I relaxed over a beer. Various clients came and went while I watched the sweaty wranglings of a couple of heavies on the bar video. I was in no hurry and though I felt contented and at peace after my earlier exertions, after maybe half an hour I thought, 'What the heck, I may as well get my money's worth' and made my way to the sauna.

Now the sauna at this club is what the estate agent refers to as bijou. The two guys already there made it look well attended. I spread my towel on the upper bench and sat quite close to one of them, who was leaning back with his eyes closed.

I sneaked a glance and liked what I saw. He was tall, with the build of rugby player, stocky now; a thickening round the waist suggested it was probably a year or two since he had been active. He had fairish hair and strong features. I liked what I saw, but what impressed me most was the arrogant erection that reared up from his loins. Most guys in the sauna sit there, their members flaccid and quiet - until something happens to attract their attention and the look up with interest. I leant back and observed the scene. He didn't move; eyes still closed, cock still issuing its challenge.

Now the sauna is a much lighter place than the steam room and it takes a bit more courage to make a move. I began to want him. That strutting bird was daring me to tangle with it and I decided it needed taking in hand. Which is exactly what I did. I leant forward, reached out and enfolded it in my grasp. There was a slight, sudden reaction from my neighbour, but I don't think he even opened his eyes. He relaxed again and left me to get on with the job. I figured that if he was unhappy he would have shooed me away. Without a thought to the opinion of the third party (on the bench below), I stood up, knelt at my new friend's feet and with both hands took charge of his treasure chest. He shuffled a little but was clearly in no mood to stop the proceedings. I examined his equipment. His cock was nice: long and thick, but his knob was not as big as mine. His balls were good too; they hung in his sauna extended scrotum, two big marbles in a bag: a bag, which was completely hairless. Did he shave it? The rest of him was not shaved - only a light covering, but certainly hair was present.

I nuzzled his end against my face and pummelled my lips with it. When I parted my lips to tease his knob with my tongue he sighed deeply. I sucked and massaged it within my mouth, as sensually as I knew how, my tongue flicking intimately at that most sensitive area, just beneath the glans. He was now breathing heavily, gasping and beginning to moan. I was really enjoying it, too. I love sucking cock anyway, but somehow this was special. It was as if his manhood and my mouth were uniting. Both were finding the deep thrill of union.

Suddenly, I felt a hand close over my own erection. It made me realise two things: I had forgotten that anyone else was there and that my own cock was as stiff as a wood.

This was nice! The guy below continued to stroke me tenderly while I worked.

By now I was taking my quarry right in, (though he was quite a big fellow, it strained my throat to achieve it). I was enjoying it almost as much as he was, but with my mouth full, it was up to him to provide the soundtrack. I so loved sucking him in tight like a vacuum and then going down to his root. He obviously liked it too!

I spent a lot of time just exploring his top two inches with the tip of my tongue. I got us both to a point of passionate intimacy I had rarely experienced. It was then I realised something. His knob - which hadn't been that impressive, was now a hard sponge and filling my mouth!

I moved on to his balls, and manipulated them both in my mouth as I massaged them with my cheeks and tongue, my hands manning the position my lips had vacated. This seemed to be another prize winner, judging from the noises off stage.

Suddenly, I knew there was something else I wanted, another zone to explore. I retreated, took hold of his legs and pulled them up. For the first time, he looked me straight in the face, but co-operated. He lifted his legs up and I went back down to his undercarriage. I started where I had left off, teasing his balls, but then slowly worked down to his anus. He was whimpering with excitement and expectation as I approached. Slowly and tentatively, I made contact. He gasped and tensed holding his breath. I explored the area, very gently at first, but working up to a near frenzy with the tip of my tongue. After a while I stopped and began to exert a light pressure on the centre of operations. Heavy groans were to be heard above. Steadily, I penetrated him, deeper than I thought possible and then repeated the programme as once more I gave him it as violently as I could.

The time had come to finish the job, I decided. I was wanting to triumph over that arrogant cock, to show it who is master, so we met up again. I worked him hard, for a long time. I began to think, with some disappointment,' He's not going to come'. My hands gave my mouth a rest for a while. The vocal accompaniment and appreciation society was still in full swing.

I decided on one last scene before I gave up. I massaged that cock with everything my mouth could offer, my hands squeezing his balls in the same rhythm, in an effort to get them on side. At last there was a twitching in his lower torso, he started moving in an agitated way and I was aware of a lovely new taste and pressure in my mouth. I continued milking until he had stopped and held him in position until most of his erection had faded.

He stretched, nodded appreciatively and grinned happily at me and left the room.

As I said, I love sucking cock, but that was possibly my best ever.

Yeah. It was time for me to go too. But I'll be back!


Jon Benedict

[email protected]


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