By Eric Lane [email protected] 

 Written March 2014  - Revised July 2015   Can reproduce without permission if full author credit is given. 

AUTHORS NOTE (JULY 31, 2015 & UPDATED FEBRUARY 7, 2016): Please comment and vote on the story - always appreciated - and thanks to all those who did!  I revised  as of July 30, 2015 (no significant changes though except for addition of a flashback) the first six chapters, making some corrections and changes to improve continuity and to make the story read better.  The problem in continuity and how some of the chapters or paragraphs below were written was due to the fact that the original story was much shorter and was more like the earlier "Straight and Bound"  stories.  It started off with Curt being abducted in the van and then taken to a ranch and tormented.  I didn't post that version because I thought it was just repeating what I had written earlier (it was).  I waited a couple of years and then in a one week or so period, I just started to expand the story, adding characters and scenes that I think improved the story and made it much different than the first three "Straight and Bound" parts.  But that meant there were some problems in continuity and differences in writing.  Anyway, I tried to correct the major problems in Parts 1-6 and hope it makes those chapters - and the rest of the story - read better.  As previously noted, new chapters (Chapters 12-18) were posted as of July 20, 2015. I will definitely be posting concluding chapters (Chapters 19-25 or so) IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS (as of February 7, 2016). Thanks for being patient. Love to read comments and suggestions - thanks - Eric Lane

ORIGINAL AUTHORS NOTE MARCH 2014:This is the first story that I am posting in about 10 years! Due to large size of this story (one of the longest I have written), I will be posting separating (fairly immediately) the other chapters and conclusion - which I have already written. The "Straight and Bound" part of the title of this story refers to a series of previous stories - written and posted back in the 1990's and early 2000's. I wrote three of those stories - which is why this story, focusing on a new person named Curt, is "Part 4". I will also be posting several other new stories (that I began writing many years ago but am now finishing). Want to thank Ted for his great support and encouragement to finish my stories over the years. This story wouldn't have happened without him. And also a shout out to my friend (and "dream brother") and fellow writer Stimle. I always think of him when I write - as we did back in the late 1990's and early 2000's.


Noah, as he always did at the end of his workday for the past several months, made his quick friendly pro forma goodbyes to co-workers without stopping, as if he were late to an appointment. Well liked by his co-workers, none of them were bothered by his abrupt manner at the end of the work day. For the past year he was always in a hurry to leave. He never said why and brushed off friendly inquiries from his co-workers who just shrugged off his behavior as a personal quirk. Several women in the office who were attracted to Noah wondered if he was seeing someone, always assuming it was a female and never suspecting that he was gay.

Noah never paid any attention to those friendly speculations of his private life. It never bothered him either way which had more to do with his single minded obsession. Like clock work the 30 year old accountant would rush out to his car, stopping by the same nearby restaurant for a take-out dinner order that he always called in ahead. Picking the order up he would race his SUV, as he did every day from work, to his second floor apartment just a few miles away with growing excitement as if the Super Bowl was on or he had a hot date waiting. Neither was happening.

Instead, after a quick change into a t-shirt and basketball shorts, Noah went into his study and got on his computer, opening the box of his take-out dinner and sipping on a beer, as he did every night work.

The face staring back at Noah from the computer blank screen warming up before it showed the login screen, showed a reflection of an average looking face with a full head of dark brown hair that he knew some said was cute. But nothing extraordinary about his looks. His build was not fat but not muscled either - naturally toned but average. Even his dick and balls were average in size (6-1/2 inches hard and cut like most other American males, with walnut sized testicles held together by a tight scrotum bag). The rest of him was average - average in height at 5 feet 10 inches, average in shoe size (9-1/2) and average in weight for his height and frame at 165 lbs.

He was to his co-workers, family and anyone else in the outside world a young man who appeared to be happy, successful and entirely normal - your average young 30 year old guy.

Noah believed that he was all those things - but he did keep some dark secrets from everyone else he knew or came in contact with.

It was what some might consider a unusual sexual fantasy, not your garden variety day dreaming of fucking a beautiful movie star or having sex on a football field. His fantasies could include those things too - if the beautiful movie star was a young handsome straight young male, a Liam Hemsworth or Chris Evans or Andrew Garfield perhaps, who was tied down, stripped naked and forced to cum against his will. Or if a handsome straight young jock was similarly tied spread-eagle naked on a football field while being manhandled by thousands of spectators who would force him to shoot his load over and over.

Others might view those fantasies as dark and maybe extreme. But that didn't bother Noah the least. He knew everyone had their own dark sexual fantasy that if told to others might look weird or depraved. So he wasn't bothered by his own. He rationalized he wasn't actually ashamed of his own secret - he was just selfish about it. He didn't want to share it, as if it was some treasure or prize meant only for him. At least that is what he rationalized to himself.

A few times in his distant and recent past he did some things where his dark fantasies would intrude on some other people's lives that when caught, did cause him embarrassment. But he always thought those unfortunate incidents were worth that embarrassment never once feeling any remorse for possibly hurting the feelings or privacy of the persons he intruded on.

Noah's dark secret fantasy was tied to the biggest obsession of his life - a very handsome 22 year old straight guy who lived for the past year in the apartment below him. His name was Curt.

It was Noah's fixation of that straight boy that caused him to leave work in a rush - sometimes even to call in sick. He would eavesdrop all night on what Curt was doing in his apartment below, especially his sexual conquests in his bedroom, which was right below Noah's. Noah also installed small hidden high resolution video cameras outside his balcony pointed down the walkway and the pool below on the other side of the walkway in front of his building to spy on him at the apartment complex pool or when he lounged or caught some rays on his patio deck below Noah's. Noah would leave work quickly in order to catch those live streamed videos that were automatically saved to his hard drive that may have captured Curt shirtless at the pool where he often hung out.

At 6 foot 3 inches and 185 pounds and age 22 years, size 12 shoe size, Curt - in Noah's eyes, but in many others too - was the perfect specimen of a young athletic male.

He was a college athlete, movie star handsome, but yet retained a boyish look about his face. His hair was brownish blonde, cut short, and eyes that were green with long lashes that melted the hearts of girls and even older and married women in Noah's apartment complex. He was the cute boy who they wanted to bake cookies for AND at the same time wanted him as their own ultimate dream fuck.

He was the perfect ripped package of muscled shoulders, rounded biceps, defined hard mounds of pecs, flat slab of 8 pack abs, narrow waist, proportioned muscled thighs and legs that retained the natural lean build of the high school and college wrestler he once was.

His smooth body was accented by tufts of manly brownish hairs in both armpits, a sexy treasure trail that sneaked down to a full - but not overly hairy pubes framed by a dusting of wiry curly brown hairs covering the inside and outside of his thighs and legs up to his tight butt crack.

He loved Curt's belly button that to Noah looked like it was sculpted out by an artist with an eye for classic male beauty. Below that halo of treasure trail of wiry curly hairs - as Noah later discovered - was a 7 inch long un-cut cock that grew he estimated to over 9 solid inches of solid fat fuck meat ready to pump its load into a waiting hungry pussy. His immense prick rested over two duck egg sized balls in a loose scrotum.

Noah remembered when he first saw him a year earlier when he first moved in.

Noah couldn't believe the sight he was seeing - an incredibly handsome young man, wearing sunglasses, shirtless and tanned, wearing faded old ripped jeans with an inch or two of this underwear waist band showing, his muscles bulging carrying several boxes into the vacant apartment below.

Empty for the past several months, someone was obviously moving in, and Noah, awe struck by the youth's beauty, stared at him as he walked below and inside. Noah prayed that the boy was not just a helper or hired hand but was actually the person who was going to live there. And hopefully alone. Moments later the young man walked out of the apartment headed to the parking lot just a few yards away. Noah watched the boy, seeing his tanned v-shaped muscled back and and how his tight slim cut jeans seemed to be sculpted around his muscled bubble butt that flexed as he walked with a certain air of cocky arrogance and indifference. Noah almost drooled seeing the boy's sexy waistband of what looked to be boxer type briefs. Oh how sexy that was to Noah.

Noah noticed that the boy had ear phones and followed the white thin cord to a smart phone in the pocket of his jeans. He was obviously walking in rhythm to whatever music he was listening to in a way that was sexy and highlighted every muscle on his shirtless tanned body. His walk though, Noah decided as he watched the boy walk down the pathway was more of an intimidating "I-don't-give-a-fuck" swagger of a entitled handsome straight jock boy. Noah sighed with the fantasy in his mind of how he would love to see this boy abducted, stripped naked, hogtied and slowly forced to cum against his will.

Noah took several pictures discreetly from his balcony of the boy as he walked away. Noah's mouth watered when the boy returned carrying in each hand two large completely filled athletic bags walking slowly that showed off his tanned muscled pecs, large succulent quarter sized nipples and 8 pack abs centered by the sexiest bellybutton Noah had ever seen. How he wanted to tongue that hole. He noticed the boy's treasure trail of curly dark hairs that sexily disappeared into the waistband of Curt's underwear jeans that bulged out suggestively teasing Noah's fantasies of what must be a huge piece of straight boy fuck meat tightly curled up in there . My God, this boy was perfect Noah thought and prayed that he was the one moving in - and that he wasn't just helping someone else.

Noah, seeing the boy coming back toward the apartment carrying two boxes of books, rushed downstairs as if he was going about his regular business. As if by pure accident, Noah bumped into the boy, who was just leaving the apartment again to head back his car. Noah, trying desperately to hide his excitement, tried to calm himself with a casual greeting of "hi" and asked if he was moving in.  Noah's face though could not completely hide his extreme growing lust for the boy.

The boy, still wearing dark glasses, unplugged the ear phones from both ears, hanging it from his neck, and asked "what?"

"Are you moving in?" Noah repeated almost growing faint and feeling tongue-tied from seeing the boy close-up, stripped to the waist.

Noah could smell the boy's masculine clean sweat and see beads of perspiration trickle down his forehead, neck, chest and hairy brown armpits. To Noah, just a few feet away, the boy was even more sexy and beautiful. He tried to not stare but he couldn't help but look at the boy's chest and look down at the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He noticed the little tufts of wiry brownish hairs coming from his sweaty armpits and wanted desperately to tongue and lick that area. Noah forced himself to stop looking at the boy's chest and direct his attention to Curt's face and hoped he didn't notice how much Noah lusted for his body.

"Yeah. Sorry...earphones," the youth said in a way that sounded hurried and somewhat annoyed at being interrupted.

He didn't offer his hand or introduce himself though he tried to appear cordial. He lifted his left arm to scratch the back of his head, exposing completely his armpit haloed by tufts of his wiry curly brown hairs glistening with sweat. Noah's mouth gaped open in lust seeing that casual display of the raw sexiness of Curt's body. God how sexy this boy was Noah thought as he stared at Curt's bulging biceps.

"Oh, great! My name is Noah. I live upstairs...been here for the past 5 years. Anyway welcome! Can I give you a hand?" Noah said trying to control his almost school-girl crush giddiness, holding out his hand.

He couldn't wait to feel the touch the boy's hand and feel his grip, though tried not to act excited or to stare at his chest crotch. Seeing close-up the boy's rounded biceps, he couldn't believe how beautifully muscled the boy was.

The youth politely put out his hand, shaking Noah's with a strong but very brief grip, introducing himself as Curt. He politely but firmly declined the offer of help saying "No. I got it...almost done," and almost as an after thought added, "Uh...but thanks."

With that, the boy broke off further conversation, muttering that he had to finish up, and put his earphones back on head.  Without another word or gesture to Noah, Curt turned and headed back to the parking lot walking in rhythm to the music that Noah found so sexy. It was some hip hop music Noah could hear from the ear phones just before the boy put it back into his ears.

Noah went back upstairs, but from his balcony he tried to hide himself so he could video tape, stare and drink in the beauty the sexy shirtless boy as he continued to move boxes into his apartment.

From that first moment Noah laid eyes on the boy he lusted after the Curt because of his looks - his arrogant personality towards him and his likely deserved reputation as a lady pleaser in bed. He loved his arrogant cocky attitude because it fueled his fantasies that Curt was a straight boy who desperately needed to be abducted, tied up spread-eagle on a milking bed and then edged and milked for hours and hours - screaming at having his cock touched by a guy - and worse having it tormented over and over by excruciating polishing of his knob over and over as he shrieked from the unbearable sensations.

He came off as borderline homophobic - at least to Noah, with an arrogant dismissive attitude toward him, perhaps accurately sensing Noah's intense interest in him.

When he passed Noah in the apartment parking lot, or pool area or heading to his apartment, he never said more than a barely cordial "hey" or "whatsup" without ever looking at or stopping to hear Noah's response. Like some pathetic high school girl with a crush, Noah could only sigh and watch longingly as the boy passed by him, inhaling wisps of his scent of deodorant and clean sweat and see his bubble butt flex as he walked by.

That was the extent of Curt's acknowledgement that Noah was even alive. The longest conversation he ever had with the boy was the day he was moving in. Noah didn't realize that Curt, wearing sunglasses, could see clearly how Noah was staring at him that very first day he moved in, and other days around the apartment complex.  The staring made Curt felt creepy and made the youth uncomfortable.  But he never felt for a moment it represented any danger to him at all.  He also knew that Noah was intimidated by him and used that to help avoid any contact with his neighbor.  

That cocky arrogant straight boy attitude that was to Noah both intimidating and alluring always triggered an explosion of the dark fantasies in the part of his brain that became obsessed with tying up Curt to teach him a lesson in cock control by repeatedly edging and milking him against his will to the point of driving the boy to the brink of shrieking insanity.

Noah would sniff the air trying to smell the boy's scent again - and then smile almost in an evil way - as if to hide from his good side the thoughts he was thinking. He knew he would never act on those thoughts - but oh was he tempted whenever Curt was near. He even thought out a plan of abduction. But it wasn't serious. Still - just the smell of him would trigger those thoughts.

Those thoughts would be triggered also when Curt, wearing sun glasses, would swagger around looking to pick up a girl around the apartment pool or club house shirtless wearing low-slung board shorts that clung to his skin showing off a rounded muscled butt and a prominent delectable bulge. Noah thought he could almost see sometimes Curt's dick flexing its boyish yet manly hardness for his many female admirers in the complex, secretly taking pictures of the boy. Oh if I could just have him for one day Noah thought, one day.

Curt on the prowl always drove Noah to distraction - and a mixture of jealousy (of the girls), and lust knowing that Curt was horny and looking to be laid. He pictured Curt stripping naked, his dick steel hard pointing straight out 8 or 9 inches, oozing gooey strings of honey-like sticky straight boy pre-cum and then fucking whatever girl was in his bed like a muscled pile driving machine.

But most other times - during the day at least - all Noah could do was to stare at him while walking around the pool area or his apartment patio below his balcony without a shirt that showed off his muscled abs and pecs - and brown armpit hairs and a treasure trial coming from a concave belly button that Noah thought was incredibly sexy.

If Noah was a non-entity to Curt with no hope of ever seeing him naked or seeing him fuck or forcing him to cum against his will, he could at least hear the straight stud pile drive his many different girl friends with his meaty prick.

In his effort to eavesdrop on what Curt was doing downstairs, Noah discovered by accident, a few days after Curt moved in, a large white plastic pipe behind a wall panel in his bedroom. The panel came loose and he detached it and through the insulation saw the pipe that rose about five feet from the floor - but was left open and didn't go anywhere further up. He looked up and there was no pipe going to the roof. The construction workers must have made a mistake and tried to cover it up.

Noah realized this mistake could be a valuable tool to listen in on his hunky new neighbor below. His bedroom was right below his - and the wall with the pipe was the same wall that his bed was against. He could hear Curt's muffled voice through his bedroom floor talking on his cell phone - and the muffled sound of what he assumed was a TV. Very muffled and indistinct. He quietly walked to the open pipe and put his ear near it, holding his breath. Though not crystal clear, Noah was shocked how he could hear everything as if he was in the next room and the doors were open. My god, Noah realized his obsession building, he could listen to Curt going to the bathroom, masturbating and best of all - having sex! The only thing missing was video of all those things, which wasn't possible - but listening in was the next best thing.

Noah would cover the wall every time he left the apartment (in case the manager ever entered for some reason - which he never did) but for the entire year Curt lived below him, he always listened in on the boy's activities in his bedroom below. Noah found a way to record the audio, which preserved hundreds of hours of sound recordings of Curt talking on the phone, pissing, showering, what appeared to sound like his masturbating and very clearly, having sex. He was a tireless, loud and headboard busting lover.

Over the next 11 months, through the plastic pipe in the wall, Noah could hear Curt with one of his many dates that he brought home - laughing, getting a little drunk and high - and then always, he would end the late night with a long intense fucking.

From that pipe, Noah was able to confirm from the noise below what he already surmised by the steady stream of visits by different girls to Curt's apartment below: the handsome youth when it came to sex was insatiable and that served - at least for Noah - to highlight even more the physical prowess of Curt's lean muscled body.

Someone as beautiful and sexy looking as Curt had to be a sex hound in bed - and on that score he delivered with powerful piston like thrusts of his pelvis into the quivering pussies of so many girls in his bedroom below that Noah could hear.

He could listen to Curt's animal-like panting grunts, the bed's headboard loud pounding against the wall as his thrusting became more urgent and intense - and then the girl's shriek that marked her reaching a mind shattering orgasm - and Curt's always loud "FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH!!!" when he shot his load. He could visualize from the sounds Curt's fat engorged fuck meat pulverizing the girl's hungry grateful pussy with his deep machine like thrusts of his pelvis. Hearing the noise so clearly downstairs through the pipe, Noah could imagine the two halves of Curt's muscled butt cheeks opening his man trench and snapping tightly shut with each thrust into the girl. Oh God Noah would sigh, how he would have loved to have seen that and lick that hairy trench as he fucked the girl.

Noah could tell when his straight boy Adonis would shoot his load because suddenly the sound of Curt's urgent animal-like thrusting - the noise of the bed hitting the wall - all stopped immediately. Noah surmised that the boy's dick had to be extremely sensitive after cumming - because of that - and because one time he thought he heard the boy squeal after he apparently shot his load in the girl - and she apparently touched or stroked his dick right after he pulled out. He could hear, through the pipe, the straight jock yell "OOOOH SHIT!!!" and then the sound of his angry sounding voice ordering her to stop. He definitely didn't like that.

That sound of Curt's grunting sexy voice while being pleasured and fucking all those girls triggered powerful lustful feelings. The tone, the sound of that reedy boyish yet masculine jock voice - the way he grunted like an athlete trying to get through the intense pumping of sex. Oh how Noah wished he could have seen Curt perform in bed with all those girls. But hearing it was better than nothing. And Noah would listen to those audio recordings of Curt having sex. Over and over. To Noah, Curt was the ultimate straight boy who needed to be trained and forced to endure edging and orgasm that he could not control. And Noah wanted to be that person who forced all that to happen.

Curt did a two-some with two beautiful girls who also lived in the apartment complex a few days before he moved. Noah, as he always did when stalking Curt, would always place himself in the vicinity wherever he was in the complex, especially if he was shirtless and around the pool area.

That particular day in the late afternoon was still sunny and extremely hot and humid, with everyone else keeping indoors with their ACs running on full blast. Noah, had no intention of staying indoors when his idol was parading around shirtless. He quickly rushed down to the pool area, wearing sun glasses, and kept a safe distance in the pool area not too far away from Curt and the girls in the Jacuzzi, and acted like he was watching his I-Pad-like device, while dipping his bare feet in the main pool. His I-Pad-like device was actually taking video of the three in the Jacuzzi.

With an eagle eye he watched Curt, wearing just tight thin fabric beige board shorts that seemed to hug his muscled butt cheeks and crotch with what clearly was a semi-hard tube of man meat point down his left thigh obscenely and probably on purpose for the benefit of the two girls he was with. The two girls were doing their own number on the horny straight jock, wearing skimpy swim suits that revealed very big tits and curves, enjoying themselves in the hot water of the Jacuzzi.

All three were clearly getting drunk - and were still drinking in the Jacuzzi,, though that was against the apartment complex rules. The strong alcohol buzz made Curt and the girls lose some of their inhibitions with talking and laughing getting louder and more boisterous. The three were definitely getting more horny - aided by the hot water and the swirling jets of the Jacuzzi.

Noah noticed that Curt would often back up against what he knew was the location of one of the more powerful shooting jets coming from the side and bottom of the Jacuzzi. He could tell that the handsome straight boy was clearly enjoying the feeling of the intense water pressure against his asshole and crotch. He noticed when that happened Curt would briefly close his eyes - with the long lashes that girls loved - tilt his head back slightly and suppress a moan - and then quickly acted as if nothing happened, repeating it a couple of more times. He probably would have shifted his tight asshole and dick even closer to the swirling strong jets that would have made him cum if there wasn't any girls in the Jacuzzi with him, Noah thought excitedly. But that straight boy seemed never to lack any female companionship ever.

Still it thrilled Noah to see Curt's intimate private reaction to having the strong pulsating swirling jets of hot water stimulate his virgin straight asshole and dick - as if Noah was a voyeur in Curt's bedroom watching him pleasure himself. The girls didn't seem to notice though were clearly hot for Curt touching his shoulders and trying to get close to him.

Noah then watched the three laugh, giggle and eventually slowly climb out of the Jacuzzi into the hot humid night. Noah held back a huge gasp upon seeing Curt come out of the water, warm water streaming from his wet brown short hair, his tanned muscled pecs, back and abs, with his winking bellybutton with the swirling hole and treasure trail plastered down to his beige thin board shorts clinging now to his tanned skin that lewdly showed off his bubble butt ass, with the wet thin fabric wedged into his crack, while outlining what clearly was a large semi-hard dick and balls ready for action.

The girls quickly followed and all three, with towels slung over their shoulders, staggered back to his apartment walking by Noah. Only the two girls acknowledged Noah's presence, with a little wave of their hands giggling with excitement, knowing they were minutes away from seeing Curt naked and having his huge prong stuck in their hot snatches. Curt, with beads of water coming out of his sexy bellybutton and from his model perfect hair and armpits with his board shorts clinging obscenely to his crotch and butt, staggered quickly passed Noah, and totally ignored him - as he always did.

That straight boy dismissive arrogant attitude only fueled Noah's obsession and lust. Within seconds he quickly followed them to their building, instead going upstairs to his apartment and like he always did when he knew Curt was having sex, removed the wall panel in his bedroom that hid that exposed plastic pipe that ran down to the inside wall of Curt's first floor apartment bedroom wall. The same wall that his queen sized bed headboard was against.

He would never forget listening to the loud animal like noise below his apartment from that especially intense encounter accented by the steady strong pounding against the wall of that bed headboard until Curt shot his load. All three went at it almost immediately upon entering Curt's apartment below, staggering (Noah imagined) to his bedroom, stripping off their clothes and then the three going at it. Noah knew their drunken state both made them extremely horny and hastened their orgasms. Still it was a long intense fuck - which Noah later learned included the two girls going at Curt, blowing him and sucking at his balls.

But Noah surmised from the sounds below that like nearly all girls, the servicing was passable and simply a brief interlude charging Curt up for the real show: sticking his hard prick into their pussies at first fucking the shit out of them - and then after 20 minutes, having one of the girls ride his dick while he ate out the other to a eye popping orgasm for the two (something Noah later learned from overhearing the girls talk at the pool two days later).

Curt shot his load, cumming last, and Noah could hear him being playfully attacked by the two girls who touched and stroked his still hard dick, wet with his cum and pussy juice for a few seconds as he shrieked "OH NO!!!!" and got them to stop.

"OH NO!!!!"

He loved that anguish in Curt's voice. A slight quiver of fear or trepidation in the otherwise masculine voice that delighted Noah to no end. Oh how Noah wished he could have made Curt scream out those words over and over as his sweaty muscled straight boy body, splayed out and tied down was unmercifully edged past orgasm and beyond: "OH NO!!!"

Noah later overheard the two girls - two days later - at the pool - talking with another girl about their time with Curt. Both were still clearly hot for the boy. They both said how hot Curt's body was and how big his prick was, even when soft. They were excited to finally get the handsome youth in bed and each took turns licking and sucking his large hard dick while the other kissed and frenched him, and then nibbled and sucked at his nipples and torso. He seemed to really like that most of all - having two girls lick, tongue and suck at his body they told their friend. His reaction to having one of them suck his entire shaft while the other sucked and gobbled his big balls was off the charts they told the girl, whose eyes were wide with lust and envy. Noah was beside himself just overhearing the conversation as he strained to catch every word. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

They told their friend that Curt couldn't take the blow job and sucking of his balls anymore and that he wanted to fuck one of them. They each wanted him to thrust his hard cock into them and he did, though they told him not to shoot yet. They wanted to make this last. After getting close to shooting his load, Curt, they told their friend, warned them and one of them playfully slapped his ass hard as he yelped in surprise. That stopped his pumping and they told him to lay on his back while so they could take care of him. The girl he didn't fuck yet then got on top of him, and she rode him to orgasm. They told the other girl how one of them hugged him tight and kissed him and tongued his sexy ears, while the other suddenly shifted, pulling off of him and sat on his thighs and grabbed his hard dick after he came inside of her. They told the other girl they were amazed at how much cum Curt had shot out of his dick, spilling down his cock like hot lava as one of the girls put it.

Momentarily pinned down by both girls - and not expecting what was to happen, Curt's body relaxed even more in the afterglow of being pleasured. He never before let a girl handle him in this way where he gave up control in lovemaking. The girl on his thighs however had other ideas and started to stroke it, suck it and stroke until he literally howled from the unbearable sensation and quickly pushed her off. He seemed to them pretty angry that they did that to him. Noah almost blew a gasket in his brain over hearing that. THAT was what he dreamed of doing to Curt - and to hear that they did it to him, tasted his hot cum, and then made him squeal, even for just a couple of seconds, after he shot his load. 

"He's very sensitive there after he cums," the girl said to the other smiling licking her lips recalling lewdly the taste of Curt's cum, as all three laughed.

The two girls wanted to have Curt again and invited the third girl to join in next time. He clearly was to them, Noah could see, a piece of Alpha Male Prime Beef that they lusted after. He smiled to himself realizing again how Curt sexiness seemed to attract dark fantasies from both sexes.

He listened more as the three girls plotted among themselves about what they would do to Curt when he came back. While he hated having his cock touched after he shot his load, he had mentioned to both girls he would love to see them again. The two-some sex was different for him, at least in the way they did it by seizing control sometimes. That wasn't something he allowed normally he told them. But he kind of liked it and it was fun he said and told them he wanted to hook up again soon. The three girls decided they would plan out what really would amount to an assault on the boy once they were invited into his bedroom again. Well, not an assault per se, they told themselves, but sort of expand the role playing. They planned, with Noah still overhearing their conversation, to hold him down, possibly restrain him with cuffs, and tickle him. And if they were able to cuff his arms and legs, they could take all the time in the world to tickle his armpits, sides and feet, and stroke his cock after he came. One of the girls especially liked to polish and rub the cockheads of boys - and rarely would any of them allow it for more than a second. Curt didn't allow them to do that at all to him, except when after he shot his load and he was temporarily unable to. But restrained, the girl could polish his knob as long as she wanted - and they could all polish and stroke his dick after he came. They would love to see his reactions to being restrained and helpless to stop them. They clearly were obsessed with Curt's goodlooks and muscled body - almost as much as Noah was. Listening to their conversation at the poolside, Noah was overcome with lust, looking forward to that fuck session. He prayed that he would be around so he could use that pipe in his apartment to at least listen in.

Two of the girls Noah learned from their talking, did some previous work in a fem dom video site and so had experience in dominating a guy. He heard them talk about bringing a spreader bar to tie his legs for full access to his crotch and other "toys" as they put it..

Noah was both shocked by the three girls somewhat sadistic tendencies - that surprised him because they looked so beautiful and normal. But he realized he looked normal and had those same - if not even more extreme thoughts about the same boy. Noah felt so envious of those two girls - who had the naked boy partially restrained with their bodies, even if only for a few seconds. They had him. Forced a reaction from him. For a few seconds Curt was at their mercy and helpless. Oh how Noah wished he could have been there to hold his legs and grab that sensitive dick.

"OH NO!!!!" Noah, overhearing the girls talk and plan, had looked forward to hearing that anguished cry from Curt again.

But Curt moved out - to their surprise - before they had the chance to hook up with him again. So he wasn't the only one missing and pining for Curt's beautiful body. But unlike them, he still had his videos and pictures - and clothes of his idol. But oh how he wished he could have realized his fantasy and had Curt tied spread-eagle stripped naked on a bed, his legs splayed out by a spreader bar and forced to cum over and over.


The recollection of the sounds and loud animal like grunts and moans of Curt when he lived below Noah triggered other memories that always made Noah's dick hard.

He remembered how he would catch Curt just in his tight boxer bulging briefs that clearly showed a the outline of a large tube steak and balls, walking or lying down in his enclosed patio area catching some rays. He looked to Noah like the perfect Abercrombie and Fitch model -or even some gay porn star. God he wanted to suck Curt's cock and balls so badly when he saw him like that.

He even thought of offering him a lot of money for the privilege of servicing his straight cock, with a higher price negotiated for tying him up while doing it. While Curt seemed to have some money problems and bills - he wasn't ever in short supply of girls to satisfy his needs. But Noah was too intimidated by Curt who was barely cordial to him and most of the time totally ignored him. In any case Noah didn't think that Curt would agree to any such deal anyway - no matter what the amount of money. The boy was too straight and straight with an attitude. That made Curt even more desirable to Noah, with his "fuck you" attitude fueling Noah's dark fantasy of abducting him and edging the shit out of him against his will.

Instead all Noah could do was carefully video tape the boy laying out there from his camera and cell phone and later jack off watching it. He wondered what Curt's dick and balls looked like - how long it was limp and how big it got hard. He wondered obsessively how Curt's junk smelled like - and would give anything to have had the chance to explore his tied up body and sniff every part of it.

He could only imagine all that - from the bulge he would see during the time Curt was lying out in his patio or at the pool.

But one hot afternoon Curt came out to his patio stark naked, either drunk or high and just flopped face down on the patio recliner. Noah, who never missed the opportunity to spy on his neighbor, couldn't believe it. He stared down carefully and saw the most beautiful body. For the first time since Curt moved downstairs below him, Noah was finally able to see his idol completely naked. He could see just a few feet below, Curt's beautiful naked tight ass, each muscled cheek almost marble white that contrasted with the rest of his tanned body. Noah stared, his mouth open hungry with lust, and saw two perfect smooth unblemished melons, centered by a dark slightly hairy crack. To Noah, Curt looked passed out. He had to be. Never before had Curt ever laid out naked in his patio, though no one could see walking by the high fence - he would be visible from Noah's balcony above. Staring down, Noah, beside himself with lust, became less cautious and careful - and now leaned over his balcony completely to get an even closer view and video tape the naked boy just below him.

Noah, giddy with excitement, took video from a video cam and holding his digital camera, gasped as Curt, smacking his lips in sleep, turned over, seeing for the first time the straight boy's lush brown pubic hair that framed his limp 6 inch cock over his walnut sized hairy balls that grew semi-hard and pointed toward his bellybutton. Curt's arms were was covering his face and stomach above his navel as he could hear the boy's slight snoring.

Noah - seeing Curt's thick snake like dick grow semi-hard thought the boy must be having a real hot dream and was hoping maybe he would have a wet dream - though Curt - at age 22 - was too old and getting too much action for that. He was clearly passed out or in a deep sleep. Or was it a straight boy invitation for Noah to "help a buddy out" and blame the indiscretion on being drunk.

Noah saw below him Curt's long uncut fuck stick - the foreskin was partially pulled back because his prick was semi-hard, the knob normally sheathed, glistening with his fuck juice. Noah was nearly faint from seeing the sight of his fantasies, desperately wanting to sniff his knob and lick the man juices that coated it, clean and lick his foreskin. He quickly weighed the thought of whether Curt was inviting him to "help him out".

Noah briefly considered rushing downstairs and jumping over the patio fence below and give Curt's prick a well deserved expert sucking. Besides, Noah desperately wanted to see Curt's dick steel hard - and wondered how big it would get. He wanted to sniff and smell his cock head, and lick the inside of the boy's foreskin. It seemed his dream fantasy was coming true. He clearly was passed out - or in a deep sleep, and he would never know Noah thought as his heart thumped harder and harder in anticipation and fear.

Lost in that thought and still video taping the boy, he let the digital camera fall out of his hand, and - to his horror - saw it fall quickly below, falling right on top of Curt's tanned pecs - and unfortunately for Noah, waking him up. Curt, startled, sat up from the recliner, now wide awake, causing the camera to fall to his crotch. Instinctively he looked up and saw to his shock, a now red faced wide eyed Noah still holding a video camera pointed down at him. The youth angrily yelled "what the fuck are you doing????"

Noah backed away quickly into his apartment, scared and totally embarrassed. He wanted to hide and was scared Curt would come upstairs and break his door down - he could claim self-defense, but he was clearly guilty of invading Curt's privacy - and his camera now in his possession had all the evidence.

And then with dread Noah remembered the camera that fell on Curt's chest - it was still on and if he checked the stored pictures he would see the shots that Noah took of him naked below - and worse - hundreds of shots of other pictures and several short video clips of Curt without his shirt on outside the apartment complex, at the pool, and in his patio - some with Curt wearing nothing but his underwear. All taken without Curt's consent or knowledge.


With that Curt went inside his apartment and shutting his patio sliding door hard. Noah - too scared to do anything but stay inside his apartment - could hear him downstairs talking loudly to himself cursing for a minute or two, and then he could tell from the muffled sounds that he passed out or fell asleep in his bedroom.

Two days later Noah peeking out of his window carefully, saw Curt , wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and carrying a full backpack and a bulging athletic bag, head to his car get in and leave. He didn't storm out of his apartment in anger from what Noah could tell, but he didn't look happy either.

Noah found out from another neighbor - who didn't know anything about the incident between Noah and Curt - that Curt had notified the apartment complex manager gave notice that he was moving up north 200 or 300 miles to his uncle's or some friend's to take a job that just came open. He had to leave now to take the job, packed the clothes and things he would need immediately for the position - and told the manager he would be back to move the rest of his things out before the end of the month.

Noah breathed a sigh of relief inwardly - no mention at all about his invading Curt's privacy. He wondered if it was a coincidence that Curt was leaving for a new job - or was it because of what he did.

Noah decided it didn't have anything to do with him - though his spying probably sealed the deal. He remembered now that Curt talked to one of the girls at the pool about possibly moving to take a job, though that was weeks ago and nothing specific was said as far as Noah could hear. So that was it.


The rarely used old highway stretched out endlessly, shimmering from the intense heat as Curt pressed the accelerator of his late model Toyota to 95 miles an hour trying to race through the final 200 miles of his journey to a new job and home. He was trying to eat up the miles on this old highway shortcut that was suggested to him by the attendant at an old run down gas station he had to stop at to fill up some 10 miles back.

After driving over 100 miles already on the freeway Curt was bored and tired of the long drive, rapping his fingers impatiently on the arm rest.

For the past 15 minutes his I-Phone stopped working and he remembered the gas station attendant telling him cell phones wouldn't work for the next 80 miles or so. Wonderful Curt thought sarcastically. So no music for the next hour - he never downloaded any to his phone which he just bought a few days earlier. He didn't think to bring any CDs to play in the car's player - and the radio just had static.

The road stretched for miles and miles with virtually no other cars passing by and none behind him. Curt had never driven on this old highway before. Outside the afternoon sun was blistering heating the valley to 104 degrees with high humidity. The handsome 22 year old youth was getting worried about his car's AC - it seemed to be going on and off for the last 30 minutes - and he started hearing a slight weird noise from the engine. His car had needed some minor repairs before he decided to move from his apartment to take a job almost 200 miles away. But this noise was different. He hadn't heard it before - and he was really good about noticing things like that about his car.

That noise started happening after he filled up at that old gas station at the junction of the freeway and old highway.

The station at first looked like it was closed and had a run down appearance that clearly was not your modern gas station with a mini-store. No, it was more like those rickety two pump gas stations in the desert that you would see in those horror movies where a car full of teenagers would roll in acting stupid before getting killed, Curt thought.

The attendant looked to be in his late 40's, overweight and while greasy looking he seemed to Curt harmless enough. The heavy set man lumbered out of the small air conditioned room with a small dirty couch and recliner chair that served as a place for the attendant to rest and wait until the next customer. Seeing Curt out of the car next to the pump, the man quickly walked over to the boy, who was ready to remove the gas pump handle.

He told Curt this wasn't a "self serve" station and that he would pump the gas for him. He also mentioned that he would also check his oil and water under the hood - services that Curt didn't expect at a station like this - or actually any station anywhere. At first Curt was going to decline, thinking he might charge him extra, but the older man said there was no charge - it was just part of the job.

"You wanna make sure your fluids are right, especially the coolant in this heat young fella," the gas attendant said. He pointed to the back of the station when Curt asked where the restroom was "it's way in the back there...on the other side of the building. There's a soda machine in the office in front there young fella," the man said pointing now to the small room he just came from.

Curt cocked his head slightly at the phrase "young fella", which he hadn't heard very much before, but murmured "thanks man" and slowly trudged off to the restroom in the back of the station.

For some reason Curt felt the man staring at him as he walked away, but when he turned around to look back, the attendant seemed busy working on Curt's car. Oh well, must be the heat getting to me Curt thought as he turned to walk to the restroom, scratching his damp armpit.

He walked slowly along the dirt pathway trying not to get his Vans dirty. The pathway went from the front the station to the surprisingly long width of the building, and then on to the side of the back where the restrooms were. He turned the corner and was surprised to see a large forbidding barnlike structure with giant doors that were chained shut. The structure was hidden by a clump of trees that hid it from the front area of the station. It couldn't be seen directly from the road either. The old building seemed to serve as a garage or something, judging from the packed dirt driveway leading from the barn-like doors to the main road, but it looked abandoned.

Strange, Curt thought, but he felt another wave of heat and humidity and the thought passed quickly. He trudged on the dirt pathway to the back of the station, reaching the metal white door of the men's restroom.

Curt held his breath expecting a rush of foul smells - the usual condition of restrooms of rundown old gas stations like this. But the restroom, though not air conditioned and like an oven inside, didn't have a bad odor at all, and to Curt's surprise was very clean, well lit and modern. It seemed totally out of place for this gas station, but Curt didn't give two seconds about that, being just surprised and happy that he didn't have to contend with a stinking filthy bathroom.

Even though he was outside from his air conditioned car just for the past few minutes, the oven like heat and humidity already caused his t-shirt and jeans to become extremely damp with his heavy perspiration, making him feel uncomfortable.

He stood at the urinal, taking out his 7 inch limp uncut tube of meat, pulling his foreskin back a little and pissed while scratching the back of his head, wishing he was in his old apartment pool. His dick felt sweaty and sticky on his fingers from the intense heat and humidity and hated feeling that way. Shaking the last dribbles of piss from his cock as he always did Curt then in an absent minded way, stroked the flaccid dick a few times, the sweat providing some lubrication, liking the feeling, wishing that there was some girl around to fuck.

Curt hadn't fucked in three days since he had a twosome with two hot girls who lived in the same apartment complex. That was unusual for Curt to go without sex that long. He noticed his dick a little more longer and flaccid and his balls hanging more loose and further down in his scrotum as it always did when it was hot or in a Jacuzzi. He liked that effect, but he hated this heat - especially the humidity. He sighed and stopped stroking, stuffing his slightly engorged penis back into his boxer briefs and jeans. He sniffed his fingers for a second, and was revolted by the intense male genital sweaty odor and reminded himself that he would definitely need to take a long hot shower before he hooked up with any girl tonight.

He walked over to the sink, turning on the cold water, which was warm, and washed his hands thoroughly. He looked at the surprisingly clean mirror and then threw water on his face and ran his wet fingers through his sweaty head of short brown hair and saw how damp his t-shirt now was from the heat and humidity. His jeans and boxer briefs too, but there was nothing he could do about that right now.

Feeling hot and miserable, Curt pulled off the sweat soaked t-shirt, hanging it on the paper towel dispenser next to the sink. He stared in the mirror, critically looking at his chest and abs, and cupped his hands under the luke warm water running from the faucet wishing it would get colder. It stayed warm, and Curt sighed, throwing it on his face, rubbing his face. His face dripping, Curt stared at his reflection in the mirror and then threw water and rubbing it briskly on his muscled chest and flat stomach, and under his hairy brown armpits before wiping dry his body with several paper towels.

He picked up his t-shirt and rinsed it under the running water and then twisted the cloth several times wringing it out. He smelled the shirt noting that at least it didn't smell as sour with his sweat as before, and then stuck a part of the end so the shirt hung from the back of his jeans.

He looked in the mirror, using his hands and fingers to comb his short hair in place, and thinking that all in all he looked pretty good for a fuckin awful day like this. The reflection in the mirror showed a young handsome man, with sharply defined muscled pecs crowned by quarter-sized salmon colored nipples, with an impressive 8 pack abs and flat stomach centered by a concave belly button. He lazily flexed both arms and torso staring back at the mirror for a second, before slapping his stomach and using another towel to dry off his armpits again.

"You need a fuckin shower dude," Curt said to himself looking one more time at the mirror, stretching his muscled arms up yawning.

He remembered that there were plenty of hot girls at his new job - and he couldn't wait to drop by when he arrived later tonight and pick one up for a long fuck session. Curt felt pretty horny, but knew his looks could get him any girl, and smiled at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscled torso, grabbed his crotch to adjust his junk and then opened the door, somewhat refreshed, walking out with a little bit of his usual frat boy type swagger back to his car. Yeah, he'd get some pussy tonight for sure - that would be his reward for this long fuckin drive, he thought.

The overweight gas attendant, finished with Curt's car, was standing next to the pump looking at the shirtless boy approach slowly from the restroom, as if he knew when he would come out. He seemed to Curt to have an odd smile, almost a smirk which vanished quickly.

"Pretty hot inside that bathroom. Sorry we don't have air conditioning," the gas station attendant mentioned to Curt. For a second Curt thought the attendant seemed to be zeroing in on his bare chest - though it was hard to tell for sure because he was now wearing sun glasses.

He told Curt he added just a half quart of oil and some coolant - on the house. Curt grinned - the first break he's had in this long trip so far, thanking the man, and paid him in cash for the gas. Curt normally would have used his debit card but the man said his card reader didn't work. Lucky for Curt he had the $32 in cash to pay for the gas, taking the money out of his wallet from his jeans. He apologized that the bills were slightly damp from his sweat, " know the heat....".

"Don't bother me a bit as long as its real money," he said smiling a little, taking the money and putting the wad of bills in his shirt pocket. He seemed to Curt to be staring intently at his shirtless chest and stomach.

"You got a nice build there young fella. You an athlete or something?" the attendant asked, looking at Curt through his sun glasses rather intently.

" wrestling...." Curt replied, though not sensing anything odd about the attendant's remark. Curt knew he did look good, like a professional athlete. The gas station attendant - middle aged , overweight and out of shape, was just being nice and maybe even envious, Curt thought. Well, he got a lot of that type of reaction in college from other people.

Still, the attendant did seem to be staring at him a little longer than what would be considered polite, Curt thought. On the other hand, this station probably got only occasional visits from passer-bys off the freeway, being several miles from it. I'm probably the only customer this guy will have all day Curt thought who remembered he would have passed up the place himself if he wasn't on empty and didn't see the run-down sign off the freeway.

The attendant asked where Curt was headed - and then mentioned that the old highway - pointing in the opposite direction of the freeway - would cut his travel time by at least 45 minutes "more depending on how fast you drive young fella. I drive that all the time and save at least that time and more. Its fast and safe - no highway patrol and almost no other drivers either," he said. "There's a small little town down that highway some. It's a fast drive young fella."

Curt, who hated to drive and dreaded how far he still had to go, lit up on hearing about the short-un-cut. He had never driven on the old highway before - but he could see from the gas station it was still a functioning road. It dipped and then rose and went straight down the valley as far as the eye could see. Forty-five minutes was huge. But with still nearly 200 miles still to go, Curt was open to anything that would cut down the travel time and seemed to the old man eager to take the old highway short un-cut.

"Really? Straight down the highway? Forty-five minutes - man, that's incredible!"Curt remarked, staring at the long straight road - and then turned around and looked at the freeway and then back again at the old highway. Like most younger people who depended on Google maps for directions to get anywhere, Curt's own sense of direction on the road was almost non-existent unless he was extremely vigilant about following the road signs. He thought for a second, scratching his head, turning again to look at the freeway in the distance and then again at the old highway stretching out.

The overweight attendant just stared at the shirtless boy as Curt shifted his weight from one hip to the other, showing more of his underwear waistband, trying to decide. Curt thought he heard the man sigh as he turned to look at him.

The thought vanished as Curt looked back at the man, coming to a decision.

"Never took that highway before. But I'll take your word for it...I mean you're from here and you know. Yeah, I'll definitely take it. I'll bet I'll get there in an hour if I go 90. Thanks man!" Curt said, turning and then bending to pick up his keys that he dropped on the floor of his car. As he did, the dark blue waist band of his boxer briefs were exposed riding high over his tight skinny jeans damp from his sweat clinging to his skin. Curt noticed the old man seemed to be staring even more intently at him.

The gas station attendant smiled slightly, nodded, and just nodded, saying "that short cut will save you lots of time. Drive carefully now young fella" and just continued to look in Curt's direction. There was something about his look. It wasn't threatening or creepy. Curt searched his mind and realized the look was similar to the look his dad got. Was it the look he gave when he fished? No. Then he remembered - it was the look he got when he hunted. When he spotted a deer. Well his dad was also an alcoholic drug addict, so what does that mean? The gas attendant dude doesn't see people much here and that makes him stare at people. Well, maybe he's a hunter too Curt wondered, but then quickly dismissed any further thought as the heat and humidity seemed to rise.

He jumped into his car, carefully laying out his damp t-shirt that he rinsed in the restroom on the seat to dry out and then turned to politely half wave at the attendant, as he drove a little away from the station lot gas pumps.

The attendant watched the car reach the road, as it paused, idling. The boy inside seemed to vacillate for second or two about which direction to go, even though he said he would take the old highway shortcut. Another few seconds and Curt's car still paused, the boy looking back at the freeway and then again at the old highway. Another few seconds went by, and the gas station attendant could see the boy looking down, as if reading something, looking up, briefly again looking back at the freeway, and then again at the old highway. A few more seconds went by as the boy stared straight ahead as if in thought.

Suddenly the Toyota quickly turned left, speeding onto the old highway instead of the freeway.

The old man still stood outside, staring at the car and the young handsome man in it, breathing now a sigh of relief. The old man wasn't 100% sure the boy would take his unsolicited advice about the old highway short-cut. Seemed like a skittish colt the gas attendant thought. Could have gone either way. But he didn't. They almost never do. He stared at the car speeding down the old highway, now just a speck miles away. He smirked, looking at his watch, and then grinned.

He turned to head back to the small office room to make a phone call.

As Curt sped down the straight highway, he wondered briefly if that old gas station attendant was a faggot. He stared at Curt's body like the way a dude would look at a hot chick. Well, Curt couldn't be totally sure because the attendant was wearing dark glasses. Maybe, Curt thought, he was just being paranoid after what happened at his apartment complex two days before.

His quick decision to move was in large part because of the discovery two days earlier that his neighbor in the upstairs apartment had been stalking him, taking pictures and videos of him and God knows what else.

That guy two days earlier peeked over his second floor apartment balcony looking down on him, Curt remembered, as he lay passed out on his patio recliner naked - the only time he ever did that - after drinking too much. The freak was taking video and pictures of his nude body until one of his digital cameras fell below on Curt's chest, suddenly waking him. Curt cursed the guy out who backed away from his balcony.

Curt kept his camera and then discovered to his disgust thousands of pictures and short video clips of him that dated from the past several months. Nearly all of him shirtless. Laying out near the apartment pool or working out in the rec room or walking around the complex. Or lying in his patio catching some rays. Some photos focused close-ups of his butt or crotch. Short videos of his scratching his junk or butt. Pictures and short video of Curt getting out of the Jacuzzi showing his swim trunks clinging to his body showing the outline of his ass and genitals. It was frightening to think that someone had followed him around for so long. Curt couldn't believe it. His neighbor - that creep - had stalked him for months. Maybe longer. Maybe he had other cameras. What the fuck, Curt thought in disbelief, enraged again that his privacy was so violated.

True, he had been thinking of moving to take the job for a couple of weeks now but discovery of that freak upstairs stalking him - in Curt's view - forced a quick decision to relocate. His decision came so fast that he left packing only the clothes he would definitely need, including a week's change of underwear and socks, shoes - leaving the rest of his things to be moved at the end of the month. He didn't have many things to begin with, living rather sparingly as a college student. He didn't want to spend one more day than necessary in that apartment or the apartment complex knowing that guy was there and could be taking pictures of him or snooping on him.

Still, after being outraged at the invasion of his privacy and creepiness of being stalked and having photos and videos taken of him without his knowledge, a tiny part of Curt was sort of flattered - though he didn't admit that to himself. It was a guy after all who was stalking him - a faggot - and Curt certainly was not. What was his name? Neil? Norbert?

Sounded like that. Noah? was Noah. Dude always creeped me out for some reason even before that camera fell on him, Curt remembered. Always seemed to be around the pool or sauna or rec room when he was there. Well, now he knew why. Fuckin stalking me Curt thought angrily.

Now speeding down the old highway, already ten miles away from the gas station, Curt thought about that gas station attendant staring at his chest - and then remembered all those pictures on the camera taken by Noah. He was amazed how much that guy was infatuated with his body. Some of the pictures Curt thought he actually might keep - they were pretty good shots of him shirtless showing his muscles and didn't look posed - which of course none of them were.

He wondered for a second what that guy would have wanted to do to him. That freak probably wanted to suck him off. Or maybe wanted Curt to punk his faggot ass - or worse maybe he wanted to fuck Curt's butt. Fuck NO! Not a chance that Curt would have ever let that happen. Not for money. Not for anything. Never. The very thought of another guy touching him or sucking his dick - or Curt doing any of those things to another guy was totally incomprehensible and repulsed him.

Besides, he got enough action to take care of his needs from chicks. Even the ugliest girl would be better. He would never seek or want another dude to touch him. Ever. No way another guy could get him off or get him hard. Fuck that.

Still, as he sped down the old highway - not another car in sight in either direction, Curt frowned to himself looking at himself in the rearview mirror. He couldn't believe how much that guy in the upstairs apartment was so infatuated with his body. All those pictures of him shirtless, focusing on his junk. His junk. His ass. Fuck. The dude fuckin worshiped my body and probably wanted to suck me off. Sick. Sick. Fuckin obsessed. More than any of the girls he fucked. Well, glad to be away from him Curt thought. What a freak. And then Curt looked down for a second at and realized his bulge in his jeans seemed to become more engorged and larger. Shit, he thought. I fuckin boned thinking about this sick shit. He rubbed it as if to reassure his straight dick that he understood. I fuckin need some pussy bad he moaned to himself.

His thoughts were suddenly jarred by a sudden noise from the engine, wisps of smoke from the hood and the red engine light flashing on his dashboard.

"Fuck!!!!" he yelled to himself in the car, as he drove the sputtering vehicle over to the side of the highway.


They roamed aimlessly around the countryside on a hot humid day, half heartedly looking for their next victim.

They had a short list -as they always did - of prospective candidates that they had been stalking over the past several weeks (including video surveillance) but sometimes they would roam the streets and country roads for someone entirely new. None of them really expected to see anyone interesting - but in the past ever so often they got lucky. Their dicks got hard just thinking about the three different young straight guys they picked up and abducted this way in the past two weeks or so. They had several scouts in different areas that helped spot potential prey. Other times they caught their prey in more targeted methods. But to them, it was sometimes fun and exciting to hunt and catch what they jokingly referred to as "free range organic prey". But it didn't always pan out. They could search for hours on end and not find anyone, or if they did, not the type of guy that had the looks or build to meet their lowest standards. But when they did, the sighting and the eventual abduction was even more prized and exciting.

For the past hour and half they didn't see anyone - and were almost ready to give up and try looking for prey around the bars and clubs in the city later that night. And then they got a call on their satellite cell phone.

Ahead a few miles away would be the perfect Adonis either walking along the road or waiting inside his car.

Within minutes they past a car that broke down - the make and model matched the one reported by the scout.

Further ahead they saw a tiny figure on the right hand side trudging along.

They sped up fast in the van quickly gobbling up the miles and catching up to the walking figure. They couldn't believe their eyes. Even from only seeing his shirtless back covered partially by a backpack, and bubble butt covered by tight jeans, he clearly was to them the perfect Adonis that their scout said he was. He would be paid handsomely for his work.

Now gliding the van just a few yards away, they honked, seeing the young tanned shirtless man, with a backpack strapped to his back, holding an athletic bag, wearing just low slung jeans with a black wide belt, wearing vans shoes, and a baseball cap backwards like a frat boy and sunglasses. A white t shirt hung from the back of his jeans.

Startled at the noise, the young shirtless man turned around, his right hand raised above his eyes to block the blazing sun so he could see, exposing his hairy sweaty armpit.

Even from a distance they could tell he was hot - the classic good-looking, lean and muscled young man, definitely young and definitely their perfect next victim to be abducted and raped. To them he looked built not like a bull - but like some sleek muscled predator who went after females - a cheetah perhaps. Now this walking stud - this predator of pussy - was in their trap - or soon would be.

Most of all, they could see a promising large bulge that clearly advertised that he was packing an enormous mouth-watering tube of pure straight boy cock. They could see the enormous bulge shift left and right as he walked, noting that it looked like he possessed a large and thick piece of meat that was pointed downwards towards his left thigh. They noticed his jeans were visibly damp with heavy sweat clinging to his skin, clearly showing his muscled bubble butt and ass crack - as if it was a second skin. It looked almost lewd and done on purpose to attract attention. But of course it wasn't. His shuffling slow walk to the passenger window side of the van clearly looked desperate from the heat.

Close-up he was even more good-looking, with a look and manner to the guys in the van that was at once charmingly boyish, yet so stunningly handsome that it intimidated both guys and girls not blessed with such attributes. They knew this straight boy wouldn't normally give them the time of day if it wasn't for the fact he needed them.

The guys in the van couldn't believe their good luck. It was like hunting for the perfect prey - and discovering it was looking for them.

A Christian religious logo and Bible text was displayed prominently on the side this particular "abduction" van, designed to disarm most of their hapless straight boy prey who figured the guys inside were no threat to them. It almost - with 1 exception in the past - always worked. The van was one of a fleet of such "abduction" vehicles with different logos, designs and coloring. The fleet included two large u-haul type small trucks.

They slowed and stopped just behind of the walking shirtless muscled boy. The boy stopped walking, and slowly turned around, staring at the front of the van that also had the Christian logo on it. Standing still now, shifting his weight to one hip, he took off his dirty baseball cap, exposing his very damp armpit hair and scratched his head, running his fingers through his brownish blonde hair matted down with sweat as if to comb it before making an appearance. He stuck the baseball cap in the back of his pants pocket and slowly walked over to the passenger side of the van, his tanned pecs and 8 pack abs looking like it was flexing on his torso as he did.

Beads of heavy sweat on his forehead and face, the young man looked at the van, stared back the guy in the passenger seat with the van window rolled down. Jesse was in the passenger side and said hi to the boy and then offered a ride. It was miles away before the next town or even to a gas station and hardly any traffic on the road Jesse told the boy. They were headed for a prayer meeting in the next town, some 15 miles down the road and could drop him off there - it was no trouble, and in fact, part of their ministry to help stranded boys. If the shirtless muscled youth was thinking clearly and not so desperate for help, he would have wondered about Jesse's line about helping "stranded boys". Stranded people. Folks. But just boys? But he didn't wonder a second about that odd line - he was too grateful about being offered a ride.

It was hard for the guys in the van not to stare at the boy's sculpted chest and muscled ribbed abs and his quarter sized dark nipples as he stood in front of their vehicle and then walked slowly to the open passenger window. He clearly worked out - but his body and face still retained a youth, lean, natural appearance - as if his muscles came from work on the proverbial farm.

They loved his sexy belly button that curled inwards and the light dusting of dark hairs - his treasure trail. He had a heavy patch of hair under both arm pits and to the guys in the van, the boy's tight jeans seemed to grip the his muscled bubble butt, thighs and calves as he stood there and then turned to wait for the van side door to open.

The van door slid open and he was greeted with a full rush of cold air from the vehicle's air conditioning. It felt good on his sweaty body that was just minutes away from being sun burned and he stood there for a moment enjoying the relief of cold air. The guys in the van stared caught up in the rapture of such an incredibly beautiful young man. They guessed him to be 19, maybe in his early 20's but definitely not more than 23 years. He was perfect. 

It was all they could do to restrain themselves from attacking the shirtless muscled youth and raping him right then and there. He seemed to them hesitating for a second. He was like a prized young stag sniffing around, slightly wary before entering the kill-zone.

He realized he had no other choice and jumped in. The shirtless hitchhiking boy though felt no fear or apprehension about the guys in the van. To him, sweaty and tired from the walking, the guys in the van all were a bit on the nerdy geeky side, and none appeared to have anywhere near the muscles or athletic build that he possessed. They seemed harmless enough.

He had made that calculation even before jumping inside the van in his mind - sizing them up as he always did when meeting other guys. He felt, letting natural frat boy athlete bravado get the best of him, that he could easily take them.

Not realizing how much the heat and desperation of walking for miles without a ride was clouding his judgment, the shirtless muscled boy figured that, though outnumbered, he could if necessary - intimidate his new benefactors from doing anything stupid. To his mind and everything in his past experience, he was always in control, always could get or make others do what he wanted. Though at a disadvantage due to the breakdown of his car, this was really no different.

The tired youth didn't notice the lustful stares - he simply thought they admired his muscled build like others often did - especially those far, far lower on Curt's food chain. They were careful not to stare too overtly and did most of their staring when the handsome shirtless youth wasn't looking. That was easy because one of the guys could always distract his attention by talking to him - which they did to allow the others to stare and examine their shirtless muscled prey.

He loved the cold air on his hot sweating tanned skin after he got in the van and sat down - knees up - leaning against the side. Looking around and seeing further religious type sayings and illustrations on the van wall inside he further surmised to himself that the guys in the van presented absolutely no threat to him and let his guard down almost completely.

He was clearly tired and exhausted - but the cold air was starting to freshen and reinvigorate him, hardening, to his chagrin, his nipples. He just wished now for a nice long hot shower to wash off all his sweat and grime from the long drive - and from the couple of miles he walked after his car broke down. Even the few miles he walked drenched him with sweat because of the intense heat and humidity. He hated being sweaty and dirty. Well, he could deal with that when they hit the next town. He breathed a sigh of relief, closed his long lashed eyes for a second and leaned his head back against the van wall. The gesture was both endearing and extremely sexy to the guys in the van.

"Thanks cell isn't working out here... been walking for a while...thanks..." the handsome young man said gratefully opening his eyes now, looking at his new found "friends".

He was still shirtless, and the guys stared at the brownish hairs peeking out from his armpits, his biceps flexed with his arms folded across his defined mounds of muscled pecs. That chest, the guys in the van observed, was centered by two salmon colored quarter sized nipples, just begging to them to be pinched and sucked. And they stared longingly at his pancake flat belly with a sexy belly button hole, with a wispy treasure trail of brownish hairs down to the top of the waist band of his boxer briefs and jeans. He had only the slightest body fat folds of skin drawn tightly over his impressive 8 pack abs and stomach.

They were fixated on the boy's naked chest and stomach and the large mound between his legs, now scrunched up with his knees up sitting on the van's thick rug cushioned floor. One of the guys - Aaron - moved over from the other side of the van and sat himself right next to their new young passenger their legs touching either other briefly - until the young man almost as a reflex quickly moved his leg away. A little jumpy having another guy touch him, Aaron thought. Oh yeah, they would have a lot of fun with this straight boy.

"No cell phone coverage out here bro," said one of the guys whose name was Aaron. There wasn't - but the guys in the van had cell phones connected by satellite, though none of them mentioned that to the shirtless boy.

Everything about his manner indicated to the guys in the van that this boy was straight as an arrow and they instantly fell in love with his masculine yet boyish voice. He again thanked his new found friends (or so he thought) explaining how fucked up things was for him for the past day.

He was moving to take a new job he said and had already driven 100 miles when his car broke down - and he more or less abandoned it, leaving it on the side of the road a couple of miles back. He'd have to arrange to have it towed once he got to the next town. He was bummed he said because the whole thing was going to delay his starting his new job. What he didn't say was it would also mean he wasn't going to have time at least this evening to hook up with some girl to fuck her brains out. He was horny as hell after not having sex for the past three days - though he wasn't going to tell these religious geeks that. But he was more disappointed about that. He really was horny.

Though normally not talkative, especially with strangers, and especially with THIS type of geeky type strangers, the handsome youth felt obliged to explain his situation and said he was going to work at a restaurant some 200 miles away that a friend owned. He had been walking carrying his stuff in a heavy backpack and an athletic bag for the past 30 minutes and was getting worried that he would be stranded until they came by in the van.

He still felt grungy and hot, though he was now starting to feel the cold air on his body, so that the sweat on his chest and back was drying up. The insides of his pants - especially his crotch - was still damp from sweating in the heat - and the boy hated that feeling. But he didn't mention that.

But with his chest and back almost dry he looked around the van and noticed he was the only one shirtless. Though proud of his body, he felt suddenly felt a little self conscious because the other guys - who were staring at him - were religious and maybe it wasn't cool that he was half naked. He decided quickly to put his shirt back on and reached for his white t-shirt, raising one arm exposing his still sweaty hairy armpit and slipped it back on.

"Oh, you can keep it off if you want," said one of the guys. "Doesn't bother us either way."

"No..I mean...thanks, but it's getting cold anyway, just the way I like it," the handsome young man said, pulling the t-shirt down his front, now covering his torso and stomach.

In fact the guys in the van liked staring at the boy's shirtless torso - though they didn't say that and stared only when the boy wasn't looking. There would be time enough for the boy to realize how much they liked looking at him shirtless - and naked - after he was subdued. That would be soon.

He leaned back against the van wall on the floor and for a moment closed his long lashed eyes from exhaustion and heat. He could feel the cold air now. The guys in the van stared at their prey - loving and resenting everything about him.

"So, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Aaron. That's Jesse. Over there is Daniel and Eric and Bobby. Oh and Joseph there is driving."

"So what's your name bro?" Aaron asked - putting out his hand, still amazed how lucky they were to catch such a handsome beautiful sexy guy on the road. He was movie star Abercrombie/Fitch gorgeous. An incredibly hot straight youth - who was (until a few moments before) shirtless, his flat stomach with his 8 pack abs and a sexy treasure trail of hair from his deep belly button hole and muscled pecs that looked curved from marble centered by two scallop colored quarter sized nipples. Fucking hottest thing they have seen in a long time they all thought.

"Oh...yeah. I forgot to introduce myself too. Sorry about that," he said.

He said his name was Curt.


To the guys in the van the name was perfect -a strong masculine name sounded like the way he looked.

Sharp sounding, defined and strong. Perfect boy. Perfect name.

Soon to be theirs.


As Curt sat back, relieved not to be walking in the hot humid sun anymore, they stared at him -drinking in is physical beauty without seeming to do so - and each inhaled his strong boyish sweat. They could barely wait until that nano second after they restrained him, to fully inspect every part of his sweaty body and to sniff out his sweaty musky scents that seemed to cover each part of it. To them it was like an abduction perfume that pushed their lust for the boy past the point of no return. Not that they needed that. He was a marked man as soon as they saw him.

And little did he know that from the point they were driving up to him, to first talking to him outside the passenger window - and all the time he was in the van, he was being secretly videotaped. Crystal HD clear video fully miked to capture every sound for later use.

He also had no way of knowing that he had fallen into a trap, though not fully closed, with the odds increasingly stacked against him as every second went by. He did not know that that gas station attendant had sabotaged his car when he added special supplements to his radiator coolant, oil and gas that would guarantee the vehicle breaking down within 10 miles of the station down the highway.

Curt didn't know his every move - both outside the station - and inside the restroom was fully video taped and streamed to the guys in the van - and the others at the ranch facility. They saw everything - including his flaccid dick pissing - and the brief moment of Curt stroking it and then sniffing his fingers. They thought it was so incredibly sexy and erotic. The suggested shortcut route was also part of the plan - and as soon as Curt took it - as they knew he most likely would - the gas station attendant, as part of his real job, quickly called the guys in the van to look and pick up their new prey.

Meanwhile, once Curt jumped into the van and they took off, the gas station attendant, with a helper, located his broken down Toyota and towed it quickly back to the old gas station. The car was pushed into the large barn-like structure behind the gas station that served as a garage that they used to completely tear down and disassemble the vehicles of the boys they abducted. The disassembled pieces of the car was crushed together inside the giant garage into a cube and then later hauled away to the ranch, to be buried deep in a large pit. Not a trace would remain - or any trace that it broke down at the spot it was taken. For his reward the attendant -as he always did would receive $5,000 and later, have the opportunity to have two hours to do anything he wanted with Curt. But that was later.

The barn-like structure had several hidden rooms and underground chambers that were often used to also hold abducted young men temporarily. When they were held there, the gas station attendant had a first hand opportunity to torment them, loving especially to tickle torture the shit out of arrogant cocky straight boys, and loving to edge and polish their fuck meats. He and the others who manned the barn-like structure were never allowed to fuck any of the boys held there temporarily - though on occasion if he did find a particularly good prey - he would be invited later to participate in a gang rape of that captive or one of the others captured.  Curt was one of those he would have a chance at.  He licked his lips and groped his crotch thinking of the boy.  He was one handsome find.  But then he remembered another boy was the same name - spelled differently.  Kirk.    

The old fat gas station attendant remembered with a smile a young guy about 27 or so, handsome, but nowhere in the league of the boys and young men his was paid to scout for.  His name was Kirk. Originally from the UK, Kirk was thin though naturally toned with muscles, a flat stomach but no six pack, nicely displayed in a loose white t-shirt and jeans with a thick black belt.  He wore wire framed glasses like a hipster, that accented a nice looking cute smooth narrow jawed face topped with short brownish hair.   

His car broke down at his station - the scout had nothing to do with that.  This boy wasn't one of their targets for the "Facility". But he immediately liked what he saw, wondering how big the boy's cock was, and assumed, being from the UK, that it was uncut.  

The youth had an arrogant attitude and short temper - at least to the gas station attendant, in large part because the attendant wanted to provoke him, which he found easy to do and did so immediately, having already decided he would be abducted for his own personal fun.

The car made a sputtering loud noise and died completely in front of the gas station garage doors that were closed.  Getting out of his two door car, the young man from the UK approached the gas station attendant, who was standing leaning against the gas pumps.

"You headed to that gay pride thing up north?" the gas station attendant asked the British young man, knowing - and hoping - that the boy probably wasn't gay, but correctly guessing the assumption he was gay would set him off.  

"What??? What the fuck? I'm not gay!!!!"  Kirk said in an almost angry voice to the attendant.  

"Hmmm. Sorry. I just thought..." the gas station attendant replied back, smiling, sounding as if he didn't believe him.

Kirk glared back at him, furious, cutting him off.  

"Well, you thought wrong!!! I don't want to waste anymore time here, okay? I need my car fixed. Or towed. Right now." he said in a rude voice.  

The old fat gas station attendant loved the arrogant angry attitude of this young man, especially with his British accent.  This was a boy whose attitude and body just begged to be tied up and tormented the attendant thought, licking his lips, knowing the boy's fate was sealed.  Keep it up, the attendant thought, I love your demanding arrogant attitude.  He grew hard thinking how he and his partner would tie this cocky youth up and make his arrogant voice hoarse with screams from tickle torture, non-stop edging and cock polishing. He thought about how he would pull back the foreskin of this boy - he assumed he had one being from the UK - and would take glee in polishing that ultra sensitive knob. He wouldn't stop and he surmised that Kirk would provide him and his partner with hours of healthy screams of a fit young man.  

The gas station attendant told Kirk that the gas station had no one who could fix it or tow it. 

"You're outa luck boy." he said almost in a joking way, grinning. 

The gas station attendant kept provoking the boy, wanting a reaction, with continued indifferent responses, sounding like a very bad airport security officer.

"What the fuck???? What kind of fucking gas station is this????" Kirk yelled, angry at the old man's attitude.

The gas station attendant liked the boy's British accent even more as he got more demanding and angry.  It gave the boy a sort of naive arrogant sense of entitlement that the gas station attendant found both amusing and erotic.  Amusing because it was just a matter of time now that he would be pounced on and tied up. Erotic because it built up a huge desire in the gas station attendant and his partner to punish and torment the UK youth as a consequence, wanting to see his reactions after he was stripped naked against his will.  The gas station attendant finalized his decision to capture this boy.  While Kirk wasn't the right looking guy for what he was paid to scout for, the UK youth was just right for him and his partner, who also worked at the gas station.  

They would have fun with the boy in the barn-like structure and then dispose of him a few days later by selling him to a trio of mountain type men who they had done business with before.  It wasn't a business that his benefactors, who paid him handsomely to be a scout,  would like.  But it wasn't something he told them about.  It was his business and personal pleasure and they had no control over this personal pursuits, or so he thought.  

While lost for a few seconds in those thoughts, the old fat gas station attendant returned his attention back to the UK young man who grew even more angry and arrogant. The youth cursed  out the gas station attendant after he refused to let the boy use his phone to make a call for a tow truck.  The youth's cell phone wasn't working.  

"Not my problem asshole," the old fat attendant told the angry young man, deliberately provoking him further, loving his reaction - knowing he would soon make him pay dearly for it.  

Angry, Kirk decided to walk several miles back up to the freeway, cursing at the gas station attendant.  Meanwhile, the station's other worker, a large hulking middle aged man, came up slowly behind the youth.  The youth turned quickly around, and muttered "what the fuck do you want???"  

As he turned, the old fat gas station attendant came quickly to the boy, grabbing him and throwing him down the ground as he yelled and fought furiously.  The gas station attendant, despite his age and girth, was surprisingly - to the youth - strong.  The other worker kneeled down, and quickly put a heavy cloth, soaked with chloroform, and after a minute or so, knocked the boy out.  

They carried the boy into their large truck and brought him into the barn-like structure, groping at his bulge and chest, giggling all the way with excitement.  The partner towed Kirk's broken down car into the barn-like structure, while the fat old gas station attendant dragged and then carried the boy into one of the sound proofed side rooms.  He tied the boy up to a St. Andrew's type cross, using leather cuffs and rope.  The passed out was now spreadeagle on the cross and helpless.  

The gas station attendant loved the moment Kirk woke up, startled, bewildered and then furious.  He loved how straight boys always made demands when they were helpless like that.  The youth from the UK was no different and in fact seemed even more arrogant and demanding.  The cursing from the boy was unbelievable and highly erotic for the gas station attendant and his partner who now rejoined him.  

"WHAT THE FUCK????!!!! LET ME THE FUCK GO RIGHT NOW!!!!" he yelled.

They stared at the boy, and then proceeded, without answering him, to rip strip every piece of his clothes off his body, using their hands, and scissors, as he yelled even louder, furious at what they were doing.  

"NO!!!  WHAT THE FUCK??? SHIT!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!! GET THE FUCK AWAY!!!!" Kirk screamed at them, trying to twist and turn his tightly tied up lean body.

When they got to his boxers, they each pulled at the waist band, ripping it to shreds, exposing his limp uncut five inch cock and walnut sized balls hidden in a tight ball sack.  He had a nice halo of brownish hairs above his cock that also dusted his balls and the sides of his sides - and down his legs.  He was beautiful - though no where in the league of Curt or the others they targeted in their scouting.  But he was beautiful enough for the gas station attendant and his partner.  They would feast on his lean twinkish body.

Kirk cursed at them, screaming, calling them faggots, homos, queers and demanded to let him go.  Loving his British accent, they grinned back at him like hyenas and instantly assaulted his body - every inch, with their tongues, mouths, hands and fingers.  His ears were drilled with fingers, tongues and nibbled by their teeth. His small pinkish dark nipples were sucked and pulled as he yelped and cursed at them.  They each took turns swallowing whole his entire cock, and then balls, sucking and then edging the shaft slowly to full hardness with their hands and fingers, using generous amounts of lube.  The boy from the UK could not believe guys - especially faggots as he called them - were making him hard against his will.  What the fuck he yelled and cursed at them even more as his impressive 7 inch hard dick waved back and forth.  

They tickled torture the boy without mercy, after polishing the head of his dick over and over for hours.  After hours of edging they made him cum against his will - still defiant, still cursing at them, but in disbelief he shot his load.  But it wasn't done for him.  They continued stroking his shaft and polishing the knob, using his hot spooge as lube as the boy - who never before experienced post-orgasm tormenting - now experienced it by two sadists who would never stop.  Over and over until he got hard again and shot another load.  More post-orgasm cock polishing as he screamed and cursed.  More tickle torture of his pits, sides and torso and feet as he descended into shrieks of laughter, more cursing and finally breaking down into sobs.  

They each fucked his virgin tight ass, the fat gas station attendant taking his cherry slowly as Kirk, the boy from the UK, screamed from the awful pain. It was pure music to his tormentors, who raped the boy's virgin ass - no longer virgin - over and over through the night, slapping his milky white asscheeks.  They shoved their fingers into his tight clenching hole, exploring it thoroughly, finding and then rubbing his prostate without mercy as Kirk struggled desperately, yelling.  To his shock and dismay, the rubbing of his prostate caused his straight boy uncut cock to lengthen and swell again, and within moments, shoot another load against his will as he yelled out in a babble of gibberish and cursing that ended in a sob.  They kept up the rubbing of his prostate and then rubbed and polished his ultra sensitive cockhead, wet with his sperm.  Kirk's eyes rolled back as his body thrashed, shrieking.  The sensation was too much.   

The boy's ordeal last two full days of endless tickle torture, raping of his ass, endless edging and post-orgasm tormenting of his knob.  They shoved increasingly larger dildos up his tight ass, including a 20 inch huge dildo that vibrated.  They tormented him with electro torture on his balls and cock, and then a metal probe attached to the electro unit, causing him to shriek. They spent hours on and off using pinwheels everywhere on Kirk's lean tormented body. 

His defiance was finally broken, though he still resisted somewhat.  He was sold to three mountain men named Georgie, Elias and Jonas and taken away.  What they did to him, the old fat gas station attendant later learned, was even worse what they had done.  He smiled at that memory and wished he could have been there at their large cabin in the mountains to witness that arrogant UK boy being tormented by those three huge mountain men.  He promised himself that he would visit them to see how Kirk was doing - and maybe have another chance at tormenting him. 

The old fat gas station attendant smiled again at the memory, adjusting and then groping his crotch again before returning back into the station office.  

Curt of course knew none of that - and would have been truly horrified if he did.

The guys in the van continued to act in a way to totally disarm Curt - though some of their actions aroused some unspoken curious thoughts in the boy.

After seeing Curt shirtless and sweating from the intense humid heat outside, they offered him an unopened can of beer. Curt saw that they were all drinking beer from cans and briefly thought it was weird that religious guys like these were drinking like this - they definitely weren't Mormons he thought.

But that thought vanished quickly as he got comfortable seating in the air conditioned van, his aching muscles relaxing finally after walking so long. He was thirsty and reached for the can of beer, discreetly noting that the ice cold container was new and unopened. He eagerly opened the can, without further hesitation, and gulped it down in two swallows and forgetting for a second where he was he gave a loud frat boy burp. He suddenly remembered who he was with. His handsome face growing red with embarrassment, Curt apologized for the gulping of his beer and the loud burp to his new found friends explaining he was so thirsty after walking in the heat. They all laughed and told him not to worry - they understood, one or two of them briefly touching him on his bare sweaty shoulder and knee in a friendly way. They offered him another beer, which he eagerly accepted, again discreetly checking to see it was unopened and drank it - though a little slower than the first.

What Curt didn't know was that each can in the special cooler (for their prey only - they drank from cans coming already out), had a pinhole where a liquid form of roofies was put into the drink via a syringe. Not enough to totally knock him out - but to immobilize him completely. When he finished the beer, the boy clearly was buzzed - more so than he would be from just drinking one beer.

Curt drank up the second and put the empty can down. He burped quietly covering his mouth this time, smiling lazily, wanting to actually nap. He didn't realize how tired he was from the walking and the heat and the previous 1-1/2 hour of driving he did before his car broke down.

The guys in the van started asking Curt several standard questions of who he was and what he did and where he was going. Nothing at this point that would arouse any concern or suspicion on the part of Curt.

Though getting tired and feeling more and more buzzed from the beers, Curt talked a bit about his background, saying he played baseball and wrestled and modestly said he was pretty good at both. He closed his eyes for a second, rubbing them wit his hands and then running his right hand through his hair as if to help him feel more alert. He opened his eyes and smiled back at the guys sitting next to him and across from him.

"Yeah, well, you got the build still for it." Daniel said to him as nonchalant and casual as possible to make it sound that he - and the others - were not sexually attracted to his body.

But he said it - and Curt took it - as a form of obvious admiration. He was after all wearing only a t-shirt that was damp with his body sweat so that anyone could see almost through the tight fabric that clung to his torso and arms. He clearly had a nice muscled athletic body. He was proud of his body - and looks - and part of his arrogance was that he expected those compliments.

"Hey man, thanks. Yeah...well...I try to keep in shape still," Curt said blushing a little, smiling with a hint of conceit and pride.

They knew from previous experience in abducting their many victims that they had to be careful about talking about a guy's build or looks that could arouse suspicion or put their guard up. The drug still had a few minutes more to take effect - and until then, he could still fight back and maybe get lucky and somehow successfully resist them.

Curt didn't realize that he had just minutes before his freedom would be gone.

The guys in the van all liked toying with their prey - saying things that would hint on their true intent - and seeing how slow it would take for their prey to catch on. They never did - until it was too late. But it was still - for the guys - part of the thrill of stalking and final abduction.

They were close to that point - very close.

Bobby, suddenly moved from one side of the van to sit to the right side of Curt . At 6 feet 5 inches he was taller than Curt but a much smaller build that, with the baggy hoodie and jeans looked more bones than any muscle. The baggy clothes actually hid a muscular frame that could - strength-wise be a match to Curt's.

Curt only saw a very tall skinny guy who had the personality that seemed like the obnoxious nerdy types from high school and college that he had no desire or reason to have any contact with. Now he was forced to. And now Bobby's thigh and legs touched Curt, in what looked like an innocent move - though Curt immediately shifted his butt and body over to immediately break the contact as if his body was touched by an exposed live electric wire.

Curt wasn't sure - and his mind was getting foggy from being tired and the heat he assumed - but he thought he caught Bobby staring at his crotch very intently with that sort of glint in a person's eyes that usually meant intense interest.

Though the alcohol was creating a growing warm buzz that started to make him a little dizzy and tired, Curt quickly moved his own hands so it rested covering his crotch. though he tried to act as if it was just a natural shifting of his body.

Curt, even with his mind in a haze he didn't like other guys - especially nerdy ones - sitting so close and staring at his junk, even if he was wearing underwear and jeans. He remembered for a brief second that guy upstairs where he lived for the past year, who took all those nasty pictures and videos of him and stared at him just like how Bobby was doing now.

"Girls must be at your fuckin door all the time" Bobby said in a worshipful manner, leaning toward Curt and putting his hand on his right bicep, squeezing it lightly a couple of times, marveling at its size and feel.

The touching - though done at first in a seemingly "guy type" locker-room way of comparing muscles - made Curt feel instantly uncomfortable. Bobby's fingers seemed to stay on his muscle and arm several seconds longer than what Curt thought would be normal for another male to just to compare, feeling invasive and it made him feel creepy. The other guys in the van didn't try to touch him or stare at him like Bobby as far as he could tell (though they did when he wasn't looking). Curt, in a quick reflex move, pulled his arm away to abruptly break off the touching. He hoped Bobby or the others wouldn't notice how fast he pulled his arm away.

" Yeah, well...what can I say?" Curt said in a forced joking way, feeling more buzzed and tired and feeling slightly uncomfortable with Bobby sitting just inches away.

He closed his eyes for a second, another strong warm buzz feeling overtaking him, and then, eyes still closed, smiled knowingly putting out his hand with a thumbs up chuckling.

To his relief, Bobby didn't try to touch him again and Curt wrote the whole thing off to just envy, given how slight Bobby's build - though he had to be several inches taller than me Curt thought.

Curt shut out for a second Bobby's creepy like stares and more invasive type personal questions (like how many girls did he sleep with, how many at one time) trying to cut off further questions with a reply "oh man...many....if the price was right," with his bottom lip curled Clinton-like trying to act like he was joking. He closed his eyes again, turning his head from Bobby trying to signal an end to the conversation. He was getting more annoyed with Bobby invading his personal space physically and with his non-stop intimate questions.

He had no choice, he thought, but to humor this guy and his "new friends" until they got to the next town. He decided definitely that he would find other means of help when they got there and would get away fast from these guys, especially Bobby. Still, Curt didn't fear any of the guys in the van - he was just annoyed and creeped out by Bobby and to a lesser extent by the others

Curt closed his long lashed eyes again briefly to block out the fawning looks of Bobby. Bobby, inhaled the heavy pungent scent of Curt's body - his manly sweat and other odors that intoxicated him - and the others - with growing lust. This boy was too fuckin beautiful, sexy, and - arrogant they all thought. Yeah, they would soon correct that attitude.

But for now Bobby, who was really infatuated with Curt's body and personality beyond his job to abduct good-looking straight boys, was also playing the role that he always was designated to do: provoke and tease their prey just a little bit to make him feel slightly creeped out and uncomfortable while the others acted "normal".

"You know, after being out there so long in the heat, do you want to change into some other pants you have? You can change in the back there (pointing to the back of the van, where the doors were locked and had no windows). You'd feel better," Bobby said to Curt that sounded borderline creepy but didn't quite cross that line. His jeans were damp with his sweat and he did feel uncomfortable.

But to Curt it was just a little weird for another guy to be worried about that. He had to be a faggot Curt thought or maybe he and the others just talked creepy like that because of their religious shit or something. But no way he was going to change in front of these guys. He could only imagine how Bobby would just stare at that happening - and then for a second, the memory of that neighbor below him stalking him and taking pictures and videos of him shirtless and naked flashed in Curt's mind. No way he was taking his jeans off in front of these weird guys, even if he left his underwear on, which he was sure Bobby would suggest he also change. Fuck that, I need to get away from these losers as soon as we hit town Curt thought.

"Uh...thanks. Naw...I'm okay. Really. I'll change when I get to town.." Curt said, wishing Bobby would get away from him.

Bobby stopped talking for a second, asking Daniel a question about some religious outing (which Curt didn't know was a charade for his benefit). Curt, his mind getting more fogged by the alcohol, eyes again closed, was just thankful for the brief respite in Bobby's questions.

Bobby's intimate questions though did trigger in Curt thought s about all those hot girls flocking to him all the time, especially when he lived in that apartment complex for the past year. Even several older women, several of whom were married. Hey, he fucked a few of them too when the mood struck. There were an endless number of sex texts, voice mails, emails, cell phone pics and videos from girls who wanted to be with him or service him in some way.

He remembered how he often took them up on it - a quick blow job or fuck, though the blow jobs were never totally satisfactory and would never get him off. It was always something to have done to him before fucking a girl. But he was always in control - determining like the Stud God he felt he was - what they would do to him sexually and how long the sex would last.

Curt always felt so horny and thought he was so desirable to so many available good looking chicks that he knew he could set and enforce those rules. If he wanted to get to the fucking, then that was what happened. If he got off first, then it ended. His dick was always too sensitive to continue being touched, so he always stopped, hugged the girl or woman and then got up to put his underwear back on to signal they were done. And that was it - except one time when he had sex with two girls at once - and they held him down for just a few seconds to stroke his cock after he came. That drove him crazy and he pushed them off quickly getting mad at both of them.

He mentioned , of course, none of that to the guys in the van.

The guys all now just stared at this Adonis sitting right before them leaning against the side of the rocking van as it raced down the road, falling under his masculine spell and at the same time also resenting his arrogance and cockiness and looks. Qualities they felt they didn't have. They knew they would, as they had done before with their other victims , soon correct that imbalance with this boy. They figured this was a cocky straight boy who never was in a position where he had no control of his body. That would change. Forever. And very soon.


Getting more blurry in his mind from the drugged beers, Curt closed his eyes again, each time for a few seconds longer. His eyelids felt heavy and when he closed them he thought none of the other guys in the van would notice. But like nodding off in a class room that catches the stern attention of the teacher, Curt's losing efforts to keep his eyes open and the slight bowing of his head did catch the attention of his new found "friends". They after all knew what was happening - and loved seeing Curt fight off the drug, his head bowing and then bopping back up in a jerk, eyes widened to keep them open, and then fighting off the intense urge to close them and sleep.

He totally ignored Bobby now, not even bothering to answer his questions anymore. His words were just a buzz now - an irritating buzz like a fly circling and touching parts of his face, to be swatted away. He wished he could swat Bobby away.

The others weren't talking at all - at least as far as Curt could tell. While the drug still hadn't taken total effect yet - that would happen in less than a minute - it was getting harder and harder to keep his eyes open. He yawned, stretching his muscled arms and then put his arms up behind his head, trying to stifle yet another yawn. Some of his brownish wiry hairs peeked out from both sides of Curt's t-shirt arm openings that was still very damp from his sweat.

The guys stared at Curt's t-shirt covered torso - the muscled pecs bulging out they could see his quarter sized dark nipples through the damp fabric that stretched over his body. With Curt's eyes closed still, their eyes now all focused intently at his crotch covered jeans, noting the substantial rounded bulge and what looked like the outline of a mouth-watering huge tube shape that curled toward his thigh that they knew had to be his cock. They remembered the video feed of his using the urinal in that old gas station restroom. They got glimpse of his 7 inch flaccid dick - and his brief stroking of it. Oh how they lusted for him now.

Every time Curt shifted while sitting they stared at the large bulge between his muscled thighs - something they could easily do as Curt's eyes closed more and more. They could almost inhale the musky heavy scent that they knew had to be trapped in the tight crotch of his jeans and underwear.

Bobby was still sitting on the van floor next to Curt, while Daniel casually moved over and sat on his other side. Facing him were the two others. Daniel and Eric were both the same height or so as Curt - and Daniel outweighed him easily. The other two guys facing him were just a few inches shorter - but had enough muscle so that all five could easily overpower a drugged Curt.

The guys now were all talking to him, especially Bobby - and all sounded like a continuous annoying buzz to Curt, though he was too polite, given that they were giving him a ride, to tell them to shut the hell up. He wanted to, but he reminded himself that they were just being friendly - or so he thought.

He would smile and nod, though not sure what the conversation or question was. He closed his eyes again and then again - his long lashes making him look even more sexy for a brief moment. After a few moments - the intervals getting longer and longer, he would open them and look at his "friends", smiling. He tried to widen his eyes, as if that would shake off the desire to sleep - and then closed his eyes again.

They all stared at the boy when he eyes were closed, hungrily drinking in his muscled body and beautiful face. They still couldn't believe their luck in finding him on the road.

The van wall Curt was leaning against had two chains, with leather wrist cuffs on both, covered by a curtain like cloth so it couldn't be seen. On the other side, also unknown to Curt, - on the floor of the van were two other chains with ankle cuffs, also hidden by blankets and a rug. Each of the boys would take one of the chains and cuffs - and knew it was their job to attach and restrain a leg or arm of this handsome boy.

After they chained and gagged him, they would leave his clothes on until they arrived at their secret destination, called the "Facility". With enormous growing lust, they could - and would - fondle, touch and sniff the boy but otherwise held back anything further until they reached their secret hidden destination. But they had the experience and discipline of previously abducting countless numbers of other straight youths and men over the years. Though Curt was one of the most handsome and beautiful they had abducted so far , they had that discipline not to strip him naked and rape his body right then and there, even though they wanted desperately to. That would come. They would have that chance soon.

More important, many potential buyers demanded seeing the merchandise still in its original wrapping. This they did, after abducting their straight boy prey and hauling them to the "Facility" and displaying their struggling still clothed tied up bodies on live video stream to rich viewers and potential buyers across the world. Sometimes they would strip naked their captive boys on the way if a buyer or viewer paid for that to happen or if circumstances required it to fully subdue the boy, but most of the time they would hold off.

The task before them now, as they did to so many of those other young men and boys, was to overpower and restrain Curt, and deliver him to the Facility.

Though the drug was making Curt drowsy and dizzy, he was now totally creeped out by Bobby and some of the others who reminded him of characters on the "Big Bang Theory". Even then though, he still didn't suspect any threats he had to worry about. He opened his heavy lashed green eyes that dazzled females and now his new "friends". He looked at Bobby and the others who now stopped talking and simply stared back at him.

Though his mind now was nearly totally blanked out by the drug, Curt wondered about why they suddenly went silent. Why they were staring at him? Why were they grinning with one or two of them licking their lips? It was fucking creepy Curt thought, closing his eyes again, but opening them up a few seconds later - seeing the same thing. The staring. As if they were waiting for something.

But he was getting too tired now to think about it. His muscled arms and college wrestler legs and body now felt numb. He never felt so exhausted. He leaned further back against the van wall, feeling very sleepy and closed his eyes and muttered "man, I am fuckin tired..." 

Watching Curt's long lashed eyes close, this time as if he was now fully passed out or sleeping, his body clearly taken over by the drug in the beer, the guys in the van, like a pack of hungry hyenas ready to take down a wounded lion. Though their prey was clearly drugged and now unable to fully resist anything they did, the guys in the van with years of experience abducting so many boys before, moved with startling precision and speed.

In a split quick second Daniel grabbed Curt's left wrist and quickly attached the cuff, tightened the straps. Bobby, his eyes glazed with pure lust did the same on Curt's right arm, and both yanked on the chained raising the boy's arms up tight before his eyes flew open in shock and bewilderment.

"Hey..Hey!!!! What the fuck????? What....what are you doing man???...What???" Curt, said loudly, suddenly waking, his eyes trying to focus, but clearly confused, and in a seriously weakened state by the drug.

Curt in his drug weakened and confused state still tried to resist and escape though his attempts were feeble and he never had a chance against the five guys gleefully attacking him now.

As a natural defensive reflex he tried pulling his arms away and tried to stand, but both Daniel and Bobby pushed him back, placing their hands hard against his abs and his mounded pecs, touching his body there for the first time, other than Bobby's brief feel of Curt's bicep earlier.

But Curt's reflexes were slow and off the mark, with his strength gone, like a man half asleep, thanks to the drug. He never had a chance, though Curt's mind was now fully conscious to know that he was being assaulted. He didn't know why they were doing this but his mind was trying to react and fight back. Only his athletic muscled body was not responding like the fighter he was. To his captors in the van, Curt was now like a giant prized swordfish hooked and reeled in thrashing and flopping helplessly. Caught and doomed.

Touching and pressing down on his sweaty muscled stomach and chest they both realized what a prized piece of beef they had now. Their hands held him down and pressed his abs that felt like firm slabs of marbled rock. It was one thing seeing it - another for them to now be touching it. Pressing down hard on it - feeling the muscles grow taut and hard struggling against them.

In an almost frenzied action, before he could utter another protest, Jesse took Curt's left foot and attached the leather ankle cuff, while Aaron did the same to his right, and then both yanked the chain so it spread a part the boy's muscled legs widely.

"HEY!!!! FUCK!!!!!! STOP!!! NOWW! WHAT THWE FUCK????" Curt was yelling now, struggling hard, and trying to break from his restraints.

He was struggling like a wild animal - but his body was spread eagle in a sitting position - arms and legs spread out and a chain that held his waist tightly against the van wall. He continued to struggle with his adrenaline spiking, confused why his body didn't respond in fighting back the way it should have. What happened to him? Then he realized what they did.

"Fuckin drugged me man...fuck...let me go...what kind of religious group does this shit??? This is so fuckin wrong man! Let me go. Let me go!!!! NOW!!!" he yelled at them, pulling hard as ever at the chains holding him and trying to buckle this way and that to force the arms and hands off of him.

They put a blindfold on him, and after a minute - loving his protests, shoved one of their previous victim's old used dirty underwear into his mouth that they brought with them just for the occasion, taping it tightly with duct tape, while he tried to spit it out, enraged. They often brought the dirty socks or underwear of their previous victim to gag their new prey with it, as if it continued the link of boy at their mercy.

"It's the dirty underwear of a real handsome dude we picked up last week. Almost as good-looking as you. How's he taste Curt?" Daniel whispered, as he had bunched the underwear's dirty pouch - the part that cradled one's dick and balls, taping it up just under his nose.

There was no way Curt could avoid smelling or tasting the strong pungent odors and stains of that guy who wore it. It really didn't gag him - he could still yell out though not as easily or clearly. The taste of the gag was repulsive to Curt, with his salvia reawakening the pungent smells and taste of those underwear stains.

The white Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs had a strong yellowish tint in some areas of the pouch and a slight skid mark in the crotch area - in addition to other stains in the pouch from sweat, from precum and even cum drippings. That dirty underwear was forcibly stripped off from a very handsome straight college athlete they abducted from a bar a week before, who fought back furiously. That college boy's musky crotch odors were very pungent. He was on the road travelling the previous two days and didn't have the opportunity to change or shower.

His captors loved the smell as much as they lusted after that college boy's body. Unfortunately for the college boy, several of his potential buyers watching live via video stream wanted to see him flogged, pin wheeled (neural stimulator) and tickle tortured first for first two hours in his underwear, blindfolded but ungagged, suffering greatly, before it was taken off.

After a solid week of being edged, milked and raped, before being bought by some rich businessman from South America. The college boy apparently reminded that businessman of a straight boy when he went to college in the US - and who kicked his ass for making an overture to suck his dick one night after a party.

That incredibly wealthy businessman was always able to buy college boys now who resembled that long ago handsome youth. The youth captured in that bar would suffer endless edging, milking and sucking off his cock, and also endless raping of his virgin straight ass by him - and numerous friends and guests at parties he would have in the coming year. The guys in the van wondered about that very handsome college boy and what was happening to him just this moment. But only for a second. Their thoughts were focused on the incredibly handsome straight boy restrained and at their mercy in the van with that college boy's dirty briefs gagging him.

For them, it was an incredible erotic and sexy sight - forcing Curt to inhale and taste the dirty underwear of that college boy they kidnapped last week.

For a straight boy, especially one like Curt, the very thought of looking at, never mind being forced to touch and smell another guy's dirty underwear, was totally disgusting and dirty. He could taste and smell the old piss other crotch stains from the college boy's dirty boxer briefs. He was repulsed and had to hold back his instinct to vomit.

Added to that was he simply could not believe what was happening - and had no idea what these guys wanted. He had no money - that was obvious by his hitchhiking.

After seeing this handsome straight boy spread-eagled and helpless, Bobby couldn't resist feeling the boy's biceps again, this time in a slow worshipful way that he wanted to do before.

While Curt, blindfolded and not able to see what they were doing, could feel the touching and could hear their taunting. He was humiliated by what these guys were doing to him. He couldn't believe anyone would want to smell his sweaty underwarms - certainly no girl would and definitely none of the guys he hung around with. But now? He could feel Bobby putting his nose at the dank pit of his left arm, the t-shirt still damp from the heat, with some of his wiry armpit hairs poking out. Bobby, inhaling deeply the intense smell, sucked on those few strands - as Curt cursed him and struggled - and then abruptly yanked them out causing Curt to yell furiously through his now soaked dirty underwear gag.

Bobby next stared directly into Curt's handsome face, with the blindfold that somehow enhanced his already beautiful looks. He smiled and began sniffing Curt's damp neck, down slowly between his two muscled heaving pecs covered by his tight white t-shirt, inhaling his sweaty odor, down to this flat hard stomach to the waist band of his jeans. He then put his face into the bulging front of Curt's jeans to inhale the pungent, aromatic and musky odors there.

"God he smells great" and then grabbed his bulge, exclaiming "he's big"

Curt struggled and tried to yell through his gag mmmuuuuthfuuugahdsofmmmmhhhhh!!!!" at his abductors.

Aaron joined the fun and like the others, ignored him his protests. They all loved his resistance and struggling and then lifted up part way his t-shirt to expose his flat tanned stomach rippling with muscles and his navel that was haloed lightly by hairs that trailed down to his still hidden pubes. Aaron wet his finger in his mouth and then drilled it into Curt's deep bellybutton, swirling it around, tickling it.

Curt thrashed violently like a wild colt at being touched- to no avail. The t-shirt fell back in place, covering up their prize. For now.

"Beautiful abs! Sexy innie belly button for us to tongue! Treasure trail! Hmmmmm....Whata package!" Aaron exclaimed, fingering lightly the boy's muscled abs and again sticking his finger into his belly button and tickling his sides a little - not too much.

Curt reacted violently to being touched by a guy like that. Both of his muscled arms yanking hard at the chains, each of his legs trying to kick and break the chains that spread him out. Now he knew it was his own body they were after.

He was outraged - and still confused. How did this happen? A guy abducted and pawed over like some helpless girl by a group of guys? The faggot nerdy guys in control?

This isn't something that ever happened before or a danger that anyone warned him about growing up - like one would a girl. Yes, be careful of strange adults - or even priests or coaches that touched you too much - but to be abducted, kidnapped and tied up by a group of faggots who wanted your body? And then he thought about that pervert faggot Noah who lived upstairs in that apartment. Fuck! He took video and pictures of him naked and other pictures of him shirtless. Stalked him. What the fuck is it????

He yelled, though muffled "FFFFFFNAGAAAAYFFFFFNHHDME!!!" , something that sounded to the others like "FUCK NO!" and "GETYOURFUCKIN HANDSOFF ME"

His body reacted violently again, yanking even harder now at the chains that restrained his arms and legs like a doomed fly caught in a spider's web.

After a few minutes his struggling tapered off, sweating from the pointless struggle - realizing he was helpless. He could take these guys - but his body didn't react the way it should have and then he realized that the beers were - even with the sealed cans - somehow drugged.

Filled with lust for Curt, they stared at him with intense overwhelming lust, loving how he still wanted to act like he was in control, as if he could give them orders to do anything. They loved it when he struggled and continued their unwanted invasive exploration of his body using their hands and noses inhaling all of his straight boy sweaty musky odors. In fear and disgust, Curt suddenly bolted up his body as far as he could go, and with a burst of energy yanked one leg than the other and then both arms. But the drug was taking a toll on his body and he fell back against the wall of the van, his beautiful body giving exhausted and unable to fully move.

It was futile.

They knew it from the time they spotted him on the road. Curt just didn't know it yet. It took time and painful intense prolonged abuse for a straight handsome boy like Curt, who was used to being in control, used to always feeling entitled and arrogant, to be forced over time to comprehend that he was none of those things now. Even longer to realize he never would be again.

Now the other guys in the van also began feeling the boy up, touching the defined mounds of his pecs, and hard flat stomach. He moaned once or twice in rage, desperately trying to shake them off, moving his body this way or that. But the restraints spreading his legs out and his arms up tightly didn't allow any lee-way for him. His muscled sweaty body was totally exposed to them.

Ever so often a finger or fingers would touch him in such a way - deliberately it seemed - so it sent a ticklish sensation that caused him to shriek through his gag - and his body to jerk involuntarily. He was worried about that - worried that these sick fucks would abuse him - like raping his ass - but also now if they thought about tickling the shit out of him.

Though drugged, the thought terrified him. His mind was overwhelmed by conflicting thoughts of outrage, resistance, terror, and confusion while trying to figure out what was happening and why. And how he could escape it. But his mind was a jumble of those thoughts and made more confused by the drug.

His captors loved doing this, but were careful not to over do it, wanting to get Curt fully acquainted with his new life that would include constant live video cameras, live video streams, and a vast array of torments and tools they would use on him once they got him to his new home - at least until he was purchased - at a place known as the "Facility".

They wanted him to rest briefly before his ordeal really began - so that his defiance and struggling would still be at its peak for the video cameras and the live video streaming audience, including prospective buyers.

The video cam in the van did record everything - including the scene when they leaped at him and restrained him. That was a hot scene that prospective buyers would want to see later for sure, including his yelling, struggling of the boy as he was being fondled and touched by his captors. But the van's cramped quarters made it hard to fully see everything and lighting was sometimes a problem. So they usually waited until they got to the Facility.

After 20 minutes of the initial touching, including the slight tickling that terrified Curt, they remained content for the moment to simply stare at their beautiful new captive, who shifted uneasily back and forth, covered in a new layer of aromatic male sweat, ever so often pulling on the chains his body now fully exhausted from struggling and from the lingering impact of the drug they gave him.

He passed out, though when he came to about 15 minutes later, the van was still speeding down the road. His head - his hair damp from his sweat - was slightly bowed from the exhaustion of the struggle and the still lingering strong effect of the drug. No one was touching him now, but he was still tightly restrained, blindfolded, gagged and could sense the guys in the van around him. Curt had no idea how much time had passed or where they were or where they were headed.

A few moments after Curt came to, one of the guys pulled out the boy's wallet in Curt's right back jeans pocket, and that caused Curt to struggle again and yell a muffled protest.

They excitedly went through it as if it was a long lost treasure - giving tid bits of precious information about this handsome boy. He was the perfect age for them: 22 years old.

"Well Curt, we are going to have a lot of fun together!!!" Aaron said, groping the boy's bulge again, as he yelled.

"MMMMMMNAAAAAAAFUUUU" Curt's muffled enraged response.

Aaron unbuttoned the top of Curt's jeans and pulled down the zipper part way, exposing the struggling youth's underwear, and the mounded bulge of his straight boy manhood. His tormentors grew even more excited seeing how Curt's treasure trail of wiry hairs from his belly button disappeared into the top waistband of his boxer briefs, that was pulled down enough to reveal the top part of a healthy nest of pubic hairs. They liked the fact that this boy didn't shave his pubes, and retained his natural body hair that on a masculine straight boy like Curt, enhanced - at least for them - his sexual allure. The display of their restrained captive boy was extremely sexy and erotic to them - arms chained upwards, legs splayed out chained, t-shirt pushed up exposing his pecs and nipples and abs, and jeans unbuttoned and half-way unzipped that partially exposed his bulging boxer briefs.

Bobby, who clearly was becoming consumed with lust for Curt, dived his face into the opening of Curt's pants, pressing into the pliable mound of Curt's junk, inhaling deeply the pungent musky masculine smells. The strong scents of Curt's sweaty cock and balls captured by the fabric of his cotton underwear was to Bobby like a powerful erotic drug. He rubbed his nose back and forth on the bulge, sniffing and inhaling more deeply, as Curt yelled through his gag and tried desperately to push him away.

Curt never before had any guy touch him in this way - at least that he could knew of - now this intimate unwanted fondling of his junk enraged him. He yelled through his gag again at Bobby, who pulled his face away a few inches and grabbed at the bulging mound, cupping downward what he could of Curt's big ball sack, and then moved fingers lightly touching and gripping the girth and length upward, his semi-hard long snaking manhood. It wasn't steel hard, but Bobby knew that they would soon take care of that when they reached their destination in a few minutes. He reluctantly moved his face and body back, sighing as he stared at their beautiful captive, and zipped and buttoned the boy's pants back up.

Daniel and Eric poked their fingers into the damp t-shirted armpits of Curt, causing him to gasp and buckle his entire body with a muffled hysterical laughter, his hands tightening into fists. They sniffed their fingers, inhaling the boy's pungent armpit sweat odor that was mixed with a fading deodorant he must have put on earlier in the morning. The mixture was all straight boy - and they loved it.

"NNNNNNNAANANANANNANA" Curt yelled, in rage trying desperately to hide the sheer panic and terror he felt of being tickled. He hoped they didn't see or hear him react to that.

Suddenly Curt could feel the van lurch to a stop. Curt, despite the bravado, had to ward off the growing anxiety and terror of what was to come, fighting off a panic that was making him sick in the pit of his stomach. He had no idea where he was - or what would happen next. All he knew for the moment was that something very bad was going to happen to him.

His tormentors stared at the him knowing that very soon they would be unwrapping and abusing their prize. Bobby - who especially lusted after Curt, licked his lips constantly, staring at the straight boy's bulging mound, knowing they would soon stripping him to finally expose what had to be a tasty hot piece of fuck meat.

Bobby knew, he would have the first taste of that throbbing fuck rod. He would have as much time as he wanted to edge and cock polish the shit out this arrogant cocky straight boy. He knew he could drive the boy to insanity by his edging and cock polishing skills - knowing he almost certainly never experienced either in his straight boy sex life. Bobby's dick flexed hard, oozing precum with the thought of hearing Curt shriek by having his straight boy knob polished over and over and over. He would make Curt suffer by tormenting the fuck meat of this incredibly handsome youth. 

Curt, blindfolded and gagged knew from their talking and feeling the van turn and then slow down that they were near whatever destination they were taking him to. A black curtain of doom seemed to overcome Curt's Alpha Male persona. His body trembled involuntarily for a moment and he hoped his captors didn't see that. He summoned all the will-power he had in him to stop the utter panic and fear fighting off a fearful reaction to vomit. He could taste the bile in his mouth. 

Man up he told himself. Don't let them do this to you he thought, trying to shut out the voices of his tormentors and the fear of what would happen next. He needed to concentrate and focus on fighting back, as he always did before in college and high school wrestling matches. He flexed and his body grew taut. He shook his head and fisted his hands. He fought off the nauseous feeling and suppressed - for the moment - the feeling of sheer panic and terror.

He could feel the van slow and then lurch to a stop.

Fuck them he thought. I'll get out and I'm going to fuck them over when I do he vowed.


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