Sandwich Chapter 4

It is now over 6 months since I last saw Julian and Brenda and just the thought of fucking them is getting me hard as the last time I saw them they were virtually begging me to fuck them and that is a turn on on its own as I like submissive people.

I rang them to see if they were going to be in and Julian answered I did not recognise his voice at first as it was very feminine, Brenda came on the phone and was very excited and begging me to come over, what has happened to Julian's voice, he has had a lot of hormone injections and also breast enlargements it has changed him, nice I thought love to fuck feminine type guys with big tits and I agreed that I would come over later.

I arrived late in the afternoon and Julian opened the door and looked just like full bodied woman dressed in a maids outfit with pink lipstick earrings and high heel shoes, she looked very sexy and I wanted to fuck her right there and then.

Brenda pushed Julian out of the way and kissed me and said I want you so bad don't worry I intend having you both, Julian was hugging me from the back and I felt her tits pushing in to me.

Julian is my maid now and does the entire house work and whatever else I need him to do. Julian go and make Mark a drink and bring me one as well yes mistress.

You have put on weight Brenda all in the right places I might add, Julian does all the cooking and all I do is sit here every day and masturbate thinking of you please fuck me Sir, I will after I have had Julian but, no buts I am having her first and I may let you join in if you are a good girl yes Sir thank you Sir. I thought I would teach her a lesson for being too bossy to Julian.

Julian let me see your body strip off the clothes but leave the bra on. Brenda take of my clothes for me yes Sir but don't touch my cock as it is going in to Julian first.

Julian's body looked adorable and she had tits as big as Brenda's. I heard Brenda moan with pleasure as she saw my cock fully hard. Brenda I want you to kneel in front of Julian and suck his cock as I fuck him, but, no buts just do it. I held on Julian's tits as I entered him and it felt so good I thought slow at first so Brenda could get used to the movement and then went faster and faster Brenda's face was getting banged by the movement, Julian was screaming with pleasure as he came, some went in Brenda's mouth and some over her face and then I came a big load and pushed as hard as I could after I told Brenda to clean both of us up and then I noticed she had a bit of blood from her nose must have been when her face was getting banged about as I fucked Julian, teach her a lesson for being too bossy.

Go and clean yourself up Brenda and bring us a drink back and take off your clothes before you come back, when she came back Julian was sucking my cock and masturbating himself, let's go to the bedroom and get comfortable. I laid on the bed 69 style with Julian and told Brenda to lick my ass she eagerly went at it, put your tongue all the way in, deeper clean me out bitch.

Later I lay down and she got on top she was very wet and fucking her was very sloppy. I told Julian to fuck her ass at the same time and Brenda started howling with pleasure and sounded like a cow on heat.



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