It has been nearly four weeks since I last saw Julian and Brenda as I had to go abroad on a business trip. I get lots of e-mails from them asking when I can go and see them almost to the point of them begging me. She told me that they have started Julian on some hormones and he is getting quite feminine now, this gave me an instant hard on, I am so looking forward to fucking him and of course Brenda as well.

I e-mailed and told them I should be back in the UK this Wednesday and would go and see them at the weekend, straight away I got a reply nearly begging me to go over on the Wednesday as soon as I got back, I have to get a shower and change before I come, you can do that here "Sir" there is that Sir again very submissive, OK as soon as I land I will come over.

When I arrived at their house it was pouring with rain and I got soaked, come in Sir you are soaking wet, they both gave me a hug and a kiss, you better take your clothes off and have a hot bath they said with a gleam in their eyes, Brenda went and ran a hot bath. Julian started to give me a hand undressing and my cock started to get hard he was looking at it and I said give it a nice kiss as I have missed your lips on it, yes please Sir and he started sucking, I'm sorry but I have to use your loo, I'll show you where it is there is one in the bathroom, I sat down and did a wee and Julian said please sir can I carry on sucking you while you are sat there, I still have to do a poo, that's ok sir, go ahead and he did while I was sat there doing a poo. Brenda was watching and rubbing herself with her skirt up around her knees, you have a lot of hair around your cock sir, yes not had a chance to shave it yet, ca n we shave it for you sir, yes ok but let me bath first.

While I was having a bath they told me Julian had started on the hormone treatment to make him look more feminine and were thinking of having a breast enlargement operation and asked me what I thought about it, I said he looks very effeminate at the moment especially as he was dressed in a skirt and blouse and wearing lipstick, I think it would add to his figure, would they be as large as yours Brenda, do you like mine sir, yes they are lovely, make them the same, ok sir we will.

I think I'm going to be in heaven as I love a man wearing a bra with biggish tits and a nice cock and I have his wife who has turned out to be a sexy slut who will try and do anything I want.

After I bathed I sat on a chair and they lathered my cock with soap, shall we undress as well sir, just you Brenda as Julian is very sexy in her skirt and blouse, I was hard as a rock when they shaved me, I think you could do with a shave as well Brenda, she had this glazed look in her eyes as she said yes please sir. I held her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and gently rubbed it and pushed my other finger in and out of her ass as Julian shaved her, she was moaning with pleasure and she spurted as she came, Julian take your skirt and panties off and come and sit on my cock, as he sat on it I glided it in all the way, Brenda you sit on Julian's lap and he then entered her, you both will have to lift up and down but not too much as they may slip out and then we fucked each other while sitting down and I shot a big load up his ass.

Why don't you two come and clean me up and both of them straight away knelt down and started licking and cleaning my dick, well done ladies I said as I patted their heads.



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