Scott Floyd was the toughest son of a bitch for the last few years of the British Rugby league over in Great Britain, He stood just under 5'10 a play the flanker position very well. His broad shoulders,short buzz hair, hairy chest , and a solid tone well groom body and just weigh under 165 pounds.

The team from Liverpool has lost 5 game in the row as the new coach for this year Mr Cole Miller was not pleases at all. The teaming meeting was well over 70 minutes when Coach Miller single out Scott a few times,before he ask for a separate meeting with him in his office.

" HI Scott come in please " The team of coaches feel that you are not playing up to your standards. " Sorry Coach I don't agree at all Sir' The glare now coming from his deep dark brown eyes as their conversation got more intense and the shoving match began and landed them wrestling on the floor of the office.

Scott felt totally amazed by Coach Miller package area end up deep square smack in his bearded mouth. Coach Miller had a wrestling background behind him and was also on England Olympic team 20 years ago. They finally got separated by 2 other coaches who had to pull them apart as they stood staring at one another during the time they both had their short spandex boxer briefs.

The fight between the two of them  was the best thing that ever happen because shortly after that the team went onto a 12 game winning streak as the climb into second place in their division. Coach Miller and Scott were still not best of friends and decided to have a secret wrestling match in the gym area of the lockeroom.

Their match finally got underway and Coach Miller put a head scissor hole wrap tight against Scott scruffy short curly hair. " You want it tighter Scott scream Mr Miller " Before he put more pressure on it. " Fuck Coach no Sir " It took a few short second for him to release the pressure off his legs before both of their cock started to get hard a pit.

You can see both of them enjoying the hold as the pre cum started to pour out through both of their spandex type wrestling trunks they each had on. Scott slowly began licking the cum up that was coming through during and which it  was about to become more sexual.

By now the front of Scotts trunks was soaking wet from all of his pre cum and sweat as he got up from the matt and try to shake off the pain from his neck . " So what the hell you think about that Scotty " You can see him smile before he gave him a smart answer in return. "To tell you the truth Coach it felt fucking great and maybe we can be nice to one another from now on. "

They finally head off to the shower room to get change and meet back in Coach Miller office once again.  " Love to ask you something Scott ? " As he stood their all change before he headed home. " What you want to know Sir ?  Once again they both glare at one another. " How would you like to come up for a  couple of day's at my log cabin ? " He took a deep breath before he reply back and told him yes and began to reach out to him for a hand shake.

It was late Friday afternoon as the two of them arrive at the log cabin shortly after 4 pm as Coach Miller each took a bag of grocery's along with their own personal sports bag they brought with them.

After they all got settle in a bit, Coach Miller then give Scott a tour inside and outside of his newly build log cabin. Scott really love the weight and training room that he build in the back and was deeply amazed by the sling he has hanging down from the ceiling in the corner of the huge master bedroom on the second floor. Coach Miller over the last year got well over a  million plus from his Parents Estate as he was the only child they had.

The time was well pass 11 pm as the two of them both headed off to their rooms for the rest of the evening. Coach Miller had some Gay bear porn on his 60 inch Sony TV that was in his bedroom. It was not long after that Scott got up from his bed to take a piss before he notice the door open and can see Coach Miller rubbing himself as he watch Classic NWA wrestling channel. 

" Holy shit Scott I did not mean to wake you up ? " 

" No problem Sir, "

" Please call me Cole "

" Sure why not  dude "

" You that guy wrestling Cole ? "

" That is Mr Anderson Scott "

" You like him ? "

" I love the rugged look of him "

" There were some rumour years ago that he will fuck anybody "

" Really Cole "

" I also heard he calls his juice pussy spray from all of the sluts he pick up in hotel lounges "

" It never surprise me of these guy's Cole "

" Would you like to have someone like him to have fun with Scott ? "

" I am not sure Cole "

" Time to go back to bed Cole "

" Yes good night "

It was not until the last night they both ended up wrestling each other once again and which this time it was Scott turn to put Cole head in a tightly wrap leg scissors hole. " How is that Cole " He began gasping  for air bit. " Fuck you can release the hole now dude ? " Cole then got up and walk over to grab his water bottle to swig down Scott pre cum that he slurp up during the match.

Scott went snooping and found a nice pair of UnderArmour Jock Strap and decided to put it on himself and then climb onto the sling before he shouted for Cole. It was a good minute later that Cole walk into the bedroom and was shock  by seeing Scott laying there in the sling.

" Holy shit Scott  what the hell is this all about ? "

" I want my ass fill of your pussy spray Cole "

" Sorry to say that Scott  I have never fuck a man hole before "

" You will be my first to Cole "

" So you want for me to fuck you ? "

" Right Sir lol "

" I will be right back Scott "

He then walk into the bathroom to grab a few items before the fuck and notice his new Colt jockstrap hanging on the towel rack. Colt then watch him through the door putting on the jockstrap and began rubbing his hairy body all down with some kind of massaged oil that he grab from the cabinet. 

Cole then walk over to the TV  and turn it on and then put the pause button on the frame, that was showing off his favourite wrestling Mr  Anderson standing there with a his semi hard cock showing through his light powder blue trunks that he was wearing.

He then took his time and began rubbing down Scott hairy body with the heat active massage oil and pure a huge amount around his hairy ass hole. His huge hand then guided his dick over and started to penetrate Scott ass fairly slow. It was 2 minutes later until Cole 8 inch dick was comfortable inside as the fuck got much more aggressive and intense.

" OMG Cole it feels so fucking hot "

" Same here Scotty "

" Fuck me harder Cole "

" Harder Sir "

Cole was fucking the shit out of his juicy ass by now as he was deeply in-trace staring over at the TV getting off seeing this guy standing there in his trunks. The balls by now are slapping good and hard against Scott hole as he started to scream of  the pain from Cole dick.

" Fuck Scott  I am getting close "

" OH please give me your pussy spray Sir "

" You want it dude "

" Yes Sir "

" Hang onto the chains good and tight "

" Tighter Scott "

" Yes Sir "

" Now hang onto my jockstrap and pull them tight ? "

" Fuck Scott a little tighter dude "

" Squeeze my balls now "

" Holy shit Scott "

" Here it fuckin comes dude "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Here it comes Mr Anderson "

" OMG Mr Anderson "

" WOW SIR ! "

" Holy shiittttttttttttttttttttt "

Cole whole putting started to erupted with a huge load of pussy spray that flew out of him like a shot gun going off while he was orgasming inside of Scott not so Virgin hole. 

" Holy shit Scott are you alright  "

" Yes Sir, My God that felt fucking great Cole "

Cole then pull out of Scott as both of their bodies started to shake once again from the orgasm that just had happen. Scott then walk over to the TV and turn it off before the both of them went off to the shower room. They both scrub themselves off real good before Scott decide to stand up on the tile seats that was in ceramic shower stall. 

" How about you suck my cock Cole ? "

" I will if you put on these light blue trunks that are in my drawer"

" Just like Mr Anderson right "

" You got it "

It only took a minute before he help Scott put on the wrestling  trunks and once again stood there feet away from him and stared a him for a few minutes. Scott 7 plus semi cut cock got Cole evan more excited as he walk up to him and  started licking his bulge as the pre cum started to pour out the front of them like a river.

" Holy shit Cole this is nice "

" I know you will like it Scott "

" Pull my trunks down and wrap them around my balls Cole "

" I will do anything you want Scott "

" Please call me Mr. Anderson "

" Yes Sir "

" Suck my cock Cole "

" Yes Mr Anderson "

" Lick  up my pussy spray pre cum Cole  "

" Love your pussy pre cum Sir "

" Holy shit I am getting close "

" Give it to me Mr Anderson "

" Give it to me Sir "

" You want it "

" Yes I want it "

" Here it comes Mr Anderson "

" OMG dude "

Scott shot two loads off seconds apart as it was flying all over Coles goatee, lips, and mouth as they both shouted and scream of pleasure. Cole then took his time licking up the rest of the cum that was hanging down Mr Anderson semi cut cock as began began once again very slowly pull up the wrestling trunks to Mr Anderson waist.

" That was fucking the best orgasm ever Cole "

" I can see that Scott "

" Lick my bag once more "

" Love your bulge Mr Anderson "

" Keep on licking it dude "

" Use your lips and mouth Cole "

" Don't stop Cole "

" Holy shit Cole I am close again "

" Give it to me Mr Anderson "

" Please give it to me Sir "

" Here it comes Cole "

" Holy shiiiiiitttttttttttt "

Cole took two step back as he  watch with amazed seeing Mr Anderson cock shooting of another load of his cum as it started to pour through the sweaty trunks and down his hairy legs. 

" Holy shit Mr Anderson you made my dream come true "

" I know that Cole "

They both got back to Scott place just after 1 pm on Sunday afternoon, As for the rest  of the season the team came in third place as Scott got traded due to the secret request by Cole. Scott was not happy when he found out that it was Cole who want him traded. There was a wrestling convention over at the hotel and Scott decided to check it all out.

He was having a drink in the bar area and notice the wrestler that Cole was totally in love with sitting there all alone. He got his nerve up and sat down beside him before they struck up a conversation, It was a good hour later that Scott was invited back to Mr Anderson room for a drink.

Cole then arrive at the convention and spotted Cole in the bathroom taking a piss, Scott totally ignore him as he then follow Mr Anderson over to the set of elevators. Cole notice who he was with and got onto the elevator with them. The door open as Scott and Mr Anderson got off along with Cole. 

" You want something dude "

" Know Sir "

" Then stop following us you nut case "

Mr Anderson open the door as Scott began a huge smile at Cole before the door close. Scott ran into Cole 3 months later and wanted to be his friend and to find out all the dirt that happen that day at the convention. " All Scott said to him he does light wearing light powder blue briefs before he told him to screw off .

The End




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