I have just got a letter from the IRDL that they sign me for a contract to skate with the New Jersey Jolters for my first 2 years in the Roller Derby league. They also inform me if I would like to stay and bored at the Men's Team Captain Paul Roberts house during the 2 years. I then fax them back the sign contract and told them It would  be great to stay at Paul place until I get my own during the first year.

The time was around 1 pm as Paul pick me up from the Newark Airport, He shook my hand right away and greeted me to the Jolter team. The drive was about 20 mins before we got to the arena were I meet my new teams mates for this coming up season, We are rank number 1 in the east division just behind the New York Chiefs team who we are playing in a few days from now   over in Albany New York.  

Wow ! The practise was real rough and crazy for the first hour, I was knock around a few times before I flew of the bank track at a good speed. We all now having a shower and there were a few good looking men on my new team, I really thought Frank and Bill were hot and my new captain had a rugged sexy appeal  about him. Paul house was a small 3 bedroom 2 bath bungalow  with a huge Mens Den along with a Hot Tub he sit up in the basement. That evening was great as myself and Paul were going  brings some beers with us as we headed down to his new hot Tub he has just build. I was the first one in as Paul went back up stair to get changed, it was about 5 min later he came down the steps just wearing his red spandex bikini briefs. " My god I told him " as the hot tub was feeling so great on my sore body from this afternoon practise we had.Paul gave me a nice sexy smile as he was zipping down his Bud before he started to ask me all kinds of question. Now it was my turn to drill him with question now, The first one how long have you been skating ? Follow by how did you end up and being the Captain from the Jolters ? The last one was do you have a wife or girlfriend now. He told me " That he was married for close to 30 years and has grown kids who lived over in Germany close to their Mother place for the last five years " And No to any girlfriends that the Roller Derby is his life for the next 7 years before he retires at 60. Paul was also the most respect and roughest team captain in the 8 team league and he has move down to Jersey after skating for the team up in Canada for many years.He also had a very well kept body a solid 210 about 5'11 medium short curly dark hair with the bushy beard to match and he also wore thick frames glasses. 

The time was now close to 10 pm as my legs rub against Paul a few time before he made a pass at me. I felt his hand touch my the upper side of my hip as he gave me a sexy grin look and smile, I then watch Paul climb  out of the tub and he was now sitting on the side taking a few more zip from the can of beer he was drinking , I can now see the out line of his cock and shaft through his dark red briefs that he was wearing. He was now started to stroke his semi hard cock as he was giving me a hint to come over to blow him now, I slowly but my mouth on his bulge and was licking him all over his package in his wet briefs as the pre cum started to pour through them, He then stood straight up as he pull off his briefs  before he sat back down at the side of the Hot tub. My mouth was fully planted on his nice 7 inch cut cock as he was now moaning with great pleasure " Fuck it feels good Colt, Fuck it feels good colt "as the pre cum was tasting real sweet by now. I can now here him say " Colt your turn dude "  I was no sitting on the side as he was now giving me the best blow job I ever had, My god this guy new how to suck my 6 plus cock, I felt his beard bristle tingle my shaft and head as it send jolts of sexual pleasure through out my body, His beard mouth was wrap around my cock so tightly now as I started to shot off down his throat, I can see him choke a bit as he was trying to swallow my huge load down. Wow I can now see there were lots of cum still left on his bearded mouth before I went over to give him a huge deep tongue kiss. Now it was my turn to finished Paul load off, I was sucking for a good 10 mins as he was now screaming that he was about to shoot off. " Fuck I am close Colt he told me several times  now " Then out of a sudden his hole body shook as he was screaming out very loud as his cock was pouring all his huge load of salty beer seamen all down my wet cock sucker throat. " Wow that was fucking hot Colt " As he pull his cock out of my mouth. There still was some cum left on his head for me to lick up. By now it was time for us to get upstair to catch some sleep before we get on the team bus and head out on a 2 weeks tour of Eastern USA.  

 The first night game was real rough as myself and Paul got into some real good scraps with the Chiefs team Captain Phil Grohl and his side kick Buddy Atkinson Jr. we lost the first game of the tour by only 2 points as I score 8 points for the team during the game. The team shower off very quick before we headed back to our hotel room for the night, We were staying at the Hilton Inn on the outskirts of Albany New York as myself and Paul are going to be room mates for the next 2 weeks. The room was on the 10 floor over looking the downtown area, the time was showing  about 1 am. I can see Paul was taking a few pain pills now as he was aching all over from the rough game. 

Paul then ask me how I was feeling now ? I smile and told him " Horny dude "I can hear him laugh before he ask me if he can MAKE LOVE TO ME ? I told him that I never had been fuck before and he would have to go very slow and I also had a fantasy getting fuck with a man wearing his underwear. I then watch Paul get up and head over to his travel bag and put on a fresh pair of dark blue Fruit of The Loom briefs as he was pulling his dick now through the small hole in front of the brief. I was now laying on my back as he came slowly over in front of me with a new heat active condom in his bear paw hands. He spit on his dick a few time as he gently roll the condom all the way up his nice 7 plus shaft. 

I was now all excited as Paul started to put some KY jelly on his cock as he was now grabbing my legs and slowly putting them over his nice dark hairy chest and shoulders now. He smile with his dark brown eyes now as I can hear him say " Colt it is time to make love to you now " I then felt a sharp pain a bit as his cock started to go into my Virgin hole. My god did it feel good when he push up all the way to the tope of his shaft, He was now giving short little strokes as his body started to sweat with great sexual pleasure now. He then stop for about 20 seconds to see how I was doing, I smile and told him to "Go much Harder now " I can now hear him moan a lot louder as his penis was now stroking my ass much faster and harder, " Fuck it nice Colt " Fuck it nice Colt " as both of our body are now cover with his hot love making sweat. I  was watching staring at my bright blue eyes as he was close in orgasming in my Virgin Hole, He was moan out real loud that he was about to cum now. " Oh God Colt I am cumin, Oh God Colt I am cumin " Wow has his hole body jolted and tremble as I felt his balls releasing his huge load pouring right up his long shaft through his penis hole filling up the condom with all of his cum. I can now see he was totally exhausted now from the love making session. He really took his time slowly pulling his penis out of me now. I watch him take the condom off as the bottom was filled with a good ounce of his semen.

The Jolter team was now into first place in the division after 20 games before Paul took me into his office and told me that I was traded to the Detroit Devil team and I have be there in 4 days from now. My heart was well broken that I was traded so soon , Paul then drove me to the airport as we hug each other before I got onto the plane. I got a couple of faxes from Paul over the last couple of months checking to see how I was doing. I reply back that I cannot wait to play his team in another 2 months here in Detroit.

Part 2 to follow after the comments.





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