The day I graduated from high school, as our extended family had a celebratory dinner, I told my parents that I did not intend to start college immediately.  Mom and dad looked at each other, startled, before dad asked "What are you planning on doing?"

"I'm planning on getting a job and working a while," I replied.

"Mark," Mom began, " just what type work are you planning on doing that would give you a decent pay check?"

"I don't know right now, Mom, but I'll find something."

My uncle Greg, Mom's brother, spoke up and said, "Mark, if you're interested, I'll put you to work with me at the construction company."

"Hey, man, that sounds great," I replied.

Greg owned a construction company o0ver in the state capital four hours away.  I packed up and rode back with him when he left on Sunday.  For a couple of months, I lived with Greg, but my real desire was to get my own apartment so I could experience life on my own.

I worked for Greg for five years and had moved up in the company to become a crew leader.  Suddenly, the economy began to crumble.  Greg began to gradually lay off employees and as winter approached, with the weather, business always got slower.  Then, in mid-January, Greg came to me and said, "Mark, the way things are, I'm going to have to let you go.  I'm having to shut down the company and file bankruptcy."

"I understand," I replied.  "I really appreciate all the experience."

"Maybe you can get on with a company back home."

I nodded and left, returning to my apartment.  My apartment and three others were owned by a nice retired couple and did not require a lease.  I informed them that I would be moving out in a few days.  I packed up my belongings and that Saturday morning I headed home.

As I left town, snow had begun to fall and the reports kept saying things were going to get worse.  I was planning on being home before they did.  The more I drove the worse the weather got.  After about two hours, I could barely see the road and the blizzard condition kept getting worse.  Soon, I was driving in 'white out' conditions.

After a couple of miles, I reached an overpass and decided to stop where I was out of the blowing snow.  I would get the car real warm then shut off the engine to conserve gas.  At one point while I was warming the car, I had the radio on and heard of a major accident  about ten miles or so ahead of me involving an estimated twenty cars.   I knew  I wasn't going anywhere soon. After several hours, I heard the sound of an engine.  I checked my rearview mirror to see an eighteen wheeler slowly easing up behind me in the storm.

After a few moments, there was a knock on my drivers window.

I lowered the window a few inches and looked at the driver.  He appeared to be in his mid thirties. He sported a medium brown beard and had blue eyes.  "I was just checking to see if you were okay," he said.

"Yea, I've been starting the car off and on to keep warm, and I heard of a major accident up ahead that has everything shut down."

"How much gas do you have left?" he asked.

"Right at a quarter tank," I replied.

"Hey man , I just filled up and that rig can idle forever on a full tank.  Why don't you shut things down and join me in my rig.  Besides staying warm, I have plenty of things to eat."

I thanked him and gathered a couple of things and joined him in his rig.  It was an oversized cab with a walk in sleeper which contained a double bed, chemical toilet, mini-fridge and microwave.

"Mother fuck!" I exclaimed.  "Home away from home."

"This is my home.  I live on the road.  I constantly travel."

"Interesting," I replied.  "By the way, I'm Mark.  I appreciate you letting me join  you.  My legs were beginning to cramp from sitting so long."

"My pleasure," he replied, "and I'm Brad, but everyone calls me Cowboy."

"Nice meeting you, Cowboy.  How did you get that name?"

"Well, I'm originally from Texas, and all I wear are boots, jeans, western shirt and a cowboy hat."

We talked as we listened top chatter on his CB radio.  Suddenly, we heard another driver call out that he had been involved in a chain reaction accident back behind us.

"Great," I said. "Now we're blocked in from both directions. No telling how long we will be here."

"We'll be okay.  I have confidence."

Before we realized it, it was nearing midnight. 

"Mark, we need to get some sleep.  You have any problem sharing a bed?"

"Not really," I replied.

We removed our heavier clothing and slipped in under the covers.  I went in first so that Cowboy could get up and adjust the idle or heat.  When he slipped in next to me and our bodies touched, I suddenly felt a feeling that I had never felt before and for some reason it excited me.

During the night, I woke up facing the back wall of the sleeper with Cowboy spooned in behind me with his arm around me. What really shocked me was the fact that I could feel his hard cock pressed against my body.  Suddenly, my own cock began to stiffen and I didn't know why.  Men had never turned me on before.

As my cock stiffened, I could feel it gradually press against his hand that was laying over me. After a moment he stirred slightly and I realized that my cock was completely in his half open hand.  Suddenly, without any knowing action on my part, my cock twitched in his hand and after it did, his fingers gently closed around it and for some reason I loved the feeling.

I waited to see if anything else happened and soon I drifted off to sleep again with him gently holding my cock. When I awoke the next morning, Cowboy was standing at the chemical toilet taking his morning piss.  the way it was situated. I had a clear view of his cock. It was semi-hard and looked to be about seven to eight inches in length.

As he heated water in the microwave for instant co0ffee, I followed his lead and took a piss.   As I did, he looked over toward me, smiled and said, "Nice equipment."

"Yours is nothing to be ashamed of," I said.  I had said it before ever thinking, and could feel my face turning red.

The storm continued and during the day I questioned him about his life on the road and where all he went.

"I get a load going anywhere in the lower states.  I make my delivery and search for another load.  It doesn't  matter where it's going.   I love the life but occasionally when I have a spell of loneliness, I wish I had a co-driver so I'd have some company.  I've really enjoyed having you here during this unexpected layover."

I explained about being laid off and asked what it took to be a driver and about the pay. He explained the training procedures and said if you were a single driver and lived on the road the pay was good.  If you drove tandem, (with another driver) it's not as much.

After a while of chat, he asked, "Mark, are you considering becoming a driver?  If you are and want to own your own rig it is very costly."

We listened to see if any advancement had been made on  clearing the roads and the answer was none.  Another night stranded on the road.

We went to bed and I wondered if Cowboy  would end up with his arm around me and my cock in his hand.  As I lay there, I heard him begin to snore softly.  The previous night was the first time another man had ever felt my cock.  Now I was curious to see what it was like to feel another man.  He was facing away from me on his side and I turned onto my side and spooned in behind him.  As I casually lay my arm over his hip, my cock began to stiffen. 

Moments later, my hand was slowly closing around his cock as it steadily stiffened.  The feeling of having his cock in y hand totally turned me on.  I immediately began to realize that I wanted sex with him.  I suspected for the first time that I was leaning toward a gay lifestyle.

I eventually released his cock and turned onto my back and drifted off to sleep.  at some point later, I was awakened by something moist and warm on my cock.  As I became more aware, I realized that the warmth I felt was Cowboy's mouth.  He was sucking my cock.

I had experienced many blow jobs from females but never from a man before but I had to admit that this one was the best ever.  I began to moan softly and as I did I gently rested my hand on the back of his head.  He knew I was awake and began to suck me with more energy.

It didn't take long for me to near my climax and as I did, I warned him but he continued to suck my cock.  None of the women had ever been willing to go to completion.  I wanted to see whet it was like.  Moments later, my cock exploded filling his mouth with several days of built up cum.  As my cock pulsed out volley after volley, Cowboy eagerly swallowed every drop.

Once it was over, he came out from under the covers and as he looked at me he said, "I apologize if I offended you but I've wanted to do that since you got in my rig."

"You definitely didn't offend me, however it was the first time a man has ever done it to me and I totally enjoyed it."  He smiled and we settled down to get more sleep.

I lay there remembering how awesome it had been to get serviced without any drama from a woman about it being gross.  They sure enjoyed getting their cunts eaten.  I figured if I could eat a smelly cunt, sucking a cock would be no problem.

TO BE CO0NTINUED................................................... 



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