Got back last week from my latest visit to Prague. Had two very happy visits to my favourite steam and sauna club (costs about £6 for as long as you like. One free beer and condoms as many as you need!)

I was sitting on the bench in the steam room (almost no light) and I felt this light touch on my thigh. I tensed a bit, but relaxed as a hand slowly stroked my side. I was sitting haunched up, so I stretched my legs out to opened his way to my treasure. Fingers grasped the top of my legs, toying with my groin. He paused, then slid his hand to take charge of my pulsing erection. I breathed out heavily. Both hands then assaulted my privates and I was massaged, tugged and pleasured. His head was near mine, I traced his face with my fingers and liked what I felt. I pulled him towards me and our lips touched. I rubbed my palms over his front and liked the toned torso. A bit slack around the waist, but hey, who's perfect! I massaged his belly, teasing with my fingers buried in his hair, then tugging playfully. When I finally grasped his bone he gasped and groaned. In no time we were locked in an thrashing embrace pulling at each other's privates, tongues deep throating in passion.

We paused for breath and he uttered one word. 'Cabin?' I said yes; we grabbed our towels, picked up a couple of rubbers from the bar and found a cabin with a nice stretcher bench.

Towels flung aside, we started another passionate round of kissing, then I pulled him onto the bench. He was a little younger than me, a bit stockier, also with 'mature' hair, but hell he was hot. We got into a 69 and for a long time revelled in the wonderful feel of smooth, hard cock in our mouths and soft wet mouths teasing, massaging and exciting our treasure. Happily, we both have very satisfactory equipment! Suddenly, he pulled back (he was on top) and grabbed my legs. He went down on my arse and gave me a fantastic riming. From other cubicles, we could hear, grunts, shuffles and gasps. I am afraid I was crying out aloud with fantastic pleasure.

Still holding my legs aloft, he slipped on a condom and so gently invaded my inner space. He began thrust, slowly and measured at first, but then, also with some very masculine and dominant snorting crashed heavily into me time and again. The effect on me was amazing. He was not only a roaring train himself, I was keeping up. I felt such a satisfaction as he pumped into me. Of course he came. He shouted out and reared up in triumph. Then he collapsed upon me and locked his mouth on mine.

When his rod had cooled a bit, he withdrew and cleaned himself up. Then he resumed his position, and went down on me. I responded very soon. Again he with backed off and reached out for the other rubber. He dressed me and waited for my instructions. I had him kneel in front of me and penetrated him. I am afraid I ws not as caring as he had been, desperation was taking over. He winced as I passed his gates, so I relaxed until I felt him ready. I fucked him. I lay on his back and relaxed for a while as my hands ran over his belly and I pleasured his equipment, again getting ready for action.

I slapped his buttocks, which shocked but excited him. Then I went for a drive. I started firmly and deeply, with long, masterful strokes. I became more excited and as I once more grappled with his cock, realised that he was truly riding with me. At last, I pushed him flat onto the bed, my hands in their favourite position, one holding his throat and the other his manhood and I stepped on the gas. We both cried out as I came, deep thrusts into his very centre, pumping my load where we both most wanted it.

We relaxed, then went for a shower. I never did get his name. I hope he's there next time!


Jon Benedict

[email protected]


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