By: Eric Lane

This is an older story I originally wrote in 1999 and posted on some other different websites back then.  It is largely based - at least the cum control/edging portion - from a true incident told to me back in 1999 by a friend (via instant messaging back then in those ancient times!) I revised the story a few years later.  I came across the revised story recently, and with some new revisions, I decided to post it on gaydemon so readers can view and read my earlier stories.  While there are similarities in my earlier writing style, my story telling has (I hope) evolved and improved since then, with my more recent stories (such as "Straight and Bound Part 4 - Curt.  For those who have been waiting patiently for the concluding chapters of THAT story, I will be posting those chapters in the next few days here on gaydemon).  Anyway, I decided to post this older story, with some new revisions (including updating some references).  Please understand that this is an OLDER story, and even with the new revisions and updates, the majority of the writing in this story still reflects my "early" writing time period - back in  1998/1999 when I first began to post stories on the original "" website.  Please comment and rate this story.  Comments are always appreciated.  Thanks - Eric Lane  [email protected]

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    Mike walked around campus and around town with a cocky attitude and cool sexy swagger of a young superstar athlete or actor.  

    He certainly looked the part. To some he looked like a model for a Calvin Klein commercial with his slightly sullen, pouty lips, casual but well coordinated dress, with a boyish totally masculine cocky attitude that was somehow enormously erotic to both girls and guys.  

    His dark brown short hair highlighted his lightly tanned face and body, giving him the golden glow of a California boy. He seemed totally in control of his body in the way he walked, the way he played sports or - from what rumor had it - how he performed in bed.

    He was very handsome, even gorgeous 19 year old youth, an all-American boy, with the youthful bearing and smoothness of a classic twink, only with patches of masculine hair in all the right places. He stood a respectable 5 feet 11 inches and was 155 pounds with a smooth defined proportioned body, man sized areolas centered by firm sensitive nipples, muscled pecs and a washboard stomach highlighted by a sexy swirling concave navel that seemed carved and chisled by some master artist. From his sexy belly button was a classic trail of wispy dark hairs down to his thick pubic bush, slightly hairy muscled thighs and a fantasy sized size 10 feet.

    Mike's body was nicely muscled (not bulky), toned from years of gym workouts. He was proud of his body and knew that others liked looking at him. Mike didn't equate that for interest in him sexually - at least not from the guys, who he knew were jealous of his looks and build. 

    He liked showing off his defined pecs and stomach, but was somewhat shy about exposing his privates because he was uncut, and most of the other guys he noticed were not. He noticed in junior high school - the first time he saw other boys naked in mass, that most guys seemed different – that they penises were circumcised, though it was years before he understood what that meant. He never got over looking "different down there" for some reason.

    His foreskin though didn’t hang over his cockhead unattractively like a shriveled old used balloon, but just barely covered his knob, giving his fuck meat an attractive look of mystery and masculinity and retaining all the erotic musky manly smells, despite his efforts to keep himself thoroughly clean. He could never get over the fact that the inside of his foreskin, and the part of his shaft covered by it including his ultra sensitive large knob, always had a distinct musky strong scent, no matter how much he cleaned the area with soap and water, and especially after he played sports, exercised or worked out and sweated. He didn’t realize then or later how much that scent aroused pure animal lust in his many secret gay admirers.

    So even though he had a lean muscled body, gorgeous face - and a nice pair of lemon sized balls and a dick that was about 5-1/2 inches soft - he felt alittle shy about exposing his cock in public. So the handsome twink rarely walked around totally naked in the locker room, keeping a towel tightly wrapped around his slim waist, though he loved showing off his chest and flat stomach and legs.  To his male admirers, Mike's modesty about his cock and balls made him even more desirable and sexy.

   He was a star high school athlete in baseball, cross country and wrestling (he didn't play all three every year though). With high school graduation out of the way, he looked forward to a summer and possibly the fall off from college or anything. He intended to go to college, but wanted the time off to get drunk, lay on the beach and hopefully find girls to screw.

    Like any star handsome male athlete, Mike was enormously popular with girls and for good reason. He was incurably horny it seemed, and he was not shy about making out with any decent looking girl - and fucking their brains out when given the chance. Despite his horniness (to the dismay of his many secret gay admirers), Mike never exhibited any interest in guys and in fact seemed almost incurably straight.

   Like most young guys, he often made jokes about "faggots" though not said with any real hatred though with more than a little revulsion. As horny as he could get, Mike could never imagine why, or even fathom how any dude could do anything sexually with another dude. He couldn't imagine having a guy suck his own 8 inch uncut cock - he never even thought about it seriously.

    The youth never had a gay sexual experience that he was aware of - despite the fact that through all his life, gay guys had intense crushes on him.  Some guys were obsessed with Mike - even fantasying his abduction and rape. He never knew that.


    There were several incidents that had homoerotic overtones, under the guise of initiation though he didn't realize it at the time. Mike never equated those incidents as gay sex - though he was pissed and angry that he was initiated by being stripped naked in front of other baseball teammates, spanked hard and groped and made fun of.

    There were many incidents that he wasn't aware of - outright molestations of his sexy body while he slept, was drunk or passed out.

    One incident happened when he was 15, after baseball practice (with other guys his age and slightly older), he was pounced upon by some of the older guys - all in good fun of course - it seemed. But those older guys (15 and 16, and two of them who were 17) had crushes on Mike - who even at 15 was a extremely beautiful boy, what one would call a "real twink" or "pretty boy".  He was that - and more.

    But it was nothing actually planned ahead of time by those guys, even if many of them fantasized about it happening. Some of the guys weren't even on the team anymore - but wanted to jump the boy.

    No one would ever admit that they had a crush on another guy - never mind what some of them REALLY felt about this gorgeous guy. But almost on impulse, after practice, several of his teammates (and a few others) just jumped him, while he was walking home from the deserted field. No adult was around and it was getting dark. As a group they sort of informally came up with the reason of jumping him under the pretense of initiating him - and screwing around. One of the guys had a large cargo sized van, that was completely empty in the back - though nicely carpeted. He parked it near the field. 

    Mike was the last to leave the field (being the youngest and newest member of the team, he had to clean up the field and put the equipment away). Headed toward a empty field, filled with high weeds and covered by trees, walking slowly home, tired, sweaty and hungry. 

    Just before he walked past a clump of thick bushes, the other boys jumped him, startling him, pushing him completely to the ground before he could yell. Giggling loudly, the guys dragged Mike into the van, parked near the trees, in an area completely hidden by bushes. Mike, furious and cursing, tried hard to break loose and yelled all the way, buckling like a unbroken colt.

    Pinning his sweating struggling body on the carpeted floor of the van, the guys excitedly started to pull at the boy's clothes - not entirely certain on what to do - scared to be the first to strip the boy. Mike made it easy for them to carry their abduction even further, by resisting and fighting back furiously - spitting at two of the guys who got close to his face. Those two guys, angry at Mike's resistance, grabbed and pulled hard at the boy's t-shirt, slapping his face.

    There were seven guys, and one covered Mike's mouth, while the two guys he spit at tore off his sweaty t-shirt, ripping it to shreds. He tried biting the hand covering his mouth. Some of the other boys, in the confusion, took advantage and grabbed at Mike's cup covered crotch, one even sticking his fingers under it to touch the boy's sweaty area under his sweaty balls.

    In a frenzy, with Mike yelling and his muscled body buckling and thrashing this way and that, several hands grabbed at his pants, unbuckled his sweaty dank uniform unbuttoning the top, and yanking down the zipper. The breathing by Mike's tormentors was heavy with lust. Two guys quickly untied the boy's cleats, yanking them both off - one of them taking a quick sniff of Mike's sweaty and soiled sweat socks, and then discreetly inhaled the pungent odor from his cleats. 

    Mike struggled violently to break away, cursing at them, though muffled from the hand covering his mouth. He tried again to bite the hand, and jerked his body suddenly in a desperate attempt to break free. But the older guys were too strong - and held the boy down even harder, liking the struggle.

    They got even more hornier watching this gorgeous boy struggle, twisting his muscled lean body, his muscles rippling, his flat stomach and biceps growing taut.

    Other than the heavy breathing and grunting from the exertion of subduing Mike, the guys did not say much, trying to act like what was happening was just "horseplay" and something natural. Though they would never admit it to each other, or to anyone, they were each mesmerized by this handsome teen and his body that exuded sex - and turned on by his struggling. The breathing was heavy, mixed with the smell of sweat - and the intense male odors coming from Mike's sweaty arm pits and crotch. and Several guys had hard ons, though they did everything to hide it. Under the pretense of "initiating" him through humiliation, they told Mike that he was going to be stripped naked - and there was nothing he could do about it.

    All of them - individually – wanted to see this cute guy stripped naked - some would even want to mess with him sexually, but there was no way that could happen. They would never admit that. Not here. Not with each other.  Still, they could at least look at him - maybe even touch him (all in fun of course). Several were almost frantic now, to get a good peek at this boy's body - especially to see his package. The package that all the girls in the school loved and the reason why they would throw themselves at him. They were jealous of him - but seeing his beautiful handsome face and now naked struggling body, some of them realized they were sexually obsessed with him too.

    Mike's smelly uniform pants were pulled down to his ankles - his damp white sweat socks were pulled, off and then his pants. One of the guys desperately want to sniff the socks and pants - but knew he couldn't. Nobody wanted to be called a "faggot". They were just messin' with Mike. Screwing around.

    Mike's muscled body thrashed in an almost violent thrust in an attempt to break free, but the older guys were way too strong. His face reddened with embarrassment when he realized he was being stripped. He shook his head violently, but the guys ignored him, laughing at his humiliation.

Now all he was wearing was his sweaty cup and tight white briefs, looking incredibly sexy to those secretly lusting after his body. Someone flicked the plastic cup - causing Mike to lurch (more at the noise and vibration it caused then anything else). 

    Then they pulled his sweaty cup off, and his underwear in one quick motion, with his limp 5 soft uncut cock, flopping back and forth. Even at this age, Mike had a nice pubic bush - and the older boys stared at him (or tried not to) in admiration - though they continued to mock him and make fun of him, calling him "short dick" and other names. More than one of the guys want to secretly keep the cup and underwear- both damp from the boy's sweat, and heavy with his boy scent, and somewhat stained with a faint yellow color in the pouch area and very faint brownish colors near the straps - the stains from his sweat and dirt. 

    One of the boys tried to get his face as near as he could not only to look more closely at this beautiful boy's prick, but also to smell the heavy, strong pungent odors of his manhood. Some of the other boys could see the damp hairs that were matted down under his muscled arms, inhaling that intense strong odor.

    They held him down for a few more minutes - making fun of him, while he struggled violently almost - his mouth gagged with his torn t-shirt. Though they all wanted to touch his cock, they knew they couldn't - no one wanted to risk being called a "queer" or "fag". 

    However one of the guys produced a thick rubber band, and under the excuse to "punish" and humiliate the handsome twink even further, he gingerly grabbed at Mike's soft cock - acting as if he hated doing it, while the other guys were opened mouth, stunned and hot now.  He grabbed the base of Mike's limp cock, while the boy gasped, his body lurched forward, and he struggled harder - turning a deeper shade of red, totally embarrassed, trying to yell "get yourfuckinhands.."

    But the boy ignored him, and then moved his hand up the shaft, while hardened ever so slightly - and pulled hard on the foreskin, pulling it completely back, and exposing Mike's cockhead - damp with some smega - giving off a strong pungent musky odor.

    Mike gasped again, struggling even more, while the other boys stared (though tried to act like it was a joke, laughing and trying not to stare too much).  The boy held Mike's cock, and then told another guy to put the rubber band on Mike's cock and under and around his sweaty balls, twisting it a couple of times so it was tight, pulling back his foreskin completely, totally exposing his damp cockhead. Mike yelped in pain, his body buckling.

    All the boys, panting almost now - trying desperately to hide how much seeing Mike stripped naked - his cock and balls bound by a rubber band, stretched, with his dark cockhead damp with smega. If they were drunk they would have done more under the guise of not knowing what they were doing. But they weren't, so they had to be content with  taunting him and staring at the struggling handsome youth for a few minutes more, his cock, still limp, but semi-hard from being bound by the rubber band - and his balls having a shiny sheen, being stretched.

    One guy said he had a tube of ben gay - and some of them excitedly said they should put it on his cock - though some said they shouldn't. Finally, one of the guys grabbed the tube, squeezed out a little amount, knelt down by the struggling boy, quickly grabbed his cock, and rubbed the ben gay on Mike's damp cockhead. Mike watched in terror almost - his body buckling, yelling through the guy, while the other guys worked even harder to hold him down.

    Slowly he began to feel the heat from the ben gay (it was just on his cockhead), slowly intensifying into a burning sensation, that caused Mike to scream through his gag, his body shuddering. 

    The guys laughed and because the situation was getting alittle too close to what they thought gay sex was, they quickly turned Mike over, exposing his tight beautiful ass, covered a little with flecks of dirt and old grass. The buns were tight and white - in contrast to his tanned legs and back. While the reason for turning him over was to "spank" him as the final part of the initiation , the real reason - unspoken - was to get a good look at the boy's tight butt and if possible, his hidden asshole.  Mike unknowingly helped his tormentors get a good view of both, with his struggling growing even more violent, hating that they were even looking at the most initimate part of his male anatomy.  But his struggling caused his tight butt slightly hairy butt crack open up several times, exposing to their lustful delight, Mike's tight  virgin slightly hairy puckered asshole.

    A few moments after that, they let Mike go - who was angry and furious at what happened.  

    They never messed with him again - but it was an intense experience for all of them - more than they realized. In the confusion though, one of the older boys secretly pocketed Mike's jock and cup - stuffing in his jacket. Mike, in a frantic haste to get his clothes on and run away, never noticed. Neither did the other guys. When the older boy got home - late that night, he took out the used jock and cup that cradled and held Mike's sweaty balls and cock earlier, and brought it to his nose.   The smell of Mike's cup and underwear was intense - a strong heady musky odor, mixed with a nutty, sour vinegar smell, that he knew, was the intimate odors of this gorgeous young man.

    Another boy had kept Mike's damp dirty sweat socks - and late at night, sniffed them while jacking off - remembering how sexy the naked youth looked held down.

    After a week or two, Mike got over the "initiation". Even though there were strong sexual overtones, he was completely oblivious to the real purpose of the initiation and never felt it had anything to do with sex. He never got hard during that ordeal - and it wasn't erotic for him. He would have been shocked to know that those older guys really lusted after his body.


    As Mike got older, other strange things would happen to him, like his initiation - sometimes with his knowledge, and other times when he was not even awake.

    When he was about 17 and sleeping over at a friend's house and alittle boozed up, one of the guys staying over felt up Mike's body and crotch until he got semi-hard. The guy was a friend, and Mike was drunk and passed out on the couch, wearing just baggy shorts, CK white underwear and a loose t-shirt. The parents were out of town.

    The friend slowly approached the sleeping passed out stud. He stared at the sleeping boy- sprawled out sexily on the couch, breathing hard - frightened that Mike would wake up suddenly. But the friend noticed Mike moving ever so slightly in his sleep - which moved his loose t-shirt above his waist - showing the boy's flat stomach. What mesmerized the friend was Mike's navel - the swirling concave belly button that centered his flat washboard stomach - which seemed an irresistible invitation to explore. 

    The friend gasped when he saw Mike laid out that way - seeing that part of him unclothed was erotic beyond words. He stared again and knew he had to have him - he had to touch and taste this beautiful guy, no matter what the risk now. He called out his name again - and then again very quietly, realizing - but still not totally certain, that he was passed out drunk.

    Now next to the couch, the friend then knelt down next to Mike, inhaling the boy's scent of deodorant and sweat that was intoxicating, and gently shook his tanned muscled arm.  Mike was sprawled out on couch, one arm up and under his head, the other on his stomach, his slightly hairy legs apart. He looked hot and sexy as he lay snoring gently - his t-shirt slightly pulled up, exposing his flat tanned stomach and a very slight trail of hair. He then bent down completely, and inhaled the odors and scent of the boy - almost burying his face into Mike's bulging crotch, and slowly pulling down the shorts, exposing the boy's tight white boxer CK briefs. 

    He lifted his head and stared at the boy's belly button and stomach - and thought it was the most sexy thing about Mike, until he saw and felt the boy's crotch. He bent over and tongued the navel - slowly, and gently, causing the boy to shift and moan ever so slightly. That caused the friend to stop for awhile - staring at Mike - wishing he could completely have his way with him.

    After several minutes, the friend bent over and stared at the straight boy's tight white underwear, noticing the enormous bulge that tightly covered his limp cock and loose walnut sized balls. The odor was strong - very male, very masculine - a musky scent that had a mixture of old piss, a heady odor that he knew was the sweat from the boy's crotch, and something else - a strong starchy odor. 

    The friend couldn't tell for sure, but it smelled like precum or even the boy's old dried up cum - but his dick flexed hard at the thought that he was touching and smelling intimate bodily fluids that came from this gorgeous guy. The friend was almost in a sex heat, sniffing every odor, moving his nose along the bulges, gently probing the mound, grasping the balls gently - amazed at the size - and wanting to taste him even more.

    Mike still slept - still passed out. When he shifted in his sleep his t-shirt moved up a little higher, exposing his entire flat stomach now, which was too much for the friend. He lifted the underwear quickly, taking a quick breath, and noticed Mike's cock was semi-hard. Moving the underwear gently under the boy's loose sweaty balls, he quickly placed his hands on the shaft and head, feeling the boy's balls, manhood and then rubbed th head ever so gently. Holding the boy's stiff, wet, prick, the friend felt he was holding a stick of dynamite ready to explode. He felt he had to touch and handle it very carefully - or it would explode with sperm.

    He would look at Mike's face each time he jerked the shaft - trying to see if he was waking up. He was terrified but obsessed at the same time.

    Finally - unable to prolong the exploring and touching of this gorgeous boy, the friend begin jerking the 7 inch hard shaft with one hand and rubbing the head with the other. He then bent over - looking at Mike's face one more time, and then licked hesitantly, the uncut head, pulling the wrinkled foreskin back, exposing the wet - the very slick and sensitive cockhead that seemed almost darker in color than the rest of the shaft.   

    Pre-cum oozed out of the slit - and the friend could smell the distinct clorox odors of precum - and even cum. In one motion - the smell sending him into a sexual frenzy almost, he swallowed the head, his tongue swirling around the head, tasting every part of it, licking the sensitive underside and ridge...and then downward, down, down to this pubes - while his hands played with the boy's tightening balls. Up and down he went, over and over, while Mike seemed to gasp and moan almost inaudibly. 

    Involuntarily his body shifted slightly, as if ready to shoot.  But Mike didn't shoot, though he came close - very close it seemed.  As he came closer to cumming, it seemed he was coming out of his sleep - moving a little more - moaning a little louder. His friend became too scared that Mike would wake up and beat the living crap out of him. And Mike never knew his cock and body was thoroughly explored and played with by another guy.

    Several hours later, Mike woke up not knowing what had happened - only that his dick was hard - and exposed - and strangely, slightly damp. But he was often hard when he woke - and many times it seemed he was in various states of undress when he slept (he just thought he took off his clothes in his sleep). He was too drunk to care, and merely shoved his cock back into his underwear - looking around to see if anyone noticed - but everyone else was passed out or sleeping too. He fell back on the sofa, asleep before his head touched the pillows.

    There were a few more times like that since then that Mike's body was "explored" and "played with" without him knowing about it. Mike’s beautiful body, like many handsome young straight guys, are played with and fondled without their knowledge when passed out or sleeping more often than anyone would suspect. It was hard for Mike’s many admirers to resist not touching him, when he was passed out or sleeping. And given that Mike liked to drink and pass out a lot, there were more than just a few opportunities. And more recently, especially during his senior year, there were more than a few times that his dirty underwear, pairs of dirty socks, were stolen (or exchanged for a clean pair without him knowing about it) by some admirers. 

    What he didn't know that some guys were getting off on staring at his bod and actually sniffing his used underwear and socks. Mike would never dream that anyone could be so perverse.

    Though he was propositioned before (by older men), the offers for sex were made to him subtlety. Mike, not being the brightest guy in the world, never caught on totally what these men really wanted. He just instinctually shied away from them, knowing that something didn't seem quite right. (These older men would offer to "spot" him in the club gym that he sometimes used for workouts (when he couldn't get to the high school gym) but they seemed overly helpful and seemed to touch him more than needed.

    One old guy offered to take him out for a drink, which he declined. Another old guy would hang around the shower area alittle longer than needed. He caught one guy staring at him intently when he was getting dressed, though he quickly turned his gaze when Mike caught him. He assumed then that they were gay, but never connected these incidents to anything really sexual for him. It bothered him, but he didn't hate them. He just couldn't understand how a guy could turn on another guy. He felt actually repulsed by the thought of gay sex.

    So he avoided them. Still, he didn't mind those guys – as long as they kept their hands off of him - and especially girls to admire his body. Without realizing it, sometime Mike would flaunt his muscled body in front of some gay guys, walking around the gym in just sagging shorts, sweaty from a workout. He knew he was cool and sexy. To some of his gay admirers at the gym, he was arrogant and cocky – a boy who needed to be taken down a notch or two.

    Still, for Mike, his biggest straight fantasy was about getting the perfect blow job (ironically the one thing that his gay admirers wanted too). Though some girls were hungry enough to want to suck his hard cock for hours, he never ever achieved orgasm that way - never came. Their sucking never brought even close to the edge of orgasm. The feeling was pleasant and at first it was supremely erotic to see a girl try to gobble his dick.

    After a few minutes though, the sucking became frustrating for him. He desperately sometimes wanted to cum in their mouths, wanted to be brought to a mind shattering orgasm by a non-stop suck job, but it never happened - they never got close to bringing him to that point.

    The sucking would go on for several minutes, and nothing more would happened (and sometimes the girl would tire) and he would get to the point where he needed to get off.  He would pull his dick away from the girl's mouth and then fuck her hard and fast - more out of frustration.  The fucking would stop quickly – he couldn't stand the intense feeling on his cockhead, after he came.

    But from his experience with various female partners, Mike came to believe that blowjobs were overrated. But watching internet porn where women gobbled up, licked and sucked large fuck meats of all kinds of men who moaned and shot enormous loads, Mike was still intrigued, still horny for it. He wished that would happen to him, though it never occurred to him to think of trying out how a guy would do it. Though not homophobic, he had a strong girls only preference and absolutely no interest in guys sexually. The thought of another guy touching him sexually made his skin crawl.

    So at the at 19 years, it seemed sex had already become conventional and not totally satisfying.

    He got pleasure from jerking off, though he didn't spend a lot of "quality" time doing it. He jerked off as often as he could - but usually it would last a few minutes sometimes no longer than 10 or 15 minutes. He never played with his dick to test himself on the extreme sensitivities his body would feel after cumming. Once he shot, he couldn't continue- he tried once, and nearly screamed from the touch. He dropped his hand immediately from his cock.

    But all the girls - as much as they loved and wanted to fuck Mike - like most girls, never knew how to give a real blow job- never caressed this boy's walnut sized smooth nuts - or licked his thighs or even tongued his smooth, taut, muscled body very much.

    They loved seeing him shirtless - seeing his naked body - especially his butt and cock, but they didn't know how to really worship his body. They would never really tongue his cockhead or "polish it" lovingly or really apply the necessary suction to Mike's gorgeous throbbing stiff prick. They were horny too, but they didn't worship Mike's dick like a gay guy did. They didn't prize the way it smelled or lightly tongue every inch of the dick, while holding the shaft and jerking it in unison.

    For Mike, the fucking of whatever girl he was fucking was usually hot - and fast . He got off and always satisfied completely any of the girls he slept with. But he wished some girl could come along and make him cum by sucking him off like in all of those internet porn videos he saw.

    He never knew that there were guys who would literally pay hundreds of dollars for just a chance to give his entire body a slow tongue bath, swallow his nuts, polish his cockhead and suck his shaft and make him cum. He never realized that there were older guys out there who would pay a lot just to sniff Mike's dirty underwear or have the privilege just to see Mike strip down. He would be totally amazed that there would be guys out there who would pay to see pictures just of his stomach - his sculptured pecs and 6 pack abs - and those who would just want to see pictures of his bellybutton. He would never believe it.

    He also never realized how teasing his cock over a long period of time - cum control - could build an orgasm so huge and mind shattering that even changed his ideas about having gay sex. He never realized the excruciating pain-like feeling of his shaft and cockhead polished - milked slowly, being made to cum several times.


    Mike, would soon learn this and never be the same when he met a slightly older guy named Shawn at a party - two months after graduation. 

    Shawn was a handsome blond 21-year-old, about 6 feet 1 and a 175-lb swimmer's build. He graduated 2 years before, and was a star athlete too.  Now in a local college, Shawn starred on the track team and excelled as a student.

    Mike met Shawn for the first time at a party in July - just a month and a half after graduation. The party was held at a mutual friend (a girl) home, and she introduced Mike to Shawn thinking the two would hit it off.  They did - instantly. Because of the age difference, Mike seemed to look up to

    Shawn - almost as a role model. Mike wasn't a good student even if he was a good athlete and he admired Shawn for excelling in both. They got along - laughed at the same jokes, enjoyed the same movies, and had many of the same casual friends. 

    As popular as Mike was, he didn't have a lot of close friends, and he saw Shawn somewhat as almost an older brother he never had. For Shawn - meeting Mike for the first time almost gave him a heart attack. He was dazzled and almost felt flushed. How could a guy look so cute - so handsome - so fucking sexual? Everything about him - the way he talked, they way he walked, the way he smelled - was erotic and sexual. He tried desperately to control his lust for the boy, knowing that Mike would be scared away or repulsed  at any such approach. He sensed that Mike while not homophobic, was almost naively very straight about sex. 

    Still, Shawn thought, even if nothing ever happened between them, being with him - seeing him - was better than nothing.

    After a few weeks of spending time together (going to movies, driving around and hanging out at each other's houses listening to music, watching TV or playing video games) Shawn realized that just being with the handsome boy was no longer enough. Every moment he spent with him, Shawn was becoming almost obsessed with the boy's muscled smooth body. He would try to imagine what his cock look like - how long it was - what he smelled like down there.

    Shawn almost had a secret fetish of enjoying prolonged sex with a guy - cum control - drawing out the blow job or jerking off to it would last hours before he would let a guy cum.

    After a session like that, a guy would almost be a basket case, so horny and hot to cum - his body would be a sweating shuddering mass of muscle, straining to be jerked or sucked with just enough pressure or just a few minutes longer to make him cum. Shawn would grow almost weak thinking about doing that to his new handsome straight friend Mike. He couldn't be with Mike without secretly thinking of torturing his muscled body that way and making the straight boy scream and beg to cum. 

    He slept dreaming of Mike - dreaming of the handsome youth tied up, and his body thrashing from having his cock played with, screaming and begging to be allowed to cum. He thought the boy easily was better looking than any of the current group of hot young male actors. The dreams were almost too intense for Shawn now - and he was worried that he might even be talking in his sleep about Mike. (This was particularly troublesome when Mike stayed over). Shawn hoped his face didn't flush when he would see Mike now.

    Shawn knew it was just a matter of time before he would get Mike. There was no other option - it had to be, because Shawn could no longer control his obsession with the young handsome guy - or his fetish to make this guy - especially this handsome guy, squirm and experience an hour or two of a prolonged blow job and tongue bath, before letting him cum. It was consuming him completely now. 

    Shawn also wanted to try something else on this straight stud: "milking". Shawn tried to milk himself (polishing his cockhead, jerking his shaft after he came, but the feeling was so intense he literally screamed and had to stop. He realized then - how fuckin' hot it would be to do that to Mike, only, Shawn wouldn't stop - and would make the boy scream and cum again....and again....again. That straight boy would KNOW after a session with Shawn what sex - real sex - was all about. 

    But how would he get Mike? He would have to tie up the boy, and somehow lure him and convince him that it was okay - not some freak, perverted faggot thing. He would never knowingly do it.  And how to do so and still remain friends afterwards.  That part was crucial for Shawn, because beyond the sexual lust he had for the boy, he truly cared about him, though not as a lover.


    Shawn's opportunity came sooner than he thought. Just four weeks after meeting Mike at the party, it turned out that Shawn's parents would be going out of town for two weeks. Shawn would have the house completely to himself! Shawn immediately began planning how he would get Mike. He stocked the house up with liquor and beers, made sure his wifi was working on his lap top that had connected to it a large 25 inch monitor, internet access to several straight porn sites that featured long blow jobs by girls.  He also got special lubes for the long edging and milking session for Mike - and (hidden away for now) padded leather cuffs for his arms and legs already tied securely to each thick wooden bed post.  He also had on hand, in the night stand next to his bed, in a drawer, several bottles of unopened aromas, including Rush, in case he needed to get Mike "in the mood".

    Shawn's plan was simple: get the young guy drunk or buzzed enough and horny after watching the porno videos on the internet and let nature take its course!  Hopefully nature would make Mike so horny he would be open to having a blow job - and so horny that he would let Shawn tie him up for a prolonged session - only the boy wouldn't realize HOW long or that it would be followed by a tortuous milking session. Just thinking about what would happen made Shawn weak and almost faint.

    Mike came over, wearing baggy jeans, hanging low on his slim waist - a nice tight t-shirt, and a loose cotton long sleeve shirt. Shawn could smell the slight odor of his sweat and cologne and had to restrain himself from raping the boy right then and there. The boy's smell was erotic. He sauntered in, making jokes and acting like a real smart-ass. He went to the kitchen and immediately downed a beer, followed by another, all the while laughing. 

    He loved to drink! He burped loudly, laughed, wiping some of the beer from his chin with his sleeve. He looked at Shawn and grinned, and then lifted his t-shirt up to wipe his chin again, exposing his taut, washboard stomach and deep sexy bellybutton. He did this so casually - and not for sexual show, but Mike did like showing off his abs, and already he was getting a little silly from the beers. Shawn almost gasped, seeing this handsome boy's body, and had to act like it was only of mild interest.

    "Come on - quit fucking around Mike. No one wants to see your fat stomach..." Shawn joked, "hurry up and lets go upstairs to wath some porn".

    Shawn nearly sighed in sexual heat - he loved looking at Mike's stomach and belly button - and seeing the wispy brown hairs that trailed down from his navel to his waistband. He wanted to lick those hairs right down to Mike's pubic bush.

    Mike responded by slapping his stomach with his right hand, showing how tight and hard it was and chuckled "Oh Shawn, you're just jealous dude..."

    Shawn just nodded his head and said "yeah, hurry the fuck up!!!!"

    Shawn made sure to bring a six pack of beers with him upstairs to his large bedroom, where there was a large TV, video player and video games. That should be enough to get the boy sufficiently buzzed.

    Mike drank yet another beer - almost guzzling it down. He seemed to want to prove to the older boy that he could drink and hold his liquor too. Shawn felt Mike was trying to impress him with his ability to drink - and Shawn would use that against the straight boy!

    The two boys settled onto Shawn's large queen bed, while Mike began his fourth beer. It was mid-evening around 8 PM and Shawn was feeling more and more tense as he realized any moment the time to "get Mike" would have to begin. He wanted and yet dreaded the time He was so nervous about how Mike would react - would he get mad and even his Shawn? Or yell and storm out of the house telling everyone that Shawn was a big faggot? Could they even look at each other the next day even if Shawn WAS able to "get Mike"?  

    At times these thoughts overwhelmed Shawn to the point where he almost called it off - he wasn't going to do it. Then he saw Mike laying back on the bed, his slim, muscled body next to his, smelling the boyish sweat and cologne - and seeing the handsome face, the boy's body clearly growing more and more turned on by the porn. 

    Shawn thought he could see the boy's hard nipples through the t-shirt - thought he could see the boy's dick get hard through his slim fit jeans. No - the jeans tented up anyway, but he was sure the boy's crotch was more fuller than usual. Seeing Mike next to him - that way - and all reservations about "getting him" vanished. He didn't care anymore about the consequences - he HAD to have the boy.

    Shawn sniffed the air and could smell Mike's sweat - and cologne. He smelled clean - but Mike's odor was erotic. Shawn left the room quickly to turn up the heat alittle. He wanted the boy to sweat alittle. 

    Returning to the room, with more beers, Shawn noticed that Mike was looking flushed and somewhat buzzed. He quickly jumped off the bed, dashed to the bathroom next to the bed, and closed the door slightly. Mike felt buzzed - not totally wasted, but getting there - and he felt like he could piss forever with the beer in him. He quickly unzipped and pulled his semi-hard dick and pissed in the toilet, not even realizing that he forgot to turn the light on and lift the seat. 

    He muttered "ooohhhh fuuuck...yeah...."

    Shawn could hear the pissing and wished he could watch the boy piss with his dick out. He had never seen him naked yet. Shawn quickly jumped off the bed, and turned his I-phone's video cam that he had set up next to the bed without Mike's knowledge.  The way he positioned the I-phone, the video cam had a complete view of the bed - and of Mike sprawled on it. Shawn would make sure the cam would capture every moment and sound of the night that up until this moment, he dreamed and almost prayed about every day.

    Shawn was almost beside himself with anticipation - it would be soon that Mike would be his...or would it? Mike flushed the toilet, and staggered back in the room, flopping himself back on the bed, already watching the screen with girls sucking cock.

    He seemed definitely turned on by the video, though he refrained from touching himself. The video and the heat did make Mike hot - so he took off his long sleeve cotton shirt, balling it up and throwing it on Shawn's chair next to the bed. 

    It missed, falling on the floor, and Shawn nervously laughed at his poor shot. Mike laughed too - loud, like a person who is drunk or getting there. The youth started to scratch his stomach, almost in an absent-minded gesture, lifting up his t-shirt alittle. Shawn nearly died when he did that.

    Suddenly Mike muttered "man..shit...I wish..I wish some girl would do that to me like that......." Mike was staring intently at the TV screen, seeing a beautiful girl go down on a guy, sucking and licking his cock and nuts like the professional she must have been. The guy in the video was moaning and then came in gushes, while she sucked it all. Mike sucked in his stomach and sort of sighed "oh fuckin Jesus....."

    "Dude...I girl has been able to make me shoot doing that.....God..." Mike muttered. 

    He was starting to feel incredibly horny. He eyes looked glazed - and his body was taut.

    Shawn turned and realized this was the opening and time he was looking for to "get Mike".

    "Bro...You... Some girl sucks you off and you can't shoot? Yeah...right..." Shawn said, trying to goad Mike somewhat.

    Mike nodded, sitting up alittle, and stopped scratching his stomach, though leaving the t-shirt up, exposing part of his stomach, while Shawn just stared.

    "Dude - yeah...for never happened. I....I mean...yeah, I got blowjobs, but never...fuck...they never could make me shoot. Couldn't jerk me off. I mean I shoot when I fuck them, but never...when they suck me or jerk me," Mike sighed, " seems like I should....watching that fuckin porn....."

    Shawn stared at the video and then again at Mike, glancing down at the boy's body. It took everything in him to restrain himself from reaching out to hug the boy - and to rip open his jeans. Mike meanwhile was staring at the video, which was showing yet another scene where a girl was giving a blowjob to a guy. Clearly now, Mike had at least a semi-hard on that was tenting his slim fit  jeans.

    "I can't believe you never came when a girl gave you a blow job.....dude...and not even shooting if they jerked you off? Shit. I can't believe it! Do you know what you are missing dude?" Shawn said excitedly, "it's so hot getting a nice blow job......and when you can shoot right in their mouth...." 

    He was careful not to imply that Mike was therefore "gay" - he wasn't, but that put Mike on the defensive and probably unwilling to let something happen to him tonight.

    Mike just nodded weakly "dude..I...I wish fuck - Those girls maybe just don't know how or something. I can't believe it dude". 

    He reddened slightly - the two guys never talked about sex this intimately before, but between the booze and video, Mike inhibitions seemed to be dropping fast.

    "Well...shit, don't you get someone who does know how?" Shawn said evenly, trying to hide his nervousness, his heart pounding so loud he thought Mike could hear it. 

    He knew asking that question would lead to the question that would mean he would either get Mike or have Mike storm out calling him a faggot.

    "I mean dude, you got the looks..." Shawn added.

    The air seemed thick with tension - at least from Shawn's point of view. He waited - and waited for what seemed hours for Mike to respond. Shawn wanted to almost cry from the nervousness he felt now - would he say to Mike that HE would suck his dick? Could he say it? Was he drunk enough?

    A few seconds actually passed. Mike turned and flushed again, guzzled another beer, stretched, exposing more of his bare flat stomach to Shawn and then said sleepily almost " who does?"

    Shawn was almost shaking from the tension - all he could see was Mike's beautiful brown eyes, half opened and glazed with sex, his handsome face flushed from being drunk and horny - and Mike's stretched out body - and his baggy jeans with his semi-hard dick tenting the crotch noticeably now.  

    Shawn almost bit his lower lip, then said, almost nonchalantly, " Me." He coughed, blushing....and stared at the screen playing the straight porn.

    He couldn't believe he actually said it.  Shawn felt like running - did he overstep? Was it worth it? It was too late now anyway, but suddenly Shawn felt like his world would come crashing waiting for his handsome friend's response. It was almost unbearable. He could smell the boy's clean sweat odor.

    Mike was buzzed and not horny as hell from watching the video and from the talk about blowjobs. He couldn't believe what he just heard - no - Shawn had to be joking, right

    A long time seemed to pass - though it was only a second or two. Mike turned toward Shawn, slowly drank another beer, and put the can down, missing the table stand, dropping the empty can on the floor. Shawn just stared back. 

    Mike suddenly grinned and said " the fucking jokes I am fuckin horny....." 

    He playfully then grabbed his crotch, causing Shawn to almost gasp.

    Shawn relaxed alittle - at least Mike wasn't offended, even if he was acting still like it was a joke. Yet, he was drunk enough - and horny enough - and now the question was still out there.

    "Bro...Mike....I...I am not joking. I'm not a fag okay? I love girls. But I'm...uh...well, I am very serious. I....Look..dude...guys know what a guy feels like okay. You know? When I was in college, I got drunk and a gay guy went down on me and gave the most fucking mind blowing blowjob I ever had. was better than any girl....cause he knew what a guy likes, ok So....fuck....we're buddies....fuckin drunk too...I don't mind.....I know how it doesn't mean nothin....I can just show you - I don't want anything in return - you just lie back and relax dude."

    A moment or two passed - each boy knew a time of huge decision was here - each trying to pass off the moment as something casual, something that could be explained by a drunken state of mind - and even friendship. And something that could plausibly be forgotten as something that never happened.

    "Fuck man......" Mike tried to say, then slurred " gotta be joking...right?"

    "Bro...we're gives a shit? No one...its just us...just relax...relax Mike....This doesn't mean nothing...but it will make you feel fuckin great dude....come on....relax..." Shawn said - realizing now that it could slip either way now. 

    He was still scared - and worried about what Mike was thinking of him - but the side of him that wanted to explore and eat this handsome boy gave him the strength to completely seduce his young friend.

    Mike was sort of in a haze, but he was now so horny and desperate for a blow job and in his drunken state his defenses were fast crumbling for a mouth - any mouth on his cock. His mind was spinning - but he still knew it was a guy wanting to suck his cock.

    "Look Mike....we're drunk's just between us...I don't mind....." Shawn said quietly - almost pleading. He stared at the boy, who was still laid out on the bed lazily - his jeans now fully tented - and his eyes closed, his stomach sucked in. 

    Shawn, in a friendly gesture to calm the boy, placed his hand on the boy's muscled pecs, and playfully massaged his chest quickly. Mike gasped quietly at the touch. He was very sensitive to any touch - and especially, he would soon realize, from a guy.

    It seemed like an eternity to Shawn, nearly beside himself with apprehension before Mike finally responded. In fact only a few seconds had gone by.

    "Oh.....ffffkckk....I.....shit....I am fuckin n do whatever......I am too fuckin wasted man...." He looked at me sleepily, as if drunk and smiled a half crooked grin that drove Shawn crazy with lust.

    Mike then tried to sit up and take off his t-shirt, but fell over sort of laughing, only succeeding in taking it off halfway. Shawn, seeing the opportunity now, tickled the boy's exposed ribcage, while Mike doubled up giggling, laughing "okay....okay......."

    Shawn quickly pushed the boy on to his back, and sat on his stomach, while Mike laughed more, grinning and then slurring "oh whatever dude......I can't fuckin believe this...."

    "Bro, we are so fuckin wasted we aren't going to remember shit about this. So fuckin enjoy it," Shawn said, trying to slur his words to sound drunk, even though he was now more alert and sober than ever.

    Shawn lifted the now sweaty t-shirt, pulling it over his chest, then over the boy's head and arms. Shawn noticed the boy's sweaty hairy armpits as he lifted the t-shirt off, throwing it on the chair next to the bed. Shawn's heart was beating fast. He was almost there - almost at the point of having the boy in his total control. But Mike was still not tied up - and could easily change his mind and stop everything from happening. He was growing less nervous and more obsessed now. He looked down and saw Mike's gorgeous body - his beautiful firm pecs, smooth chest, firm 6-pack abs and winking indented belly button. Mike, like a pround little boyt,  responded by puffing up his chest evenmore and sucking in his stomach, giggling a little.

    Mike was in a sexual daze almost - he felt pangs of guilt but he was so horny now that he didn't care. Part of him knew what was happening and what it meant. Another part convinced him that he was still straight but drunk and didn't know what was happening. That thought finally allowed the boy to step over the line and give himself completely to Shawn.

    Shawn knew though that Mike at some point would come to his senses and be overcome with guilt. He was far too straight for that, so he had to hurry. Shawn then got off the boy, and started to unbutton the boy's jeans. 

    Mike whispered "oh man...I don't know..I....." 

    Before Mike could change his mind, Shawn, quickly unzipped the boy's jeans, and then tentatively and lightly grabbed the boy's semi-hard dick through the pants. 

    Mike gasped and hissed loudly "AAAAAHHHHHHH oh man....oh man...."

    Shawn couldn't believe he was finally touching his sex idol's cock at long last, even if through the thick fabric of jeans. He was astounded at how big and hard it was now. Shawn gazed at Mike's cute face, his eyes closed and his mouth moaning and in a fixed smile of utter contentment, his arms above his head - just in the right position to tie him spread eagle, soon.

    Shawn quickly got off the bed, and went to the edge, pulling off Mike's slim fit jean's slowly - very slowly, exposing the boy's tight white boxer briefs. Mike laid back - his eyes closed, his mouth and slightly pouty lips open slightly - waiting - not sure about what was to happen. Shawn then pulled off the pants completely, throwing them on the floor. 

    Now Mike was spread out before him almost nude - wearing only tight boxer brief underwear, with his cock semi-hard and the crotch full with walnut sized balls full of cum. He looked so hot and sexy, with a half-cocked smile of contentment. Shawn wanted to tongue the boy right then and there. 

    Mike just sucked in his flat stomach even more, and stretched out even more, moaning ever so slightly, his eyes shut tightly. Shawn then started to knead the boy's crotch through the underwear lightly while Mike moaned and moaned. He never knew such pleasure before - never in all the previous conventional sex he had with any of the girls he fucked - never in all the previous jerk off sessions. Mike couldn't believe it. The difference was that how much time - how slow Shawn was taking, how each step he licked, touched or somehow aroused the straight handsome youth. Mike's muscled lean body was involuntarily shuddering ever so often from the intense anticipation.

    Shawn pulled the sweaty underwear down slowly, exposing first the covered ultra sensitive cockhead, bathed with the slime of precum, then the shaft, - then the balls.....and then pulled them off completely. The handsome straight boy was now stripped naked. Shawn held the underwear in his hands and noticing that the boy's eyes were tightly closed, quickly sniffed the crotch panel. Shawn was rewarded with an intense and strong heady aroma of musky boy sweat, before tossing, reluctantly, on the floor. He would get it later. He couldn't afford to have Mike seeing him sniff his underwear. He couldn't explain that as "just guys" stuff - and Mike would probably freak out.

    Mike's 7-inch uncut cock was now hard - though not steel hard. He looked so incredibly hot lying there, like the perfect GQ model. Shawn quickly bent over and could smell the heady aromas of his boycock, and then flicked my tongue slowly over his wet cockhead. Then he licked and sniffed the boy's loose and hot walnut sized balls. Shawn was thrilled that the boy was uncut - his cock looked so hot with its foreskin intact- and he knew the cockhead would be extremely wet and sensitive. He knew - from his underwear - and staring at the beautiful cock - that this boy was a leaker. His cock leaked precum, oozing out of his piss slit like he was cumming almost.

    Mike gasped and then groaned. In his sexual daze he could not believe he was feeling so horny - or that a tongue on his dick - from a guy - could feel so hot and so good. He never before had someone lick his balls like that. He couldn't believe the feeling. 

    "Ooooooooooooh goooooooood...oh oh oh oh.....god....." Mike moaned, twisting ever so slightly into the bedsheets, lifting his legs ever so slightly, and exposing more of his balls and crotch involuntarily. 

    Part of him wanted this incredible intense electric sensation to last forever and another part wanted his body to climax in an orgasm - now. Like a lot of young guys in their teens, Mike had little will power holding back from cumming - though he was quite healthy and capable of cumming and fucking several times after that.

    Shawn increased the pressure, pulling the wrinkled pungent foreskin down gently, exposing the ultra sensitive gooey head. He licked the flange, the piss slit, and gently nibbled the foreskin, licking the old sweat and slime from the wrinkled skin. Each nibble, each lick brought a loud gasp from the straight boy - who was nearly thrashing on the bed from pleasure.

    Mike literally yelled "OH GOD!!!!!!!", almost sitting up, and then collapsed back onto the bedsheets, moaning. 

    Shawn was in heaven - sucking his idol's prick, ever so slowly. Mike was so hot, it would be just seconds before he would shoot bursts of cum. Before that would happen, Shawn pulled off quickly.

    Mike groaned and then almost whimpered "oh man...suck it again man...please.....oh man..."

    Mike, his face and body flushed with the heat of pure sex, and sweaty from being touched and jerked, brought his right hand to his prick, and tried to jerk it to an orgasm . This boy was so hot, he wanted to cum and cum fast and hard.

    "Ohhhhhh Shawn...dude...I gotta...." Mike croaked, barely able to talk.

    Shawn smiled almost evilly. His plan was working - Mike was so hot and horny he no longer cared HOW he came or even WHO made him cum. He was almost desperate to shoot. 

    Shawn quickly grabbed Mike's hands and said " can't touch yourself, okay.....we can't have that...."

    Mike merely moaned "aaaahhhhhh...Jesus! Dude...oh shit.... Oh gaaaawwwwwdddddd..... man..oh"

    "Well....we will have to tie you up so you can't jerk off. This will be an intense blowjob - you are going to have the best blowjob of your life dude, and I want you to enjoy it. When its over, I'll untie you, okay? But you gotta let me do this or you won't feel it...okay?" Shawn said almost like an order - hoping and praying he wouldn't back out now. 

    He knew he wouldn't - Mike was so hot and horny that he would do almost anything to cum. The poor guy never had this done before to him.

    Mike, almost in a drug induced sexual high, now didn't care what Shawn did as long as Shawn made him shoot - and made him cum FAST. Mike couldn't believe how horny he was. He didn't even think twice about being tied up - whatever Shawn wanted, fuck, he would do it, just to get his dick sucked so he could cum. A part - a small part of him wondered about whether Shawn was a real freak - but another part of him got even more hornier at the prospect of being tied up and made helpless.

    For a change it would be HIS body that would be taken care of completely and worshipped. That never happened before - and somehow, that prospect made the whole scene extremely erotic. He had no idea why - and he was confused about getting hard when another guy touched him. But he didn't care- at least not right now. His mind was buzzed from the beers - and hot from the sucking and touching. He suddenly sensed that Shawn - this guy - really worshipped his body, and while that bothered him - in his drunken sexual state, it made him even MORE horny. His dick actually grew even more hard, throbbing, flexing steel hard almost.

    Shawn held his breath, waiting for Mike to respond to being tied up. Would he do it? It all came down to this moment. Shawn almost felt he would have to over power the boy even if he said no. Nothing would stop Shawn from getting Mike now. Nothing.  Shawn almost shook with nervousness when he saw that Mike was willing. 

    Mike sighed, stared at Shawn and then merely nodded, closing his eyes and spread his arms and legs almost like a little boy, waiting to be fed. Shawn, breathing hard, thanking God for his luck, quickly uncovered the cuffs at each of the bed posts.  He grabbed Mike's right muscled tanned arm first, and quickly tied it to the bedpost tightly. He noticed the nice patch of hair under the armpit.

    Mike gasped alittle and seemed like he was going to protest, but didn't. He did trust Shawn - he looked up to him, so Mike knew Shawn wouldn't hurt him. Mike relaxed a bit.

    For Mike, it was sort of erotic getting tied up - he never would have believed it before, but it felt sexy and hot to be tied up now. He shook his head and couldn't believe how depraved he was getting - but that small part of his brain convinced him again that, it was the beer - he was drunk - it wasn't really happening and anyway, he was straight!!!! He knew he wasn't gay.

    Shawn's heart was beating so hard and loud that he thought he was going to faint. He couldn't believe that it was going to happen - that the object of his sexual obsession was being tied up stripped naked! This handsome movie star looking twink was now within moments of being tied up spread-eagle and at his mercy. He looked down and couldn't believe how handsome the boy was. So hot. So smooth and defined. Tanned. And now just moments, seconds from being totally tied up. Little did Mike know what Shawn had planned.

    Shawn knew Mike was somehow trying to stay "buzzed" and drunk so he could blame it on the beers or even act like he couldn't remember a thing. Shawn knew that this handsome straight boy thought that he would be tied up so he couldn't jerk off, get his blow job, and then quickly be released, and then crash for the night. Just a few minutes and it was all over. Yes, he was dazed and buzzed - more so than Shawn thought. Shawn didn't care at this point - he just wanted Mike tied up. Shawn quickly grabbed the other muscled arm, and cuffed it tightly so there would be no way Mike could get loose.

    Now with the boy helpless, Shawn felt alittle better - it was too late for the straight boy to change his mind now. He grabbed the boy's muscled tanned left leg, and cuffed it to the corner bedpost. He grabbed the right and did the same. Mike was now spread eagle - a gorgeous tanned captive, his body taut and sweaty, and his young boy cock steel hard. 

    Even though Mike was straight - being tied up served to make him even hornier and his cock got even harder, and leaked even more precum. Shawn stared at the boy's taut body, his tight flat stomach, and then drilled his finger into the boy's navel. He loved that boy's belly button.

    "OH SHIT!!!!" Mike gasped, feeling an intense ticklish sensation of having his navel explored by Shawn's finger.

    Shawn stopped after a few minutes - knowing he would be back later with his tongue to thoroughly explore Mike's sexy belly button.

    "Oh man...shit....." Mike moaned, flexing and pulling at the restraints - testing it. He looked for a second alittle scared and said "I... don't think...Shawn...maybe....fuck....."

    Shawn ignored Mike's weak second thoughts and then blindfolded him (to his surprise) because he wanted to assault his body without him knowing what part was being attacked. Plus, each boy could enjoy what was to happen without looking at each other and feeling guilty (this was more important to Mike).

    He protested again weakly at the blindfold saying " man what is this man"

    Shawn quickly explained it would intensify the erotic feeling, and made the point by grabbing his steel hard penis, and polishing his shiny, gooey cockhead slowly - very slowly, then let go, his hands moving a slow swirl, his fingers lightly rubbing the flange of his penis head, and then slowly rubbing the ultra sensitive head three times, before taking the hand back down the hard shaft, grasping the stalk, before repeating it over and over.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH SHIITTTTT!!!!" Mike gasped and nearly screamed and sucked in his stomach even more.

    Shawn grabbed Mike's hot steel hard dick again, holding it firmly at the base, pulling down the wrinkled foreskin gently, and inhaled the heavy pungent male odors, then licked the hard tube up and down, then licked and slowly polished with his tongue Mike's extremely sensitive cockhead, while slowly jerking the shaft from the base.


    Shawn's tongue danced on the boy's throbbing ultra-sensitive cockhead, while Mike hissed "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAAAAAH", his body thrusting itself involuntarily.

    Shawn's other hand played with the boy's sweaty balls.

    Mike groaned and loudly moaned "OH GOD!!!!!!!!!"

    His body squirmed and when Shawn kept polishing his dick head, his young athletic body shuddered, bathed in sweat.  But everytime Shawn thought his young straight friend was ready to shoot, he backed off and stopped. Shawn could tell when Mike was ready to cum - the boy would stop gasping, but moaned and his hands would fist up, grabbing the restraints tightly, his bare feet would curl, and his entire body would grow taut - his mouth clenched in a furious hideous grin, his breathing fast and shallow. Then Shawn would just stop. No warning. He would just stop. The steel hard cock would flex - and almost shuddered, looking for the mouth and hands that were pleasuring it so intensely.

    Mike thrashed - nearly breaking free from the restraints. The poor boy would gasp, start thrashing and then yell "MAN!!!!! DON'T STOP....OH SHIT.....DON'T SSSSSSTOP...GOD..... GOOOOD........DON'T PLEAAAASSSSSE......MAN.....SHAWN...PLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEE"

    Shawn would just stop, not move until the moment of orgasm passed for Mike.  He was an expert at this - and came close to bringing the young twink to the edge of a huge orgasm, but knew when to stop. Mike's youthful sweaty slim body shuddered and his breathing returned alittle more normal - though ragged. Mike groaned in utter disappointment at being denied an orgasm.

    It was particularly painful for him because he hadn't cum in four days and unlike all the other previous blow jobs from girls - THIS time, the blow jobs and cock jerking WAS bringing him to a mindshattering orgasm - only - it would stop just at the brink - just at very edge. The very edge. He could almost feel himself cumming. SO close. So very close. Just nano seconds from exploding. Yet....the sucking and jerking would stop and the boy couldn't cum, even though he wanted too badly now. He tried to will himself to come, but couldn't.

    Mike felt like he was going crazy with lust - he never felt this way before - his entire body felt like a sexual instrument - every part of him now glistened with sweat and was so sensitive. His youthful saliva-wet dick almost lengthened and searched for a mouth or hand or tongue to push him to orgasm.

    He thrashed on the bed, and yelled "ooooooh gaaaawwwwwwddddd!!!!"

    He begged Shawn and pleaded to "man...oh...stoooooppp...teeeassssing please....."

    This went on for almost an hour and by then Mike was now getting mad and nearly yelling in utter frustration when the stimulation stopped again and again just short of making the sweaty, handsome young man from cumming.

    He started to struggle, pulling at the restraints, yelling at Shawn to "MAN!!!! Why the fuck are you DUDE!!! I FUCKIN MEAN IT DUDE!!!! .......stop....teasing't FUCK!!!!!!!! Please PLEASE!!!!!"

    He would then twist and thrash - much to Shawn's amusement. The thrashing and cursing actually was turning on Shawn even more. Shawn couldn't believe how hard and stiff Mike's cock was - it seemed already filled with cum. The boy's body was bathed in sweat - and taut.

    Mike's shaft was steel hard - as hard as it has ever been in his young life. It was leaking precum, the foreskin pulled back, exposing the head now to every lick, to every rubbing motion from Shawn's hand. Mike was moaning almost begging Shawn to make him cum. 70 minutes passed now. 

    Quietly, Shawn then asked "hey Mike.....I will blow you - but you need to tell me when you are ready to cum, so I can pull of your dick, okay?"

    Mike quickly nodded and quietly - somewhat embarrassed replied "Dude oh god fuck yeah...okay....anything......." He would do anything now - anything to shoot his load.

    Unfortunately for Mike, Shawn was merely bringing Mike to the next level of cum control.

    For the next hour, the desperate tied up straight boy would warn Shawn "GOD......GAAAWWWDDDD....I AM CLOSE....I AM READY....MAN...BACK OFF...OOOOOH".

    And Shawn would back off, stop jerking entirely, stopping the boy from cumming.  

    By the fifth time, Mike was literally crying tears of frustration, yelling at Shawn "Man, you FUCK!!! YOU FUCK!!!!! Stop fucking teasing me...oh man....please....please.....please...Man...I am begging you...please....don't stop......please....."

    The straight boy, was thrashing, struggling hard to break loose, and was really mad - really angry now. He was yelling - and his entire lean muscled body was tight as a drum - on the edge of complete orgasm. But not there. He was beginning to hate Shawn. This was torture.

    After another 30 minutes, Mike was reduced to almost alittle boy whimpering - begging for relief. Tears were coming from under his blindfold - of frustration.

    "Dude...oh god...anything...I'll pay youanything...anything...please....get me off....untie me....god...I gotta shoot....please...dude...Shawn...." he begged.

    Mike's steel hard dick flopped back and forth, oozing a trail of precum on his firm flat stomach, with several small drops forming in the boy's belly button. It looked hot. He tried raising his sweaty head, pulled at his restraints hard, while his body thrashed in frustration. He desperately tried to move his pelvis in an upward thrust, in a fucking motion to help make him cum. He could not longer control what his youthful body was doing.

    Seeing that, Shawn got some old ties, tied them together, and then tied it to his bedframe, crossing tightly, Mike's taut stomach and lower ab area, so he couldn't make any fucking motion at all. Shawn also used some more old ties (tied together) to tie down Mike's thighs. Mike yelled at Shawn to stop - to untie him - and to make him shoot.

    " more....stop....stop...." Mike whimpered again and again, as Shawn tied more restraints.

    The poor boy now could not move at all - except his chest and head. Mike tried to make himself cum whenever Shawn touched him again - but Shawn knew when to pull off of the boy and Mike would groan in utter frustration.

    Mike yelled more in almost pure agony and struggled briefly to break free. Seeing him struggle and watching his steel hard dick flop back and forth - his sweaty body stretched out and tied almost made Shawn cum. The I-Phone video cam was recording all this, and Shawn paused and took several pictures with his digital camera and other I-Phone. He couldn't believe how hot this boy looked. He was almost dizzy was lust. He wasn't sure how far he would go with this - but he knew he would push this boy a lot further than just cum control.

    Now Shawn continued the cum control torture, by slowly giving the boy a tongue bath, deftly avoiding the boy's precum soaked cockhead and shaft. He swallowed the boy's loose balls, licking the sack over and over.

    Mike groaned and then moaned loudly. He begged Shawn to stop and make him shoot his load. To frighten his friend even more, Shawn just chuckled evilly, and then, without a word, moved up and tongued and licked the boy's tight stomach, darting the warm tongue into the boy's deep navel, then slowly up to the hard pecs, sucking the dime-sized hard nipples. Mike gasped and sucked in his stomach even more. He couldn't believe how this felt - - no one - nothing in his sex life compared to what he was feeling now. It was pure ecstasy.

    Shawn then lapped at the boy's hairy sweaty armpits, sniffing the strong masculine aroma, nibbling at each hairs, while Mike gasped. He then tongued his way back down at the boy's nipples, and then all over the boy's body - down his muscled slightly hairy thighs, knees, legs and feet while Mike squirmed and begged. The licking and tongue bath was intense - bringing him again and again to the brink of orgasm - but never enough to push him over the edge.

    Shawn got down to the boy's tied up legs - down to the size 10 sweaty feet. The toes were clean, with a nice strong smell - very boyish. The feet were beautiful, nicely proportioned, with the toe nails cut to proper length, clean from any dirt. There was wispy small amounts of hair on each toe, and Shawn sucked each toe lovingly.

    He concentrated on the big toe, and then back to the smallest on both feet while Mike violently thrashed and buckled and gasped from the intense ticklish feeling.

    He screamed, trying to form words to tell Shawn to stop, finally just yelling "GAAAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDDDDSHAWWWWWNSTOOOOP!!!!!" and then laughing hysterically, yanking hard at his restraints with more force than ever.

    It was almost unbearable having his body assaulted in this way. Mike never before had anyone suck his nipples or lick his body in this way - and his mind was almost in a complete sexual haze - his head rolling back and forth, mouth agape, moaning - unable to cum. He felt almost drugged with sex. His upper body tried to squirm away.  He was going insane - he thought - from having his young body touched and licked like this.

    Shawn spent some special moments tonguing the boy's large loose balls again and even darted his tongue into the boy's tight asshole - being the first guy to taste the straight boy's most intimate private body part. Mike's tight virgin butthole was hard to reach, but Shawn forced his face and tongue down there - and reached it, dancing his hot tongue on the puckered ring, sending electric jolts of ecstasy in Mike's taut squirming body.

    Shawn could smell the heady very strong musky aroma - and almost came himself, knowing he was tonguing this handsome straight boy's nether region - his most intimate body part. Picture Andy Roderick or Josh Hairnet being tied up, stripped naked, blindfolded and having his buttonhole tongued - and you have some idea what feast Shawn was dining on. He darted his tongue harder and harder into the boy's quivering asshole. It was tight, but it gave way, despite the boy's resistance. Clearly, he did not like this - but clearly, his body did.

     "OHGOD! WHAT! OOOOOOH" Mike yelled, at the feeling, gasping. "OOOOOH WHAT WHA WHA ARE YOU DOING? FUUUUCCCK???!!!!"

    Mike never ever thought anyone would do this. He went crazy, trying to squirm away from the insistent tongue. He groaned and groaned, sucking in his sexy hard stomach, silently praying that Shawn would now make him cum - he felt he would burst now. It felt so hot and good that Mike was going crazy almost with lust. He now almost prayed and begged to cum - he felt he was going almost insane. His body was shaking involuntarily from the throes of sexual ecstasy - but short of allowing him to shoot what he knew would be the biggest load of his life.

    Shawn, after another 30 minutes - for a total of more than 2 and half hours of playing with Mike's tied up body, finally said "okay buddy.... Get ready for the cum of your life..."

    He was getting exhausted too - and he knew, this was only half of what he was going to do to the boy - something Mike had no idea of. Shawn was excited - he could smell the boy's intimate body areas on his face - the odors from his cock, balls, pubes, armpits, and neck - and from his asshole. This was the straightest, most cocky guy he knew- and now he was here - tied up, at his mercy. And he could smell every part of him.

    The straight young handsome twink almost was crying from the agony of this torture-like cum control.

    Weakly, Mike tried to lift his sweat soaked head slightly and he said "dude...oh man...thank you oh god...please...don't stop...please Shawn can't take it anymore please oh please Shawn.... Dude please...please..I'm begging you....please don't stop........I wanna cum....god...please....."

    He was whimpering - not believing Shawn that he would bring him to a mind shattering orgasm. Mike was covered in sweat and he smelled like pure straight boy. It was almost overpowering.

    It DID cross Shawn's mind that maybe he could prolong this straight boy's ordeal even more. But he wanted to see Mike cum - Shawn was growing weak from holding back HIS own orgasm too. Seeing this handsome youth tied up and sweaty - begging to cum, his dick steel hard, foreskin pulled back and the big piss slit leaking copious amounts of salty pre-cum was almost too much for Shawn.

    He had waited a long time to see Mike's cum, and Shawn could no longer wait any longer. He wanted to see this cute straight boy shoot a huge load out of his hard cock. He wanted to taste and smell this boy's hot cum - knowing HE was the one to make it happen. He was dizzy with lust. The intense smells of Mike's sweaty crotch was overpowering almost. Lucky for Shawn, he kept the I-Phone video cam running to record this....but now, he had to make the sweaty pleading boy shoot the biggest most intense load of his life.

    Suddenly Shawn grasped the boy's steely incredibly hard shaft at the base, and slowly jerked the shaft, his fingers damp with waterbased lube, while slowly tonguing the cockhead at the same time, nibbling also at the pulled back foreskin. His other hand lightly tickled the boy's tight walnut sized balls and lower stomach, while Mike gasped and groaned.

    He sometimes drilled his fingers lightly into the boy's sexy belly button, and then back down to his balls., ever so often darting that same hand and finger to the boy's asshole. The finger and hand lightly played with Mike's tight puckered virgin asshole, and with the lube, rubbed his virgin puckered hole, touching the hairs there, rubbing the pucker slowly, while Mike thrashed even harder. He never felt this way before. And no one ever did this to him.

    Mike was in sexual heaven - he couldn't believe how incredible this felt - every lick brought him close and closer to the edge of orgasm. He was reduced to moaning like a whore - almost performing for Shawn against his will. Mike couldn't control his responses - he yelled and screamed instinctively now - his entire body reacted without him thinking about it anymore. He no longer controlled his own body or its responses - and Mike never felt that way before. His head lolled back and forth in a sexual high.

     Shawn increased the up and down motion, grasping the stalk of the penis with more pressure, tonguing the head faster and in sync with the jerking.

    Faster, faster, faster - up and down - up and down - faster and faster - polishing the head - faster - faster - up and down - while Mike sucked in his stomach even more, trying hard to arch his firm back - his toes curling, his hands clenched and grabbing at the  sheets.. faster - faster...up and down....faster - faster - Mike's eyes shut tightly and covered by the blindfold - his mouth clenched so tightly it seemed like he would shatter his beautiful white teeth...faster-faster - up and down ...faster...faster...FASTER...FASTER....FASTER...FASTER......

    Mike was so gone now, but still he wasn't sure if Shawn was going to deny him orgasm, so he stretched his entire body, tightening it - trying to will himself to cum. It felt so good - so fuckin good he couldn't believe it. My god - Mike could not believe this was what he was missing from sex!  

    Finally...he was brought closer....closer....closer and closer to the edge. Would Shawn stop? 

    Mike silently prayed "oh Shawn please......" He was almost terrified that Shawn would stop. He begged Shawn to bring him off.

    Faster...faster...faster.....up and down...faster and faster Shawn jerked, polished and sucked the boy's hard cock....faster....faster...faster...FASTER..FASTER..UP AND DOWN....FASTER..

    Mike squealed, moan, thrashed and a small part of his brain screamed that he was going to cum. Suddenly Mike opened his mouth wide.....said nothing...then omitted a long long loud groan and "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!"

    His taut youthful muscled sweaty body buckled up and down as much as he could under the bonds that held him down.

    Shawn kept jerking the shaft fast up and down but pulled off the head just in time to see a huge load shoot out, splattering on the boy's tight abs.

    Shawn gasped "oh fuckin Jesus!!!!!" 

    He kept jerking the boy's steel hard cock, now shooting another huge load of hot white cum, then another, then another, and then another.

    Mike kept squirting out cum - 10 huge loads.....and nearly yelled "oh god" after each time.

    Hot straight boy sperm continued to flow out of the boy's cock head like lava almost, spilling out from the piss slit, on down the shaft.  The hot white spooge spilled and collected on the boy's tight heaving stomach, filling in the navel like a small pond. Gobs of cum was splattered on the boy's face, chest - even some of his own chin. Shawn stared at the boy, gasping now - in the throes of an incredible sexual climax - and bent over, and quickly licked up some of the hot cum. The cum tasted slightly salty but sweet - and was very warm.

    Shawn proceeded to lick the navel clean of cum, an then brought a small wash cloth to wipe up the rest, while he continued to jerk the shaft. (Shawn did this not because he was tired of eating Mike's cum - but because he wanted to preserve some of it on a wash cloth for future jack off sessions!)

    Mike, with a face of utter contentment - lay there - completely exhausted by the workout. His muscled body, still tied and spread eagle, was covered in sweat. He smelled like cum and boysweat, with the heady aroma of a guy's smelly crotch. It turned on Shawn even more. Shawn pulled off his pants and underwear, and jerked at his hard cock, staring at the tied up boy, his cock growing a little limp now.

    Mike was almost passed out from the session. His head was lolled back and forth slowly, mouth open, his face a mask of utter exhaustion and sexual contentment.

    Shawn smiled and then remembered. Milking time. Let's see if this fucking straight boy has the balls to deliver more cum. Lets see if this straight boy can take it. Shawn wanted to kiss the boy, but didn't. thinking Mike might really freak out. But he knew Mike's cock would be so ultra sensitive - like any guy's after shooting - that he would go crazy having it touched. He would soon learn about being milked without mercy.

    Mike was breathing slowly, mouth open, still in a daze from cumming. Suddenly he screamed, tried to buckle his body, then literally shrieked - his face suddenly transformed into a hideous looking mask of pain and pleasure. 

    His eyes opened wide in sheer horror.

    "Ohhhhh..NO!!! Dude..stop" Mike gasped, trying to stay in control, his body quivering uncontrollably.

    He tried valiantly to act like he was not being bothered by having his sensitive cock milked and polished after cum. But the intense feelings quickly overwhelmed the poor handsome sweaty boy.   

    Shawn ignored the pleas of Mike - and continued playing with his damp cock, moving his fingers slowly over the ridge of the boy's cockhead, then quickly "polishing" the knob several times, and slowly jerking the shaft.  He placed his three or four fingers just under the boy's flange (the ridge of the cockhead), and slowly jerked his cock shaft - and without a pattern, would rub the flange, and then polish the head several times, before repeating the process.

    For Mike - it was pure torture (try doing that to your own cock after cumming and see how long you'd last before screaming - now picture yourself tied down and having someone do that over and over and over). He squealed. He shrieked. He screamed. He laughed and then screamed again and again.

    "OOOOOOOH SHHHITTTTT DUDE!!! NO!!!! NOOOOOO! Stooooop. Toooo much oh man.stop too sensitive....wait....oh man." he yelled, his body tensing up - trying to back away from Shawn's hands. His buckling was violent trying to desperately escape the most intense sensations he felt.

    Shawn was jerking the boy's shaft, mixing lubricant with the boy's cum.  With the other hand pulled back the foreskin, and exposed the damp dark head. Shawn was slowly polishing Mike's now intensely sensitive cockhead....slowly...and painfully. Shawn could smell the heavy odors of cum, sweat and crotch odors of Mike.

    Mike almost hissed "ooooooh gaaaaaaaa oooood Wait dude man dude please ooooooh gawd...wait...stop...stop.....ooooohgaaaaaawwwdddddi'!!!!"man..You gotta...oh gotta. Give it a a rest man.....oh....SHAWN!!!!!!! GOD!!!! STOOOOOOOOOP!!! SHAWWWWWWN! Oh...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! in a pitiful futile attempt to bargain with Shawn.

    Mike, laughed hysterically and then screamed and screamed for Shawn to stop. Shawn just kept jerking the shaft at the base, holding the stalk tightly, and then polished the cockhead. His body jerked and buckled uncontrollably in a desperate attempt to get away from Shawn's hands.

    Up and down - faster and faster....up and down. He would stop when it looked like Mike was adjusting to the intense feeling- and start up, rubbing alittle slower, or touching another part of the cock or shaft - adding lube, to sending jolts of the most intense pleasure and electric sensations he had ever felt - even more intense than the orgasm he just had. THIS was like an on-going never ending orgasm, that now was bordering on the ultimate tickle torture is seemed.

    While Shawn kept jerking the hard shaft, polishing, rubbing the ultra sensitive wet cockhead, while Mike's body shook, thrashed and buckled, Shawn started to lick the boy's entire body again - and even was able to lap at the ball's soft, hot wrinkled balls, and lifting them, licked under and darted his tongue quickly at the boy's quivering virgin pink asshole.

    "OOOOOOOOHH FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKSHAWNN NO NO NO NO STOOOOOOOOOP OOOOOOH GAAAAWWWWDICAN'T.STAAANNNED IT PLLLEEEAASSSE!!!!!!!!!!!" He cried, thrashing his bod, screaming out the words in a pitful shaking voice.

    Mike gasped and nearly screamed. He tried arching his back, but was restrained. Shawn merely ignored the boy's pleadings and kept up tonguing the boy - smelling his crotch, lapping at his asshole, down his legs and sucking the boy's toes. Mike was screaming and yelling. He couldn't stand it anymore - it was pure torture.

    Mike was going crazy he thought from the almost unbearable feeling. His tormented youthful muscled body was - he knew - so overly sensitive after he had sex, he could barely even touch himself just to go bathroom. Sex with a girl, his thrusting fucking motions would stop almost immediately after he began shooting - the feeling was too intense, and he would withdraw, his dick plopping out of the girl's vagina - warning her not to touch him - especially down there.

     He could be hugged, but after sex, his cock, balls and chest and butt and lower stomach areas were extremely sensitive to touch. But the most sensitive of all was his cock - and his cockhead. With the foreskin pulled back now, he was more terrified than ever before -  because it would expose the most sensitive part of his body now - something he knew he could not tolerate.

    Now, some one ELSE was touching his cockhead - his shaft, his balls - his entire body - and the feeling was unbearable. He begged again - whimpering and pleaded with Shawn and tried to break away. He never knew he could feel this way - the intensity of the milking was so tremendous, that despite the pain, his cock was again steel hard. Within 20 minutes, Mike was jerked to another orgasm, shooting 3 loads of hot cum. He was almost in tears - it was too intense.


    He screeched the last several words as Shawn, ignoring his begging, rubbed the very wet cockhead over and over - damp from cum, spit and lube, and jerked at the shaft. Shawn kept this up for 15 more minutes, while the boy thrashed, and begged and finally, shot another load, a little on his tight stomach, and then squrited 3 more dribble like loads.

    But Shawn kept milking the boy, urging more cum out, and the stalk shuddered and out came five more spurts of spooge, erupting out of the piss slit like lava from a volcano, wetting his entire flat heaving stomach with his hot load.

    Mike whimpered and groan and now fully expected it to finally end. He was a horny guy - but now, he had enough sex to last, he thought, for the rest of the year. He came three times - two, but really three.

    But Shawn kept on going - never stopped the jerking up and down - up and down. And Mike's cock was now even more sensitve, after cumming twice. He couldn't stand the touch - it was as if he was being tickled everywhere. And the milking, the polishing - the intense, slow rubbing and polishing of  the boy's ultra sensitive slimy, pre-cum soaked cockhead. Mike thrashed - seriously thrashed back and forth as much as his restraints would let him.

    He screamed and started to threaten Shawn "FUCKKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!! GAAAAAAWWWWDD...Oh pllllleeeaaaseeee!!!!!! Sttoooooppppp...oh ANNNNYYYYTTTTTHHHINNNNG. Oh fuck...anything...IIII do anything..pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee goooooooooood....Shaaawwwwwwnnnn....puhh...Puuuhhhhhlllleeaaasse..ohhhhhhh Shawwwwwwwwnnnnnn......."

    The boy could no longer even form words or sentences. He was now babbling - thrashing his body, totally out of control. Mike cried - he really started to cry from the intensity of the jerking and cock polishing and milking. Yet his body also enjoyed it. His cock remained steel hard, and he came another 40 minutes...and he came another 20.

    Sometimes Shawn, feeling sadistic, would try oblige Mike by not touching his cock - for a few minutes, but instead sucked on Mike's sensitive toes, or licking his armpits, while the boy went nuts, shrieking with laughter and babbling for Shawn to stop.

    Shawn loved sniffing and licking Mike's damp pits - and tickling the pits and his ribcage - and feet over and over, while polishing the boy's cockhead. Mike screamed and shrieked - the feelings were too intense. His youthful lean body would involuntarily grow taut, buckle, and he would scream and laugh and then beg Shawn to stop.

    Finally, after a total of 4 hours, Shawn squeezed out one last load from the straight boy - he squirted 3 watery loads. Shawn had the foresight to have Mike shoot into a small measuring cup, so Shawn could preserve the loads of cum in a nice container. It was almost half full of Mike's gooey hot spooge!

    The boy was totally spent and exhausted and terrified of more milking. He wanted to kill Shawn now - he was that angry. It was pure agony. But he was too exhausted - drunk- and out of it to do anything. All he wanted was it to stop - and now with that, all he wanted was to sleep.

    "MY GOD SHAWN!!! STOP!!!FUCKIN KILL YOU FUCKIN BASTARD.OOOOH PLEASE STOP!!! Mike screamed, his body bathed in sweat, buckling and squirming.

    Now Mike's cock was semi-hard, but no longer steel hard but red from the all the jacking off and sucking. Shawn gave the cockhead one final polish from his tongue and hand. Mike gasped out loud, almost shrieked - his entire sweaty body shuddering completely. He was terrified - shaking - that Shawn would touch him again or jerk his shaft. He was actually terrified that Shawn would continue the torture.

    Mike's exhausted body couldn't stand it anymore - he was literally crying tears. He mouthed words, pleading and begging "leave my dick alone...god Shawn.please.don't touch it anymore.god.dude.please..please."

    His youthful muscled, very sweaty body shuddered uncontrollably from the after shocks of cumming, when Shawn put his hand casually on the boy's soft, loose, balls.

    Then Shawn began uncuffing and untying the boy - slowly. His left leg and arms were cuffed really tight as Shawn uncuffed the four restraints.  After inspecting the nude handsome boy completely and seeing no damage (slight markings on his leg and arms), the boy whimpered and moaned in utter contentment now, and fell asleep. Shawn covered him.

    The next morning he awoke and both boys acted like nothing happened.

    Mike though, did remember some of what happened. Part of him realized that despite how weird and freaky it may have been - and with a guy no less, it still was the best sex he ever had. He never had an orgasm (or that many) like that before. Another part wanted to get even - to make Shawn pay for Mike's 4 hour long ordeal.

    As pleasurable as it turned out to be - it was also pure torture. Mike's young body shuddered sometimes even when he thought back to being tied up. It was unbearable. Mike somehow vowed to himself to "get Shawn" and make him suffer like he did. But what actually happened was that Shawn GOT some friends to get Mike FIRST.

    But that's another story. If you enjoyed this story please write me. I plan to finish it, but would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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