No-one likes guard duty, it stinks, your stuck in the guard house for a 12hour shift watching your mates go out on the town, and then watch them roll back in, some legless, most drunk, a good time had by all, except you! and whoever your stuck with, and tonight I'm stuck with 'Taffy' oh he's alright really, a bit dim sometimes, likes to brag that he's done this, or been there, and he once bragged that he shagged a 'Pam Anderson' look-a-like, Yea rite Taffy! but there's no harm in him really.

The lads trickled out of camp, and me and 'Taffy' settled down for a quiet night, we made small talk about families, girlfriends, careers, and finally sex, we play a few games of cards, I win again! read the papers, and listen to the small radio that were not supposed to have, and soon its nearly 12pm, the lads will be back soon, laughing and joking about the local girls they shagged behind the car park, for most of them though, it will be all in their heads, for one thing, they would be too drunk!

Yep here they come! laughing and joking with each other about their night of fun and stumbling through the gates, some being held up by their mates 'cause there legless, and some doing a small jig to some tune there singing to, wont be long before there in bed snoring their heads off.

The night duty can be so quiet, not a sound except the wind blowing or the odd owl hooting,but tonight the silence was shattered by some drunken bum screaming at the top of his voice and nearly shaking the gates of their hinges.

'Who the fuck can that be at this hour? said

Taffy I'll go out there and sort the bugger out soon enough' and off he marches suddenly he's back,' hey you'll never guess who that is at the gate making all the racket? only the bloody sarge!

'Sargent Woolston' the most hated man on the camp! the lads nicknamed him Wooly, but there's nothing soft or warm about this guy, he's a sadistic bully, you can never show him your weak spot 'cause he will exploit it to the hilt, Ive watched him make grown men cry on the parade ground and he loves it! his favorite form of humiliation is to walk right up close to someone who's done something wrong and grab hold of their nipples and twist them hard! real hard! and dare them to make a sound, his other trick was to grab someone by the balls and squeeze them really hard! again daring them to make a sound, and this was the guy who was at the gate, legless and screaming up a storm!

'That's it! said Taffy, I'm not dealing with that drunken bastard in that state, no telling what he might do' and with that, he grabbed the paper and headed for the loo, so it was left to me to deal with him, I got a mouthful of abuse before he was even through the gate, then another mouthful in the guard room, I just stood there and took it, I knew he would be off to bed soon and then things would be quiet again.

I tried to get him up off the chair to send him to his room, but by now he was nearly asleep, I was gonna need Taffy's help, he was to big to carry myself, and how were we going to get him up to his room? someone had to be in the guard room at all times, bugger it! he will have to sleep it off here, so I literally had to drag him into the back room and throw him onto the bed.

When Taffy came out of the loo, he looked around for the sarge, 'where is he, staggered off to his room has he? ha! if there's any justice in this world, he'll fall and break his bloody neck so he will' but when I told him sarge was out the back, that was it, 'fuck him! I wont be waking him up in the morning with a nice mug of tea so there'

So the night went quiet again, by now it was nearly 4pm, the camp was eerily silent, all we could hear was the sarge snoring loudly as I read the paper and Taffy tried to do the crossword, suddenly Taffy said, 'you know boyo, now that we got the old sarge for the night, I think its the perfect opportunity to humiliate him the way he's humiliated us all these years, what do you think?

'OK Taffy, so what do we do? smack his arse like a naughty little school boy and tell him not to do it again, this is the sarge were talking about remember, besides, anything you want to do? you do on your own, Ok'

'Yea alright boyo, I'll just go and have a little chat with him OK, shouldn't take too long, don't worry I'm not gonna do him over, not the way you think anyway' and off he went, leaving me to wonder, whats he gonna say to a drunk man whose passed out? but that's Taffy for you.

A while later, and Taffy was still in the room with the sarge and Id not heard anything, so I thought Id go and see whats going on? I stayed listening outside the door and heard the sarge grunt a few times but nothing more, so I opened the door and there was Taffy, trousers down, and fucking the Sargent for all he was worth!

'Jesus Christ Taffy! if they find out about this? were both in deep shit, it'll be the end of our careers, that's for sure, what if he wakes up? what if he twigs in the morning what you've done? you know the sarge, he'll have our balls on a plate' suddenly Taffy's really going hell for leather, banging into the sarges arse, 'Oh shit I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna shoot my hot load up the sarges tight arse! oh boy, If the lads could see me now, yea you sadistic bastard! take my load of hot spunk up you tight arse! ah, yea! yea! Ohh!

Suddenly Taffy collapsed onto the Sargent's back, shagged out! as I looked at Taffy's big hairy arse, I realised I had a huge hard on! fuck it! I thought, I'm gonna get some of that! so I told Taffy to get up, at the same time pulling my combats down, getting ready to fuck the Sergent, Taffy stood and watched me sink my cock into the sarges tight arse, I could feel Taffy's spunk as I rammed my cock in, God but his arse was so tight! I wasn't going to last too long at this, I was too excited, I was on the verge of coming.

And then I felt the familiar tingle in my balls, I was ready to shoot, suddenly it was rushing up my cock tube and blasting into the sarges arse! at last I was coming, seemed like gallons off the stuff, 'Yea boyo, fill his tight arsehole with you hot load! said Taffy, I bet that's the best fuck he's had in his whole life, and he didn't even know it! serves the evil bastard right'

But now we had to get a move on and get the place cleaned up, Taffy got to tiding up the room while I had the job of cleaning the sarges arse, and getting his trousers back on, afterwards we made a brew and waited for the sarge to waken up, we were both bricking it in case he twigged what had happened to him,we didn't know then that we needn't have worried, if sarge thought anything had happened? he never said anything as he staggered off back to his room at 7am. Taffy and me watched him walk off and looked at one another and Taffy said, 'Jesus I wish we had had a camera last night, we could have blackmailed the bastard for years eh boyo?, and we had a good laugh, that was one for all the lads that sarge had humiliated, sarge left the army not long after that, no-one ever knew why? and Taffy and me were posted to different places, we never met up again, but I will always remember the 'Welsh boyo'


spiro agnew

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