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Part 7 - The Voyeur

Vlad began to stir, unsure of how long he had slept. When he did finally wake up he found himself in a bed that was not his own. He groaned as he sat up, his body feeling heavy and sluggish, the room around him was dark and he he could see nothing but the bed he was on. "Hello? Where am I?" he called out to the darkness around him. He was hoping he was in Jason's room, or that he was just a bit delirious and didn't recognize his own room. If it was his room R.I.T.A would've responded to his question by now, but if it wasn't his room he wondered how he had gotten there.

Suddenly, a door opened and light spilled into the room, making Vlad shield his eyes with a gasp.

"Hey, you're awake." said Jason as he stepped into the bedroom that Vlad was resting in. He moved over to the bed and sat down, the old thing squeaking and creaking under the shift in weight.

Vlad groaned again as he let his eyes adjust to the light. "How long was I asleep?" he asked.

Jason chuckled and said "A few days. It happens to everyone after their Awakening. Don't freak out, I already told Professor Eliade, he said you could get my notes, I actually took some for you!" Jason laughed.

Vlad blinked several times, but his vision didn't clear, everything was still blurry. "Thanks for that then, do you have my glasses by chance?"

Jason nodded and pulled Vlad's glasses out from a fold in his robes. "Rita gave them to me, but I felt weird at your place alone, so I brought you back to the house, Magnus is downstairs making food since he heard you wake up."

Vlad sat up and leaned back against the wall that the bed was apparently propped up against, not having put his glasses back on again quite yet. "Everything feels so strange. I feel like I understand the world around me so much more, but at the same time so much less. I mean, the magic; it manifested to me in a way that I understood it. Did it do that for you? Show its self in a way that you could make sense of it? Or does it appear the same for everyone and I'm just attaching meaning to it?" Vlad babbled on for a bit, just trying to make sense of the new world he found himself in. His talking was interrupted however by the loud rumbling of his stomach as smells of Magnus' cooking began to waft through the house. "Perhaps....I should stop worrying about everything and focus on the basic needs of my body." Vlad said with a grin. He then reached up, grabbed on to Jason, and pulled him over for a kiss. "I don't know if what happened was a dream or if it was real, so I wanted one more just in case." he said after their lips had parted, his face a deep shade of red.

Jason chuckled and said "Yes it was real, yes you should eat, yes you should stop worrying, and I don't know how everyone sees magic; though they probably teach a class on it at school. Let's go downstairs and eat, put your glasses on." Jason stood up and stepped through the doorway.

Vlad stood, his body stiff after remaining still for so long, and his head hurt, much like it did whenever he overslept. He put his glasses back on and held his hand out to Jason. "Mind giving me a hand?" he asked Jason. "I feel all stiff and dizzy." Then, Vlad's face went pale and he started looking around. "Where is it? Why can't I see it?" he asked himself out loud over and over again as he started to touch and feel the bare room and the lone bed, as if his hands would wipe away the material world and reveal the magic underneath.

Jason's expression became puzzled. "What are you looking for?" he asked.

"The code...the magic....I could see it before. Why can't I see it now?" Vlad asked, his voice sounding very concerned. "Did I not fully Awaken? Have I lost it?"

Jason simply shrugged and said "I honestly don't know a whole lot about it, I've never worked with Awakening people before. Maybe Magnus will know something about it?" Jason stood and stepped towards the door. "Let's go downstairs and eat and we can chat there." he said.

"Alright." Vlad said, his voice a little sad. He walked quickly to Jason's side after he stepped through the doorway and asked "Would it be alright if I held your hand? Or was the other night a one-time thing?"

He whispered shyly.

Jason stopped and cocked his head to one side. He sighed a little before speaking, "I don't think that us having sex was a one-time thing because I do want to do it again, but I don't want to hold your hand, is that okay?"

"Yeah." Vlad said, tucking his hands behind his back and falling behind Jason a few steps as they went down the staircase.

Jason and Vlad walked down the rickety staircase and into the foyer by the front door. Jason turned right, away from the large room the Winds had been in before. There was a hall leading adjacent the staircase that went past several open doorways, but Jason kept walking down the hall.

Vlad peeked in the doorways as he passed them as he followed Jason. They walked past a neglected library covered in dust with almost no books left on the broken shelves, then a dining hall with just the chairs and table left, then finally going through a doorway and into a fairly clean kitchen; of which Vlad was thankful for the state it was in compared to the rest of the house.

Magnus stood near the large sink, tossing a pan into the soapy water before turning around to face Vlad and Jason.

Jason chuckled and said, "Magnus, you are still naked and I don't think Vlad is really awake enough for that yet."

Magnus threw his head back and laughed, his hair tossing back and hitting his shoulders. He was in fact very large-build for a man of his age, with a wildly hairy barrel-chest and fairly defined arms with plenty of hair as well. His stomach was strong and solid, although without any ripples of abs. Magnus had large, slightly bowed legs that shared the same hairiness his arms had. Before he had turned, his back was as well-toned as his arms, with sparse hair that got thicker as it went down to his smaller, even butt. It was when he turned that his cock was revealed, a monster that hung halfway down his thigh; it was circumcised, rather thick, and nestled atop a heavy-looking sack that was mostly hidden thanks to his sheer size. Magnus finished laughing as shabby denim shorts appeared around his waist, covering him up but leaving nothing to the imagination, as the sizeable bulge that was his cock was still very visible. "Come on guys, come eat, I made pancakes." he said as he motioned to the plates on the counter.

Vlad, crimson in the face moves to the table shyly and sat. "T-thank you for the food. Do either of you say prayers before a meal?" he asked; not wanting to be rude in case they did.

Jason walked over to the counter, grabbed a plate, and went to the fridge to look for butter. "Nope, not really."

Vlad nodded and started to eat with his usual diligence, but stopping to complement Magnus on his cooking skills. He ate his pancakes mostly plain, only adding butter and a light amount of sugar on top of them.

"So what are the plans for today?" Vlad asked, about half way into his meal. "I'm not even sure what day it is any more."

"It is Saturday," Jason said before rolling up a pancake and dipping it in syrup. "You've been out for about four days."

"Ah, okay. Is anything going on today? Or should I tell R.I.T.A. to prep for a work day?" Vlad asked.

Jason finished his pancake, chewing quickly and swallowing hard before answering. "Magnus and I had some training to do now that I'm off probation, but besides that no. It should only take an hour or two, then we are free." Jason picked up his last pancake and finished it off as he put his plate into the sink.

Vlad turned to look at Magnus and asked "I know your magic is somehow different than mine, would it be alright if I watched?" He was slowly finishing his last pancake, but the topic of training had caused him to set it aside, almost forgotten.

Magnus shook his head. "Our work is very different from yours, you not only wouldn't be able to understand it, it might muck you up spiritually and even possibly physically; being so newly Awakened you're like a magic baby, it's too risky."

Vlad's shoulders slumped a little but he nodded in agreement. He understood the logic of it, even if he did really want to see Jason work his magic again.

Jason headed out the door, going down the hallway and outside; and Magnus followed behind him.

Vlad walked into the large open sitting room that the Winds were in during his last visit. He went over by the windows to take a look at the view, seeing Jason and Magnus outside. Once he understood what he was seeing he flushed bright red as he watched the scene unfold.


Jason and Magnus made their way out to the yard, leaving their clothes behind on the deck draped over the rail. Jason broke out into a run towards the pond and began to laugh as he ran.

Magnus shouted behind him, "That won't work!" With a toss of his arm, Magnus created a wall of ice in front of Jason that would stop him dead in his tracks.

Jason kept running full tilt ahead and glared at the wall. Just as he began to hit it, it disappeared, turning into steam and melting away around him. Magnus was just toying with him and he knew it, water was what they both worked with best. Still, Jason wasted no time in sending the torrent of now very hot steam right in Magnus' direction behind him before he leapt into the pond.

Magnus chuckled, and waved the steam away into a cool mist that fell onto the ground below, barely dampening the grass. He smiled and continued walking slowly, he knew there was plenty of time.

Jason, however, couldn't leap into the water fast enough, diving down deep and letting all of the air out of his lungs as he closed his eyes and stopped breathing, letting the cold dark of the water take him over. He relaxed all of the muscles in his body and simply hung there, suspended in the water, becoming part of it, being one with it. A few moments later, one of his fingers twitched, and he felt the water ripple on the shore; it was barely perceptible, but it was there. He smiled, opened his eyes, and shifted his body to a standing position.

Magnus' smile broke out into a huge grin as he saw Jason bring the pond up out of the kettle, forming a huge mass of water that was literally climbing out onto the shore, a giant blob of swirling magic; and his student was controlling it. "Alright, now let's see what you can do!" Magnus yelled at Jason.

Jason heard Magnus, even through the water, and nodded. He gritted his teeth and flexed, willing the water to form into a body, with arms and legs and a head. The water began to shift, tightening around him and forming into the shape he needed. He had formed 5 appendages, and began to work on fingers, toes, and a face. As soon as Jason began working on the left foot, the right arm began to waver and fail, the water falling and needing Jason to break his concentration and catch it. The same thing happened again with the right foot, the left arm fell; Jason couldn't get a handle on it. With a muffled yell of frustration, Jason let the water fall back down into the basin, soaking the ground around it until he pulled it all back in and once again felt the water go still. He re-surfaced with an angry look on his face.

Vald watched their practice with an expression of awe in his face. Their motions where so calm, and so fluid it left him with a desire to push himself to become better. Then as Jason began to form the massive figure of water he watched tensely as it took shape and the. Slowly fell apart. He couldn't tell what was being said but he knew Jason was frustrated; his body language was screaming it.

Magnus shook his head and put his hands on Jason's shoulders. "You cannot be angry, you cannot let your emotions take control. Even then, you were so focused on your pride that you failed only because of that, not because of a lack of ability. This exercise is meant to teach you to let go of them, they can cause problems when crossing worlds and helping people even if what they need isn't what they desire. Come, let's meditate." Magnus motioned towards the ground and sat down, crossing his legs and patting the ground next to him before crossing his arms as well, folding them over his chest as he began to slowly breathe.

Vlad watched as the two sat and meditated he made a note to ask them about that later: curious about what purpose it served them.

Jason sighed, knowing Magnus was right, and sat down in front of Magnus, mirroring his position. He closed his eyes and began to breathe, huffing out of anger a bit at first but eventually falling into the familiar pattern. He felt his emotions wash away and focused only on the breathing, letting it take over his every thought.

It wasn't until he felt his cock be completely enveloped that his eyes flew open and his arms fly out in front of him. "Magnus! I was focusing!"

Magnus chuckled, still suckling on Jason's stiffening cock. He let it out before wiping his lip and saying "Yes, I know you were, but you are so pent-up! You need to relax, you've always done your best work after sex, so let's go." Magnus threw Jason back with ease, and picked one leg up as he motioned to Jason with a slightly cupped hand.

Vlad then saw Magnus move down and place his lips on Jason's cock. He felt the heat rising to his face as he blushed. 4th en Magnus pit Jason on his back and how the two of them began to have sex. It aroused him greatly, but he also felt a pang of jealousy. Eventually, his own stiffening cock won out and Vlad rubbed himself through his pants absentmindedly as he watched.

Jason sighed and passed a hand over the grass next to him, scooping up some newly-made lube before reaching down between his legs and slathering it all over Magnus' giant rock-hard cock. "Please go slow, you know I'm not used to this and you are so damn big."

Magnus gave Jason's chest a playful slap as he moved up and aimed his slick cockhead at Jason's hole. "You'll be fine," he said. "You did a lot better last time." Magnus exhaled and pressed his cock up against Jason, slipping just a tiny bit inwards as the lube did it's work.

Jason began breathing again, focusing on relaxing, feeling Magnus' hand slide away from his calf as his leg rested against the giant man's broad shoulders. He felt Magnus brace himself on balled-up fists on the ground on either side of Jason's chest. Jason closed his eyes and let Magnus slowly but surely push inside of him, his hole slightly burning with the rather large stretching, but he trusted Magnus to know what he was doing.

Magnus felt himself slide past Jason's second ring and knew he had rubbed up against his prostate when Jason's focus broke into a gasp. He chuckled as he began to thrust, short little thrusts that would help him relax, open up, and really let loose.

Jason's eyes rolled back as Magnus' cock hit his prostate repeatedly. He felt himself melt into relaxation and pleasure, completely forgetting his failure at the body-forming as Magnus began to thrust deeper and grunt. He could feel his own cock bounce in time with the slapping of Magnus' balls against his ass.

Vlad, at this point, couldn't bear it anymore and pulled his cock out of his pants, pulling his shirt up to put a hand on his stomach as he gently stroked his cock as he watched the two have sex in the yard.

Magnus didn't dare bury his cock into Jason's ass, he didn't think he'd be able to take it all. The point of him fucking Jason wasn't just for pleasure, although he had to admit it felt great; it was to help Jason relax and de-stress. Magnus began to pick up the pace, taking longer strokes at a faster pace as he grunted louder, turning his head and biting down onto Jason's shin.

Jason felt his orgasm building as Magnus plowed into him, feeling the power and the drive that Magnus had while giving him pleasure was a lot to handle for Jason. He started moaning, in short little bursts, matching Magnus' thrusts in time.

Magnus knew that Jason was close, they'd had sex enough times before that Magnus could tell he was ready to cum. Magnus stopped thrusting, quickly shifted onto his knees, put one hand on Jason's leg and one hand behind his back and supported his lower half up off the ground as he began to let loose, now fully penetrating Jason and railing into him. Jason would hurt tomorrow but Magnus wanted to share an orgasm with him. Magnus' own orgasm began to build as his grunts became louder and turned into yells. Their voices being different but matching in time, their bodies coming together, preparing for the ecstatic release.

Jason felt himself ready to burst, so he grabbed his cock and slicked his precum over it before stroking it.

Magnus saw Jason grab himself and followed suit, pulling out of Jason's hole, letting him fall back down to the ground, and jerking his own cock to time their orgasms together.

The two both shouted as they came, orgasms coming in waves over themselves, shooting cum onto Jason's neck, chest, stomach, and groin. They both let their cocks go as Magnus fell to one side of Jason, rolling onto his back. They both sighed heavily and began to laugh as they panted to catch their breath.

Vlad himself had reached a climax as well, moaning quietly as cum began to pour out of his cock. He moved his hand away from his stomach to catch it, not wanting to make a mess. He left the window to go to the kitchen to wash his hands clean.

Jason wiped himself clean with a single pass of his hand, moving all of the cum and lube off of himself and onto the ground. He sat up and propped himself up on his hands, leaning back and staring up at the sky, still breathing heavily.

Magnus got up himself, offering a hand out to Jason. "Come on," he said. "You let out some of that tension, let's try that again."

Jason took the hand Magnus offered and headed back into the pond, still warm and tingly from his orgasm. He sighed out the air in his lungs as he submerged himself and easily pulled the pond back out of the kettle. He again began to form the appendages of the water before losing his train of thought. His focus slipped and he once again basked in the afterglow of the sex.

Magnus watched as he saw Jason's body go slack, and saw the smile creep over his face. The water formed toes, fingers, and a face, it's body moving to match Jason's body. Magnus grinned and shouted, "There you go! Now move!"

Jason opened his eyes and realized what he had done, laughing as he saw the body in full form. He moved his hands out in front of his chest, so he could see through the body of the water and flex the fingers he had formed. Of course, he hadn't the slightest idea how he had finally gotten it, but he was going to relish it while he could. With that, he began to walk, as the body shifted around him and walked with him along the shore, each step being soft, and leaving the ground undisturbed if only a bit wet.

Vlad returned to the windows again after washing his hands to see that Jason had gone back into the water and formed a body out of the pond he had pulled up into the air. He watched in awe as he saw the huge form mirror the movements that Jason was miming as he floated inside it's chest.

Jason walked about for a short while, flexing his form and searching himself, attempting to understand what he had done differently so he could do it again next time. He slowly began to release the form and the water, remembering what it was doing as he released it to try and work up to that point again later. He landed on the shore as the water returned to the kettle. "I did it! Let's go inside." Jason said as he began walking toward the house.

Magnus took a few large strides, catching up with Jason, then slowed to walk beside him. "You did do it, but you can't have sex every time you want to do big work like that, you have to figure out how to let go of things without help. Work on that." he said as they reached the porch.

 Vlad met the two at the door, and said "That was amazing! The way you moved the water right up out of the basin!" Then, Vlad blushed a deep red. He had just admitted to watching them work, meaning they knew he had probably seen their other activities as well.

Jason was excited, and smiling wide.  "Yeah! I mean the sex was good, but finally being able to form a body, that was great!" he said before noticing Vlad's blushing. He walked over to him, "See something else you liked?" Jason chuckled and nudged Vlad with a thrust of his crotch towards Vlad's hip, just grazing his bulge against Vlad. Jason chuckled and walked down the hall.

Magnus stepped up to Vlad and clapped a big hand onto one of his slight shoulders. "I think we can sit down and talk now, if you want." Magnus said.

"That would be nice." Vlad said, still red in the face as he moved back into the kitchen and sat at the table; tapping the little button to turn his glasses on. "Do you mind if I record this? For my own personal records?"

Magnus shrugged as he followed after Jason into the large living room as Vlad followed behind him. Magnus slowly took a seat on the squeaking sofa as Jason sat on the rug.

Vlad sat cross legged on the bare floor, his eyes beaming with excitement as he looked up excitedly at Magnus.

Magnus sighed as he relaxed back into the sofa, and began to explain. "Everything has a spirit, we as shamans possess the ability to freely interact with the Spirit World to one degree or another, and are often called upon to resolve conflicts between spirits or seek solutions to problems that can be felt in material and spiritual reality. For the Four Winds, this is especially true for the elemental spirits of nature. We shamans understand the connection between the Spirit World and the Material World better than anyone, and can enact upon the Spirit World to perform feats that are considered magic here in the Material World; communing with spirits capable of the changes, using rituals to invoke responses, and so on and so forth."

Magnus paused before continuing. "All shamans have a way of focusing themselves, Jason and I use water to do so, swimming, bathing, dancing in the rain, what have you. Others use many different things, drugs, exercise, meditation. Some believe that anything external of their own selves are crutches to be avoided, or anything that is manufactured like artificial drugs or technological devices; but it's all preference. Anything that grants you a connection and power can help; symbols, words, rituals, whatever! Even the tools themselves have spirits, they must be respected as well for they are the messengers we use to bridge the gap and connect to the Spirit World to do magic. Does any of that make sense?"

Vlad nodded after thinking for a long moment. "I think I understand."

"Do you feel like you have that connection with anything?" Magnus asked.

"The closest thing I feel that sort of connection with is Rita, and maybe computers? However, I'm not sure if that's from a Mage stand point, or just my own fondness for technology making me biased." Vlad admitted to Magnus.

Magnus nodded his head. "That's understandable, and remember; this is a purely shamanistic point of view, I'm explaining how we work, meaning Jason and I; you may be very different."

Vlad nodded his head in understanding. "I kinda guessed that. They way magic made itself manifest to me during my Awakening was rather strange. In a way that was very tailored to my interest in computers. If it manifested itself that way to everyone then I imagine every Mage would be amazing with computers or terribly confused about how it did manifest itself."

Magnus nodded. "Take your time, figure things out, explore yourself and the world. When you're ready, start talking to the professors and administration at the school, they can help guide you to people to help you identify your magic and encourage it as well."

"Thank you for the advice Magnus." Vlad said with a heartfelt smile. He had something new and challenging to learn and he was looking forward to every second of it. Vlad then turned to face Jason.

"I hate to cut our visit short but I need to go home....would you mind taking me back? You're welcome to hang out if you want to, but if you and Magnus have more training to do I understand."

Jason nodded and stood. "We should head back, you have work to catch up on and a lot to think about." Jason began to head towards the hallway before stopping, looking over his shoulder at Magnus, and saying "Thanks for the help today, I'll be back tomorrow." Jason walked down the hallway toward the front door.

Vlad made his way towards the edge of the lake quickly. He was both excited and anxious to get home. He had much to tell R.I.T.A. and much to talk with her about.

Jason held his arms out for Vlad to step into. Vlad walked into Jason's arms before they stepped into the water. Vlad closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and felt himself begin to fall.


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