Since Santiago came to live with us when he was thirteen, he has been very curious about sex since he was undergoing puberty at the time. Jhon and I have been very careful not to cross the line with him and let him make his own choices sexually. Santiago and I have become very close since his Uncle Jhon being his own flesh and blood sometimes over does it with his parenting of his nephew. 

   Santiago through his passage to manhood has left me remnants of his constant jacking off. Jhon had given him some rubbers so he could experiment with since one time Jhon´s sister had found a used rubber in his bedroom. The sister advised Jhon of the find and  Jhon came to me and asked if it was mine. I assured him that I wouldn´t have used Santiago´s bedroom since i have my own bedroom to have sex. Jhon approached Santiago and showed him the used rubber and asked him if it was his. He remained silent and then confessed to his Uncle that he was curious about the use and feel of condoms on his cock. Santiago said that he only jerked off while wearing it and had never had sex with anyone. Santiago said he was confused how to put it on and to my surprise Jhon took a condom from his nightstand, tore the foil and pulled down his boxers in front of his nephew and sat on the edge of the bed. Jhon´s cock was already hard just having this conversation with Santiago. I was in the other room watching this develop and to see if Jhon would cross the line with his nephew.

   Jhon proceeded to show his nephew the right way to put on a condom. I was watching Santiago  and how intent he was as his Uncle rolled the condom over his hard black uncut cock. Then Jhon said Santiago you try it, as he retrieved  another condom from the nightstand and handed it to his nephew. I watched as Santiago pulled down his briefs and exposed his already stiff 8 inch cock and tore open the foil. He rolled the condom over his cock just like Jhon had done.John then took off the condom from his cock and went to the bathroom and flushed it down. Jhon told Santiago that was the correct way to dispose after it was used. Then Santiago did the same peeling off the unused condom and flushed it down like his Uncle. This whole teaching lesson was so nonchalant  and innocent that I was impressed.

   Jhon and I constantly have sex usually with the door closed for privacy and to  prevent his nephew seeing his Uncle fucking me or getting his cock  sucked off. There was one time, I was jerking off while watching porn on the computer. I didn´t realize Santiago had come home  sooner than I had expected. When he saw me jerling off. I was surprised he didn´t tell his Uncle about what he had seen. After that I began to find used condoms in the waste basket of my bathroom. I figured it was Santiago but couldn´t figure out why he was so blatant about leaving these condoms for me to find especially knowing how to dispose of them correctly.  I have to admit I was turned on by this since when I was a plumber I would find used condoms in bathrooms of customers which for some reason turned me on. I remember one time, I even savored the contents, knowing the man that produced it. When I found the first condom Santiago had left me I looked at the semi transparent liquid and wanted to taste it. I laid on my bed and let the thick liquid empty itself from the condom as I jerked off. After that I emptied each condom left for me the same way.

   One time when Jhon was on a trip, Santiago and I were alone in the house. He had his bedroom door almost closed and I went to check on him. As I opened the door he was fisting his uncut cock just at the point he was going to come. Santiago asked whether I wanted to finish him off by sucking his cock and tasting his load fresh from his hairy balls.  I told him I didn´t know if it would be right since I was afraid his Uncle would some how find out. He assured me it would be our secret. I must admit his cock which measured 8 inches at the time looked very inviting.I asked him if he was sure and he said he was tired of leaving me his used condoms to find to try to get me to make the first move. 

   I got on the bed between his young  hairy legs and started to lap his balls while he continued to jerk his cock. All the while I watched as his thick  foreskin cover and uncover the huge slimy head of his cock. As I nutured his cum filled balls, he asked me whether or not this was better since I was going to taste his cum fresh from his balls. I went to his cock and started to suck him and I even fingered the rosebud of his asshole til my finger slipped it. I massaged his prostate til he shouted he was ready to come. I took the warning and deep throated his erupting cock. I couldn´t believe the amount of cum he produuced for being so young. Afterwards he asked about his Uncle Jhon. Santiago said he had seen his uncle´s big black uncut cock many times and it turned him on. And he wanted to know how I liked to suck it off and drink his cum. I told him his Uncle had a great cock to suck and even better was the taste of his thick cum. Santiago said that he wanted to suck his Uncle and I said I would try to arrange it. I managed to convince his Jhon to wear a blindfold when i pretended to bring a man to the house to get sucked off through the gloryhole.The man unknown to Jhon was his nephew, Santiago who slid his cock through the gloryhole into his Uncle´s mouth. After a few minutes he withdrew his cock and got on his knees. I told Jhon to send his cock through because sometimes the guys we sucked off were versatile and liked to suck cock too. I watched as Santiago fed on his Uncle´s cock to the point of no return. I saw his cheeks bloat with his Uncle´s cum and saw him swallow. After finishing his Uncle´s cum he got up and sent his cock through the hole just in time to fill his Uncle´s mouth. To this day, Jhon his Uncle doesn´t know he got sucked off by his nephew and had even sucked off his nephew. Or has Santiago confessed to him to further the seduction of his Uncle Jhon. 

   One night I couldn´t sleep, it was around 2 a.m. in the morning. I got up to take a piss  and I could hear noises from Jhon´s room below. I immediately thought he had brought someone home to fuck or suck him off. I quietly went downstairs to the second floor where Jhon´s room was I could hear two persons talking. Jhon was trying to convince someone to let him  fuck him  with his huge black dick. I heard the response from the other person saying he had never been fucked. The strangest part was I recognized the voice, it was Santiago. I went back upstairs and opened his bedroom  door, his bed was empty. I couldn´t believe  it so I tiptoed back downstairs and I heard Santiago sayimg he was afraid it wouk hurt since he Jhon had a huge cock.Jhon said he would put some special cream on hiss hole and he wouldn´t feel it so much. Santiago said okay and that he trusted his Uncle. After a few minutes I heard the bed creaking from the sound of someone getting fucked. Jhon was fucking his nephew with his huge cock. I could hear Jhon saying to Santiago ¨You have the tightest ass I ´ve had in a long time.¨It was a long fuck and I could hear Santiago moaning and telling his Uncle to fuck him harder. All at once , I heard Santiago shout that he was going to come any second. Jhon said he was too. I heard Santiago say to his Uncle that he wanted to eat his cum . Jhon said he would love for him to swallow his heavy load. All at once I heard Santiago start to gasp and mutter to his Uncle to fuck him harder. I heard Jhon say if he was ready to eat his cum and Santiago groaned in assent and I could hear Jhon move on the bed to straddle Santiago chest. Jhpn said Santiago quick open your mouth  I heard Jhon moan as he was coming and feeding his load to his nephew. Jhon ws saying to his nephew whether he liked the taste and his nephew said it tasted sweet and salty all at once. I went back upstairs and heard Santiago enter his room and close the door ever so quietly.

   The next morning while both were having breakfast with me I couldn´t detect any  change in how they acted toward each other. During the day I had to  go on an errand and when I came back I could hear Santiago again with his Uncle Jhon. Jhon was giving him head I was sure of it since Santiago was saying suck my cock Uncle. I want you to swallow my load like I swallowed yours during the night. As I knocked on the door both pretended to be watching tv all innocent. I went upstairs to shower and I heard Santiago shouting take all of my come. Santiago had seduced his Uncle and hopefully in the future all three of us can have the pleasure of doing a trio.

   It was about a month when Santiago asked his Uncle when they were going over his homework whether his Uncle would fuck him again but this time Santiago wanted me to suck him off while his Uncle was fucking him his ass.When Jhon approached me I acted somewhat surpised about us having sex with his nephew. He said it was alright since his nephew had come on to him a few weeks after seeing his big cock when he showed Santiago how to put on a condom.Jhon said after teaching him how to put a condom on, Santiago would constantly stare at Jhon´s basket especially since Jhon had a habit of wearing just his boxers around the house. Finally he asked his nephew if he wanted to see it again . Santiago said sure since it was bigger than his and so black in color. Jhon pulled down his boxers and released his black treasure. Santiago asked whether he could touch it, as he started to jack his Uncle´s cock it started to get hard.Santiago played with it til it started to leak clear precum.Jhon said that was a far as they should go but he did ask Santiago to show him his cock also out of curiosity. Santiago pulled down his shorts along with his briefs and his cock sprang into Jhon´s view.Jhon said he had a big cock for his age as his fondled his nephew´s organ.  He could tell Santiago was getting real excited so he stopped.   He said one night Santiago pretended to have a nightmare and came to his Uncle´s bed. Jhon always slept naked and when he pulled the cover back Santiago noticed his Uncle´s huge cock. It was still soft and laying over Jhon´s big balls. As Santiago got into the bed Santiago brought his ass back against Jhon´s cock which reacted immediately. Santiago reached behind and said ¨Tio your cock is so big and asked whether he could touch it again.¨ Jhon said sure and after fondling such a huge member Santiago asked whether he could taste it. John asked whether he had ever had a cock in his mouth and Santiago said no. Jhon said go under the covers and take his cock in his mouth. Santiago got under the covers and when he felt his nephew take his cock within his mouth he said he knew he was on the path to no return. Santiago mouthed his huge cock until Jhon pulled back the covers and exposed his nephew ´s cock which was totally hard. Jhon asked whether he had ever had someone suck his cock. Santiago said no lying as he sucked his Uncle´s cock. Jhon went down on his nephew to the point Santiago was moaning and gasping. Jhon knew to stop and asked whether Santiago would like to try something else. Jhon said at first when he said he wanted to fuck his ass Santiago was afraid but after a while he succumbed to his Uncle´s request and finally had his nephew´s fine ass.

   I told Jhon let me think about having sex with his nephew and him because I felt uncomfortable which was a lie since I had sucked his nephew off weeks before. 








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