I knew I was gay by my freshman year of high school, but I didn't want to be like some of the others that I knew were gay. I was determined to be masculine and keep my sexual preference a secret.

I joined the football team and worked out at school and also went to the gym with my dad. Being only fourteen, I couldn't go alone. By the end of my freshman year my body had developed quite nicely.

During my sophomore year, I found out from talking to Todd, one of the personal trainers and a co-manager at dad's gym that if dad signed a waiver and signed me up with him or one of the other trainers, that I could go to the gym alone for my workouts. I convinced dad to sign me up with Todd. He and I had developed a sort of friendship and I felt sure it could possibly go farther. Todd was twenty-six and extremely muscular, brown hair and bright blue eyes.

I would go to the gym directly after school when business was at its slowest. Todd and I had great workouts and after a few months he offered me a job keeping equipment in the right place and making sure it was lean. I jumped at the job.

It was a very exclusive gym and for the 'elite' few, there was a private workout room away from the regular crowd that they could use by appointment only to prevent overcrowding.

One Wednesday afternoon I arrived at the gym for my workout with Todd, he suggested we use the private gym since it was vacant that day. After agreeing, we headed for the private area.

We began working out and before long, Todd suggested we work out nude so I "could see the effects it was having" on my body. I readily agreed, wanting to see Todd nude. Many times before we had encountered brief accidental physical contact with each other and just smiled when it happened. I was hoping today it would go further.

Soon, it did. Our bodies brushed together several times and before long my cock began to stiffen and when Todd noticed he smiled and I saw his slowly stiffen.

At one point, I lay back on a bench with my cock totally hard, looking at Todd's nice long hard cock. Before I knew it, Todd was on his knees at my hips and was swallowing my cock. I m oaned softly at the fantastic feeling, praying it wasn't a dream. After a moment I reluctantly stopped him and sat up. Impulsively, we kissed passionately and after the kiss, he looked at me and said, "I've wanted to do this with you for a while but your age has stopped me."

"I've wanted it also but wasn't sure you would go for it. It will be our secret."

We kissed again before having a hot sixty-nine. From that day forward, Todd and I had sex three to foru times a week, and more if possible. Friday and Saturday nights, Todd would close up and I'd stay and once everyone was gone, we had hot passionate sex sucking and fucking each other before he drove me home.

This lasted until the summer after my high school graduation and I left for college. My last week home, I lied and told dad I was going camping with some buds before leaving for school but Todd took vacation and I stayed with him having almost constant sex. I was going to miss him terribly.

I began college and arrived early to settle in. I was alone the first night but the next afternoon my room mate arrived, and to my total surprise he was accompanied by his butler.

He introduced himself as Dave Swanson and was he ever hot. I knew living with him would be hell.

After settling in, he dismissed Rogers, his butler, telling him to return home and let his parents know he was fine.

After the butler left we began talking and I asked him what was up with the butler.

"Mark, I'm from Carbone. It's a small monarchy about the size of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. My family is part of the upper arristocracy and quite well off. It was how I was raised, but I want to ask a favor of you."

"What would that be?" I asked.

"Forget the shit about who I am and how I was raided. keep what I've told you secret and just treat me as you would any other guy. Help me lead a normal life."

"I'd be glad to," I told him.

We talked and he told me about his country and it's beauty and I told him about the town I was from. I was majoring in criminal justice and he was majoring in political science and diplomacy.

We managed to change our schedules so we had standard courses like math and english together.

Before long we were the closest of friends. He called home and instructed Rogers to ship him a few cases of ale. It was still beer to me. A week or so later three cases arrived at the dorm, with strange stamps on the cases, and marked 'Official'. He blew it off as the only way to get it into the states. Dumb me accepted his explaination.

We have just one in the evening to relax and make it last longer. However, a week or so later, we went overboard and got totally wiped out. At least Dave did. I wasn't quite as bad as he was when we returned to the dorm.

Once in the room, Dave fell on his bed and began snoring loudly. I knew I couldn't leve him that way and began undressing him. I had seen him nude in the showers, but this would be the first time for me to see him up close and for any length of time.

I soon had him on his back and in just his briefs. I carefully removed them and as I did I noticed it twitch slightly. It was long and slim and hung over a nice pair of firm orbs.

I was just drunk enough to carry things farther. Carefully, I lifted his cock and began to fondle it. It very slowly began to stiffen and soon clear droplets of precum began to emerge. I wiped them up with my finger then licked my finger clean.

As his cock slowly stiffened in my hand, I gently licked his balls. Suddenly, he moved slightly and I relized he had spread his legs farther.

I licked his balls some more before moving up to his half hard cock. Aiming it for my mouth, I slowly swallowed it and began to gently and lovingly suck it. It quickly reached its full hardness, leaking gallons of precum. I continued sucking and soon Dave moaned softly as his cock exploded filling my mouth with his huge sweet delicious load. Once I had it all, I eased off his cock and swallowed, quickly retreatinmg to my bed and climbing in. He turned over and continued to snore.

I lay in my bed and jerked my own cock to a roaring climax remembering the events that had transpired.

The next morning, I was awake before Dave and when he awoke and realized he was nude, I simply told him when we got home he stripped and went to bed.

"Damn, I slept great last night. I guess I should sleep nude every night."

"Hell do it. I always remove my briefs after I get in bed."

"Then so be it. We'll both go nude in the room and sleep that way."

"That's cool with me," I said.

"You know something else, Mark. For some reason, I'm not near as horny as I was yesterday."

"Really?" was all I said.

That day he called Rogers and had him ship more ale. Once it arrived, I made sure we took some to the park and I got him wiped out again.

Upon returning to the dorm, I repeated what I had done that first time. I soon had him completely nude and on his back. AS I again fondled his cock, I licked his beautiful balls. As precum developed at the tip of his cock, I'd lick it off. I soon began sucking his cock and as I did he again spread his legs slightly wider. I again receivged a huge sweel thick load which I hungrily and eagerly swallowed. And as before, I hurried to mybed, jerked off and went to sleep.

The next morning, I was up when he awoke and I heard him say, "Good morning."

"Good morning to you sleepy head," I replied.

"I sure enjoyed last night," he said to me with a slight smile.

"You mean getting drunk?"

"No. What happened after we got back to the room last night and the time before."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to play dumb.

"Mark, you know what I'm talking about. I had never had an encounter with another guy until you sucked my cock tht first time. Last night was again awesome. I loved it both times. If you ever want it again, just tell me and it's all yours. You don't have to get me drunk. And if it's okay with you if I get horny and need release, I'll tell you and you can take care of it."

"Hell yes it's okay with me. Just let me know," I said. Then looking at him I asked, "It doesn't bother you that I'm gay and prefer sex with men?"

"Not at all. I went to a boarding school fopr boys and a few of the guys there were gay. They were my friends, but I never let them do me although I was curious as hell as to what it would be like."

"I see," I said. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Would you like me to do it now while you're awake so you can watch?"

"I'd love it."

AS he lay on his back and threw the covers back, I walked to his bed. His cock was already hard and I eased between his wide spread legs and slowly swallowed his cock as I looked up into his eyes, seeinmg them sparkle and a smile form on his lips. I lovingly sucked him to his climax and he watched as I milked him dry then swallowed.

"Fucking awesome!" he said.

As i sat back up so did he and he smiled and pressed his lips to mine and kissed me gently, before saying "Thanks."

"That kiss surprised me," I said afterward.

"I saw the guys at school do it to show appreciation and caring."

"Nice, but I bet they had their tongues out," I said.

"That they did. Why don't you show me how it's done."

I smiled and leaned closer and pressed my lips to his before slowly opening my mouth and extending my tongue. Slowly, he responded and as we began sucking on each other's tongue, I hearn him moan softly.

After several moments we parted and he smiled saying, "Fuck, man, I loved that. So passionate and loving."

"I enjoy it," I said. "I'm open to it in private anytime."

"I'll have to remember that," he said.

That week, I sucked Dave off almost daily and introduced him to getting rimmed. He loved that also. Then during the next week, he surprised me by going down on my cock and bringing me to a climax and swallowing. He was a natural at sucking and I told him so. So began many hot sixty-nine sessions.

After a few months I had him fuck my ass and soon he was getting me to fuck him. Within six months of the first time i sucked him, we were doing it all, sucking and fucking each other regularly. He was an expert at rimming and kissing.

I asked him if he would like to find someone to join us and he said yes. I had discovered a glory hole in one of the restroom in an older building and went there between classes to suck cock.

I went to it and when I found one that wanted to suck also instead of just getting sucked I put a note through the hole telling him I'd like to discuss a t5hree way with him and to meet me outside.

I knew what he was wearing and I waited outside the front door of the building. Soon he came out and i recognized him as Bret Turner, the junior quarterbak of our footbll team. I introduced myself and asked if he was interested.

"If I agree, how do I know you will keep it secret?"

"You have our word. Neither of us want to be outed either."

"When and where?" he asked.

"You free tonight?"


"Davis Hall, room 320, about half past seven?"

"I'll be there," he said.

That evening we hd dinner early then returned to the dorm and showered., then waited on Bret.

At seven thirty-three there was a knock on the door. Dave and I were both nude, so I stood behind the door as I opened it slightly. Seeing Bret, I opened it enough for him to slip in.

Seeing us he smiled and said, "Very nice," as he began stripping. When he left three hours later, we had sucked and fucked each other and agreed on another meeting for overnight.

We had sex with Bret the rest of that year and all of his senior year and it was awesome. After football season, Dave would pay for a motel room for Friday and Saturday night and the three of us would have wild sex all weekend.

When we would see him on the field in his tight pants we both got instant boners. Bret was drafted to play pro ball and we loved watching him on TV.

Dave and I would spend summers at our respective homes, missing each other, and always made sure we were room mates.

As the end of our junior year approached, Dave said he wanted to talk to me.

One Saturday night he seemed extremely serious after we had engaged in wild passionate sex.

As we sat in bed, cross-leg Indian style and nude, he said, "Mark, I've talked with my dad and we both would like you to spend the summer with us in Carbone. We have a business proposition for you."

"Really? What would that be?"

"I'm not at liberty to say, but it would mean that we would still be together. I love you and don't want to loose you. Besides, it won't cost you a dime."

"I love you also, and have dreaded us parting. Let me talk to dad and see if he has any plans."

I did and he said he thought me seeing another part of the world would do me good.

School ended and we packed a couple bags to take with us and put the rest in storage along with my car. Dave called a cab to take us to the airport.

As we climbed in, Dave told the driver to take us to the private jet terminal. I looked at him questioningly and he smiled.

We arrived at the terminal and there was Rogers waiting on us. As Rogers started to speak, I noticed Dave slightly shake hs head. Rogers simply said, "Hello sir. I'll get your bags on board and we should be ready to leave momentarily."

He placed the bags on board then came to us and said we were cleared to depart.

I had done some researchj on Cardone, and as we approached the jet, I noticed the royal seal on the side of the plane. I remained silent until we were on board andin the air.

Turning to Dave, who sat across the aisle from me, I said, "I noticed the royal seal on the plane. What the fuck is going on?"




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