As we approached the plane, I noticed the royal seal on the side of the plane. Once on board, I looked across the aisle at Dave and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

The plane began to taxi as Dave sat silent. The nose lifted and we became airborne. Moments later, Dave unbuckled his belt and moved across the aisle and sat in the seat facing me.

Reaching toward me and taking my hands, he said, "Mark, I've wanted to be honest with you but my dad forbid it. He wanted me to remain, shall we say, 'off the radar'.

"Dave, what the fuck does that mean?"

"Mark, my official name at home is 'David, Crown Prince of Corbone. My father is King Richard."

"What? You're a prince?"

"Yes. Dad wants it kept secret for security reasons. He sent me to the states to get my education which would be better than what I could get at home. We're working on improving our educational system."

"Where do I fit in? I'm not in education?"

"I know. Dad has something else in mind for you. He'll fill you in once we arrive."

I sat stunned and moments later Rogers came up and asked, "Your highness, would you and Mark care for something to drink?"

"I think we both could use a cold beer."

"Right away, sir."

We had our beer and later dinner. It was an overnight flight and Dave led me to the sleeping suite. Once inside, I asked, "What about Rogers?"

"Last summer, I came out to him and told him exactly how I felt about you. He knows we have sex daily. I found out he's also gay and having sex with our stable hand."

"Damn!" I exclaimed.

We shared the bed in the suite and arrived in Cordone the next morning. A limo met us at the private airstrip and took us to the palace where I met the king. He welcomed me warmly before I was shown to my suite.

It was a two room suite connected to Dave's much larger suite. We took a tour of the palace and grounds and when I met the stable hand I could understand why Rogers had sex with him. He was muscular and damn good looking and very cordial.

The next morning at breakfast, as I addressed the king as 'your majesty' he looked at me and said, "Mark, when no one else is around, please call me Richard."

"Yes, sir," I replied.

After some official duties, Richard called Dave and I into his office.

After taking our seats he looked at me and asked, "Mark, what has Dave told you abut why you're here?"

"Just that you had an offer for me."

"That's correct. Dave has told me what great friends you two have become and he feels that you would be perfect for the position. He said he knows that you would be loyal to him once he takes over as King."

"I consider him like the brother I never had, Sir."

Straightening himself in his seat,he said, "Here is my offer. The head of our state police force oversees law enforcement throughout the country as well as being in charge of all palace security. Our current head is getting on in age, and ready to retire. Dave and I would like you to consider taking over as head of security."

I sat stunned for a moment before saying that I would definitely think it over.

During my two month stay, Dave and I toured the country and I became acquainted with the different area heads and their routines. I was shown the offices at the palace where I would be stationed.

During my visit, I noticed Richard watching us extremely close and smile. I began to wonder if he suspected anything about our relationship.

Just before time for us to return stateside and spend a few weeks with my dad, I told them that I would accept the position. They were both thrilled.

Back home, we went to stay with dad and he was shocked to learn that Dave was the future king of Cordone. He was even more shocked to to learn that I had been offered and accepted the position of head of security for the entire country.

My dad was very loving and caring and I felt it was time to tell him about my lifestyle.

Getting him alone, I sat him down and filled him in on everything from my teen years to my current relationship with Dave. he admitted that he has suspected it and was hoping I'd come out to him. He readily accepted it and told me he had something to tell me also. He confessed that he was gay also and had been for close to six years and said that he and a co-worker were considering becoming lovers. I told him I was thrilled for him and to follow his heart.

We went out and told Dave everything and dad welcomed him to the family. That night, dad and Jim, his co-worker, took Dave and I to dinner and later we visited and got to know each other better. That night it seemed strange to take Dave to my room and watch dad take Jim to his room for the night. Dave and I also had several late night encounters with Todd in the private room at the gym.

After a great couple of weeks with dad, Dave and I returned to campus to complete our final year of college. Our love for each other grew and we professed that our lives would be lived together as one.

We continued seeking out other gays on campus to have sex with. In our search, we found several football team members, a football coach, and several professors. The football coach was the hottest being into any thing we wanted. If we wanted him to be our submissive slave he would. if we wanted him to be dominate, he would. and if we wanted him to be our urinal, he would. He wanted whatever pleased us.

Graduation arrived and we got a call from Richard. He informed us that he had reserved the entire top floor of the Hyatt Hotel in town for him, his entourage, Dave and I, as well as my dad and any guest he might have. I called dad and he was shocked and asked if he could bring Jim. Dave and I both said of course.

Richard and his group arrived a few days before graduation. Dave and I moved our things out of the dorm and had them prepared for shipment to Cordone. Dave got me aside and said he was prepared to tell his dad about us.

However, before he could his dad called us to his suite for a private meeting.

Sitting facing each other, he looked at us and said very straight forward, "Son, you're in love with Mark, aren't you?"


"I watched you two when you were home last summer. I could see it in your eyes. I also went beyond what i should have and slipped into mark's suite at night, only to find him sharing your bed with you."

Taking a deep breath, Dave said, "We were going to tell you, and yes, I do love him with all my heart."

The king looked at me and without hesitation I said, "And I feel the same way about him, Sir."

"I thought as much. That's why during the last session of parliament I pushed through a law making gay marriage legal in Cordone, with the spouses having the same right as in other marriages."

Dave and I looked at each other before he grabbed me and kissed me in front of the king.

"There is only one catch. The law does not become effective until you ascend to the throne. That way, should you so desire, you two can be the first to marry. And I'm sure the second would be Rogers and Donovan."

We began laughing letting the king know that we already knew about them. He looked at us and asked, "Does your father know anything?"

"Yes, sir he does. In fact, his partner is coming with him. My dad is gay also."

"I look forward to meeting him."

Dad and Jim arrived and we immediately told him about the new law. When he asked if he was going to be invited to a wedding, we both said most definitely.

The king greeted them warmly and we had a huge feast in his suite.

After graduation, we returned to Cordone, where the king appointed me to my new position and the title of 'Sir Mark, Knight of the Realm'.

Of course, I moved into the suite with Dave,and began getting used to the royal protocol.

About a week later, after consulting with me,Dave summoned Rogers and Donovan to his suite. Moments after they arrived, we were all nude and in hot four way orgy. Before it was over, we had all sucked, fucked and been fucked by the others.

Six months later, Richard called Dave and I to his office and informed us that he was ready to retire and turn over the crown to Dave. Preparations began.

Richard took it upon himself to call and invite dad and Jim to the coronation and said he would send the royal jet to get them.

Once it was scheduled, Richard kept his work and sent the jet for dad and Jim. When they arrived, they were given the suite I had been assigned on my first visit, the one that had the connecting door to Dave and my suite.

On the first night there, Dave asked me how I felt about inviting dad and Jim to our suite for some play.

"My love, I'd love it, however I don't think I could actually have sex with my dad. I'd enjoy it with Jim and would love to have dad watch you and I, but I just couldn't do it with dad."

We invited them over and when the suggestion was made, Dad made the same statement. It was agreed upon by all and the fun began with Jim and I having sex and dad and Dave having sex. Later, Dave and I watched dad and Jim after which they watched us. Then dad and I watched Dave and Jim have sex, while we jerked off.

Two days later the coronation took place and I watched as the man I loved was proclaimed King of Cordone. Immediately afterward King David had me kneel and to my shocked surprise, proclaimed me 'Sir Mark, Knight of the Realm , and Grand Duke of Cordone.' Now the commoners bowed to me also.

Dad and Jim stayed and a week later Dave and I were married. At the reception that night, we were introduced as 'His Royal Majesty, King David, and Sir Mark, Grand Duke of Cordone.'

Dad and Jim returned home and Richard, retired to their villa on one of the lakes. Our duties began and things went well. Everyone accepted the fact that their King was gay and had married another man. My only regret was that I couldn't give Dave an heir to the throne.

However that was resolved about a year later when Dave chose a maiden from the village to carry his child. She became pregnant and fortunately it was a male. After his birth, she released all parental claim to him and Dave and I raised him with the help of a nanny.

Dave and I had a wonderful life together, our love only growing stronger.

Dave is still on the throne and our son is not beginning college at our Alma mater in the states. He is such a wonderful son. We love him dearly.




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