picked him up on my shoulder and carried him into the bedroom. I dropped him on the bed, and as I lay down next to him, I pulled him over on top of me.

'Kiss me baby' I whispered. The sex was over and both of us had gone soft, so we were calm and relaxed. So there was nothing frantic about out kissing. Just slow smooching, with out tongues dueling with each other. Leather boy did not say a word but was definitely into the kissing, so I knew he wasn't completely unhappy with my fucking his face. I didn't give a damn what he thought while I was fucking him, but now that it was over I was curious as to whether he enjoyed it.

And then I got my answer as he broke the kiss and moved his lips down to my neck, kissing and licking me, and then on down to my chest. He laved his tongue back and forth over my bulging pectoral muscles, licking the sweat off, and then kissing them over and over, before finally sucking and nibbling on the nubs of my tits. I'd forced him to be my sex slave, but I wasn't forcing him now; he was doing it willingly and lovingly.

After giving my chest a long wash job, he headed lower, and started working his tongue over the ridges and valleys of my abdominals. I let him go at it for a while, but I wasn't interested in having him blow me again just yet, so when he started to move lower, I raised one arm and put it behind my head. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, but he knew what to do as he buried his face in my sweaty right armpit. Jesus, this kid was a real treasure. He'd just been waiting for a real man like me to put him on his knees and show him what was required to submit to a Master.

I didn't say anything as he ate out my right armpit, but when I lifted my left arm he did it as well. He then carefully sucked and licked and kissed my biceps. But when he headed back down towards my cock again, I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his face up so he was looking into my eyes. There were no tears now. He looked calm and collected and as I held him there, his face began to turn red and I could see he was embarrassed.

'Nothing to be embarrassed about kid' I said. 'It's okay if you enjoyed it. It ain't just anybody that I pick to be my slave boy. You should feel damn lucky.'

'Yes Master. Thank you Master' he said. 'I do feel lucky Master.' He leaned down trying to kiss me, but I jerked his hair forcing him to cringe.

'You're a sweet boy, Jeff' I said. 'But don't you fuckin forget you're my slave. You don't do shit without my permission. Got it?'

'Yes Master. Sorry Master' he whispered.

'Good boy' I said as I pulled him down and started kissing him again. With my other hand I reached down and started rubbing his hot ass. I hoped to hell he was a virgin.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and found him cuddled up to me with an arm on my chest and his head on my shoulder. I found that my hand was still on his ass, so I started rubbing and squeezing his hard tight glutes. I'd wanted his hot ass from the first moment I saw him in the bar, and now I was going to get it. Oh yeah. Hot little muscle boy ass.

As I continued squeezing and pinching his ass, I felt him wake up. He kissed me on the neck and then moved down and started kissing my chest. I think the little punk was in love with my muscles. He felt my hand and knew I was going to fuck him, but he was obviously learning the he could be a real masochist. He'd entered that bar last night thinking he was a stallion, but there was no question he was just waiting for a real stallion; me; to take control and show him how a colt is broken.

I loved the feeling of him worshiping my chest. The feel and the look were wonderful, but even better was the knowledge that I'd broken him and turned him into a total worshiper. Alright, so I'm an arrogant narcissistic son of a bitch, but controlling a muscle kid like this was a total power trip. He'd now do anything for me and I was going to prove it.

I let go of his ass and took a tight grip on his hair pulling his head up and looking into his eyes. I gave him a big smile and he grinned back. 'You like being my slave boy, Jeff?' I asked.

'Yes Master' he answered, still grinning.

'Good boy. Good little slave boy' I said. But now he was going to learn what being a slave really meant. 'I gotta take a piss slave boy.' He was looking me in the eye and as the reality of what I said sunk in his grin went away and he looked shocked. 'Yeah, I gotta take a mean piss.' He just looked at me for a moment and I saw his eyes beginning to tear up.

'Please' he whispered.

'Please Master' I said firmly.

'Please Master' he whispered hesitantly. 'Please Master.'

I still had a good grip on his hair, and I now started pulling it hard making it hurt.

'Owww Master' he whimpered. 'Please.'

'You belong to me slave boy' I growled. 'I own you and don't you forget it. Now say it. Tell me you belong to me. Tell me you love being my slave.'

'Oww Master' he whimpered softly again. 'Please don't do this.'

Still holding his hair, I reached my other hand up and gave him a hard slap across the face.

'Don't you ever say no to me' I growled. 'Don't make me kick your ass again to make you understand how to be a slave. Now get on my cock.' I let go of his hair, and with tears dripping down his cheeks he moved down to me crotch. However, the excitement of slapping him was making me hard and I knew it was going to be hard to piss.

'Take it in your mouth and just wait' I ordered. 'Don't suck on it.' He took the tip in his mouth and just waited for me to do something. A full minute went by and he looked up at me. And, oh shit, was he beautiful. A gorgeous muscle boy; very handsome; looking at me with my cock in his mouth; totally submissive, and waiting for me to piss. I was so fuckin turned on there was no way I was going to get soft now. So I just went ahead and forced myself to piss.

'Swallow every drop baby' I said as I started pissing. I tried to control it and keep it going slow, but he couldn't swallow fast enough and some of it poured onto my crotch. 'Swallow it god damn it' I yelled as I held up the flow. Then I started letting it go in small bursts letting him swallow each time. I told you I had great piss control, and it was working for me now. And jesus, did I love watching him. He was so pretty with his eyes tightly closed and his face scrunched up and swallowing as fast as he could. Shit. I was fully hard now and I needed to fuck.

As I finished pissing I reached down and pushed his head forcing a couple more inches of cock into his mouth. 'Now suck' I ordered. With tears, or maybe piss, dripping down his face he started to suck me. But I was way to far gone to wait any longer. I reached over to the bedside table, picked up my tube of cream and grabbing muscle boy by the hair, dragged him up from my crotch. He squealed as I pulled his hair but I was too hot to care.

I sat up, scooted around and lifted his legs. I squeezed some cream onto his ass, rubbed it a couple times and immediately stuck a finger into the tight crack. He howled. I didn't intend to hurt him but I was much too hot to wait. I forced my finger in and out a few times, got some more cream and jammed two fingers into him. He howled again and tried to push me away.

'Get your fuckin hands down' I yelled. When he didn't remove them, I pulled out of his ass and gave him a hard slap. 'Move your fuckin hands' I ordered. He finally put his hands down on the bed, but he was crying again. But hell, right now I could care less. I got some more cream and jammed two fingers into him again. He cried out but didn't try to push me away this time.

I couldn't wait any longer now, so with his legs on my shoulders, I grabbed my rock hard nine and a half inches which was sticking up like a totem pole, and forced it down to meet muscle boy's tiny pucker.

And I pushed.

And oh fuck did that feel good. He was so tight it was a struggle getting just the head into him, but it felt fantastic. I vaguely heard him yelling but when I'm in the middle of a fuck I don't pay too much attention. He was trying to push me away again and was screaming at me, so I grabbed his wrists and held him down as I pushed in a little more.

Now I don't mind raping a guy. In fact I love it. I know my prick is awfully damn big and a guys ass is not designed to take me, but I'm not so sadistic that I want to tear him up. I know I'm going to enjoy it, and if possible I want the guy I'm fucking to enjoy it too. So I just waited for his howling to stop to the point where he was just whimpering. He kept saying something; probably for me to stop, but I wasn't paying any attention.

After at least two minutes of listening to him whimper, I pulled back so just the head was in him and pushed in again. He let out a yell, but not as loud as the first time. So I started to gently hump in and out, gradually going deeper and deeper. There was no question in my mind he was a virgin, because he was tighter than any ass I'd ever got my cock into. And the feeling was absolutely mind blowing. I knew it wouldn't take me long to shoot my wad into him.

When I got a little over half way into him I stopped and let him rest again for a minute or so. 'You are so fuckin tight babe. Hot fuckin ass.'

'Oh man, it hurts' he whimpered. 'Please man. It hurts so bad.' His sounds of agony finally got through to me, so I slowly pulled all the way out of him. 'Oh shit' he said as my knob came popping out. I gave him a full minute before I started in again.

'Okay babe, here goes' I said as I pushed back in. This time I started jacking harder since he was just a tiny bit looser than before. He was moaning but there was no holding me back now. I stopped jacking every once in a while and swiveled my hips, reaming him out as I pushed in deeper and deeper. And finally I was there. Or almost. Grabbing his legs and pushing them up and wide apart, I pulled back and rammed in hard to hilt. He gave something between a yell and a grunt as I rammed into him.

Total ecstasy. It felt so good I wanted it to go on forever. So, rather than just ramming it in, I started with slow deep thrusts. It was incredible. The feeling on my cock was astonishing. I kept going slow, hoping the feeling would never end, and it was fabulous. Totally exquisite pleasure going on and on and on.

I was watching my muscle boy who was now soaked with sweat, his eyes tightly closed, with a look of agony on his face. Evidently this first time was really painful for him, but I was sure after a few more times he would learn to love it. I seldom fucked a guy twice, because once I made him submit to me, I generally lost interest. Half the fun of fucking a guy was forcing him to crawl and beg when he was not completely willing. I could slap a submissive kid around as well, but it just wasn't as exciting. But muscle boy here was something else. This ass was definitely worth second helpings.

'Open your eyes babe' I said as I continued my slow fuck. He opened his eyes for a moment and the tears streamed down his cheeks, but he had stopped whimpering. 'I love your ass babe. You are so fuckin tight.'

'Keep your eyes open babe' I said. 'I want you to watch me fuck your tight ass. Open your god damn eyes' I ordered and he finally looked me in the eye. I gave him a big smile but his look of pain did not go away. 'Your Master is fuckin your ass slave boy. Yeah. Tight little ass belongs to your Master.' I was still fucking slow and deep, keeping the incredible pleasure going, and keeping myself from getting too hot.

'Tell me boy' I said. 'Tell your Master your ass belongs to him. Tell me slave boy.' When he just stared at me and didn't say anything, I rammed my cock in hard, slamming into him and getting a loud grunt from him. 'Speak up slave boy' I growled. 'Speak up.'

'Yes Master' he finally whispered. 'Yes Master.' I figured that was close enough and I really started fucking. I'd definitely got him loosened up now so I could slide in and out easy, so I really started slamming it to him. He grunted each time I rammed against his ass, but now I was really getting hot. Not able to hold it back any longer, I let out a yell and started to shoot. I was crazy with excitement as I fired the first three shots into his ass, but then I pulled out and let the next couple shots hit him on the chest. Then grabbing him by the hair, I made the last few shots hit him in the face.

I was sweating up a storm and he was totally soaked as I fell down on top of him, letting loose of his legs. I just lay on top of him for five or maybe ten minutes getting my breathing under control. Finally I lifted myself up on my elbows and looked him in the eye. His face was covered with sweat and my cum and his hair was pasted to his forehead. He still had a look of pain on his face and tears in his eyes, so I knew his ass was hurting. He was definitely going to have a bad time sitting down for the next couple days.

'You got a hot ass slave boy' I said with a smile. 'My prick is in love with it. So, how you doin boy? You okay?'

'It still hurts' he whimpered.

'That's okay babe. It won't hurt so much the next time. Hell, you're going to learn to love it' I said as I leaned down and licked his nose with my tongue. 'Yeah, you're going to love it.'

'Now get down there and clean me up' I ordered as I rolled off of him.

'Wha...? What...?' he gasped.

'I said clean me up' I said as I grabbed his hair and pushed his head down to my crotch. He looked up at me with a shocked look on his face and hesitated.

'Don't make me kick your ass slave boy' I growled. 'Now clean me up.' He finally got with the program and started licking my crotch. I put my hands behind my head and just let him go at it for a while. When he got it licked clean I rolled over and spread my legs. I didn't say anything, but I reached down, grabbing his head and pushed his face into my ass. He didn't say anything either, but understood what he had to do and started licking my ass. One of my favorites is getting my ass licked, so I just let him go at it for like forever. At least a half hour.

I wanted to cum again before I went to sleep, and I knew his ass couldn't take it, so I decided to make him blow me once more. Besides, he hadn't cum since the bathroom at the bar, and I wanted him to get some pleasure out of this. Since I'd cum twice already, this third time would be leisurely. There's really nothing like a long slow blow job to get a guy ready to sleep. I'd go easy on him and make sure he enjoyed sucking me off this time. Maybe I'd let him jerk off afterward if he did a good job.



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