I was afraid Jhon had heard what his father had shouted when he was shooting his load,but he never heard anything since the blind fold had covered his ears at the same time.There was a sigh of relief within me but I had to make sure and questioned Jhon about what he thought about the guy. Jhon said he knew it was a black guy not just because he had a huge cock since there are many white Colombian guys with huge cocks.Jhon said he had sucked off other black cocks before and they always had a different smell and flavor than a white cock.He said he had only one time in his life drank a guy´s cum before and he said it was his Uncles.He said his Uncle was black and he still could remember the taste of his Uncle´s semen.Jhon said this guy´´s load tasted the same.And when he started sucking the guy´s balls he could feel the nappy hair surrounding this guy´s nuts that only black possessed.

Jhon said he wanted to get fucked bareback by this guy, but I said since this was the first time having sex with another guy I would have to ask him whether he would be into it.Jhon said next time he would bring a friend to the house so I could try out the gloryhole.I told I couldn´t wait and he said he would give his friend a call. It wasn´t long til he showed up.I told Jhon to bring him up when he was hot and ready.Jhon and his friend were downstairs making out,so I went into the dark closet and waited.It wasn´t long til Jhon sent his friend upstairs.I could see he was very tall and lanky with a huge white uncut cock.He saw the gloryhole and walked toward it.As his cock entered through the hole I engulfed the swollen head after peeling back his thick foreskin.Already he was dripping precum since Jhon had gotten him ready.I slurped his entire cock which had to be 11 inches down my gullet resting my lips amid his wiry bush and big balls.I knew this guy would have a great load of thick sweet semen to fill my mouth.

I heard the doorbell ring but was too busy feasting on this great cock to notice.I figured Jhon would answer the door.And this guy I was sucking off paid no attention since he started feeding me his member with a much faster pace.He started banging his pelvis against the door almost to the point I thought he was going to break the door down.After sucking his cock for a while I needed to taste his balls just like Jhon had done with his father.I raised his cock up so I could lap each hairy orb which drove him crazy.I jacked off his member as I was servicing his balls,taking each one within my mouth and savoring his sweaty balls.I went back to sucking him off and he abruptly withdrew his cock and another cock almost the same size entered the hole.Jhon I thought had evidently got another person off the street who was selling something and that Jhon had a past history with.This guy´s cock was about 8 inches but much thicker than the guy I had been sucking.I went down on him and was able to swallow him with ease it wasnñt long til I was rewarded with a salty load from this fat cock.As he withdrew the other guy sent his cock through again so I could finish him off.I had been jacking off while I was servicing these two cocks and was almost ready to shoot my load.I could tell the guy I was sucking was almost ready so I eased off on my cock.I heard him shout and immediately felt a thick stream of semen entered my mouth and hit my taste buds.This guy had the thickest cum and the tastiest that I had had in a long time. It was easy to swallow it all since it was the consistency of gravy.I was ready to bust my nuts so I let his spent cock fall from my lips and stood up and pushed my swollen cock through the hole.I felt lips on my cock and started to empty my load into some stranger´s mouth.It turned out to be the guy with the fat dick.I saw his face and recognized him as one of Jhon´s friends who was like sixteen.He just happened to be in the neighborhood and had athing for Jhon.I was glad he had taken advantage of getting sucked off and sucking me off. I was sure in the future, I would get to fuck his sweet ass which I knew he possessed.After he had released my cock Jhon asked him whether he wanted to try the gloryhole.He agreed and rplaced me inside and Jhon fed him his black cock.Jhon had never had sex with him since he seemed to young but this young guy was definitely willing and able. It wasn´t long til his mouth was full of Jhon´s cream.




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