It has been a well over 10 years since I have been skating in the Roller Derby league. I was only traded a few times during those years of skating. The most fun I had during those years was on the Jersey Jolter team as we won a few championship and great teammates I had. Paul has retire about 2 years ago as myself and Phil were traded to the Bay Bombers team, Myself and Phil were still close until he backstab me and force me in a trade to the World Famous LA T-Birds.  

I then became real close with a few players like Frank, Ralph , and the new captain Ron Hanes who was a nut case most of the time on the track, He also play the rock star roll very well banging different chicks night after night. It was one night he came over to my new condo close to Sunset Blvd.that he spill out his whole life to me while he was feeling of know pain at all. I since that he was in some depression of some kind.  I always thought his issue was his sexuality that he never committed to any of his ladies. 

He knew that I was Bi and I felt very comfortable with my life style. The time was around when he made a pass at me for the first time. He then did his best to grab my bugle as I was sitting close to him. I was a little scare at the moment because I knew he had a temper and was not all there. I then let him kiss me deeply before we headed into my bedroom for some fun.

I watch undress himself as he was now standing there in his Black silk underwear close to the bed. We both kiss for a while as I felt his hot tongue work down my hairy chest all the way to my cock. He had a very nice body as he stood well over 6 feet a solid 180 with hairy chest and a 70 porn style moustache. He also had a lovely nice 6 inch cock that had a little curve in it. I then began to deep throat him now as his nice hard cock sled down my throat very easy. 

I watch his pre cum pour out from his dick hold as my cock became real hard as I started to slurp it all up as he was screaming of pleasure. " More Colt, More Colt " ! He was yelling as he was almost ready to cum. I then took my mouth of his dripping dick before we began to go down on my cock now. His mouth felt great as his moustache bristle were tingling  my cock and balls. I though to myself this man sure know how to suck a dick. " Hey Ron lets 69 now dude " As he gave me a sexy smile. We started to 69 each other has our cocks were down both of ours throat, It was like about 2 minutes late we both shot off together as the cum from both of us were filling up our throats. His cum had a nice sweet semen taste to it. 

We then took a break before I fuck his so call Virgin hole, I then began to eat out his nice hairy tight hole as his nice bubble butt ass began to pour out his nice tasting ass juice all over my goatee, He  was now screaming of sexual climax as I began to tongue his hairy hole for a few minutes. I then roll him over before I pour some Ky Jelly on my cock and in his tight Virgin as. 

I then began to enter him very slowly as he gasp of pain a few time until I was all the way inside of him. He was very relaxed now as my cock really started to pound his ass good and hard with my balls slapping his hole. " Fuck Ron I am close "  It was about 20 seconds later I shot off a huge load of white cum all over his hairy ass cheeks and hole as I pull out of him real fast.  We were both totally exhausted from the fuck before he said your dude Colt.

He came over to the bed wearing his Black Silk underwear, He then pull my legs up and over his hairy chest and shoulders before he pour some Ky onto his tool. His cock went in very easy as it made it way all up to my men G-spot. He was now fucking my hole real fast as I grab onto his sweaty wet underwear that he was wearing during the fuck. I can smell the Brute aftershave pour out of his wet sweaty chest as it began to soak my whole body. I then see him stand on his tip toes as he was driving me real good as his eyes started to roll around in his head. " Fuck Colt I am cumin dude" ! As his whole body started to erupt  and vibrating as he was shooting off into my ass. 

He then to pull out of me very slowly as I began to lick up the rest of his hot load that was left on his cock. The shower felt great as I scrub him all down with soap before I spray his hole hairy body off with the shower handle. We skated very well  over the last few months of the season. We won the Championship once again for the tenth time. I was now on holidays visiting friends up in Canada when I got a call from Paul who now lives there. We talk for a while before he ask me to come over for a visit and to meet his new wife. The visit and dinner with the two of them went over very well before they ask me to join them in the bedroom for a 3 some. I told them sorry and I don't do that anymore before I left them both. 

I broke my back at the start of the next season and decide to retiree from skating. I enjoy now working in marketing for the new Roller Derby league at its new home here in the San Diego area.I  am still good friends with Paul, Phil and Ronnie. Myself and Paul are planning to get a USA team together to skate over in Japan for next year.




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