The next day

Josh woke up from his orgasm induced sleep he groaned out feeling his cock a bit sore.

"Oh man what happened, what time is it" Josh said reaching for the clock and when he looked he dropped it. "Fuck i'm late for school!" Josh ran into the shower.

He was in there long enough to wash the cum and it's smell off of him. He got dressed and went for his car.

And in all this he never even looked in the mirror and never noticed the changes to his body.

When he arrived at school he couldn't even find a parking spot for the students so he park in a teachers spot. "They wont mind" Josh said running to his 2nd period class. He got in just in time so he wasn't late. He gave a loud sigh of relief once he sat down, just as the bell rung.

He sat next to a Hispanic boy who was about an inch or to shorter than Josh. His hair was black and messy guess he was running late to. Even though he was shorter than Josh he was buffer.With a very noticeable six pack. His arms where like tree's, and his legs there the trunks.

The boys eyes where a light brown that made boys and girls melt.

"This is a first Josh i got to school before you" the boy said "I know Ray i oversleep" Josh said. At that moment Josh felt a sudden pulse of emotions that was coming down the hall, but the most dominant emotion he felt was LUST.

"Alright class, we have a new student today we have a new student coming in today so please everyone welcome Jamie McCockass" The male teacher said. When the students heard this most of them laugh while the other's looked puzzled.

The emotions that Josh was feeling came to the door and a boy came in and he felt the Lust pouring into him his pants tightened more than usual.

When Josh looked at the boy he noticed that everyone was quiet. He he knew why the boy was FUCKING HOT.

The boy was about 6ft 3in tall, his muscle's where well defined but smaller than Josh's. He had medium length blond hair that reached his neck.

His eyes where light blue, his skin tanned. He wore a muscle shirt than curved over his 8-pack, and skinny jeans than accentuation his package.

"Hello everyone" the boy said. "Everyone met Jamie" the teacher sighed like a school-girl "Hi Jamie" the boys in the class said with the same tone as the girls.

Jamie walked over to a seat next to Josh "Is this seat taken" the boy asked.

"No it's all yours dude" Josh said.

The day went by rather quickly although what Josh found strange was that the new kid was in all of his classes.

When gym class finished and everyone had left to go home. Josh stuck around to clean his locker out .

"Hello their Josh" Jamie said appearing behind Josh.

Jamie startled the boy sending him on his ass.

"Don't do that, that's what gets people killed you know" Josh said returning to clean his locker.

"Josh just being you will get you killed" Jamie said.

"Excuse me" Josh said a bit puzzled.

"Nothing, so Josh how was that package that night did you enjoy it" Jamie said.

Josh flinched a bit 'How does he know about the package' Jamie thought. "Look dude i don't know what's wrong with you but you need to go home before they lock us both in" Josh said getting up.

As he did the ground shook a bit causing he hanging light's to swing.

Josh looked up but continued to leave.

"Josh wait, i want you to have something" Jamie said chasing after him.

Josh stopped and turned around when he was in the hallway. When Jamie got near him Jamie's eyes looked around he pushed Josh down as a ball of fire flew past them.

"What the hell was that!" Josh exclaimed.

"Josh go to your car" Jamie said his voice full of seriousness.

"I can-" "Go now!" Jamie said cutting Josh off.

Jamie stood up and from his hand spewed a yellow mist the mist condensed into a sword.

The sword was vaguely shaped like a cock.

"Go!" Jamie yelled again.

Josh got up leaving his stuff behind a sprinted to his car.

When he got there a noticed that a teacher was there to. The teacher who's spot he toke.

"Mister Martdo explain yourself" the male teacher said.

"Look teach i have to go" Josh said grabbing the teachers hand.

When he did a pulse of red energy seeped into the teacher. "Of course" The teacher said all lovey-dovey.

Josh got into his car and started to drive off when the teacher yelled "CALL ME SOMETIME!!".

When Josh go to the exit an explosion shook the ground beneath him and Jamie was sent flying to Josh's car.

Josh opened it and let a soot covered Jamie in. "Josh go to Winsell Hill" Jamie said coughing.

"What!" Josh yelled but his yell was covered by a roar "Go right now!!" Jamie yelled.

Josh slammed on the accelerator his car was flying from the school as a creature came running after them.

The creature was Minotaur-like but it's horn where in the shape of dicks, and he had a very pronounced erection.

The creature keep up with Josh and Jamie not matter what speed they went. "What the hell is going on!" Josh yelled.

"I'll tell you later" Jamie said as he rolled down the window and sat on the car door.

His eyes glowed yellow "Ygrene tsalb" Jamie fired orbs of pure yellow energy at the Minotaur.

When they hit they gave an explosion but the Minotaur plowed through.

"There's Winsell Hill" Josh said.

"We need to walked from here" Jamie said.

Josh got out the car and grabbed Jamie's hand running to the top of the hill. "It's gaining on us!" Josh yelled.

"Don't worry, Gate Open!" Jamie thrust his hand forward as a door opened and they ran through.

The Minotaur however couldn't go through the gate.

When Jamie and Josh got the other side of the gate both of them where in a chamber. The chamber designed resembled cock, balls, and ass.

And if it wasn't that there where statues of nude hung men.

"What the hell" Josh said.

"Welcome Josh" Jamie said. "What is going on here" Josh said grabbing Jamie's shirt, "First you come out of now where, then you start asking weird question, and if that wasn't enough we where just chased by a Minotaur so start talking" Josh said angrily.

"Now i know you feel as if you need and explanation" Jamie said "Your damn right i do" Josh said putting Jamie down. "But all will be answered in due time" Josh said grabbing Jamie's hand.

"Follow me" Jamie said.

They walked out of the chamber and down a number of halls while Jamie explained.

"Josh your in a place where there are no women only men, on top of that we embrace nudity, open-sex, and magic" Jamie said.

"Magic?" Josh said.

"Yes magic, you see people in this world can use magic some who do not walk the path of magic become knights, other's become wizards, then Mages, then Sages, but you my friend are special" Jamie said.

"You are the Lust Bringer" Jamie said stepping into a large chamber at the center was a book.

"Josh this book holds a prophecy that states one will come and bring peace to the four worlds" Jamie said.

"Four worlds?" Josh questioned.

"Yes the world you lived in is known as Earth where all sexuality reigns, but there is another world Lesbiona(Les-be-on-a) the Lesbian world filled with only women they have the same practices as us including magic" Jamie said.

"Then there's Heteronia (He-te-ro-ne-a) the Straight world similar to your world filled with both men and women they also have the same practices as us, and then there's this world Homopolis (Homo-Op-a-lis) the Gay world filled with nothing but men" Jamie said.

Josh stared at Jamie then burst into laughter. Jamie then snapped his fingers flipping Josh upside down "Believe me now" Jamie said.

"Yeah i do" Josh said as Jamie put his down, roughly.

"So Jamie lets began your training in the Arts of Lust Magic" Jamie said.

"Say what!" Josh yelled. "First part of the traing is naked" Jamie said taking off his voice showing his well endowed cock and large ball between his legs.

When Josh toke off his clothes he finally noticed his body had changed.

His six-pack became an eight-pack, his arm's and legs where much more muscular. His butt was larger become very round, and when he noticed his cock and ball had become larger.

His penis was now 7 inches flaccid and his ball's where about the size of tennis balls "What happened to me" Josh said.

"Just the perks of being the Lust Bringer" Jamie said.

"What is the Lust Bringer anyway" Josh asked.

"Well there are 3 lust bringers all three bring sexuality to earth and there homes. You my friend are the Gay Lust Bringer you bring Homosexuality between men, while the one his Lesbiona brings Homosexuality between women, and the one his Heteronia brings Heterosexuality between a man and a woman" "Awesome" Josh said.

Somewhere in the Castle

"So this is the Lust Bringer" a man said with a deep voice, one of his legs on his arm rest letting his large flaccid cock hand free between his legs.

"He doesn't look like much" a man said with a lighter voice his legs crossed on his seat.

"Even though he looks small he holds great power" a man said with a southern twang to his voice.

"Hard to believe bu we'll just have to keep a close eye on him" a rough voice voice said.

"He is strong after all" a child-like voice said "He was able to use his magic to control a completely straight man that's better then the new wizards could do" the child continued

"Yes, we will but until he can control his abilities we need to keep an eyes out for his enemies, meeting adjourned!" a very loud voice yelled out as everyone disappeared.



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