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                   Robby and Ryan: The Accident.

                             From the Author:

       This is a lost chapter, or better yet, an edited out chapter, of the Robby and Ryan saga. When the story ended last year I was flooded with emails asking for more. At the time I thought that was all there was to tell, but I had really left so much out.

       I am not a writer, erotica not my thing. You will find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, but please bear with me.  

        This chapter recounts Thanksgiving of 79 and the recovery from the accident we were in that day. For those who read Robby and Ryan, last year, this chapter will fill in some blanks and for those who never read our story, please start at the beginning.

       As a stand alone, I think this chapter is a good read but lacks the background to fully understand places and characters. Please enjoy.

   On Thanksgiving Day of 79, Rob and I had spent the day at Deb’s, with his family. We were driving home after dinner and desert, singing to the Bee Gee’s, as I piloted the Cougar in the pouring rain towards our destination.

       I was going through an intersection when we were t-boned by a truck that had run a red light. Life changed for us, in a way, that day. We would have been killed if we were in the TR, or I would have died or been unrecognizable.  

                            From the Author:

       This is another one of those times. Robby and I argued on which car to take until I just got in the Cougar and asked if we were taking two. The newness had not worn off yet and he drove the TR every chance he got.

       Like I said; another one of those times. You take a right turn; instead of a left. You drive one car, or the other. Would the accident still have happened? Mind, melting, shit.

       I could hear the sirens before my eyes opened and I was racked with pain; more than anything I had ever felt before. When things started to clear I focused on Robby.

       He was unconscious, next to me, blood soaking his hair and shirt, and he was pinched between the console and his door, along with the truck that had hit us; one headlight still on and stream spraying around.

       I took a quick inventory of myself; I couldn’t move my legs. My arm was broken; I could tell. And I was wedged between my door and the console. Panic or adrenalin began masking my pain. At that moment I felt numb. It was kind of surreal how everything kind of slowed down, but I came back to reality fast. 

        Robby’s side of the car had taken the brunt of the impact; the glass was everywhere and I could feel the rain on my face through the broken windshield. My arm was broken; I still managed to reach for his hand and in my head, I called out his name but got no response.

       I could taste blood in my mouth as I tried to say his name out loud; hoping for something, anything. I could hear somebody talking to me and more sirens were getting louder as my head rolled over to my left and I saw the paramedic trying to open my door.

       He was trying to get me out of the car so they could get to Rob who was struggling to breathe. My arm was broken but I held on to Robby’s hand until they pried it from me. I had set the break in my arm then passed out.

       I woke up on a stretcher, strapped down, and rain falling on my face. I heard one of them yell, “I need help in here, he’s starting to seize.” And a fireman started to cut the roof off my car.

       I looked around the best I could and saw two paramedics working on a guy who was on the pavement about twenty feet away. It was the driver of the truck. He had gone through his windshield, over my car, and landed that far away. He didn’t look good. He was doing about fifty when he hit us.

       I woke up in the hospital around midnight. I could tell my arm had a cast, I couldn’t move my right leg and I was in a cervical collar. I had a bandage on my right cheek that covered my right eye and I could feel that some of the hair on my left side had been shaved with a bandage over it.

       I listened with my eyes closed and heard mom and Clint talking with the doctor about me, and then I heard Deb’s voice. Robby was in surgery and had been for hours. He was so fucked up. I didn’t understand most of what they were saying, but they were taking things out and trying to repair damage to others.

       I opened my eyes and instantly had faces looking at me. I stared at Deb and weakly asked, “Robby?” She tried to force a smile and I said, “Don’t you DARE fucking lie to me, Deb.” The burning of my eyes telling me I was going to cry.

       She struggled with that smile and said, “He’s going to be fine, Ryan.” Then she started to cry, turned, and walked out the door.

       I looked at my sobbing mother; Clint’s hand on her shoulder and I begged, “Please mom.”

       “Robby’s hurt pretty bad honey.” She started. “His right arm and leg are badly broken, they had to remove his spleen, and hopefully they can re-inflate and repair a punctured lung.” And she put her face in her hands.

       “What aren’t you telling me?” I asked, looking at Clint.

       “Ryan, a lot of his ribs are broken and they punctured his lung,” he explained as he squeezed moms shoulder again. “And he has a bad head injury.”

       “What about me?” I asked.

       Clint explained my injuries. My right cheek was broken, probably by Robby’s head during impact. My right leg was broken in three places along with my knee cap, and my right arm. I had 15 stitches on the left side of my head from the window, a serious concussion, and evidently, I was lucky my neck wasn’t broken; just a serious sprain. And my left shoulder had been dislocated but had been reset.

       I closed my eyes, focused every part of my being, and searched for Robby. If we were close enough, if he was strong enough, I could find him.        He wasn’t, and either was I, but it didn’t stop me from trying.

       I’m not sure how much time passed but I heard Deb come in and start whispering to my mom; I opened my eyes and looked at her.

       He’s in a coma, Ryan.” She told me. “He is out of surgery and in ICU.”

       I motioned for her to come closer. “Deb, you know I can help him.” I reminded her. “I need to be closer, though.” I pleaded. “He’s got to be so scared, Deb. Please, I need to be closer.” I said, desperately trying to get my point across; my eyes starting to burn again.

       She raised her voice like I was a child and said,

       “He’s in ICU.”  

       I went into full, fuckin, Tasmanian devil. I threw everything within my reach and started screaming at the top of my lungs. I was thrashing around, calling everybody filthy names, and trying to get out of bed. All of the sudden, I felt what ever the woman I had called, ‘a skanky fuckin bitch’, put into my IV.

       I was helpless. Much calmer now; I pleaded with Deb. Control was slipping away. “Deb, if he thinks I’m not here, he won’t come back. He’ll let go.  Please, Deb.” and everything faded away.

       I woke up, now tied down, and I was raging pissed. I could hear my heart monitor sounding like a fuckin pin ball machine and I was going to explode. FUCK! Another shot.

       My eyes flickered open and it was light out. I closed them again so I could think. I had caught a glimpse of my mom and Clint sitting in chairs on the window side of the bed. I desperately needed to get closer to Robby and my previous attempts were unsuccessful; I needed to find a new approach.

       “Mom,” I said softly. She looked at me and smiled a weak smile.

       “Ryan, please stay calm.” She started. I could hear my monitor beeping faster with every second that the past.

       “Mom, Please. I need to be closer,” I begged, starting to get agitated; and the nurse walked in. “YOU STICK ME AGAIN, YOU FUCKIN BITCH, AND I'M GONNA.” I got the spins and felt my eyes fall shut. FUCK.

       I woke up and it was dark outside, rain running down the window. Clint was sitting in a chair just looking out the glass into the darkness. I whispered to him, “Clint” and he looked at me. “Please, Clint. I need to be closer.”

       “RYAN, you need to stay calm,” he said, sounding excited, as he looked at the door. “Your mom and Deb are with Robby right now and if you flip out again, Ryan, she is going to kill me,” he stated with fear in his eyes.

       I closed my eyes and took a few calming breaths, I could hear the monitor and tore the pads from my chest. ‘Not a good move. Just so you know.’

       “Clint, you don’t understand,” I said calmly. “I need to be close enough to touch him, Clint. If he doesn’t know I’m here, he won’t come back, don’t you get that?” I told him; I guess with enough conviction. It finally dawned on him; the poor, dumb, son of a bitch.

      The nurse walked in and I watched, Clint, grow a set. He told her that she wasn’t going to give me another shot as he stepped in front of her, and then said, “If you don’t move him to Robby’s room, I will.” He became my hero.

       I could really only look up and the lights passing by as they wheeled my bed down the hall were making me nauseous, so I closed my eyes. I could hear a commotion; mom and Deb were asking what was going on. My hero flexed his new found balls and said, “Shut the fuck up, both of you.” And he told the nurse to put me on Robby’s left side.

       I turned as best I could to look at him and my mind couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. I had never seen anybody in this condition like before; this was not my beautiful soul mate and I wouldn’t have recognized him.  

      Robby’s head was wrapped; all his hair had been shaved. His face was swollen and bruised, a tube up his nose, and another down his throat. There was an IV stand with all kinds of bags hanging off it, monitors filled the room, and a nurse was standing beside him.

       Tears filled my eyes, my heart broke; I could feel it, and I again gave Robby the bigger half as I reached for his hand.

       With my broken right arm, I took his left hand and said his name. As my eyes closed I said, “Thank you, Clint.” I’m not really sure what happened after that. I was in a fog calling for Robby.

      I consciously slowed my heart down along with my breathing. We would do this for fun but never under conditions like this. I matched it to his heart monitor beeping in the back ground. I went so much deeper than I ever had before. Dangerously, deep, more than Rob and I had done before, but somehow knew I HAD done this before or knew I would.  

       I followed the sound of his tears as I wandered aimlessly until I found him. He was so… scared and confused. When I wrapped my arms around his fragile frame I felt him drain my body. And I held absolutely nothing back. I enveloped him in my arms; reassured him all was good and I was here with him.  He was so… broken. I tuned everything out and focused on him.

       For three days I stayed like that. I didn’t eat and didn’t communicate with anybody. I just stayed with Robby in his comatose state and helped him mend his broken body.

       I was aware of what was going on around us but I couldn’t leave him alone, couldn’t break my concentration for fear of loosening him. He was so scared. I could hear doctors, could feel them checking me and him along with mom, Clint, and Deb talking.

       Robby and I were together in our minds, sitting under our tree at ‘The Willows’ like we had done so many times, but this was different. We were broken, but not, and I seemed to be the only one that knew what was going on.

       I heard commotion in the room and then I heard Sylvia’s voice. My mother knew her but didn’t. Sylvia understood what was happening, knew what I was doing, and she took charge. She said, “Stop! You can’t do that.” and then I could feel her presence. She had found us.

       She stood over us and smiled. She was much stronger than she let on. She had invaded our space, had found us under the tree. “Boys,” she said and we both looked at her.

       “Robert, can I stay with you awhile, honey?” she asked. “If Ryan doesn’t wake up they are going to move him and break the bond.” and Robby started to cry and pulled more on me. She didn’t wait for him and said, “Ryan, you need to wake up,” and I shook my head no.

       “Ryan, I will stay with him, you have to wake up, child.” She said again in a much more commanding voice.

       Robby nodded his head, reached for Sylvia’s hand, and she took my place. I opened my eyes and saw her reclined in a chair on the other side of his bed, Rob’s hand in hers, and she looked like she was asleep.

       My mom, Clint, and Deb were in the room and I felt confused. My mom started to cry and I began to feel the pain from my own injuries. I was hooked up to an IV, my heart monitor was beeping in the back ground, and I was drained. I was totally fuckin empty.

       “Is he OK, Ryan,” Deb asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

       I nodded and said, “Yes. I think so.” as I looked over at him.

       “He has been crying, Ryan, and so have you,” she said through sobs. “Can you make him wake up? Please make him wake up,” she asked.

       The doctor came in and started looking at me, shining a light in my eye, and asking how I felt. My cardiologist was checking me and talking to the other doctor but I was still confused and the way everyone was looking at me just added to that.

       A couple of nurses came in and started to roll me out of the room and I went fucking ballistic again. Another shot and I woke up in my room, a police officer standing by the door. I had hit one of the nurses.

       I didn’t know how much time had passed. I closed my eyes searching for Robby and Sylvia, and I found them. They were sitting under the tree; her arm around him and his head resting on her shoulder, and her stroking his hair.

       This was so strange; no one had ever shared this with us; it was always only the two of us and for the first time I wondered how this had all happened.

        “Robby,” I said. “You need to wake up. Please, Robby.”

       Sylvia confirmed my request and said, “It’s time, honey.”

       I reached out to him with both hands and he stood. Sylvia was gone now; I took his hand and we started to walk up the river. I told him it was time, time to wake up, and he nodded. As we walked, as if on air, we both looked back and the tree faded away.

       I opened my eyes and saw Sylvia sitting by my bed. “He’s awake now,” I told her, and she nodded.

       “Ryan, I need to go, honey,” she said. “The young man that hit you doesn’t have the strength and isn’t going to make it. I want to be with him. He is scared too, Ryan.” And she got up and walked out the door.

       I could see Deb and my mom outside my room talking and when they came in I said, “He’s awake now.” And they both said, yes. “If you don’t take me to him, he is going to be so… pissed,” I said as two nurses came in and started to wheel my bed towards his room.

       I could feel the tears soak the bandage over my eye and roll down my other cheek before I got to his room. I had not noticed all the cards, flowers, and stuffed animals in his room before, but I took it all in, now. My Robby was loved.

       Robby reached out for my hand when he saw them wheel me in and a small smile tugged at his lips and he mouthed “I love you.” We only had a minute before the room was full of people and a pair of doctors looking at Rob. When they were done Robby kind of looked at everybody and they gave us some privacy.

       He tried to reach for me and said, “What have you done Rye?” Most of my hair had turned white over the last three days; part of the price for helping him again.

       “The color will come back, Robby. It always has.” I assured him.

      “I knew him, Rye,” he finally said. “He went to my school. He’s gone now.” And then he paused. “He was so scared, Ryan. He never meant to hurt us.”

       “Well, he did Robby,” I replied flatly, knowing who he was talking about. I didn’t know what else to say. The compassion in Robby didn’t exist in me.

       “I told him it was OK, Ryan, and I forgave him,” Robby admitted. “I told him there was nothing to be scared of. He’s not like us, Ryan. He smiled and thanked me. And then he was gone.” And Rob just gazed at the wall.

       Together, Rob and Sylvia had, or maybe Justin had, hell I don’t know. Sylvia was strong, very strong, and Rob was way stronger than he knew. Together they found Justin and comforted him in some of his last moments on this earth. And that meant a lot to Rob.

       Rob was moved out of ICU and we were put into a room together. The doctors were amazed at his recovery but I was not doing as well. Part of the cost of helping Robby was ignoring my self.

       I saw a couple standing outside our room talking to my mom; Rob and I somehow knew who they were. The woman was crying and the man was trying to comfort her. Robby motioned for them to come in.

       Rob held out his hand to the woman and she cried more when she took it. “He wasn’t scared,” he assured her, “and we know how sorry he was.” And the woman cried more. I could feel my eyes start to burn from Robby’s sorrow.

       “He had a smile on his face when his heart stopped,” she told us; sobbing. “He never woke up.” And Robby nodded and squeezed her hand.

       The days passed and I was released a week after the accident. Robby’s stay was almost two weeks longer. No Hawaii or party, this Christmas.

       It was so hard to get around because I had a cast up to my hip. And I had a broken arm. Clint had a Cadillac Fleetwood and picked me up and would chauffeur me around as I stretched out in the backseat. No way I could ride in moms Trans Am.  

      The first day out; I had all my hair cut off; partly because of all of the questions, but mostly because I couldn’t stand the look in Robby’s eyes when he would see me.

       When he asked me to promise I would never do this again, he heard what he wanted to hear, not what I said. There was no limit, no length I wouldn’t go to for him, and that was so hard for him to accept.

       I was going crazy. When I got out of the hospital mom and Clint stayed with me. They slept in Rob’s room and waited on me hand and foot. I hated it.

       I had grown accustomed to just Rob and I; it was so… hard sleeping without him next to me. I was getting stronger; maneuvering around on crutches was becoming easier. I could pinch the right one between my arm and chest, swing it forward, and I could manage.

       Clint would drop me off every day at the hospital with the box of chocolates for the nurses, then pick me up after dinner and take me home. I stood at the door to Robby’s room one day and listened to the conversation coming from within.

       Justin’s mother was telling him about the funeral, all the people that came, and again how sorry she was. He comforted her and she told him how nice it was he had sent flowers and added my name then said she cried when she read the card.

       “I meant what I said,” he told her and I listened as she read the card back to him.

       “Thank you, Justin. I think I have a better understanding what this life is about now and I’m not going to waste a minute.” I don’t know how he was able to see such a tragic time in our life as a blessing, but he did. I wished I was more like him.      

      I just stood there, my crutches under my arms, and tears rolling down my face. I was looking at the floor; my mind trying to comprehend everything when her feet came in to view.

       I looked up at her and she smiled. She knew I didn’t feel as Robby did, but she smiled anyway. I was having a hard time letting it go. I was sorry he died, but we could have died too, and I was still pissed.

       “Your Robby is so… special, Ryan.” She said, and more tears fell from my cheeks at her revelation. This was something I knew, but words like special couldn’t define him.

       Webster’s is full of words; descriptive adjectives to define ‘special’. Yes, he was that and so much more.

       “More than you know,” I told her; my voice cracking and more tears sliding down my face. She touched my arm and walked away. It was the last time I ever saw her.

         Robby was released on the twelfth of December. It was an awful day. Everything was fine until they got him in the car. He was stricken with a panic attack so bad they re-admitted him back into the hospital. I had never felt him like that; he was helpless to the panic and everything I tried was unsuccessful.

       Heavily medicated, we were able to get him home that night and he slept until late the next day. Clint was awesome. I think he understood now, had witnessed what we had first hand, and came to understand, kind of.

      We were never left alone; someone was always here and Rob slept in his room for the first time. I think Deb and my mom had worked it out and it drove me wacko.

       I can’t believe everybody didn’t know. They had all seen us together although we never flaunted anything. We were a couple in every way and if they didn’t see it, they were blind.

       On the twentieth of December, the doctor said Robby could fly and against everyone’s tantrums I called Bruno. I had him ready our home to the east for us and asked if he could move a bed into the sitting room so we didn’t have to navigate the stairs. Our stitches had been removed, our casts changed, and we were healing well.

      He picked us up at the airport in the Lincoln and chauffeured us home. Riding in a car was getting easier for Rob and we looked so funny trying to get in. We sat opposite each other, the only way it would work, and rode home in the backseat.  

      I had lost a lot of weight and it was hard for both, Rob and I, to get around on crutches with each of us having a broken arm too. I had told Bruno we’d been in an accident but he couldn’t hide his concern when he saw us.

       With all of Rob’s broken ribs and his lung still mending it was best for him to use the wheelchair. And he hated it. Bruno was awesome and gave him a slight slap on the head as he wheeled him to the car telling him, “Some day you might be doing the same for me kid.”

      The day after we arrived, Rob had sweated terribly during the night and I insisted he let me give him a spit bath in the kitchen sink. It wasn’t easy but honestly, it was the first time I was able to touch him.

       He sat in a chair, his boy panties clinging to his body as he leaned back with his head hanging over the counter in front of the kitchen sink. I lathered up my hands after letting water drip through my fingers as I manually combed his short golden locks.

       I would open my eyes and look down at him, his eyes closed as I ran shampoo over and over through his hair. I had finished and soaped up a washcloth; warm and soft it was as I ran it over his still frail body.

       I watched his underwear fill from my touch as water rolled down his stomach; wetting them; my favorite toy pushing and becoming visible through the thin fabric. I could feel myself dripping; wetness soaking my sleep pants from the raging hard on that I just couldn’t help. He put his hand on mine and looked me in the eyes.

       He slowly moved my hand down his chest and stomach then under the waist band of his shorts and my fingers wrapped around his tool. He turned slightly in his chair moving his lips to the tent I was sprouting.

       He put his mouth on me, teasing with his teeth and hot breath, and then nipping the fabric he pulled it down. I stroked him as he ran his tongue up the blue vein leading to my swollen head.

       He licked up my shaft as my juice rolled from its fountain. I moved my thumb around, feeling his head flair as he pumped it full of blood causing it to grow even more and spew larger amounts for me to lube him with.

       As I used his hot juice for lube he took me in his mouth, slow and deep. I loved watching him take me, my head and shaft disappearing into his mouth. He pulled on my hips until I lost my grip on him and he moved me in front of him.

       I straddled his legs and braced myself on the counter as his good hand squeezed my ass cheek and pulled on me. I tried to reach for his toy but he pulled me to his mouth and I watched everything I had to offer, disappear.

       I could feel his hand on my right cheek and his cast on my left as he set a rhythm. I couldn’t help but respond. He pulled and pushed on my hips; I was so hard, the angle was all wrong, but he took it all and continued, until I was, loving his face as I had so many times before.

      My good leg was trembling and the cast on my right leg was the only thing holding me up. My head was tilted back and my hips bucking into him. My casted arm was hanging on to the counter and my left hand was on the back of his head, guiding him.

       I knew he could feel my pending eruption, my moans turning into cries, and my fingers running over his bristly hair. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled, I mean, pulled, hard, and I was buried in him. I felt myself swell; Robby swallowing around me as stars floated under my closed eye lids and I launched into an orgasm that was a month over due.

       My eyes filled with tears when I realized what he had done. This was his way of thanking me for what I had done for him, for ignoring myself to help him again. And it pissed me off.

       My sleep pants, that I had somehow managed to step out of, were on the floor as I tried to lower my ass to his throbbing rod.

       I reached my good hand down and exposed his tool that had exploded from sucking me and I ground my ass back and forth over him.

       I was sitting in his lap now; my casted leg wedged under the cabinets as I pushed the thin material down further from behind so I could have him in me. He held himself up as we fumbled and I desperately tried to swallow him with my ass.

       In one slow motion, I managed to receive his man hood, feeling his hot lube as I lowered myself down, my ass finally coming to rest in his lap, and feeling full again. It was painful, I have to admit, but I needed this, and needed him to know there was nothing to thank me for.

       I rested in his lap and pulled his forehead to mine. His still rock hard muscle firmly planted in my bowels. “You fuckin bastard. Don’t you ever do that again, Robby?” I said as I rose up about four inches and sank back down.

       I sat in his lap, milking him, and squeezing as I moved forwards and back. He looked at me with his puppy dog eyes like he didn’t understand. “Don’t you even, Robby. You can love me, but don’t ever thank me like that.” I said as my eyes focused on his. He understood and nodded. And within two minutes we had pulled from each other another load that was as big as our first.

       Fredericksburg was exactly where we needed to be and Bruno was so kind; checking on us three times a day. He shopped for us, would go to Phil’s for take-out, and would load the deck with firewood.

       I was able to work some from here; my job had kind of morphed into brokering truck loads of cedar and Dave was handling things at the yard.

      The market for cedar had been hot for a while and I was making a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars off a truck load without having to do much more than arranging to ship. Over the course of a day, I could buy and sell two or three truckloads. You do the math. John and the company got half, but still.

       Most everything I did could be done on the phone and Robby would spend his days reading in the library. He started with Hemingway’s first book and read everything he wrote in two days.

      After that came Twain, Fitzgerald, Woolf, Jules Verne, and so many others. By the time we left he had devoured a whole shelf. I would think as he held those books in his hands, ‘First editions’ how my forefathers valued literature.  

       He was still on a fair amount of pain meds and would nap a lot. When I wasn’t on the phone I would lay with my head in his lap and my healing soul mate would read to me from the pages of those ageless classics.   

       We had no Christmas tree that year. No presents were exchanged but we promised many. I woke up Christmas morning and stood at the window and tears filled my eyes. It was a beautiful December morning, clear blue sky, sun shining, and Bruno was shoveling a path from the deck to our tree down by the river.

       It was such a simple gesture but touched me in a way that is hard to put into words. He turned, as if he knew I was watching, smiled and nodded, then went back to shoveling. He came up when he was done and said “Merry Christmas, Ryan.” and I couldn’t help but hug him as I asked him to come in for a spiced coffee.

       He told me he would come back after Robby woke up and help us down the path and then said he had a surprise for Rob. Bruno seemed to understand what Robby and I had, though we never said a thing, and he never let it show.

       Bruno was twice my age; a man close to forty. We had drunk a little too much scotch two years ago and I understood what he vaguely shared with me.

       I had a suspicion when Rob and I came in 77, but what he shared had tears running down my face that day. Whether Bruno was gay or not, I don’t know, but he did love the man he watched die in a muddy field somewhere in Viet Nam. It had been over ten years and Bruno’s scars were still raw; so raw he remained alone and by himself.

       He said he cried as he pushed down on the poor man's stomach trying to push shit back in as the blood poured through his fingers from god knows what. “He was conscious right up till the end. He touched my face and said, It’s ok B man. And I closed his eyes and waited to die.”

       He knew what Robby meant to me. We talked as he nursed his coffee that Christmas morning and I shared just a little of what had happened. It was a struggle as I described the events that had unfolded and my eyes filled as I explained.

       “What happened to your hair, Ryan?” he asked. It had grown out over an inch but the tips were still white and a shock of white in my bangs that would take almost a year to grow out.

       “It just happens,” I told him as I glanced over to the library door. His look told me he understood, or the answer wasn’t really important.

       Just like he promised, Bruno came over after lunch and helped Rob and me down to the tree. He went back to the house and brought down a blanket and threw it over us and said he would be back in an hour or so.

       Robby and I didn’t say a word to each other the entire time. We sat under the tree, both of us leaning against the massive trunk wrapped in the comforter.

      It made no difference what time of year it was, whether we were cold or hot, words weren’t needed here. We both just relaxed; our heads resting on the others and recalling how we sat here when I helped Rob heal and we were surprised when Bruno was back, an hour had passed.

       He helped us back up to the house and told Rob he needed to sit on the floor as he wheeled him into the library. I looked at him, kind of confused, when he smiled and nodded.

       I had no idea what he was doing when he walked out the front door and said he would be back in five minutes. I sat next to Rob on the floor as he tried to find his place in ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea’ and I turned seeing Bruno, who had let himself back in.

       I couldn’t help but smile remembering back to August and how scared I was when I saw a monstrous Rottweiler charging towards Rob. I was standing on the deck yelling about the huge dog that was racing towards him looking like she was going to attack.

       He turned, saw the dog, and just got down on his knees holding his arms open as the dog moved over him and started licking his face. Bruno was holding a female offspring of that dog.

       Animals have such healing power and that’s what she did for Rob. Bruno set her on the floor and she slid on the hardwood as she rounded the couch, full clumsy speed, ignoring everything, and right into Robby’s arms.

       The look on his face said it all. He fussed on that hound, had her on her back; both back legs violently moving as he scratched her belly. He nuzzled his nose to hers, she licked his face, and his smile when he looked up at Bruno made him turn away and wipe his eyes.    

      New Years came and went as we watched the snow pile up. Bruno brought Lady over every day. Lady was her name, given by Rob. They would play in the library while Bruno and I discussed the estate.    Chet and Bruno had been talking since August and Bruno shared his ideas with me. Interest had been shown by towns’ people and politicians from DC about using the house for weddings, political fund raisers, and other functions.

       I liked the idea of ‘The Willows’ and grounds being used for the pleasure of others and by the time we left most everything had been finalized; as long as Chuck gave his stamp of approval.

                                     From the Author:

       Let me give you just a little background. I inherited an estate from my Grandparents in Fredericksburg, Virginia, three years ago. This is what I refer to as ‘The Willows’, it was our home to the east.

       Picture if you can. The library was a huge room; dark wood paneling, high ceilings like the rest of the house, row after row of shelves waist high to the ceiling full of books on three walls with oversized pocket doors splitting one wall.

       On the north wall sat a fireplace flanked by two large windows with stain glass at the top of each that gave a view of the driveway with the majestic line of Willows down each side.

        Robby would sit in this grand room and read to that fucking dog for hours; a fire burning in the huge fireplace as I watched from behind. He took to sitting on the floor surrounded by pillows so she didn’t have to climb into the overstuffed furniture.  This was our home to the east but it was so much more to Robby. This is where I really saw him for the first time. Saw his colors. Lady would lay with her head on his lap as he read to her with all the inflection of the author telling the story themselves and Lady listened as if understanding and the two of them bonded. ******************************


       By the tenth of January, I was starting to go crazy and wanted to go back to Washington. Robby was thinking about staying.

       I couldn’t leave; not without him. The last thing I wanted was Rob to be left alone in this house with all the memories he had, more than I ever knew. Bruno would have cared for him, but still.

       He finally agreed and on the fifteenth, we flew home. Rob understood in his condition he couldn’t care for himself; although Bruno would have done anything we asked.

       The accident had taken a toll on us and strained our relationship beyond anything we had been through before; even Walt and the deer. At ‘The Willows’, we couldn’t manage in the same bed, couldn’t shower, but we were able to wash each other.

       Our bones had mended and on the first of February we got our casts off. But we hadn’t mended emotionally. Our hair was growing back but I still had a shock of white in my bangs and the tips were white. God, Robby hated that.

       We sat next to each other in the back seat of Clint’s Fleetwood as he piloted us home, cast-less, and knowing what the smiles on our faces meant. We could shower, move the way we needed and wanted, and we could fulfill the desire we had both missed. And we would finally have some privacy.

       We pulled in the driveway and Clint was talking about coming in. Rob put my hand on his crotch and shook his head no. I felt it pulse and looked at Clint in the rearview mirror and said ‘That’s OK, Clint.” I think he understood.

       Other than washing each other we hadn’t been able to get physical, to show and feel what had been absent for way too long. This was going to be a long night.

       We walked in the door and Robby turned to me, pulled my forehead to his, and said, “Take your clothes off.”

       I pulled away with a smile and said “OK.” as I moved towards the bedroom.

       He grabbed my arm, “I said, take your clothes off, Ryan.”

       I stood in the living room and gave him what he wanted. And I took my time. Things still hurt; my arm had been in a cast, along with my leg for two months. But Rob’s had also.

       I got to the bedroom, a trail of clothes behind me, and Robby still fully clothed. I looked at him over my shoulder as I stood in the doorway to the bathroom. “Do I have to wash off all this dead skin myself,” I asked with a smile.

       He smiled back at me and started taking his pants and shirt off. I walked into the shower and turned it on and while I waited for it to warm up I looked at myself in the mirror. My arm and leg were skinny, skin flaking off like dried cum, and the scar on my head was still very noticeable.

       Rob came in and stood next to me, his body looking much like mine but the scars on his once flawless torso we didn’t share; not externally, anyway. I turned and traced them gently with my finger and asked, “Whatcha got there, Robby?” Looking at his hand, but knowing what it was.

       We walked into the shower and he set the lube in the soap caddy. We stood under the rain head and just let the water run over us. We were both thinking about what we wanted to do to each other and knew there was no way it could happen the way we wanted.

       He picked up the lube and handed it to me then turned towards the wall and assumed the position. We were still so stiff but I thought maybe, just maybe, this could work. I sat on the seat; my leg stretched out and made him face me.

       I put a large blob on my thumb as he widened his legs. I leaned down to take him in my mouth and ran my thumb between his cheeks but stopped at his opening. He rose up a little as I applied pressure and his pole pushed between my lips and my thumb was accepted.

       For Rob, it had been since before Thanksgiving and this was going to take a while. I was in a little rush and he went up on his toes, my thumb sliding in all the way and him pushing his length into my mouth further and part way down my throat.

       I worked him on both ends, trading my thumb for two fingers and Rob finding a rhythm as he slowly pumped into my mouth. “Enough already, Rye,” he said as he took my head by my short hair, pointed my eyes up to his, and pulling his dick from my mouth.

       He turned again, assumed the position, and looked at me over his shoulder with a grin. “You have five seconds, Chancellor,” and he started to count. “One-one thousand,” and I lubed my dick. “Two-one thousand,” and I pushed at his hole. “Threeeee-one thousand,” he said breathlessly, as I introduce my knob knowing I could make it before he got to five.

       “Four-one thousand, Ohh” and he arched his back and pushed back against my invasion. I hit home and he took in a sharp breath. I just held myself there and waited for him to make the next move. It took a minute but he pushed back a little more, then pulled off some, and repeated the motion.

       I pumped a few times, grabbed the lube, filled my hand, and wrapped it around his hard tool asking, “What happened to five, STUD?” God, how, I had missed this.

       He was against the wall, water falling from the rain head flowing between us, down my back and over my own hole as I spread my legs a little and set the pace. I was rough with his tool and rougher with his balls, but he liked that, and his muscles were squeezing me like a vice as I played.

       I slowed; wanting it to last as long as we had the strength. I leaned down and nibbled on his neck, kissing his back and running my free hand gently over his chest and stomach. We had missed our intimacy, our ability to love each other as we had for the last two years, and the strength to see it through.

       I held him; using both hands to slowly stroke my favorite toy with my eyes closed. I stopped and held him, felt him flex, his head growing more and more in my hands. He pushed against my invasion and sucked on his favorite toy with his ass.

       I could feel him work me as I stood still behind him, my legs weakening, and his swollen dick in my hand. I relinquished my grip with my right and squeezed with my left, really squeezed, and started stroking him again.

       I knew I had to get this done; Robby was fading fast and I could feel it. His movements were becoming strained, he was running out of breath, and his legs were trembling more than mine.

       In spite of how much I loved him, in spite of how much I wanted to show him, my dick was softening and I wasn’t going to cum. Guilt washed over me and I realized Rob had bitten off more than he could chew at the time.

       I worked him in my hand faster, pushed against him, and hoped I could fake it. Robby came and I didn’t. I pulled out of him abruptly; he was struggling to breathe and I made him sit on the bench.

       I knelt on my good knee in front of him, pulled his forehead to mine and gave him what he wouldn’t take. He wasn’t ready for this, wasn’t strong enough yet, and I should have stopped him before we ever started.

       When he was ready we made our way to bed and crawled in. If nothing else we could finally rest in the position that brought us the most comfort.

       He was drawing on my chest with his figure; his breathing had returned to normal. I knew it was coming and I waited. “That’s the first time that has ever happened, Ryan.”

       I tried to play it off. Tried to assure him that we were just still hurt and maybe we should have waited a little longer.

       “DON’T DO THAT TO ME, CHANCELLOR,” he started. I could tell he was pissed. “Do you think you wouldn’t be able to tell?” he asked.

       I pulled his head back down on my chest. I knew he knew. “I’m sorry, honest. I realized, I mean I could feel; I don’t know how to explain it Robby. I want to love you but I can’t do that if I think I’m hurting you, and I felt that I was.”

       “Don’t ever try and fake it, Rye, cause I WILL KNOW.”

       Both of us walked with limps now; Robby went back to school and I went back to work. As bad as we felt for Justin’s parents, Chuck sued the shit out of their insurance company and Rob and I received a huge settlement. But it was little consolation, considering.

       The Porter’s had lost their only child and what Rob and I lost couldn’t be replaced with anything money could buy. It’s strange how people think, but there is so much shit money just can’t fix.

      Rob had started as a freshman last September and in spite of the accident, he still managed great grades. The four ‘first editions’ he brought back and took to school for ‘show and tell’ probably helped with that. At the time they were worth thousands of dollars each. It made an impression on those who understood.

      The first section of the fence went up along the front of the property and across the driveway. A ditch was dug for an electric gate and Rob didn’t seem to be any the wiser. The addition down the sides didn’t seem to be off to him and he really didn’t notice. And he never even saw the work along the back and with the twenty-foot tree buffer, you couldn’t even tell.

       February passed, physical therapy filled an hour of most days for both of us, and we tried to get back to what normal was before the accident. We shopped for a car to replace my beloved Cougar and I settled on a Buick Electra 225. It was a fuckin boat.

       I knew Rob had been calling Bruno; Lady had captured his heart and Bruno played along. We had talked before we left and I told Bruno that we would bring Lady home with us in April. Rob had no idea.

       We sat in our first class seats on April 1st, 1980, again; three years to the day as we headed for our home in the east and Rob couldn’t wait to see Lady. Bruno met us at the airport, as always, and chauffeured us home in his Bel Air.

       Bruno dropped us off and said he would be back around lunch and would bring her with him. Rob didn’t want to wait. It had been two and a half months and Lady had grown, really grown.

       It had become the normal thing for Bruno to pick up stuff at the store and have things in the house for us to eat with no need to go out. Rob and I made sandwiches and sat on the deck talking about the blossom festival in DC. It had become a thing for us.

       Rob heard a car door and he turned to the east and saw Lady come around the corner. He rose and quickly moved to the stairs and sat on the bottom step.

       Lady came to a stop in front of him. She sat down and looked at him; her head turning slightly, her brown, expressive, eyebrows lifting as she looked at him.

       He held out his arms and said, “Lady, you’re not a puppy anymore.” in his puppy voice. It was like the dog smiled; she got up and literally sat in his lap, paws on his shoulders, and she cleaned his face, eyes, and ears; with Robby loving every minute of it.

       I broke him from her gaze and said, “Robby, someone has shown interest in her and she’ll be going to a new home when we leave.” I knew the high would far past the low.

       I felt so bad for him but I knew he would be so… happy when he understood. “Someone on the west coast wants Bruno to put her on a plane when we leave,” he still didn’t get it. He must have been off that day or believed what I was saying.

       “THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, RYAN,” he started. “If Bruno wants to sell her I will buy her and give her to him,” he announced as he nuzzled her nose to his and said, “Isn’t that right, Lady.” again in his puppy voice.

       “What ever, Rob, but you better get used to that dog.” It didn’t register. And I didn’t say any more about it. We woke up on the last day; Bruno let Lady stay with us and she slept at the end of our bed.

       Bruno showed up and Rob was trying to convince him that he should keep her.

       “I’m not selling her, Robby, I am giving her away. There is someone that needs her more than I and I want you to be good to her.” Bruno explained, but Rob didn’t seem to understand.

       I was reminded of his sixteenth birthday when he said, “I don’t get it.”

       “Lady is your dog Rob; she is flying home with us,” I told him.

       “I still don’t get it,” he said.

       “Are you blind to the core, you dork,” I questioned. “Bruno wants you to have her. Do you think I, all of the sudden, thought we needed a fence around the property?”

       Rob never had a pet of his own, something he was responsible for, and that depended on him. He sat down on the floor and Lady crawled into his lap and cleaned his face and helped him hide the tears.

       She was created at the airport and Rob fretted the whole time until we landed in Seattle. We put her leash on and waited for the shuttle to Budget.

       I was giving Rob shit telling him I wanted her to ride in the trunk because the 225 was brand new and I didn’t want her or her sharp claws in the backseat.

       He was ready for a fight and I couldn’t help but laugh when I popped the trunk like she was supposed to get in. “If she rides in the trunk, then so do I,” he announced; hands on his hips.

       “If that’s the way you want it, then fine,” I said standing at the back of the car.

       “Rye… Really?” he asked; his head and Lady’s turning the same way.

       I pulled a blanket from the trunk and closed it. “If she rips my upholstery.” And he started tucking the blanket in around the backseat.

       While he was trying to make things ready for her she climbed into the front and curled up on the floor of the passenger side. He tried to get her in the back but her mind was made up and Robby’s feet, was where she would ride, always.

          Lady was free range; she had the run of the property and house. She came and went as she pleased and slept at the foot of our bed. Lady was Rob’s dog and only tolerated me. He trained her to commands, two languages, and hand commands. I have never seen such a smart dog or one more spoiled. She lived to please him, period.

       As soon as Rob’s freshman year ended in June of 80, we hooked the trailer to the ass end of the truck, loaded the bikes in the back, and we were off with Lady on the floor between his legs. She was over a hundred pounds now and was still growing.

       We spent two days on the west side of the Cascades in the mountains where we spent his birthday the year before and then headed for the warmer east side to a favorite spot we had on the Columbia River.

      Lady would sit outside the door of the trailer; on guard. She would stick to Rob’s side if we were out; a leash never needed, and slept at the foot of the bed in our mobile love shack at night. Once Rob showed her the perimeter; she never crossed it, regardless.  

       When I say she tolerated me; that, is, exactly what she did. She hated me, or anybody, touching him. I couldn’t play with him; she curled her lip when I would hug or kiss him and would mope when he was gone. But we had an understanding. She knew I loved him.

       We celebrated my birthday on the river that year and as I played my guitar and sang that night a lot of the other campers mingled into our site.

       I had about six kids ranging in age sitting in front of me, watching. I started plucking on my guitar and thinking of my own childhood. I started singing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. You tube time again.

        This is what I loved; playing and singing, Robby eyes in the firelight, strangers becoming our friends, and the beauty of the outdoors. Puff was a success and by the end, most were singing the choirs.   

       Parker was home from Stanford for the summer and joined us the last two days. He had grown into such a man. He and I sat in front of a dying fire in the middle of the first night. Robby and Lady had gone to bed and Parker and I had a chance to share time, something we hadn’t done in a long while.

       He had been at the hospital with Chuck after the accident and saw me at Robby’s side on the second day. Park and I had been drinking scotch most of the night when he finally asked.

       I knew when he called me Ryan; he never did that; it was always RJ or Chancellor, but not tonight. “Ryan?” he started. “I sat with you in the hospital and held your hand.”

       “I know Parker. Thank you.” I replied. “I knew you were there.” I didn’t know how I was going to answer his next question.

       “It was like I could see your hair turning white. How? I mean what. Ryan.” He finished by taking the last swallow from his Dixie cup.

       I had finished mine and pulled the cork from the bottle taking a long slow drink then set it between my legs. I had put others off with bullshit, things like, I was starting a new trend or wanted to look like Billy Idol. I hated the questions about my hair but I couldn’t do that to him.

       “Parker, give me your hand and close your eyes,” I instructed. I interlocked our fingers and pulled our hands to my chest and we sat quietly for a minute.

         “Parker…? Can you feel how much I love you?” I asked softly and felt him nod. “No Parker, can… you… feel… it?” I asked again. And he said “Yes,” in a whisper.

       “This is what Rob and I have, Parker, and so… much… more. I can’t explain it, can’t put words to it, but when I help him like I did this happens to my hair. It’s happened before and the color will come back.” And I waited.

       “He doesn’t even know how lucky he is, Ryan.”

       “Parker, I am the lucky one.”

       My eyes were still closed and I felt him lean across and take the bottle from between my legs and heard him take three glugs and he rested it between my legs again. I kissed his hand and opened my eyes and looked at him.

       He really was such a beautiful man, a perfect fuckin specimen. He was 22 now, six feet tall, the body of a golden god, sitting in his worn out 501 cutoffs, no shirt. And a tan that would make him look like an Indian by Banners party.

      Tears rolled over his cheeks then off his chin. I watched him as he looked straight ahead at the dying embers of the fire. I’m not sure what I showed him, and I’m not sure what he felt when I held his hand, but it had brought him to tears.

       “I love you too, Ryan,” he started, still looking at the red coals. He took the bottle from between my legs again and pulled three more swallows from close to the bottom.

       “Parker, don’t. Please.” I could tell he was going to go full blown emotional bitch on me.

       “I want what you have, Ryan.” He said through tears. “I want someone to look at me the way you guys look at each other. I want what Robby has. Will I ever have that?” he questioned, thinking I knew the answer; tears still rolling down his cheeks.

       “Ryan… would you, could we?” he stopped knowing the answer. “Look at me,” he said wiping the tears and trying to regain composure. “I’m a fucking girl.” He said, now mad at him self.

       “You are not a fuckin girl, Parker,” I assured him. “You are a walking, talking, fuckin Ken doll, my friend. If, I mean if we would have, Fuck Parker.” And he started to laugh, half heartedly.

       “Go to bed Chancellor. I’m going to sleep out here,” he said taking the bottle from between my legs.

       I stood up and felt the spins from the half a fifth we had consumed. I straddled him, sat in his lap, and put my hands on his chest and looked at him. He was the epitome of handsome, the full package, and truly, was beautiful.

       His messy hair was always laid perfect. His eyes, even at night, were as alluring as, I don’t know what. If I were to fall in love by choice, Parker would have been the catch of a life time, but that was not the case. I had no choice but to love Robby.

       “What are you doing, RJ,” he asked softly as his hands naturally moved to my ass; his eyes burning into mine.

       “I’m saying goodnight to my best friend; that’s what.” And I moved in for the last kiss Parker and I would ever share. My right-hand finger walked around his neck and I pulled slightly. My left hand went to his cheek, tilted his head, and I closed the distance.

       The truth was, I really did love him, would have done most anything for him, but this was as far as it would ever go, and he knew that. I did feel something when our lips met but it wasn’t fireworks, wasn’t the feeling of being complete, and it wasn’t what Robby and I shared.

      I allowed it to go further than intended, felt him under me, and hardening from our kiss. I let him lead me deeper, a kiss like we shared years ago, and I responded. I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t fair to him, but I couldn’t pull away yet.

       I must admit I was lost for a moment, his pull on me increasing and he was rock hard under me now. I broke the kiss, finally; my hands now back on his chest, both of us out of breath, and he knew.

       I stood and looked at his lap, the two buttons straining to hold his cut-offs closed, barely. “You will get eaten alive if you pass out, Park,” I told him as I ruffled his hair.

       “Go to bed, RJ, I’ll be fine. Leave the bottle.” And he made a ‘get lost’ motion with his hand.

       I walked into the trailer and the bitch growled at me. I heard Robby say her name and she stopped. “Is he OK, Ryan,” he asked.


       For the first time, Robby questioned and I felt it. “Robby, I told you a long time ago; Parker and I are like brothers. He doesn’t think he will ever find what we have and it’s making him sad.”

       “I saw Rye,” he started. “That was more than a kiss.”

       I’m not sure if things would have been different if I knew he was watching.

       “You saw me showing our friend how much I love him, Robby; nothing, more; nothing, less. OK?” And the bitch growled at me again and Robby said her name again.

       “Rob, I am going down to take a shower, I stink,” I announced.

       “Want some company?” he asked. I could see the look on his face, the sparkle in his eyes when he asked. And yes, I wanted company. I wanted his company.

       I looked at him in what little light there was, sprawled out on our bed, and my favorite toy laying to the right. Yes, I defiantly wanted his company.

       The camp ground had several showers and the one closest to us was private with a lock. I stripped; we wrapped towels around us, and quietly locked Lady in the trailer then made our way down to the wet oasis. We were naked and the water was warm when we heard Parker outside.

       “Chancellor’s, let me in.” he demanded in a booming voice as he pounded on the door.

       Robby looked at me wide eyed. Parker looked to be passed out when we locked Lady up. “He’s drunk, Rob. We better let him in before the Ranger comes.” I said quietly.

       The showers were new and very nice, designed as large family showers with a bench on one side and done in white tile. Rob and I would use it late at night so we could shower together.

       Rob opened the door and there was Parker. He had his head tilted, that quirky drunk smile plastered on his face, and what was left of the scotch in his hand.

       “I knew you guys were playing,” he announced as he lifted the bottle over his head and dumped the remainder on himself. “I smell like booze, can I play too? Please?” He asked as he started to laugh.

       Rob looked at me, then Parker, and started to laugh too. It was funny, I mean really funny, and Rob pulled him in and locked the door. He and I were both naked and there was kind of a pause as we looked at Parker, who wasn’t, and he was eying us.

       With a flick of his finger, those 501s were at his feet and Rob and I stopped laughing. For me, it had been a long while since I had seen my friend like this and Rob never had.

       I knew Parker was built if you know what I mean. Rob had only assumed from the bulge Parker always displayed. Rob pulled his eyes away and looked at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. Robby didn’t lust over guys, had never been in a situation like this, and I could tell he was getting nervous. 

       He looked back at Parker and said, “Jesus Christ, Parker!” As his eyes went from his face; then down, to his, six-inch-softy, and back up again.

       I couldn’t help but smile again. I knew what he was going to say. “Pretty cool, isn’t it, Robby?” he asked knowingly, looking at him and wagging it.

       Parker was proud of a lot of things but this was his pride and joy and he always enjoyed when someone saw it for the first time.

       Parker pushed his way under the water, leaned back under the spray and asked, “Who’s washing my hair?” like we were here to serve him.

       Robby leaned up against one wall and I did the same on the other, and we admired Parker then each other. We waited until he stepped out of the spray. He ran his hands over his hair then down his face and opened his eyes.

       Rob and I weren’t smiling as we both looked at him. He studied us, hoping for something.

       He tried to pull ‘a Rob’; his eyes went sad, bottom lip came out, and he did the puppy thing. “You guys are really going to make me wash my own hair; really?” He asked weakly.

       Rob and I looked at each and broke up laughing again. When Parker stopped laughing he did that ‘checking you out thing’, as he eyed me. His smile got wide and he asked, “Still shaving, huh, RJ?” He did the same thing to Rob and then looked back at me. “You got him doing it too?”

       “We do each other, Parker.” Rob boldly told him as he picked up the shampoo and lathered his hands. Parker turned and leaned his head back so Robby could do his thing and the spray of the shower ran down his stomach.

       I grabbed the soap and washcloth, lathered it up, and rubbed it over Parkers’ chest. “There will be NO fucking, Parker,” I announced to him. “Parker??? No fucking, right?” I asked again, hoping I was making myself clear.

       “I just want to play a little, Chancellor’s” he informed us as his hands found our dicks behind him.

       Letting him in was our first mistake. I thought I was clear, and I guess by not objecting to ‘I just want to play too’ kind of gave him the green light to what followed.

       Rob was already more than half hard in Parker’s hand and I wasn’t far behind. “Parker… you’re not playing fair.” I said as I ran my soapy hand down his stomach then squeezed from the base of his now over seven thick and still hardening inches until the head popped from my grip and his legs trembled.

       I moved behind Rob and started washing his hair as he washed Parker’s back. Parker was not playing fair at all. I felt Rob’s butt push back against me because that is what Parker did to him.

       He was grinding his ass against Robby, Rob’s dick sliding between his legs and under his balls. No, Parker was not playing fair at all and Rob was feeling bad for responding to his advances.

       He leaned his head back next to Robs and asked, “You want to touch it, don’t you, Robby, You know you do,” then pushed back against him again.

       “Don’t tempt me Parker.” came from Rob’s mouth. “If I touch you, Parker, what are you going to do for me?” he asked jokingly, not knowing what he had just entered into.

       Robby was playing with fire and didn’t know it. Even as drunk as Parker was he knew exactly what he was doing. He turned and faced Rob, the fluorescent light in the shower making his green eyes snap as he looked down at their muscles facing each other and I looked at him over Rob’s shoulder.

       He looked back and I watched him change; saw the lust wash over him. He looked to Rob and used all the charms I had seen him do in the past. He used those green eyes and the long gaze, and then the tilt of the head and lick of the lips.

       “If you can make me cum, Robby; and I don’t care how you do it, I will do anything you want; anything Robby.” He lustfully said. Parker had crossed over, was losing willpower, and he would come to regret it.

       Parker had called Robby’s bluff in a big way.

       Robby didn’t back down, but, he had, no idea what he was up against. “What if I make you cum sucking on my dick, Parker? My big, hard, dick. Will you still do what ever I want? Will you, Parker?” Robby teased.

       I never expected this. Robby had just doubled down. He had dropped the gauntlet to one of the most sexually charged guys I knew and I had no idea what was going to happen. I had to step in.

       “Parker, you are drunk.’ I said with a glair. “Robby, you have NO idea what you are doing,” I told both of them but was ignored.

       Parker dropped to his knees and looked up at both of us and then said to Rob, “Is this how it’s going to be, Robby?”

       Robby’s head was scrambling; Parker had again called his bluff just like I knew he would.

       Parker looked at Rob’s completely hard tool then back up at him. “How about I suck off RJ, Robby, and make YOU cum, STUD. Would you cum watching me suck his big fat cock, Robby? Would you?”

       “OK, OK, Parker, you win. OK?” Robby announced in defeat. But it wasn’t as easy as that. Robby had entered into a game of cat and mouse that didn’t allow surrender. Rob was the very little mouse and Parker was the tiger. A clear winner and loser had to be definitive. He had no idea and was, way, way, out of his league.

       “Someone is going to cum, Robby,” he announced with confidence. “And I think it’s going to be both of us,” Parker explained as he wrapped his hands around Rob’s ass, squeezing his cheeks and pulling his dick into his mouth.

       Parker was born to suck dick and he loved watching someone else suck his. Robby grabbed his shoulders and pushed away but Parker pulled all the way down Rob’s shaft and licked his balls as he looked up and smiled around Robby’s dick.

       Robby said my name breathlessly as Parker worked that inch and a half that wouldn’t fit anywhere but his throat. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I tried to warn you.”

       Parker pulled off, looked at Rob, and asked, “What if I don’t cum STUD. What then?”

       He slowly inched his way down his dick again, all the way down then pulled off again. “What then, Robby?” he asked one last time before swallowing back down.

       Parker liked to be in control and at the moment he was but he had another side. I was going to turn the table.

       I had to do something. I stepped behind Rob, my dick sliding between his cheeks and said, ‘it’s ok’ in his ear.

       Fuck you, Parker, I thought to myself. I will win this. I felt that sexual evil come over me, the one where you want to be the winner, and I knew Parker’s Achilles heel. Rob would never be in Parker’s debt. Not like this anyway.

       I reached around Rob and took Parker’s face in my hands and started fucking Rob with Parker’s mouth. I worked him slow all the way down and then back up. Every fourth or fifth stroke I would hold him, working just Rob’s head in his throat. I don’t think he even knew it was me.

       Now came the part where I pulled out the big guns. Rob and I had never been in a position like this before and I had never been like I was going to be now.

       Parker had another side and I knew how to bring it out. It wasn’t me to be like this, I wasn’t into the shame thing or being mean, but I had to do something.

       “PARKER…” I snapped at him as I pulled his head from Robby and slapped him across the face. I felt Robby jerk at my action, he didn’t know what was happening but I went on.

       “You, my friend, are not been playing fair,” I announced as I let him catch his breath then pushed his head back down again, hard.

       I worked him in my hands a little faster. “How could you not cum sucking his fat cock, Park? I cum when I suck him, Parker.” I growled at him as I increased the speed of his suck and felt Robby’s ass pushing back against me as I pulled Parker into his groin.

       “I don’t think you’re trying, Parker,” I said as I slid my hands to the back of his head and collected fistfuls of hair and pulled. I reinforced the speed of his suck and said, “Don’t make me beat your ass, Parker.” I pulled his head back so just Rob’s mushroom was touching his lips. “You want to cum sucking his dick, don’t you? Don’t you, Parker?” My voice echoing, not so much a question, but more a statement. And then shook his head up and down and forced him back on Rob.

       I saw his hand go for his dick and I pushed his head down and held him there. “Did I say you could touch yourself, BITCH? Did I?” and I allowed him to come up for air. I looked into his green eyes. “Parker, you started this.” I reminded him then held him by the hair like I was going to slap him again.

       I pushed his head down and went for the finish line.

       “I know you want his big dick, Parker. His loads are huge, Park.” I growled and increased the speed. “You want Robby to fuck you? Don’t you, Parker? You want his thick load in your ass. You are such a fuckin whore, Park.”

      I had kind of forgotten about Rob who was between us. I was more focused on Parker than Rob’s cheeks sliding up and down my dick. I was getting lost in the need to win this sexual battle.

       Robby was seeing a side of me he never had before. It really wasn’t a side, this wasn’t me and it didn’t turn me on to do this to my friend. But I knew Parker would cave.

       “OK Parker you asked for it. I am going to put my big dick in Robby’s hot little ass and he is going to cum down your throat when I fill him up. Are you ready Parker?” I asked as I increased my speed of his suck.       

       I wouldn’t share something as private as that with anyone but Parker was going to cum, one way, or another.

       Robby was getting close and I pulled Parker's head off him again. “I bet we could both fuck you, Parker. Should we try?” I asked. “Do you want Robby and I stuffing both of our big dicks in you, fucking that tight hole of yours. Put your fingers in that hot ass, Parker. Do it.” I commanded.

       Parker was on his knees and I held his head by the hair in my left hand and slapped him again with my right and then wrapped my fingers around his throat. “I said put your fingers in your tight hole, Parker. NOW.” And both his hands went to his ass.

       “Chance,” He was able to get out before I pushed him back down on Rob.

       “Feel that big dick? Robby is so tight, Parker. You want to cum, don’t you Parker?” And I worked his throat on Rob’s head. “What happens if you both cum at the same time, Park? What then?” But I wouldn’t let him up to respond.

       This was Parker; a side of him anyway. I loved him but this side of him, not so much. He had started it. Just playing he said, but he went further and now it was up to me to bring it to an end and I knew how to do it.

       “You want this big dick, Parker, Don’t you? PARKER, look at me.” I said pulling him by the hair off Rob’s dick. “I will choke you with Robby’s big cock until you cum or pass out. Do you understand, Parker?” I asked. “Tell me, Parker. Tell me what you want.”

       “Chance, I want.”

  I held his head still and pushed myself against Rob’s ass and his dick slid back into Park’s mouth. Robby wasn’t into this but he was stuck in the middle. He would push back on me only to have me push him back in again.

       “Parker, do you want to cum? Answer me, Park. Do you want to cum, you slut? You want to touch that big dick of yours; you want to cum don’t you?” I finally asked and he nodded.

       “Hold off as long as you can,” I whispered in Rob’s ear; but this was too much for him and he was going to go over the edge. He wasn’t turned on by what was happening, but Parker was seriously a grade, A, cock sucker. And what eighteen, year old, can resist that? I wasn’t jealous.

       I worked just Rob’s head in Parker’s throat. “Are you going to cum, Parker?” I asked again and he nodded yes with Rob’s dick in his mouth. “You can touch that big dick of yours Parker, but you can't cum until I give you permission.” And I held his head down and waited.

       He stroked himself as I held him there. He started moaning around the big dick in his mouth. He was whimpering, trying to pull off Rob, when I said, “NO Parker, not yet, Parker,” pulling his hair harder. “Not yet… Now Parker; you can cum now,” I said softly and I released his hair but held his head and he unloaded. His body visibly shook. And I regretted what I had done.

       “Give it to him Robby, he’s earned it,” I whispered. And Rob unloaded as I held Parker down on him. Parker was starting to struggle and I held him there. “You wanted this you fuckin whore. You started this. Now take it. And if you bite him I will slap the shit out of you. Do you understand, Parker?”

       I had cum between Robby’s cheeks. I mean, I really came. OK, maybe a small part of me liked it just a little. I felt Rob’s contractions and I know he choked Parker the way I knew he would swell and the thick loads he shot.

       I held Parker’s head in my right hand and I looked at him. I felt bad but like I said, Rob was not going to be beholden to Parker. Someone had to win. “You, fuckin, loose, Parker. You understand, Parker? You lost.” And I dropped him.

       I put my arms around Rob’s stomach. “I am so… sorry. I didn’t, this wasn’t supposed to, Are you OK?” I asked as Parker plopped on his ass and Rob nodded. This was something that I never saw coming and Robby had no idea when he started.

       My hand wrapped around his shaft and I felt it still convulsing. He had unloaded and I pulled the last from him.

       I pulled Rob down and we all sat on the floor of the shower. Parker was ashamed. He never wanted Robby to see him this way and I shouldn’t have brought it out in him, but he fuckin started it and Rob didn’t know any better.

       We all sat on the floor and I watched Parker’s tears mix with the water of the shower. He put an arm around both of us as he shook his head back and forth.

       “I have fucked this all up. I am so… sorry Chancellors. You both probably hate me.” he started.

       Robby reached down and took Parker’s thick, dripping, meat, in his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the slippery helmet as his hand tried to fit the thick shaft in his grasp. It caused Parker to lift his head. Rob had never touched anyone but me. Nobody had even drawn from him what Parker had other than me.

       I could feel him struggling in his mind trying to understand what he had just been a part of. This was not us, we had never been like this with each other and he had no idea I could rise, or stoop, to something like what had just happened.

       “Don’t look at me like that, Robby.” Parker spat out feeling the shame of someone who enjoys what I had just done to him.

       Rob had no understanding; didn’t know someone could be driven to an orgasm from being treated like this. And I wasn’t gentle. He felt sorry for Parker and he couldn’t hide it.

       Rob and I had a few times when we got a little more physical with each other, but it was love that drove us there, wanting to give the other more. This was not that.

       But Rob loved Parker too; wanted him to have what we had, and he didn’t want him to feel bad.

       “Look at you how, Parker?” He questioned. Tilting his head the way he did and cupping Parker’s red cheek in his hand. “You think I don’t love you too?” he asked with such sincerity. A long look transpired between them. “You ever thought of teaching a class, Parker?” He pondered aloud, trying to lighten the mood, and then he started to laugh.

       It worked. Parker couldn’t help but start laughing too. “I am pretty fucking good, aren’t I?” was his reply. He continued laughing and then looked at me.

       “I am never playing with you again. What the fuck, Chance. You, cheat.” He said, with his own tilted head and a half smile. “You fuckin slapped me, YOU BITCH. I should kick your ass.”

       He looked up at Rob and said: “You fuckin near drowned me, stud.”

       “I had to get your attention, Parker,” I said. “And I would have done more than slap you, my friend. You guys are even. Nobody owes anybody; right?” I asked. He nodded. He had put up a good fight but I wished this had never happened. I could tell Rob was having a hard time with this and it would be many hours of conversation before we put this behind us.

       We sat for a while on the floor, the warm water hitting all of us, and we talked. Parker didn’t realize that I was Rob’s only love. He had never done anything with any one but me. And now Parker was the only other person too. Well, anything.

       Parker had never been in a relationship, never given himself to someone as we had, and was ashamed that Rob had seen this side of him. He got what he wanted but it wasn’t the way he wanted it.

       Robby just couldn’t comprehend. He didn’t know anything other than what we had, love. Robby and I had talked but not about something like this. He had never experienced someone as sexually charged as Parker, come on to him in such a way. He didn’t understand where it could lead.

       Rob was honestly oblivious to people coming on to him; man or women. I was his only love and the thought of someone else never crossed his mind. His innocents was tender and sweet, but that innocents left him vulnerable. And he wore his ring on his ring finger as a subtle way to ensure that would never happen.  

       We all stood and had a group hug then turned off the water. We looked like prunes as we dried and laughed as Parker struggled to get his wet cutoffs up his legs and around his best features.

       I had no idea how long we had been in the shower and was surprised when the rising sun blasted me in the eyes as the door opened. We were blinded.

       When I was able to focus I stopped dead in my tracks as Rob ran into my back and Parker bumped into his.

       “This is a family campground.” The Ranger said. “You guys need to start a little earlier, or not take quite so long.” He continued, tapping the empty scotch bottle in his hand on his leg.

       I started to giggle and turned to Rob who turned to Parker and we all started laughing, we couldn’t, fucking, help it. It was funny. But the Ranger stood, stone faced. And then he smiled. He had been through our site, met Lady, and let Parker salivate over him.

       He was a stud. There was no mistaking it. And whether he was making himself available, or not, he was giving us the caution light. I took the empty bottle from his hand and assured him we would behave.

       As we walked back into our site I heard Lady going crazy. “Rob if she has destroyed the shack, I will kill her with my bare hands,” I announced.

       “Over Parker’s, dead, body, Chancellor,” he replied and laughed.

       Rob opened the door to her sitting and looking at him like he was her life. I told all of them I would make scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast and then we could all go to bed.

       Parker had sobered up some and was ready to eat; Rob and I were also. I did my breakfast thing and we ate outside with Lady patiently waiting for what she knew would come.

       Rob had trained her not to beg or even look at us when we ate. It was so funny how she would look at us out of the corner of her eye and then look away when we looked at her.

       As we ate, Ranger Rick came into our campsite. Rob was clueless, but I saw what was going on. He sat down and chatted with us like nothing had happened. Ranger Rick was a player, and he wanted to play with Parker. I had no idea what he heard from the shower.

       He talked about the river and offered us a boat ride and Parker gave me that look. I thanked him and said Rob and I weren’t interested and let Parker speak for himself. Park was on him like stink on shit.

       The Ranger said he would be back, around six, this evening, and we all thanked him. Lady cleaned our paper plates, Rob washed the utensils, and I told Parker if he behaved, really behaved, he could sleep with us.

       Our bed in the back was a queen and I looked at it wondering what the best arrangement would be with the three of us in it. Parker was naked and jumped in the middle; his arms out to his side and spread eagle.

       “OH… an R and R sandwich and I’m in the middle,” he said in a high pitched voice. We all busted up laughing remembering Cass saying that at Rob’s birthday party.

       Parker was in the middle and Rob and I crawled in on either side of him, naked. Parker was sprawled out and he wrapped an arm around us as our heads rested on his chest and shoulder, our legs rested over him, and our knees touching.

       Robby and I looked at each other; I could hear what was going on in his head. He understood this wasn’t sexual, wasn’t some kind of foreplay, we were just giving Parker love. Parker kissed our heads one at a time and said, “Sweet dreams, Chancellor’s,” and we all fell asleep.

       I woke up alone in bed with the bitch licking my feet. I was spread out on my stomach, the sun in my eyes and a raging fuckin hard on under me.

       I wiggled my toes and Lady continued to lick. “You bite my toes, Lady, and I swear it will be the last thing you ever do,” I informed her.

       I could hear Rob and Parker talking outside and I listened through the open window. Rob was telling him about the accident, what being in a coma was like, and how he knew I was with him.

       “I would have been fine, Parker.” He started. “I hate when he does that. And I fuckin hate that white hair.” And I could hear in his voice, he really did.

       “Robby, what do you mean, when he does that?” Parker asked.

       “When I mean, if I’m.” and he paused.” I could feel it, his want to be honest with Parker but he wouldn’t have understood. “We have a kind of connection, Parker,” he started.

       “We feel what the other does. Ryan can if I’m; we are just stronger together, Parker. And we are exactly where we should be this time.”

       That was a slip and Park caught it. “This time, Robby? What do you mean, this time?” he asked.

       That was my queue. I kicked Lady from my toes, got up, and stood in the door looking out at them. “Something must have bitten me guys. My dick has swelled up. LOOK.” I said, trying to sound scared. And I started to laugh.

       Parker chocked and Rob shot coffee out his nose. OK, it was funny.

       “This is a family campground, mister,” Parker said, trying to sound like Ranger Rick. And we all laughed more.

       I put on my own, worn out pair, of 501s and joined them.    


                                        From the Author:

       When I ended the Robby and Ryan saga, I thought that was the end. I received so many emails from my anonymous friends, all wanting more. I had edited so much out so I could finish on December 6th.

       Like I said in the beginning if you enjoyed this and would like a better understanding then start at the beginning. This is just one that was left out, one I spared you from. There are more. I would love your comments and if you choose to rate, please be honest.





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