After I got home I stripped off and went for a shower, that is when I noticed pink lipstick over my cock and balls and got an instant hard on thinking how sexy they both were, I lathered up and had a great wank in the shower.

A couple of days later I got an e-mail from Brenda saying Julian was asking if I would like to go there for dinner one evening, we arranged it for Saturday evening . All week I kept imagining the sort of things we would get up to.

I arrived and was met at the door by Julian he was dressed as a maid and in pink again, you look very sexy Julian, pink is so your colour he gave me a kiss and said I really want you and I want you as well, why are you dressed like a maid, Brenda is a little bit bossy and said if I wanted to dress up then I should act accordingly with a guest at dinner.

Brenda walked in and was dressed in a tight blue dress which showed her figure and tits off, you look sexy and good enough to eat, I hope you're hungry then she laughed.

After we had eaten Brenda and I were talking as Julian was clearing up and washing the dishes, Julian get some drinks for us, yes dear, Julian was becoming a bit of a cuckold and that made me want him even more. We are thinking of getting Julian some hormone injections so he will become more feminine, we are or you are, I am, I think it will help him in his dressing and his figure will improve. This was really turning me on and I could not wait to fuck him.

Julian turn around and show him your nice panties and stockings I got you, they were frilly pink panties and pink stockings with a garter belt, you look so sexy why don't you sit down for a while and make love to my cock with your mouth, he looked at Brenda and she said go on then but leave some for me, I said there is plenty for both of you. Brenda why don't you take off your dress and she did while Julian was giving me a fantastic sucking and she stood up, eat me please as I started licking her out she was moaning like someone on heat lovely lovely she was screaming I then shot my load into Julian's mouth, he was wanking himself like crazy and shot it all over my leg. Brenda lick that up for me and she got right down and licked it up. They were both becoming a little subservient.

From a person who only a week ago only fantasized about watching and joining in she was really turned on by it all and was becoming a whore like sexy lady.

She suggested she became the sandwich this time, I would fuck her ass and Julian would fuck her front and she was all for it but wanted doing it standing up, she said that she never had anal before and would it hurt, no I will put a load of butter on it like last time so it slips in easily and we started fucking her slow at first then fucked her like a rag doll, we were grunting and heaving and she was screaming oh please don't stop, don't stop, we went on for a while and then shot our loads and pulled out we all felt weak and drained and sat down, Brenda, clean our cocks up for us, yes Sir!

where did this new name Sir come from anyhow she started licking them clean, I bet you could get both in your mouth at the same time and then she went ahead and put them in, it felt good alongside Julian's cock as I tried frottage before with other guys and it felt good.

Later Julian and I were sucking each other's balls on the bed when Brenda said she felt left out, you can kiss my rosebud if you want, rosebud? my ass oh yes please sir there it was again her calling me sir she laid down with us and she started licking it why don't we have a threesome I'll lick Julian's he will lick Brenda's and she will do mine, it was great, put yr tongue right in mmmmmmm it was the best licking I ever had.

Later when I was leaving they both said thank you sir, I liked their subservient attitudes and looked forward to seeing them again.




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