From Part 1....

I lay there remembering how awesome it had been to get serviced without any drama from a woman about it being gross.  They sure enjoyed getting their cunts eaten.  I figured if I could eat a smelly cunt, sucking a cock would be no problem


Part 2...

Ever so slowly, I slipped under the covers and gently grasped Cowboys soft beautiful cock.  Gradually, his cock began to stiffen and once he was hard, I took a deep breath and went into action.

After opening my mouth, I lowered my mouth over his now hard cock and began sucking him as he had done me.  Feeling his cock and bulbous head rubbing against my lips and tongue got  me instantly hard.  After a moment, Cowboy began to moan softly and gradually raise his hips to meet my downward actions.  After just a few moments, his breathing grew more rapid and I knew he was nearing his climax.  I continued sucking, eagerly awaiting for his climax and the chance to taste and eat his load.

Suddenly, his cock exploded and cum began to fill my hungry mouth.  I immediately swirled it around and began to savor the taste before I hungrily  swallowed his gift. Once I had him drained, he sat up and looked into my eyes and kissed me.  After the kiss, he held me and whispered softly, "You didn't have to do that."

"I know I didn't have to.  I wanted to.  After totally enjoying what you did to me, I knew that I had to return the experience.  Brad, I totally enjoyed sucking you and giving you the same pleasure that you gave me."

"Well, all I can say is that if that really was your first time, you are a natural at what you did.  It was awesome."

I smiled and thanked him.  We kissed again then cuddled and returned to our slumber.

The next day, we soon heard that there had been very little progress in clearing the road.  We knew  that we would be stranded for a while longer. 

He looked at me and said, "Last night you called me Brad.  What happened to 'Cowboy'?"

"When we are just talking I've decided to call you Brad, but when we have sex and I'm turned on, you will be Cowboy." 

"Sound good for me," he replied, then led me back into the sleeper and into bed. After a passionate kiss.  he lay me down then flipped around into the famous sixty-nine position. I immediately took his stiffening cock into my mouth and began sucking him as he did the same to me.  I instantly realized that a sixty-nine with a man was much more erotic, sensual, and satisfying that doing it with a woman.

It didn't take long for either of us to climax.  As we neared our climax he quickly paused and said, "Don't swallow.  Keep it in your mouth."

I did and after we had each climaxed he kissed me and we mixed our loads before each downing a portion of the mixture.  I totally loved the experience and told him so.

During the day, we talked more about how he realized he preferred men and how his life had been as a gay man.

His story was fascinating and informative.  He said that he has always remained masculine in public and preferred it that way, but when he was behind closed doors with another man he was a different person.  He said that depending on what his partner desires he could be either a dominate male or a very submissive slave.

I asked if any of his employers knew of his sexual preference.

"Oh yes.  Before I became an independent driver, I was driving for a company based in Denver.  My boss had found out that I was gay  and told me that he didn't care in the least what I did on the road or who it was with just as long as the cargo got to it's destination on time and in perfect condition."

I again questioned him about life on the road and the requirements of becoming a driver. I had decided what I wanted to do with the ret of my life and told him of my decision.  He just smiled an evil smile.

After we had eaten a small bite of lunch, he looked at me and said, "I want to do something where you will be screaming 'Cowboy'."

he had me lay in bed and after sucking on me to get me totally hard, he climbed up and straddled me and began to sit on my cock. I was about to fuck my first man.  Once he had lowered himself and had my entire cock buried in his ass, he began to ride it up and down.

"Mother Fuck! Yea, ride it Cowboy!"  And ride it he did.  I cried out "Ride it, cowboy" several times before I finally climaxed deep in his hole.    As my cock emptied it's load, his cock exploded out onto my stomach and chest.  Once I was drained, Brad eased off my cock and leaned forward and began licking up his own load, totally cleaning me up.  He then kissed me and shared it.

Out of curiosity, I asked, "Brad, do you ever jerk off and eat your own load?"

"Yep, every time I jerk off.  I never waste it."

That evening I said that I would love to watch him jerk off and eat his load.  he agreed and we both began stroking  and before long he climaxed into his hand and licked it totally clean.   A second later I reached my climax and followed his lead and shot my load in my hand.  Without hesitation, I brought it to my mouth and eat every drop. 

"Fucking Hot," he said.

The next day, I decided I wanted to expand my experiences and asked Brad to fuck me.  He told me what pain to expect and promised he would go slow and stop if I asked him to.

Moments later, he began entering my virgin hole.  He had been right, the pain was beyond belief, but I didn't stop him.  Once he was in he let me adjust and eventually began to pump in and out very slowly.  As I began to adjust to having his cock up my ass, I began to react and moved to meet his thrust.  It was then that he began to speed up.  The pain was gone and I was totally enjoying being fucked by this stud.  when he shot his huge load in me I shot mine on my stomach.  He licked me clean and kissed me.

That night we fucked each other again and it was awesome.  The next morning, we heard that the road was now being opened and after a quick sixty-nine we waited for the trucks to clear the road.

Brad looked over at me and said, "not far ahead is a truck stop and motel.  Let's stop and you can get a room while I park my rig and we can get a shower and talk."

"Perfect, because I want to find a way to see you again."  He just smiled.

The roads were cleared and we reached the truck stop.  I got a room and as I entered, Brad walked up and joined me.  Once inside we stripped and together, we showered and washed each others hot body.  Afterward, we lay in bed nude in the warm room, and Brad turned to look at me. "Are you totally serious about becoming a trucker?" he asked.

"Yes.  I love the idea of being my own boss."

"Well, would you ever consider having a partner?"

"I hope you mean what I think you mean," I replied.

"Mark, would you like to have me teach you to drive a rig and become my co-driver."

"Fuck yea!" I exclaimed loudly. 

"Well, I'm headed for Seattle.  I should be there in about three or four days.  You go on home and do what you need to do then fly to Seattle and get a motel room.  Call my cell and let me know where you're staying and I'll pick you up and we can start your training."

I immediately agreed and three days later I arrived in Seattle and called Brad's phone.  He had arrived early that morning and was waiting to get a load out.  He got his load dropped his trailer to be loaded.  during the loading he came to my motel and we immediately had sex.  Afterward, I checked out and we climbed into his rig. 

"Mark, I cleared out some room for you to put your clothes.  Make yourself at home because that is exactly what this truck is."

We picked up the trailer and every chance we got he would teach me the gears shifting.  Between loads, we would find an open parking lot and he would let me practice driving.  After three months he told me that he thought I was ready to test for my license.  Not only had I been practicing but I had also been studying the manual of laws.

I passed my test and became a licensed trucker.  Brad had bought me a special gift of a beautiful ring with an onyx stone.  I immediately kissed him and didn't care if anyone saw us or not.

We headed to Miami with a load and in the second day, he pulled into a rest area and turned to face me.  Looking at him, I asked, "Is something wrong?"

"I have something that I have to talk to you about."

"Spit it out," I said.

"Mark, while we were stranded, I became very fond of you.  Then after I offered to teach you to drive and then we parted, I began to do a lot of thinking.  There is something I need to say."

I interrupted and said, "You no longer want a co-driver cramping your style.  I understand."

"Mark you are only partially correct in what you said.  I don't want a co -driver.  I want a lover."

I looked at him questioningly.

"Mark, I want you to be my lover, my life partner, my husband.  And in turn I will be your lover, partner and husband. Will you accept?"

"That's a stupid fucking question.  Yes I accept." 

We kissed and before he pulled back onto the road, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring identical to mine and handed it to me and ask me to put it on him.  That was our wedding.

"If gay marriage is legalized, would yo9u be willing to make our union legal?"

"You better know it. And I now have a confession to make to you."

"What is it?"

"While I was home, I came out to my parents.  I didn't tell them how I started.  I didn't figure it was any of their business.  What I did tell them was that while stranded, I had met someone that I cared deeply about and that he was a trucker and was going to teach me to be a driver and we would be partners.  I didn't know it would be life partners, but they are wanting to meet you."

We dropped our load in Miami and I thought it strange that he didn't start looking for another load.  When I asked him about it, he smiled and said, "We will get a load after we go home and i meet your parents."

I gave him a hug and after we headed home he asked, "How did your parents accept the fact that you were gay?"

"They just asked if I was sure of my decision and was I happy with life.  After I told them that I was, they had no problem with it."

We arrived at his home and his parents were very cordial toward me,  I decided to lay it all on the line.

"I know you have questions.  I've never been married, and  I've been gay since my teens.  I had never met anyone that I really cared for until I met Mark.  I hope you will be at ease when I say that I love him with all my heart.  I promise that I will never mistreat him  or be unfaithful to him.  He is my life and I will protect him to my dying day."

His dad excused he and mom and a few moments later they returned and dad looked at Brad and said, "Brad, we have talked and we believe you, we just want to know he will be safe in his life."

"He will be," Brad said.

Dad smiled and said, "Welcome to the family, son," before he and Mon each gave us a hug.  Dad smiled and said I wondered what it would be like to have two sons."

We spent a week at home and my parents introduced Brad as my partner.  They never hid the fact that I was gay.

It was time to leave and Brad began searching for a load.  We got one going to Dallas and we headed out.

That was five years ago and Brad and  couldn't be any more in love that we were at the beginning.  We visit mom and dad twice a year spending a week on each visit.  The quickly became used to us sharing a bed, and when they can they will make plans and meet us on the road and visit for a few days.

Brad is the best thing that ever happened to me and mom and dad see how happy I am.

THE END.....                                           Coming...THE STEPDAD



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