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                               Robby and Ryan Chapter XV

       Cass opened the door for us and immediately put her arms around Rob. She squeezed his ass as they pulled away from each other and like an echo she told him he was a hot little thing and it made him blush.

       She pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear asking if he was ok and I gave her a nod. Chuck came out and motioned me into his study while Cass took Rob downstairs where Park and some of the guys were messing around.

       Chuck started shaking his head at me and said, “I might have to start charging you, Ryan; you’re kicking my ass with all this stuff.” and then added that he was kidding me.

       I told him I wanted to move forward with the addition on the Gentleman. He reminded me I had more than enough without having to touch anything I had in Virginia. He questioned me about a financial adviser again and I told him I just wanted to wait until my birthday, thinking everything would be easier when I turned eighteen.

       I explained about the deal I had worked out with John. He complimented me on my negotiations and I reminded him I had a good teacher. I told him I wanted to set something aside to pay for Rob’s college, asking his advice. Maybe some bonds or something that would mature and help defer the cost. He gave me a questioning look, but didn’t ask, and said, “It’s your money, Ryan.”

       I told him that Rob was very important to me; I wanted the best for him as far as his education. I explained to him that Rob was going to be living with me then asked what we could do if his sister had a problem with it.

       He said legally we could work around it, but it could be messy and my mom would have to get involved. I told him I hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but I was willing to would do whatever we needed.

       I went down the stairs and could hear Rob singing with Parker and he sounded good, real good. His voice had a haunting sound; his range was short but had bravado to it. I stood in the doorway and watched until they finished and clapped.

       Rob turned to me and said he wished he sounded as good as me. Park said, “Fuck him, Robby, you sound better.”

       With a grin, Rob said, “I have! But I still think he sounds better,” looking at me and smiling turning a little red at his admission.

       That caused Park to laugh and he asked me what I thought of how he had set up the downstairs and then said, “What’s up with the hair, Chance? Going for the Billy Idol look?” I know he saw the look Rob gave me.

        He had a new electric keyboard and had set the room up as a practice studio. I walked over and admired it. I asked him about it thinking it might be something I would like. I picked up his guitar and worked my way in to Unchained Melody as Parker sat at his keyboard and joined me.

       I kicked the monitor over a little to hear myself better and looked Rob and said, “Well?”

       He looked at me for a minute and like I; he remembered singing it in the TR together a few months ago. He stepped up next to me and watched me play and then Parker for a minute.

       He looked back to me and I nodded when he needed to start and I sang with him after the first three words. He started out a little shaky and I told him to just close his eyes and let his heart sing. He found his vocal footing and I stepped back and let him do it on his own.

       He did sound good and I saw Cass standing in the doorway smiling. She stepped up next to me, using my mic and started to harmonize with him. The addition of her voice and the heart he was pouring into it was breathtaking. He got embarrassed when he opened his eyes.

      The little fucker; he turned and started singing to me; it was fuckin obvious to everybody. He finished and Parker said he knew what we were doing at Banner’s next year.

       Rob sat down at the drums when we finished and was having a little fun while Parker and I were on the floor setting up a junction box.

       I looked up and saw a huge shadow on the wall. I hear “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, lil man?” and the drums stopped.

       I could hear Robby stuttering and I had a wave of panic sweep over me. I stood up, turned, and saw the biggest guy I know.

       Rob was still stuttering when the monster turned to me and started to belly laugh. “Fancy pants,” he says as he walks over to me.

       I looked up his oversized frame and said, “Sugar, you know I hate that name.” as he raised his hand in the air for a hi-five.

       He smacked my hand with a crack then turned to Rob and asked again “What the fuck, lil man.”

       Cass jumped in front of him and hit him in the chest with both hands and said, “You leave him alone Sugar.” with mass attitude.

       Sugar started his belly laugh again and said, “I’m just fuckin whichya lil guy.”

       Sugar, or, Lytle Sugarmann; twenty years old, was a football player for the Washington State Husky’s. He stood all of six foot seven and must have weighed three hundred and seventy-five pounds.

       Sugar was coal black, huge lips, flat nose, and an Afro as big as a beach ball. He was a drummer and played with Parker and a few guys from the U.

       He was still looking at Rob and said, “Don’t piss yourself, lil man; I’m not going to hurt you.” Rob locked eyes with me; I smiled and mouthed to him it was ok.

       Cass said, “Dam rights your not.” as she walked over behind Rob and slid her hands down the front of his shirt and rested her chin on the top of his head.

       I could feel his panic subside and he started to stutter again. “I wasn’t, I mean I, I’m really sorry,” Rob said in a low voice.

       Cass looked at Sugar and said, “Apologize to Robby, Sugar; don’t make me come over there and slap you.”

       Sugar did his belly laugh again and said, “Sorry lil dude,” as he held up his hands to Cass. “Don’t get your undies in a knot, lil mama.” He looked at Rob and asked “You wanna be a drummer, lil dude?” Rob shrugged his shoulders.

       He walked over and took Cass’s, spot behind Rob and said, “Hold the sticks like this lil dude.” And he took them from Rob. He reached around him and did a little run and then handed them back.

       I stepped up and said, “This is Rob, Sugar. He’s a crazy little fucked, you better watch it,” and told Rob, “This is Lytle Sugarmann, Rob, and he’s the drummer.”

       Sugar smiled at me and said, “Fancy pants, where you been keepin yourself, anyway?”

       I said, "Sugar, if you were just one inch shorter; I would kick that huge fucking ass of yours.” Again, the belly laugh, and he started talking to Rob about the drums.

        Rob got up and Sugar took his seat. He did a little showing off, and within a few minutes had sweat flying all over the place.

       Rob was very impressed with Sugar’s ability and it seemed like he had made a new friend. We fucked around for about another hour and I told Rob it was time to go.

      He said goodbye to Parker and Chad, a big hug for Cass, and a pat on the back from Sugar. We were heading out and Parker hung back a little with me and asked, “So the kid is sticking it to you?”

       I nodded and told him, Rob was a fuckin stallion in bed.

       When we got in the car, I turned and looked at Rob, and said, “I have!”

       He smiled wide and said, “Fancy pants?” and started to laugh. I told him he would have to grow a foot and a half and put on another two hundred and fifty pounds to call me that.

       I started the car and asked if he wanted to go to lunch somewhere down here, meaning Seattle. We drove into the U district and had lunch at a cool little pizza parlor.

       We were eating and Rob was staring at me. He questioned, “You, I, didn’t hurt you last night, did I?”

       I told him I might have a little, but no, he didn’t hurt me. He said he thought we got a little more physical with each other than we ever had before.

       He got me thinking and I asked him just to make sure, “I didn’t hurt you did I, Robby?”

       He said, “God no, but it was different last night.” Then he said, “We both seemed to like it a lot, like really a lot.”

       I smiled and nodded with my mouth full. When I finished chewing I told him, it felt like we were one person but feeling what both felt.

       He nodded and said, “Exactly.”

       I asked him on the way home about tonight and he took my hand and said we could do nothing. I told him that I was cool with whatever we did and said, “We are defiantly going to have to change the sheets before bed.”

       He squeezed my hand and asked just how sore I was. I asked him that depended on what he had in mind. He told me we stopped short of me filling him up last night and I told him, we could probably remedy that.

       We changed the sheets and a blanket loading the dirty stuff in the washer. I twisted one up, took off my clothes, and put my robe on. I walked into Rob’s room and he was unpacking the boxes he had brought from Deb’s.

       I told him he could arrange the room any way he wanted and he said it was just the room where he put his stuff. He had the photo album sitting on the bed and said we should put it on the table in the sitting room.

       I picked it up and told him I would meet him in the tub. I lit up my masterpiece and had taken a few puffs before he came out and got in. We smiled at each other and at the same time we both reached for the hickeys from last night.

       He bashfully said, "I might be one of those people that likes sucking things."

       I could help but say “You think?”

       He smacked me on the arm and said, “Oh; like you don’t.” He paused and said, “Last night.”

       I told him I knew, and I thought it had something do with what had happened and the funeral thing, and it had been like three weeks.

       He nodded and said it was just more. He moved over and straddled me, he kissed my forehead, and then, rested his on mine.

       He said, “My nightmare last night; I couldn’t feel you, and I couldn’t find you anywhere. It scared me, Ryan. I feel you inside me all the time, like part of me. I don’t ever want to not be able to feel that.”

       I loved it when he was like this; our foreheads locked together and feeling how he felt about me. He pulled back smiling and moved his ass around a little in my lap. He said, “We could just go to bed you know.” his eyes looking into mine and his arms resting lazily around my neck. I told him he was absolutely right and we climbed out of the tub and went in the house.

       He crawled in on top of me; he brought his lips down on mine and like last night; we matched our moves, our lips and hands, our tongues and our moans, it was just like it was.

       I could feel his eagerness and rolled him over; moving my face down to his spreading legs and he pulled his cheeks apart. I looked up at him and asked, “Is this what you want, Robby”

       “You know what I want, Rye, don’t tease me and make me wait.”

       I bathed his tight hole with spit and started rubbing my finger around. He moved with me; showing me, I was on the right track. I reached up for the lube and he shook his head no and said, “Not tonight.”

       I made him as wet as I could and took aim on him. He spread his legs further apart and slowly pulled me down and into him. The last thing I would ever want is to hurt him and I tried to hold back a little. But he just increased his pull on me.

       He was so tight and I was going so slow it felt like I was twelve inches long. When my crown passed through his ring he clenched his ass around my shaft and pulled harder on me.

       Tonight wasn’t going to be rough; no sexual frenzy, tonight I was going to make long, slow, love to him. I loved everything about him; he knew that, and I knew he wanted me to show it.

       I used to kind of like to be a little rough; but with Robby that wasn’t the case, with him it was all about love. We truly make love; we could both feel it, it poured out of us, and there was no mistaking it.

       He wrapped his legs around me and worked his hips in time with my strokes. I could feel what he wanted; he wanted me to take him, he wanted to give himself to me completely, and I couldn’t help but give him what he wanted.

       He knew when I pulled out of him I understood. He rolled over onto his stomach and raised his ass in the air, his head in the pillow. I leaned over his white skin and started kissing his shoulders and back.

       We had never used this position, maybe somehow thinking it made one of us less than the other. I was going to love him in a way that would put that to rest.

       I took aim on him once again and slowly entered his warm chute. His ass engulfed my hard shaft and I worked him slow and tender as he reached back grabbing my hips.

       I moved up a little and bent my cock down and massaged his spot. I could feel it; his want to please me along with his need to please himself with me. I would switch it up with long deep slow strokes, and then shorten them; so I could last longer.

       He worked with me and I reached around, took him in my hand, and stroked him using his pre-liquid as lube. He wanted to be submissive for me; to give himself, trustingly to me and he wanted me in charge. And he needed me to fill him.

       I was tender but I was crossing over and wanted to give him everything he needed and myself too. His hole was so tight when I was working him in my hand. I could feel how bad he wanted it and I knew he was close, his ass so tight on me, and he was so hard.

       I pulled out a little and worked my head in his ring. I felt him squeeze me and I knew he was going to cum. I tightened my hand on his head and when he exploded I fed him everything I had and erupted in him with such force I saw spots.

       Again he got the best I had to offer. Again my eyes filled with tears as I shot my seed into him. He pushed back against me so he could feel me as my love for him pulsed and he just kept cuming in my hand until I collapsed on his back.

       I whispered in his ear how much I loved him and told him I could feel everything he did. I pulled out much to his disappointment and slid over so we could look at each other. That was the only thing I missed. The position was great, but I missed being able to look at him when we came.

       His eyes were full like mine and he put his arms around me. He pulled me to him and kissed me like he was ready for round two. I shook my head no; my lips smiling around his. I didn’t have the strength and he knew it, he just needed me to know.

       It was only 9:30 but we were both drained; emotionally and physically, and I cuddled up to him. I was hoping the shit we had been going through was behind us and we could resume a normal relationship, or grow into one.

       We slept for twelve hours and when we woke up we were both starved. He started drawing on my chest and told me he could feel how much I loved him and somehow he felt unworthy.

       I told him he was crazy and I was the one that chose who and how I loved. He was just going to have to get used to it. He smiled and said he didn’t think anybody had ever loved him like I did. Then he got that smile again and said, “Well, how could you not.”

       I thought about how much I loved him and it even surprised me how I felt about him. I knew there was no limit; what ever he needed, whatever he asked, I would do.

        At no time in my life had I ever felt like this. Yes; I was young, maybe to young to feel how I did, but what we had was something that went way beyond the norm.

       I wondered why he felt the way he did so I asked him. He said he didn’t know; he was happy, happy in general about us and the way we were, but had always felt like he was a burden to Walt and Deb.

       I promised him he would never feel that from me and as far as I was concerned; he was the biggest blessing in my life. He asked me why I was crying; I didn’t even realize I was, but my heart really was overflowing with love for him. He ran his finger across my cheek and I told him they were happy tears and I felt lucky to have them. Both of our stomachs growled and I said, “Feed me.”

       He wiped the last of my tears, got up, and turned the shower on. I walked in behind him and caught him peeing in the shower and gave him shit about it and asked who he thought he was.

       We got to Millie’s about eleven and I asked him what he wanted to do for dinner. He teased me that we hadn’t even eaten lunch yet, and I was thinking about dinner.

       I downed my glass of water and he gave me a grin and asked if maybe I was a little dehydrated. I asked him if he was ok wanting to be sure I hadn’t hurt him. He assured me that he was better than fine.

       We finished our lunch and I asked again about dinner. He said he liked Sea Galley and loved the salad bar. I told him that we might want to pick up some stuff at the store for breakfasts because his classes were so early. He said we should, not knowing how much time we would have before he had to be at school.

      I got serious and told him it was important that he do his best in school because that could make the difference between Deb allowing him to move or not.

He said he knew that and had already made up the work he had missed during the week he was gone and said that he would do his best.

       I told him I didn’t want to be a nag and if I was, he needed to tell me but to remember that I just wanted what was best for him. I told him again that taking some AP classes would be a good jump on college and maybe he should become involved in ASB because that looked good on an entrance exam too.

       He said that was so far away and I told him the time would go by like the blink of an eye. I shared that I was going to check into getting my GED and was thinking about college too; if for no other reason than to keep getting my checks.

       It was afternoon now and I told him we needed to head off to Zach’s. He told me he forgot about that and asked if I was sure it was ok for him to go with me. I reassured him that there was nothing for him to worry about when it came to Zach, and not to get upset about anything Zach did or said. I knew how he could be sometimes.

       We drove the half hour to Zach’s house and Rob commented on how nice his house was. I told him he made a butt-load of money selling weed and some other stuff. Rob asked me what kind of other stuff and I told him he sold a lot of coke also. Zach was probably making around ten grand a month working his business.

       Zach wasn’t surprised to see Rob with me and welcomed us in. He asked if I wanted to do a line and I told him no, then he looked at Rob. I shook my head no when he asked Rob if he wanted one and Rob said he had never tried it. I told him in no uncertain terms; he wasn’t going to try it today either, period.

       Zach started to say something and I said, “No Zach,” and he dropped it. He was going to piss me off. I could tell by the way he looked and was acting he had been sampling too much of his product.

       He was a mess compared to how I knew him. His clothes hung loosely and he smelled like he hadn’t showered in a couple days. I honestly felt sorry for him.

       Things went ok though and Rob apologized to him for his behavior a few months ago at the club. Zach was gracious about it and took some of the blame. We left with a quarter pound of weed, two different kinds, a ounce of hash, and I wondered if it would be the last time I saw him.

       When we got in the car Rob looked at me, “Ryan, what if I wanted to try that coke?”

       “Rob, if someone offers you coke just say no thanks. That shit can grab you by the dick and ruin your life. Anybody that offers it is not thinking about what is best for you.”

       I didn’t have an addictive personality and I could take it or leave it, but I had seen friends that once they tried it, they were hooked.

       I thought of Zach. He was so smart and handsome but he was on his way out. “Robby? Could you tell? That was not the same guy you met at the club. That is what that shit can do to you. I could never watch you do that to yourself.”

       I thought long and hard then told him “Robby, drugs like coke will be the only thing that could drive a wedge between us, ok? Please, it’s just easier to say no to something before you ever do it than after, do you understand?”

       He said he understood, he trusted me, and he couldn’t imagine doing anything that would cause a problem for us. I told him he just made me very happy.

      Rob asked me about the amount of weed I got. He thought it was a little much, and I told him some was for Mike. He asked about him and when we might see him again.

       I told him that we were going to when Walt, I changed it to, we’ll see him soon. We talked about driving school; his grades, and Thanksgiving. I brought up Christmas and Hawaii and told him we needed to start thinking about that.

      He got a grin on his face and said, “You told me that you were going with Cass and Parker, Cass told me she didn’t know anything about it when we were at the club. Why would that be, Ryan?”

       I told him that was just my way of stroking him and I thought it was fun seeing his reaction when I said it. He told me that was mean, but had a smile on his face. I reminded him that when we went we wouldn’t be able to rent a car because I wasn’t eighteen so we needed to take that into consideration.

       We pulled into the driveway and again mom’s car wasn’t in the garage. We walked into the sitting room and I dropped a huge bud in the Frisbee and said, “Roll Jr.”

      I went to my scale and weighed up an ounce and a half for Mike and dropped a little hunk of hash in the bag. I called him and told him I had the goods and we decided to meet up during the week sometime.

       It was almost four and I told Rob we would leave in a couple hours for dinner as I sprinkled some hash in the bong. I took a huge hit and blew the smoke in his face and winked at him.

       I told him that this coming week was going to be a bitch; having to be up in time to be out of the house by 5:30. I told him that meant early to bed, like nine.

       We smoked a little and just lounged around and bullshitted. What a difference a couple weeks can make, I thought. After talking to Chuck, I didn’t even think about Rob not moving in. I wouldn’t strong-arm Deb but I would defiantly let Chuck do it.  

       If it was what Robby wanted, I would make it happen. But I wanted him to think that his grades were what would make it happen. I was sure Deb wouldn’t risk loosing the checks she got for him.

       We went to dinner, baked, and it was wonderful. We picked up some stuff at the store to eat in the morning if we needed and drove home. We smoked a little more and soaked in the tub before bed.

       If was just before nine when I climbed out and motioned for him to bring his stoned ass to bed. We got into bed and he rolled over on to me and got comfortable. It was the strangest thing; I had kissed him goodnight, and was just laying there, we hadn’t said anything to each other, I could feel it happen.

       When Rob and I would go to the tree by the river, it was something we would do together, making a conscious effort of doing it. Rob was taking me there, not saying anything; I could feel him pulling me.

       All of the sudden I was there; he was standing in front of me with a huge smile, “You came,” he said to me. I asked him what he was doing, what did you do?

       He told me he was just fucking around and wanted to see if it would work. He was very pleased with himself. I lunged at him, and into the river we went.

       I woke up in the morning remembering everything about last night. Rob woke up and didn’t say anything about it, so I did when we got in the shower. I asked him how he did it but he said he didn’t know, and he was just fucking around. I said that’s what you told me there. He said then you threw us in the water.

       He said he went there and then just starting thinking of me and calling my name. Then I was there. He smiled and said, “After we got out of the water was fun too.” I told him that was one way to describe it and turned for him to wash my back.

       We made it out of the house at 5:30 on the dot. We got to the driving school with five minutes to spare. I paid for the classes and told Rob I would be across the street in the café.

       The hour went by fast; I had brought a notebook and made some notes for work and Christmas and some odds and ends. We were only about 10 minutes from Rob’s school so he had time to scarf down breakfast.

       We pulled up to school and before he got out I handed him five twenties but he pushed it back at me and said he had a lot left from last week.

I told him; no taking me on field trips when I’m at work, then said, “Love you.” and he closed the door. The day flew by as they had for the last few weeks. I called Chuck to ask about Hawaii knowing he had gone several times. He said he had a time share and would check into it to see if we could use that.

       I thanked him like five times and he said he would call me in a couple days. I had given him a couple of my cards and told him he could reach me here during the day.

       I told Rob about it when I picked him up and asked if he cared if Park and Cass went too. He said he really liked both of them and they knew about us, so it was ok. Then he said, “If it was just the two of us, Rye; that would be ok too.

       He told me about school; he had checked into some AP classes and had a list that he wanted us to look at. He said he had never thought about college and he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

       When we got home we looked over the list and told him he needed to make friends with his counselor at school. I reminded him he could call Park and talk to him about the UW, saying he was a sophomore. Parker was going to be an attorney like his dad; so after he graduated he would go to grad school, probably Stanford.

       I knew what he wanted to ask, so I answered him first. “Park and I are very close Robby; he is like a brother to me, so don’t ever think anything otherwise, ok?" He nodded and said again he really liked Parker.

       He asked if TV dinners were ok and as I nodded, he got up and went into the kitchen. When he came back; I gave him back the twenties and told him he could just put it in his jewelry box and use it as he needed.

       I said we would just do it that way for a while. If after a couple months he had hundreds and wanted to give some back that was fine.

       He told me thirty minutes and dinner would be done then picked up the Frisbee and started practicing as I pulled out a sketch pad and started doodling. Rob asked me what I was doing and I told him I was thinking about remodeling the house.

       He asked me if my money was burning a hole in my pocket saying the house was fine. I told him it had been almost ten years since anything had been done; it could use an update.

       I wanted a bigger deck, maybe have our bathroom done, and maybe some new carpet. I told him it wasn’t like I wanted to add on or anything, but maybe we could take down the wall between his room and the sitting room to make it bigger.

       We could turn the Jack and Jill into just a Jack and he could take the other room. It would make the sitting room about the size of a large living room and we could get new furniture and make it nice.

       He smiled and said that does sound kind of nice as he held up his best joint to date. He was too fast when I grabbed for it. He put a match to it and blew the smoke in my face.

       He handed it to me and I took a hit and looked it over. I could only come up with one thing and said, “Kind of loose don’t you think?” He called me a picky fucker and went to check on dinner.

       We ate at the bar in our sleep pants and robes and he said we had time for a soak. He asked me if I had said anything about remodeling to my mom, and I shook my head no. He asked she might have an opinion on that and I told him I doubted it.

       When we finished up dinner Deb called. Rob answered the phone and I listened to the one-sided conversation. He told her the first day of driving school went well and he was all caught up at school. And he had looked into some pre-college courses. He listened to her just saying yes and no a few times, and then said ok, love you too, bye.

       He turned to me and said she sounded pretty good and liked everything he had to say. He said she asked about thanksgiving and he said we would be there.

       We got in the tub, never turning it off anymore. We smoked about half of the number and looked at the clear sky and all the stars. It was cold but the water was nice and hot; I loved it out here this time of year.

       I had been giving some thought to throwing a party at Christmas just before we left for the islands. I asked Robby what he thought and he said that was a great idea. We talked for a bit and realized it could be 45 or 50 people, excluding, Trish.

       I told him I had never had a party at my house before; it might blow a few people away. By the time we were done soaking we had decided the party would be on Friday, December 23rd and we would leave on Christmas day, late, so we could sleep on the plane.

       We brushed our teeth and were in bed at nine. I could feel him; the little fucker was doing it again. I was resisting him and he poked me and said, “Come on, Rye.” I gave in and found myself at the tree again; he wasn’t there and then he stuck his head around the tree and said, “Catch me if you can.”

       The next thing we were in the house and I saw him running up the stairs. I ran up the stairs but wound up in the attic, he was standing looking out the little window at the tree and the river. I walked up behind him putting my arms around him and said, “Got you.”

      He rested his head back against me and said, “This is one of my dreams, Ryan.” I looked out the window and again saw the tree much smaller; the river higher, with ice on the edges.

       He turned in my arms and we were in our bedroom there; the smaller bed, the sheets and comforter, and an oil lamp on the side table. We were in bed; naked, I could feel how much ‘in love’ we were. We wrestled in bed; feeling and exploring each other's bodies, making love until the birds started to sing and the shadows danced on the walls.

       We woke to the alarm and when I opened my eyes he was smiling at me. I could feel the side of my leg was wet, then he ran his hand over my stomach and I felt more wetness. “That was fun, Rye.”

      I remembered it all, everything. I felt like I had the best nights sleep, but I had cum, and so did he. This wasn’t like any of the other times.

       He could have taken me with him, I couldn’t have resisted him and he knew it. But he let me think I was going willingly.

       I knew he wanted me to ask or say something about it, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. We showered and he said we could eat at that café and if I ordered about a quarter to seven, we wouldn’t have to rush.

       I dropped him off and walked across the street to my new Millie’s for the next month and a half. I worked on my draft for the house and made lists, and cost estimates.

       I ordered on time and he walked in the door as our food was delivered. He sat down with that shit eating grin on his face and started eating. He was smiling at me; wanting me to ask, and I was smiling at him, knowing he wanted me to ask.

       He broke first and asked, “SO.”

       I couldn’t help but say “OK.”

       "I showed you one of my dreams, Ryan; I’ve been remembering more and more. We came together in my dream and when we woke up."

       I said, “I know. I was there.”

       He asked me if I remembered anything from our pasts. I told him I had snapshots, I didn’t remember like he did. He asked what he looked like, and it caused me to think.

       I hadn’t thought about it, he did look different, but somehow I knew it was him. He could tell by the look on my face and he said, “You were the guy in that picture up in the attic. That’s you in my dream, Ryan.”

       We finished up and I dropped him at school; he even had a friend that was waiting for him. I made it to work in time to make coffee for the guys and started to build a fire.

       Things were going so well, the guys were happy, and I was planning my first party. I picked Robby up at Deb’s and we ate at Wendy’s and went home.

       The rest of the week rolled on and by Friday we had gotten into a routine of going to bed early, getting up early, and playing in our sleep. I wasn’t able to hook up with Mike during the week so I had planned to go to his house Friday night.

       I picked Rob up and we went home and changed into nicer clothes to have dinner and go to Mike’s. We decided to go to the Gentleman for dinner hoping to see Miss. Brown. I had made a reservation for 7:00 and I knew there was a good chance of seeing her.

      We actually arrived at the same time and we both asked her to join us for dinner. She agreed and we took a table for four in the corner. She smiled at both of us and asked how her favorite boys were.

       Rob looked at her and told her we were good, real good. We told her that we were growing accustom to our connection and it was just getting stronger.

       She smiled at both of us and then looked at Rob. She said, “Honey, don’t fret about the past, death is a part of life. You and Ryan deserve to enjoy the time you have together and live for today.”

       He told her that he was able to remember a lot more, even dying, both of us. We ordered our dinner and she told us about her gift and how it affected her life and how hard it was for her in the beginning.

       Our dinner came and our conversation was most enjoyable. Rob told her he could remember me from other lives and he had shown me some of the dreams he had.

       She smiled at his tales and told us how lucky we were. She told him again, not to dwell on our passing, but rejoice in what we shared now. She then turned to me and said, “Don’t let it bother you that you can’t remember, Ryan, it will all come in time, and Robert will help you.” She smiled and said, “Its ok honey; he will never take you anywhere you don’t want to go.”

       I told her that he could do it now, and I couldn’t help but follow him. We finished our dinner and had coffee while Rob had country caramel.

       We talked for a while more and she told us we were so much stronger together than we were apart. We would help each other grow in so many ways, we didn’t even know.

       I paid for our dinner and when it came time to leave she hugged both of us and said living together was the best thing that could ever happen. We had not said anything about that but she could tell or she knew, and we told her we would see her soon. She touched my white spot and said, “It will grow out honey,” and smiled.

        Rob and I loved being able to talk about what we had with her, she understood and even helped us. We only had each other and didn’t share what we had with anybody, and it was nice to have her.

       We left and as we were heading to Mike’s Rob took my hand and kissed it, and said he really liked her. We knocked on Mike’s door and when he answered he smiled at us and asked Rob how his grandma was. We both laughed and Rob said she was a money maker.

       Cindy came and gave us both hugs and Rob’s was longer and more compassionate than the one she gave me. She pulled back from Rob and asked him if he had grown since the last time she saw him.

Rob didn’t show her his platforms and just nodded.

       We sat down and I gave Mike his stash and told him I dropped a hunk of something special in the smaller bag. We talked about Rob’s birthday and the concert; a little about the shit that had happened, and the party we were having on the 23rd. I told them it wasn’t going to be anything big, like Banner’s, but we would have music, food, and to bring something for the hot tub.

       They asked about Christmas and Rob proudly told them we were flying out Christmas night and wouldn’t be back until New Years day. That got comments like spoiled little rich kids. I just said you can’t find bikini’s in Washington this time of year. We brought them up to speed about him moving in with me and driving school.

       Cindy brought up Trish and that she still talked about me and wanted to know what was going on. I had not seen or spoken to her since Rob’s birthday and that was fine with me. Cindy looked at Rob and said he had put her in her place on his birthday and that made him a little red.

       She asked me if I was seeing anybody. I told her I was holding out for when she dumped Mike’s sorry ass, and then I would make my move. She looked at Rob and asked, what about you Robby? He smiled at her and said he was holding out too. He was going to give me a run for my money when she dumped Mike too.

       It was getting late and we told them that we had been up early all week and after having smoked a bit we both said it was time to go. I told them to spread the word about the party and we might see them next weekend, and said our goodbyes.

      We were driving home and Rob said, “You really are a class act Ryan; you are such a gentleman and you seem to know just what to say. You made Cindy blush.”

       I told him with a little more polishing he would be the same way and said, “That’s what makes us stand out, Rob.” I told him his comeback was pretty good too, and that made her blush also.

       We were both really tired and when we got home I asked if he was ready for bed and got a resounding yes. It only took about ten minutes and we were in bed, in our favorite position.

       His hand was roaming around on my stomach and chest and he said, “I feel sorry for people that don’t have what we have.”

       I asked what he meant. He said that we knew how we felt about each other. Other people just had to believe someone when they said ‘I love you’, but we could feel it, and there was no doubt.

       I had never really thought about it before and I confirmed he was right, we were lucky. He told me I didn’t have to say it all the time and I told him I liked telling him, even though, he knew.

       He said, “Me too.”

       I rolled to my side; pulling him with me and he adjusted his unit so it was in my crack, he wrapped his arm around me and kissed my back.

       We woke up and it was close to noon; we had slept almost twelve hours and had traded places. I was cuddled up to his back and my hard dick was in his crack. He pushed back against me and pulled my arm tighter around him. He asked me if I had to pee and I told him I couldn’t think of any other reason for this morning wood.

      I kissed his shoulder and said, “Well I guess I could think of one.” Something came over me and I started planting more kisses on his back finding that ticklish spot on his neck; he was squirming and started laughing and moving his head around trying to keep me from making contact.

       We really were lucky; we knew how we felt about each other, there was no question that he loved me. I reached around him and found his hardness and gave it a stroke, then hopped out of bed and said, “I really do have to pee.”

       I had turned the shower on and was shaving my shaft when he came in saying, “No fair”

       He saw what I was doing and I said, “Don’t distract me; I don’t want to bleed to death in the shower.”

       He watched me intently and asked if I would shave him. I told him I had never shaved anybody else and he said, “I hope not.” He told me he trusted me and lathered himself up.

       I got on my knees and could feel myself hardening as I took him in my hand. He was getting hard too, but that actually made it easier to shave. I got carried away and shaved his balls too. He told me I better shave my own too. I made him do it, now that’s trust.

       We stood and looked at our heavy slabs in the mirror and commented that they looked bigger without hair. He reached over and held mine in his hand saying he liked it.

       I told him there was only one way to test the shave and I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue over his balls and shaft, then smiled up at him.

       Looking at the smile on my face he asked, “Well?” I told him that I should do this for a living and he laughed at me said, “I don’t think so.”

       I said, “I think I need to check again.”

       I got a little carried away and couldn’t help but put him in my mouth and watched myself in the mirror. He looked in the mirror at our reflection and I felt him getting hard, fast.

       I told him I had never watched myself in a mirror and said it was better than a porno. He rested his hand on my head and seemed to be enjoying watching me too.

       I dropped his dick and sucked his balls, one at a time into my mouth and he pushed more on my head showing his approval. Robby’s balls were his weakness. I stood up and said, “Yep, I did a good job.” and picked up my brush and started combing my hair.

       “Ryan,” he said with a pouty face: his cock pointing straight out in front of him almost resting on the counter.

       I said, “What?”

       “Don’t I get to check my handy work?” He asked, still with a pouty face.

       I turned and said, “I’m sorry, Rob, you’re right.” I was still heavy and he got down on all fours and just used his tongue; up my shaft and back down to my balls.

       He took them one at a time in his mouth and rolled them around, his teeth chewing just a little as he smiled up at me. Then he licked back up my shaft and pushed his tight lips over my head then into his mouth.

      He went down most of the way a couple times and then dropped it and said, “Yep, good job.” He turned back to the mirror with that shit eating grin and took the brush out of my hand as I just looked at him. I leaned up against the wall and watched him in the mirror.

       He was perfect: head to toe. His honey colored hair that always seemed to look great with no effort at all. He had those bright blue eyes with gold flecks; the long lashes, and that soft peaches and cream skin.

       My eyes wandered down a little more. I admired his chest with its colorless hair or fuzz; his defined Pecs, and little brown nipples. He really was built; his abs were not as tight and hard as they were a few months ago, thanks to the fine dining, and lack of hard work.

       I looked back up to his eyes that were looking at me. With a smile on his face, he asked, “Are you perving on me?” I told him I was thanking god for not making my soul mate a hag” He said, “That would have been a cruel joke. It looks like we’re lucky in more ways than one.”

       I messed his hair as I walked out and put my bathrobe on. I walked out to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and some hot chocolate for Rob. I felt his arms slid around me as I was looking out the window.

       I told him I wanted to get lights for all the trees and bushes in the back yard for the party and around the rail on the deck. I told him I was going to talk to a guy on Monday about enlarging the deck before the party too.

       He said he had been thinking and maybe it would be nice to put a fireplace in the sitting room if I decided to enlarge it, maybe like the one at home, meaning Fredericksburg.

       I told him that was a great idea and I liked it and I did enjoy lying in front of it. I sat at the bar and started making a list of guests to invite.

       I looked at Rob and said we should probably have dates. He asked what I meant and I told him that we were both getting drilled about girls at Mike’s. Maybe to hush the crowd, we should have girls on our arms.

       He told me he didn’t think it was right to lead a girl on just for appearances. I told him I didn’t like it either, but I didn’t like the alternative any better.

       I asked him if there was anybody he wanted to invite; saying it was his party too. He thought that the friends at school might not be ready for a party like that and I told him it could be good for his reputation.

       He said he would think about it and asked if we were doing anything tonight. I told him that, Van Halen, was at the arena, we could go to that if he wanted. He shrugged his shoulders and asked who would bring the tampons, ha ha.

       He thought that was pretty funny and I told him we could get blazed before the show and he wouldn’t have to carry any. He kept sticking his hand down his sleep pants and feeling his balls saying they were cold.

       I told him he would get used to it and that he would have to do it all the time now because it itched when the hair started growing back. He told me that would be my job.

                                       From your Author:

       What a difference a few weeks can make. Robby and I had fallen into a routine; we were so comfortable with each other. I would like to continue my challenge, and ask you to comment. I enjoy your emails and I do reply to those who show interest. I appreciate your criticism as much as your accolades and will make a better attempt to correct spelling and grammar errors.



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