Scott over the last few years ran into his former Coach Cole a few times as they became friends once again. Cole really wanted to here the full story on what went down that night at the hotel with Scott and Mr Anderson.

Cole was very excited when Scott began to tell him everything that happen from the start until the very end. " So where would you like me to start off Cole ? "  He then gave him a smile and began to start telling Cole in full detail.

I follow him into the room and we both walk over to the table and sat down and started a chat about our personal lives. He also stated that I will be his very first man to have sex with and was real curious about different sexual encounter and fantasy he has.

He then slowly got up from his chair and walk over to the beer fridge to grab us both a couple cans of Miller lite before we started to undress each other. His burley hand slowly began to undress  until I was now standing in my new white FOTL sports briefs that just came onto the market. He then told and order me to go over and stand straight up against the wall.

By now I was a little scare as I stood up fairly tight with my back to the wall as he put me into some kind of sexual trace as he slowly began taking his clothes off. He first un button his Arrow sports shirts before he took his time and strip down to his dark brown spandex Duluth Company heat active briefs and walk up and stood two feet away from me staring at my body.

You can see he deeply enjoy my physique has been 5'11 with a solid weight of 158 along with my newly trim goatee and my short buzz hair. He told me to get down on my knees has he started to rub his massive bulge from his brief into my mouth and face. It never took to long before his pre cum started to pour out a load of his juice like a river as my goatee mouth started to get huge amounts of his sweet tasting cum.

We then switch place and which this time he was leaning against the wall as he order me to   pull his briefs down just pass his huge set of hairy balls. He had a very nice 7 inch semi cut curve cock with a beautiful nice head to it, And a fairly wide penis hole that was amazing after I help him pull his foreskin back up his shaft.

" Okay Scott show me how a man like you can suck a cock "

" I"LL give you the best blow job ever Mr Anderson "

I was well into the blow job my mouth grope tightly rap around his shaft as I was going real slow up and down on it as the pre cum started to flow out with my amazement once again.

" OMG Scott it fees so good dude "

" You like it Mr Anderson "

" Say no more just suck please ! "

His moans became much louder as his whole body started to sweat and tremble as I began to deep throat his cock all the way down to his sweat smelling hairy balls. I was deeply enjoying squeezing his nuts at the same time I was working on his cock with long deep strokes.

" Fuck dude you are good "

" Holy shit you know how to suck a cock "

" Squeeze my balls Scott "

" Harder dude "

" I love you juice Sir "

" I want your spray "

" Yea you want my pussy spray Scott "

" Yes Sir "

I then look up and notice a huge amounts of sweat pouring down has chest and all over his navel as I watch his deep blue eyes roll back into his head like a great white shark.

" Holy shit, I am close Scott "

" Give it to me Mr Anderson "

" You want it "

" Yes Sir "

" Holy shit here it comes Scott "

" Give it to me , Give it to me "

My left hand grab his balls before I watch a huge load of clear cum shot out of his penis that flew all over my goatee and mouth. He began to scream so loud during his orgasm I am sure the room next to his heard him clearly.

" Fuck Scott that was fucking good dude "

" You like it Sir "

" You are right , The best ever "

" Thanks Mr Anderson "

" Know I understand that a man can suck a cock much better then any girls "

I then watch his dick grow back before I notice there was still a huge amount of cum still hanging down on his for skin. He took a huge deep breath as I began to slurp the rest of his load.

He then bend down as I help him pull his brief back up before he went into the bathroom to take a piss. The time on the night stand clock was showing just pass midnight when I heard the toilet flush as he walk out of the bathroom still with a little semi on.

" How about another beer Scott? "

" That well be great Mr Anderson "

" Please call me Andy "

" Fuck dude , I am still horny a bit from all that Scott "

" I can see that Andy "

 " How about we enjoy the beer "

" Can I ask you something  personal Scott "

" Anything you want Sir "

" I have always wanted to fuck a guy's ass "

" Really Andy "

" Let me tell you something Sir "

" I have only been fuck once before "

" Who was the lucky person Scott ? "

" It was my father best friend last summer up at his fishing cabin "

" Did you enjoy it at all "

" I sure did, He was a game Warden and he fuck me wearing his uniform "

" OMG that sounds exciting "

" It was okay Andy "

" Do you have enough juice left in you to fuck me Andy ? "

" I sure do Scott "

" How about we go over to the bed and I can show you "

" You must wear a condom and have lube "

" I got some in my shaving kit along with a nice massaged oil "

" Let me go into the bathroom and get ready "

He then went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later all cover in massaged oil and a huge amount of Brute Cologne  spray all over him. He began to order me over to the King size bed as he place a pillow underneath my bubble but semi hairy ass. He pull my ass checks apart and pour some beer all over my crack and hole as I felt his bearded mouth began to eat and lick the juice out of my ass. It was a few later my ass exploded a huge amounts of ass juice as he slurp it all .

I then turn onto my back after he eaten my ass out as I became more horny for his dick. He then began to pull his foreskin back up his shaft as I help him roll the condom all the way up snug and tight against his nuts. My body was totally horny bye now as he grab my legs and ankles and place them over his brand hairy shoulders. The sweet smell of the cologne really turn me on a lot more as I felt his cock began to open and enter my tight hole.

" Are you okay Scott ? "

" Fuck me Andy , Fuck me Please ! "

It took a couple of minutes before he was all inside of me as he started to fund my ass good and hard by this time. I felt long deep strokes from his cock sliding in and out as the fuck became more aggressive.

" Fuck Sir I love your cock "

" Fuck me, Fuck me "

" Holy shit Scott you feel good "

" Fuck it hurts likes hell Andy "

" Be a man and take it like a man "

Both our bodies were cover with sweat as the fuck has been going on for well over 15 minutes as I deeply enjoy him fucking the shit out of me and my ass.

" Fuck I am close Scott "

" Holy Shit almost there "

" Give your load Sir, Give me your juice "

" Fuuucccccccck here it comes Scott "

We both scream out loud as both our bodies jilted back and forwards as I felt his cock shooting off his load up my ass. He was slump over me totally exhausted as he began to fuck me once again.

" Fuck you want some more dude "

" Give it to me Andy "

" Holy shit I think I am coming again "

" Shoot it Andy , Shoot it Sir "

His deep blue eyes roll back as he shot off another load into my ass before he pull out of my hole very slow and easy. He quickly withdrew his cock as I notice that a good 2 loads of his pussy spray that fill the bottom of the sagging condom. I then pull off the condom has he was now totally exhausted and almost pass out onto the bed.

Now it was my time for some excitement as I pour the remains cum from the condom all over his hairy sweaty chest and nipples. I then took my time and slurp and swallow  up the rest of his juice that tasted like salty beer and piss before we both crash out for the rest of the night.

We both got up fairly early next morning and once again I blew him off this time in the shower. This time he also suck my cock and made me cum within a few minutes as I shot off all over his beard and face. I then heard the alarm clock go off  as we both started to get dress and head downstairs to grab a light breakfast.

He gave me a nice bear hug and kiss before I climb into my ford pick up truck out in the hotel parking lot. It was a good 2 months later when I heard he got married again from a wrestling news show on the TV.

The End





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