Jhon, Santiago´s Uncle had no idea Santiago had seduced me before him  and that  I had been taking his sweet loads of cream for months. I had acted surprised when Jhon told me he had fucked his nephew´s ass and even sucked him off. When Jhon came to me and said both of them wanted to do a trio I couldn´t resist.

   Santiago had an ass to die for and even though I was more into sucking guys off I wanted to fill his ass with my cream. It was a Saturday night, and all  three of us were watching the soccer game. Santiago was laying between us and I guess the game was boring him and he slipped underneath the covers and started to fondle both our cocks. John had slipped his boxers down making his cock more accessible to his nephew.I could see Santiago´s head start to bob up and down as his mouth found his Uncle´s big black uncut cock. While Santiago was feeding on his Uncle´s cock ,John and I started to make out kissing making Jhon even hotter while enjoying his nephew´s blow job. Santiago wanting to make  it last, stopped sucking his Uncle and sought out my cock, fumbling with his fingers to release it from the opening of my boxers. I was dripping precum from my cock which he eagerly swiped off with his tongue as he took me between his lips. 

   While he was sucking my cock, Jhon had found his nephew´s already hard cock and was enjoying Santiago´s precum also. I watched as his Uncle´s swallowed Santiago´s 8 inch cock with ease and expertise. I didn´t know how long I was going to be able to hold back my load so I pulled back the covers and joined Jhon sucking Santiago´s sweet cock. While Jhon was sucking his nephew´s cock I went to his hairy balls, savoring the taste of his sweat and the saltiness of his ballsack. Santiago started to thrust his turgid cock between his Uncle´s lips. Jhon realizing  Santiago was near to releasing his cum, stopped sucking. Jhon knew I wanted to fuck Santiago´s bubble butt since he said his nephew had the tightest ass he had fucked in a long time. He told Santiago to get on all fours cause Jhon wanted to get his ass ready for both of our cocks.

   I watched as Jhon spread Santiago´s ass and started to lap the area near his rosebud. Santiago reacted ,pushing his ass back to his Uncle´s mouth. Jhon made sure his asshole was well lubricated with his spit. I watched as Jhon´s huge cock started to invade Santiago´s ass searching for the target. I heard Santiago moan as Jhon found and entered him sinking his big ebony cock til his black balls banged against his nephew´s ass. I had to watch this so I got below and told Santiago to spread his legs so I could get my head between them. I was a great sight as I watched his Uncle´s cock thrust in and out of this young ass.Santiago was pushing back receiving the sharp thrusts of Jhon´s black cock. After a while Jhon said he was almost ready to unload and that I had to try out this ass he had been fucking. I  relinguished my perfect viewing position and got behind Santiago. As my cock entered and sank to the depths of his ass. Jhon had told Santiago to suck his cock as I fucked him. From behind, I could see Santiago trying to swallow his Uncle´s cock, Jhon was egging me on to fill his nephew´s ass with my cream. I told him I was near and Santiago and Jhon said they were near too. I felt my balls start to rise as I banged his ass, making him moan and gasp. Jhon had took my prior position between his nephew´s leg to view the fuck I was giving him. He had taken his nephew ´s cock within his lips while Santiago continued to suck his Uncle´s cock from above.

   I warned them I was almost to the point of no return as I felt my semen leave my balls. Evidently, Santiago could feel my cock grow in thickness banging his g spot, Santiago started to suck his Uncle with abandonment and both started to receive each others hot loads as my cream scalded the insides of his ass. Santiago had sank his cock all the way into his Uncle´s throat forcing Jhon to swallow the contents of his balls. I watched as Santiago received the first heavy spurts of cum from his Uncle´s cock and could see the white thick liquid escape from the sides of his lips. Jhon was a big cummer. After what seemed an eternity I withdrew my spent member from his young ass coated in my cum. Jhon was still nursing his nephew´s cock which was still hard even after giving up a huge load. Jhon asked his nephew whether he wanted to fuck his ass and Santiago jumped at the chance. Santiago made Jhon lay on his back and raise his legs and rest them on his shoulders. Santiago had pinned him with his strong arms and proceeded to fuck his Uncle´s sweet ass, I watched from the side as thiis young cock savored his Uncle´s ass. In no time Santiago shouted and filled the ass he was fucking with his hot seed while Jhon had fisted his cock to another orgasm. After it was over all three of us lay exhausted and satiated . I said to myself this wouldn´t be the last since all three of us had enjoyed this so much.

   Santiago has to go to school at 6:20 a.m. during the week. so Jhon or I have to make sure he gets up on time. Lately. Jhon makes it a point to get his nephew up. I´m always in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the both of them. This one morning, I was finished in the kitchen so I went upstairs and jhon was feeding his cock to his nephew. They hadn´t seen me as yet so I stayed on the stairs listening. Santiago was busy downing his cock while Jhon was moaning and telling him to take more. After a few minutes, John tells Santiago to lay on his back and proceeds to penetrate his young tight ass. Santiago is saying to his Uncle ¨Dame su leche¨I could hear Jhon fucking his nephew´s ass at a rapid rhythm,hearing Jhon´s big balls slap against Santiago´s ass. Jhon asked Santiago whether he wanted his cumload?¨Santiago said to fill his ass and that he loved going to school with his ass full of his Uncle´s cum.¨Jhon said yesterday you went to school with your belly full of my cum after sucking my cum from my balls.¨ I went went back downstairs so they wouldn´t know they were being spied on. Just as I got to the bottom step I heard Jhon ´s normal shout of ectasy as he came. After breakfast, and after they had left I went to make Santiago´s bed  There was puddle of Santiago´s cum evidently he had shot his load at the same time his Uncle was cumming in his ass. 

   I tasted the thick liquid confirming it was Santiago´s cum since his cum had a very strong semen odor much different than his Uncle´s. I had tasted and  savored the same strong taste and odor from his father´s cock and his father´s brother cock. All three had the same great tasting cum,  





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