I stand at the window watching Jacob's brake lights grow dimmer and dimmer as he drives away from me. I know I just meet him but just being with him felt as if we known each others for years. I want to get to know Jacob a lot more but i am going to have to be careful on how going about it.

I head back into the dorm, Joel is sprawled out in the bed softly snoring. I smile a bit finding his snoring really cute. I walk over to turn his head to the side to in case he vomits again and won't choke on it, I stand there for a moment looking down at him. His face is soften up looking more like a young boy. So peaceful. Joel's eyes slowly flutter half way open and looking up at me. A childish grin spreads across his face. "Now you watching in my sleep? I'm flattered"

"Shut up" I laugh.

"Just making sure that you don't choke on your puke." I say to him. 

I lean over pulling a small trash can from under the desk that separates our beds and place it near him. "Let's get you out of these clothes don't wanna ruin them by vomiting on them" I say as I start untying his shoe's first and pulling them off one by one.

"Shoot we getting naked now?! I am game!" He quickly leans up pulling off his shirt and throwing it across the room smiling laying back down. He flexed his muscles causing his abs and pecs to all harden and bulge.

I blush "Really Joel? Come on just trying to make sure you don't die or get your nice clothes messy" I Pull the sheets up to his chest. "Thank you for taking care of me Sam, I know we just met yesterday but...but..." Joel begins shutting down his eye lids fluttering trying to fight the sleep but ends up failing and his head drops to the side, a few seconds later he is lightly snoring again. I grab a glass of water and set it by him.

I change into a new pair of brief's before settling down into bed, I began to think how messed up all this. I mean I just met Jacob and I practically slept with him, he has a girlfriend and now I couldn't stop thinking about how good, how right it felt to be held, to be kissed. The heat from my face races down to my groin stirring it alive. my hand slowly rubbing the length of my cock my mind instantly flashing back over to the  memory of seeing Jacob's thick long dick swinging between his tree trunk thick thighs, my body shivers in pleasure. my dick instantly going rock hard as i wrap my hand around my shaft slowly stroking up and down doing my best to keep my heavy Breathing quite as possible.

"Jacob..." i softly moan. I pump my hand faster and faster thinking about how hot seeing that monster cock of his swung, how hot and good it felt feeling that monster pump between my cheeks, oh how I wanted him to fuck me hard. I feel my cock build up getting ready to cum.

"Oh fuck...yes fuck me" I say in a low voice. I lick my fingers on my free hand and lift my legs up slowly stick two inside myself moving them in and out and around I bit my lip to keep it down. My hand goes for a few more pumps before I bite my lip to muffle my orgasm. I feel the thick hot ropes of my cum shoot across my bare chest, my ass clamping tightly around my buried deep fingers. I lay there breathing hard my dick still raging hard I could go for another jack off  if I wanted too. I get up wiping myself off before going back under the covers and drifting off to sleep.


The next day passed by in a blur Joel seemed not to remember much of what happened or what he said the previous night, which was fine with me I had enough drama for myself already, However, it being the day before classes officially start we all were busy preparing for the next day. It was night before I even got to thinking about Jacob again I wanted to check my phone to see if I gotten any texts from him but then I reminded myself that I never gave him my number and thank god I forgot my phone at the dorm otherwise it would have been damaged in the water.

I was sitting at my desk when voices were getting a bit louder and louder in the halls. I open the door to see what all the noise was, "Hey what's going on?" I ask a passing female student.

"The Football team just released there 2015-2016 calendar! Come on they sell out quick" She says excitedly.

She grabs my hand pulling me out into the hall we follow the flow of students down to the rec room where dozens of people are gathering in front a table where a few Jocks were handing out the calendar's I wasn't able to really see over the crowd but in the back of my mind I am hoping to see Jacob even though I hope I don't. It's been nearly two days since Jacob and I were together I wonder if he is upset by what happened and doesn't want to see me...but gosh this really sucks. I felt so nervous, going over and over in my head what to say if I was to see him. By time we reached the table there was only one calendar left and let the girl gladly take the last copy. She gave me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek before she went with a couple of her friends giggling and laughing as they went through the hot pics of each month. I turn on my heels and headed back upstairs, as I walked up the final staircase my pace was slowed down my heart began to race a  hundred miles an hour, my body began to shake a bit with nervous I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

With each step more and more of Jacob comes into view when I finally get atop the stairs my breath catches in my chest taking in the view of him. Jacob was leaning against the wall next to my door His legs crossed over each other, his arm was raised around the back of his head. He bicep was bulging thickly in the sleeve of his black T shirt. He was looking down his free hand tapping away on the screen of his phone, his arm pressed tightly to his body holding something between. My eyes drifted up to his chest where his pecs bulged against the fabric which cause the rest of the shirt to fall loosely the rest of the way down. He was as beautiful as I last saw him.

He finally looks up and catches me standing there. I feel my face flush crimson. He stands up straight tucking his phone in his back pocket and and shoved his hands into his pockets making eye contact with me before he to blushed nervously and looked down at the floor. We both stood there uncertain of what to say to one another.

"Hey..." He Says softly. You can definitely hear how nervous he is.

"Hey, are you waiting for Joel? He's at the hookah lounge won't be back for a bit."

"I know just...I..." He stutter's. He scratches the back of his head. He takes a deep breath before speaking again. "I came to give you something" He reaches up pulling the item lodged in his arm and holding it out to me.

I walk to him standing only a few feet for him and look down at what he got me. I look at the item and see a group picture of the entire football team shirtless on the cover. He saved me a calendar.

"I knew you might want one so I saved this one for you I came up here when I didn't see you in the crowd so I came to your room but you weren't here either so I decided be best to wait for you here..." He gives me a small smile.

"Thank you Jacob that was very nice of you" I say back. I shuffle my feet as it grows quite between us once again.

"I know school hasn't officially started yet but are you excited about the homecoming game in a few weeks?" The tension that had build between us seemed to have gone away when I changed the subject to football.

"Yeah, we are facing Michigan University. They are a tough team to beat but the coach is going to be running ragged these next practices, it's been almost ten years since this school faced U of M. Coach has been waiting a long time to get another chance to go head  to head with them again but it would be nice to win and the mood of the party will be better cause people will be drinking to celebrate not to drink there sorrows" He smiles.  "Oh and you are invited too just don't go anywhere that has a large body of water cause I don't want to have to save the damsel again" HE smirks.

"Hey!" I punch his stomach. "Ow! Damn, are made out of bricks?" I rub my wrist.

"Damn Right! I'm pure muscle baby!" he lifts his arms flexing his massive biceps. I cover my face laughing on how cocky he is acting right now. "Well, muscle man you don't have to save me I'll be sure to be safe this time and thank you for the invite Jacob." I tell him.

"Not a problem Sam....oh crap here what's your number?" He asks. I tell him it and he texts me so I can save his number later. He holds the camera up and snaps a pic.

"You look adorable haha"

He turns his phone to me showing my bad hair and my attack on titan PJ outfit.

"Hell no delete that Jacob!" I lunge for his phone. He quickly holds it up high out of reach.

"Nope sorry bud, I think I should send it to the whole school I think you will get the cutie of the year award." He teases

"Eww no no please come on" I stop jumping giving him the puppy eyes.

"Oh, fuck. Come on that isn't fair" He says. He let's his guard down for a bit his arms lower.  I take the advantage of this brief moment and snatch his phone and run into the dorm, I duck under his swinging arm that was meant to catch me and using my free hand to close the door but Jacob was just to quick and pushed the door open. He stalks in the room closing the door behind him.

A big devious smile crosses his face. "No where to go bud. No where just hand it over and we can call a truce..or we can do this the hard way" He chuckles.

I grin. "Think I will take the hard way." I stuff his phone in my pocket and try to shoot to the bathroom but this time there was no dodging his long arms. He folds his arms in a vice like grip around me and carries me to the bed. He tosses me effortlessly landing on my back, he come baring down on me straddling my legs pinning them down. I feel all his weight press down on me. He manages to lock both my hands into his one big hand and hold them above my head. I couldn't stop laughing. His free hand slowly snaked it's way down into my PJ's pocket. I could feel goosebumps spreading across my skin when his finger's trailed.  He was able to fish out the phone from me and held it mockingly in my face.

"See I win" He says,

I laugh. "I guess you do" 

We both go quiet and our eyes lock gazes, peering into his eyes, sparkling with joy and welcoming, there was a like pull that slowly began to pull us together, it wasn't until his phone ringed that the moment was broken. He blinks a few times before sitting back up and looking down at his phone. 

"Hey, I have to go Sarah needs me." he tells me.

I want to vomit hearing her name. 

"Okay, drive safe okay?"

He grins. "I am always safe, thanks for caring Sam" He pulls me into a tight hug before letting go and bounds down the hall I once again stand walk over to the window viewing the lot in front of the dorm building and watch his truck lights slowly fade away into the night...


Three weeks later...

"Jacob makes a interception, U of M is split to the sides. Jacob takes the opening is running and running 50...40...30...20...10....TOUCHDOWN! Jacob wins the homecoming against U of M!" The announcer blurts out.

Every one converges onto the field. The cheerleader's hugging and kissing there man that are on the team,  the crowd high fiving there buds. I just sit here watching it all go down. I was really proud of Jacob for all the hard work he did and I have to say that I am proud of us both that we manage to stay friends and have nothing between us go on. However, there was one feeling that I couldn't truly ignore.

It was Jealousy. As much as I respect Jacob and the limits we have set, I couldn't help but feel my stomach twist as I watch him hugging and kissing Sarah don't get me wrong Sarah is a great girl and funny and awesome but I'd give anything to do what she is doing right now. Holding him. Kissing him. I wish it was me doing all that but it is just unrealistic dream.

After, the game everyone headed back to there dorms and homes to get ready for what is probably going to be the biggest party of the year.

I take a quick shower, freshen my breath, and style my hair. I put on a black button up black dress shirt that hug me in the right places. I find my old pair of jeans that I used from the last party. I look at myself in the mirror making sure I look incredible.

Joel walks in the door wearing cut up jeans a graphic T shirt underneath a plaid shirt. With a beanie hat on top of his head. Even casual looking Joel can really look good.

"Wow, Sam...you look hot!" He blushes but still smiling wide.

"Thanks Joel, you don't look so bad yourself" I wink at him.

He coughs but doesn't lose his smile. "Thanks man. Come on we better get going if we want to get the best booze there" He holds the door open for me. I grab my jacket and we head out.

It felt like Deja Vu when driving up to the frat house just this time I won't be drowning in any pond. As we walk up to the house, a huge banner hung on the front of the house showing the frat house Greek symbol and with big bold letters that spelled out VICTORY in big bold letters. The football team hooting and hollering running in and out of the house the people around cheering them on I normal would find this a bit immature however this was the biggest victory the football team has ever won and now it was a time for celebration!

"CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" Two of the frat brother's held Becca's suppose to be hook up from the first party by his legs while a third brother held the hose pumping beer into his mouth. Becca was cheering her man on and he did her proud.

Apparently a few days after she and Bud hooked up he came to see her at her dorm and as she put's it, it was another hook up but then that turned into multiple times but about after two weeks he finally asked her out and so far it's been hard to break them apart. I smile over at Becca she stands there smiling and cheering her boo but there was a twinkle in her eye something I never seen before, perhaps she actually falling for him. When Bud was let go she ran into his arms and kissing his beer scented mouth and he held her, his arms lovingly embracing her.

The DJ changes over to a completely different beat. The beat and the mix were really great that the crowd began hopping and cheering for more. "You enjoying the party?" A voice called directly from behind me causing me to jump and whirl around bumping straight into Jacob's chest. I step over my foot and about to fall back when Jacob's around protectively wraps around my waist pulling me back up to my feet but his arm doesn't let go.

"Are you okay" He asks in a concern voice

I nod. "Yeah, just didn't think you were behind me"

He laughs and leans down to speak clearly in my ear. "I was just making sure you weren't in any danger that's all" He steps back a bit dropping his from my waist

Please don't let go I say to myself.

"You and your team did an amazing job tonight beating Michigan University tonight! You are the star of tonight for making that winning touch down!"

"Well what can I say when you have speed and muscles like these" He raises his arms flexing his biceps stretching the fabric and so is every where else on his body. "You can't be stop" He boasts. A big cocky grin is plastered on his face

I shake my head laughing.

"What?" he looks down at me puzzled.

"You know you are full of yourself sometimes you know that right?" I chuckle.

He shrugs.

"Well, I can be when I win a game for us. It's called bragging rights chump" He says poking my chest.

"Oh really tough guy" I playfully push his chest. He grins as he loosing his tie on his shirt. Knowing what he is going to do next I turn to late and he wraps arms around me his hands tickling my stomach all I could do is laugh and shout but with all the struggling I couldn't break free of his steel like hold.

"Hey, are trying to kill him?" Sarah appears in a beautiful knee length white dress. with flats to match. Jacob set me down on my feet and walks over to her wrapping his around her kissing her on the lips. It's takes all I have not to turn away and maintain my smile that I am now faking.

He breaks the kiss. "I was just teaching him a lesson that big strong winner's like me can brag and be cocky for a night" He puffs out his chest.

"That is true, he does have that right, plus I am going to help him boost his cocky ego tonight in bed" She says seductively. Pulling his head down pushing her tongue into his mouth. I could literally feel my stomach twist at that site.

I slowly back up and disperse into the crowd. Jealousy and anger boiled within me as I march into the kitchen pouring myself a glass of the strongest liquor we have and chug it down. I lean over gripping the counter as I feel the burn run down my throat into my stomach I stand back up pouring myself another glass and head out into the dance floor and close my eyes getting lost in the music and the jealousy and anger goes away.

I don't know how long I was dancing alone until I feel a hand grab mine pulling me forward until my body mashed together with another body. I look up blinking my eyes a few times to clear my sight and see Joel looking down at me with his big white smile, His arms snake around my waist swaying his hips side to side and follow his lead. I drop my now empty cup to the floor and wrap my arms around his neck and we dance and dance and dance...

"I been wanting to do this since the first party Sam..." His face full of passion.

"Joel...." Before I could finish, his lips press down on mine cutting off my sentence. Joel opens my mouth allowing our tongues to swirl and wrestle with each other. He could feel Joel's hand ride up his back and entangle his fingers in my hair, I could feel my cock stir and harden in my jeans. Joel pushed himself forward colliding our groins together. At first I was freaking out thinking that Joel would be creep out however, he could feel Joel's our arousal on his.

When He finally pulled back he looked in my eyes cupping my cheek with the hand that was in my hair. I knew I was blushing once again but I didn't care, emotion's that I never thought of or even knew I felt came flooding into me lifting my heart with joy. I then my head into his chest and in return he rest his on top of mine. I slowly turn my head to the left and my gaze instantly locked with Jacob's. Jacob was standing in the entrance of the kitchen a hurt look was on his face as if someone just ripped his heart out. He turned on his heels and leaves.

"Shit...Joel I be right back don't go no where stay here" I lean up kissing him and run after him.

I just barely make it to the kitchen to see Jacob's back go upstairs I follow him. I can him slamming his door shut which just made me move faster and I barge in.

"Jacob, what is wrong...what is it?" He was fuming with anger. Pacing back and forth looking at me then back at the floor and then back at me.

"You.Kissed.My.Best.Friend?!" He says word for word.

"Joel kissed me...we were dancing and we just had a moment...and..."

"So what! Why didn't you just move away?! HUH!?" He yells. I flinch.

Jacob why do you care" I say so softly my voice creaks.

"I...I don't..." He shakes his head.

"Jacob I am going to ask this once...are you jealous?"

"Are you joking? I have a fucking girlfriend!"

"Then why are you do damn mad? You looked at me as if Sarah just cheated on you!"

"It's been weeks since the first party after everything and you move in on my best friend!"

"What is it to you? I asked. "Joel is amazing we are dorm mates and I have gotten to know him and he s kind and sweet guy, Jacob this is me finally letting go and putting all of this mess behind us. Joel is perfect, to be honest I think I really like him I didn't know I had these feelings until he kissed me but...."

"AHHHH!!!!" He charges forward. I move backwards until bump into the door. I close my eyes, I cover my head with my arms to protect myself I wait for his punch, Expecting him to hit me but instead I hear a loud sound of dry wall breaking. I open my eyes and turn to the side. Jacob's fist buried into the wall. I turn back to look at him in the eyes, there were brimming red. He pulls his hand out which is covered in white dust. He steps closer to me leaving barely a inch of space between us. My eyes never leaving his. His eyes brimming red as a tear threatens to fall down his cheek. 

"Jacob....." I say softly.

"I am jealous..." 

"Wha..." He cuts me off as his lips crush onto mine...


To be Continued.....


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