Troy, a nuisance thug with a criminal record to prove it. Troy liked to think he was the bad boy in town, however he was about to learn a lesson he'd never learned before!

It was a unbearably hot day, as usual Troy was out, thieving, vandalizing, smoking skunk and intimidating anyone in his path. He returned to his digs after seeing his usual dealer, looking forward to a totally stoned evening. Troy had his beer in the chiller and his smoke rolled. What could go wrong? So he has a cold shower to cool off and spreads on the couch in nothing but a jock.Troy heard the floors creaking, before he could hide his smoke he noticed an officer before him. Without resistance troy held his hands out for the cuffs and waited to be arrested, no words were spoken (Troy new the drill too well). The officer smiled as Troy was cuffed behind the back, seconds later officer Hank used brute force upon Troy and had him blindfolded. Troy felt leather gloves squeeze his cheeks firmly so his lips were pushed up and showing teeth, he trembled in fear. Before he had a chance to cry for help he had a large solid red ball gag pushed in his mouth and tightly buckled, at this point Troy knew he was in trouble. He then felt heavy leather around his neck, Hank had Troy under complete control and no amount of struggling, kicking and screaming was going to change this, Troy felt humiliated. The perverted officer was taking photographs of Troy struggling and drooling, he was helpless! Hank was loving every second.

Troy was confused, what made the whole ordeal worse was he had the thick padded blindfold on so couldn't see what was coming next! Nothing happened for sometime. He heard officer Hank kick the chiller door closed, he was bewildered as to why he'd been left. Soon after he feels his man hood being clenched in Hanks large strong cop hands and attempts to scream but his screams are muffled through his drooling gag. Troy is yanked by the collar and pushed over a cold steel coffee bench. Before he knew it his legs were secured in with gaffa tape to the legs of the coffee bench and the collar chained to the front. Hank shoves a red dildo in Troy's virgin crack and takes more humiliating photographs.

After some time Troy can hear Hanks heavy leather boots creak closer and closer. The thought of a being in a cell for the night was heavenly at this point but he was in a different type of custody. Hank unzips his pants to reveal a giant 10" cock almost throbbing through his tight boxer shorts, of course Troy had no idea this monster was out to do business.

Hank spreads Troy's crack and breaks in to him slowly before pounding him deep and fast, Troy is crying and drooling but completely helpless. Every deep thrust was depleting all of Troy's bad boy pride. After what felt like a lifetime for Troy it finally stopped.

Hank got close to Troy's face, Troy could feel Hank's breathing in his face but unable to look the man who violated him in the eye (the blindfold seen to that). Next Hank kissed Troy over the drooling gag, before removing it, Hank replaced it with an open tube gag and forced his huge tongue right into Troys mouth, then released him from the coffee bench.

Troy was thrown into a chair and secured with gaffa tape. Hank began to Milk Troy, eventually Hanks cop gloves were covered in Troy's juices. Hank forced Troy to eat his own jizz, sliding every last jizzed leather gloved finger into the tube gag. Hank began to jerk him self rapidly until he was almost ready, then he pulled Troy buy the collar and jizzed what seemed like gallons right into Troy's mouth, with the open tube gag Troy was unable to resist, jizz almost overflowing from the tube. Hank felt satisfied with Troys punishment and left. Troy was feeling crushed and humiliated.

Many months after the whole situation began to repeat. All except this time Troy had a hidden smiling grin to start with.



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