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                                               Robby and Ryan Chapter XVI                                                                                    From the Author:
 This chapter recounts our first Christmas and the start of a few traditions. I would like to thank other writers for the inspiration they have provided. Ice. Bill H. Richard A. Grant. And so many others. You, the reader are so lucky that these writers, along with my self, have shared with you.  

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 Robby and I wound up doing nothing and didn’t even get dressed. Rob made waffles and sausage, and I told him that this could be one of his new jobs. We sat in the tub a few times and smoked on and off most of the day.


We talked about the party and the trip, whether my mom was going to come to Thanksgiving, and things he wanted to get the kids for Christmas presents.




I told him I had his check from work and asked what he did to cash them. He said he had a savings account at a local bank and he could cash it there.


       I loved how comfortable we had become; he felt at home here and with me, and it just felt so natural. We had become whole; we completed each other, never understanding the emptiness we felt before, but emptiness was now in the past.


       I told him I was going to check into maybe having the sitting room enlarged before the party and checking into a fireplace too. It would have to be scaled down because the ones to the east were huge.


       Our weekend flew by and we were getting up Monday morning to start it all over again but it was a three day week for us and we were looking forward to Thanksgiving.


       We had become regulars at the cafe across from the driving school and I would order fifteen minutes before he finished and it would be waiting for him at seven.


       I talked to one of our contractors about the deck and another about taking down the wall between Rob’s room and the sitting room. By Wednesday, the addition to the deck had started and the plans for the sitting room had been finalized.


       We had Thanksgiving with Deb and his family; there was talk about Rob coming home but by the time we left that had been dropped. My mom and Deb polished off a whole bottle of wine and both got smashed.


       I had decided that leaving an entrance from the sitting room to the jack and Jill bath was a good idea and we went shopping for new furniture. We picked out something that we both liked and realized our tastes were close to the same, big surprise.


       We chose to wait until the room was done to make the big buy. The room was huge now and the furniture wound up being seven pieces.


       Chuck had got back to me about the time share, had set it up for us, and he even had a car there so that was going to make it real nice.


       I had purchased all the lights for the back yard; Rob and I did what we could and I had the landscapers do the rest. It looked awesome in the dark and we were both pleased.


       The first of December came and went; the guys got raises and their coats came in which they loved.


       We had to get a permit for the fireplace and it looked like it would be done by the middle of the month.


       The weather had been cold but nice and sales were up. I knew that my four months would be finalized and I would become the permanent man in charge.


       It was a week before the party and we had confirmation from most everybody that was invited. Rob did invite a few friends from school along with his sister, Drew, and her boyfriend, Sam, who was fucking hot. Well, Drew was pretty hot too.


       I had made arrangement for food from the Gentleman and Millie’s; the liquor and beer had been handled and our new furniture had been delivered. I had taken Friday off and Rob and I had the place set up by three.


       I had picked us up long johns to wear under our clothes so we wouldn’t be cold and could just look casual. We didn’t have dates so we were just going to flirt with everyone. Flirting was my thing and Rob had been taking notes.


       I made an announcement after everybody arrived that there would be no fighting; everybody was going to have a great time, our bedrooms were off limits, and there would be no fucking in the hot tub. I looked at Parker and reiterated, “No fucking in the hot tub.”




       He held up his hands and said, “WHAT?” And everybody laughed.


       The weather was a little cold but the sky was clear; the bonfire was the spot that most people gathered. Trish had come; telling us that she was sure that it was just an oversight that she hadn’t been invited, and she stayed close to me.


       I slipped into our room to change into cutoffs for the hot tub; Trish walked in as I was pulling them up. She had had a few and was on me like stink on shit.


       I guess she had been pining away over me and thought now was her chance. This was really the last thing I wanted but she put her arms around me and started kissing me.


       She slid her hands down inside my cutoffs and took my bare cheeks with her finger nails. She was telling me what she wanted to do to me and then pulled her hands out and pushed me back on the bed then climbed on top of me.


       She was still on top of me and started grinding and kissing on me. I rolled us over so I was on top and held her hands to the side. Somehow I needed to stop this without making a scene; she wasn’t making it easy.


       I got up off the bed and was a little embarrassed that she had made me noticeably grow; she saw that and it just intensified her efforts. I was backed up against the wall, Trish had her hands blocking me and I had run out of shit to do.


       Thank god for Cass; I’m not sure how she knew but she walked into my room. She got in Trish’s face and made it clear that she was to keep her hands off me; then looked at me and winked.


       I was fucking tongue tied. When Trish walked out of my room she stopped and looked at the matching robes at the foot of our bed, both R’s facing up, then looked back at me.


       Cass and I walked out with my arm around her and her hand in my back pocket. I thanked her and she kissed that spot on my neck as I got into the hot tub. She announced to anybody listening that it was, hands, fucking, off RJ, and looked at Trish. I just loved her.


       I was sitting with Park, Mike, and a couple others when Rob came out dressed for the tub; those cutoffs straining to hold his treasures. He sat down next to me and smiled; he leaned over and said he saw Trish follow me into our room and sicked Cass on her.


       There were a few who asked how we had tans in December. I told them we had been going to a tanning place so we didn’t get burned when we went to Hawaii on Christmas day.


       That got us some ribbing from most everybody; calling us spoiled brats. I told them all that I deserved to spoil myself, “Look at me.” And looked at Rob saying he deserved it too.


       The party was a great success; everybody was on their best behavior. Mike slid over and asked, “So you and Cass?” I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders, neither confirming nor denying anything.


       Trish was huddled up with Cindy and they kept looking over at us. It was bothering me and I didn’t want people to start talking.


       I felt someone standing behind me and I leaned my head back and it gave me a perfect view up Sam’s shorts. Fuck me. His love handle was hanging long and thick down his right leg, and I couldn’t help but stare.


       He looked down at me smiling and asked if there was room for one more. I didn’t hear him; he was a fucking hunk in just his shorts. His big arms, that whole surfer thing he had going on, and it just got better the lower I looked.


       I felt Mike slid away from me and I found my voice saying, “Sure,” as I made a little more room for him. I thought about what he would look like when he got out; all wet and his shorts sticking to him, Fuck.




       I looked over at Rob and as clear as a fucking bell; I heard him in my mind, “WHAT are you doing, Ryan?” I shrugged my shoulders and smiled; he smiled back and I think Mike noticed something between us.


       I figured that my dick had gone about as soft as it was going to get, considering, so I got up and grabbed a towel. I walked out to the fire and Rob followed soon after.


       He was just about to say something when Drew walked up and put her arm around him. She was telling us about the party being so great and she would be leaving as soon as she could get Sam out of the hot tub.


       Rob had a buzz, to say the least, and I told her this wasn’t the norm; Rob deserved to cut loose, he had been working hard at school and driving class.


       Drew gave Rob a kiss on his cheek, winked at me, and then walked back up to the deck.


       Rob put his arm around my neck and pulled my ear down to his mouth; “Has anyone asked?” He questioned. I moved my head back so I could see his eyes and tilted my head a little. “The hickey, dumb ass,” and he elbowed me in the side.


       I reached up and felt my neck; I nodded and pulled the towel up and hung it around my neck.


I looked past him and saw Mike watching us from the hot tub and was extremely happy when a very drunk Cass came up and squeezed between us; she gave both of us a sloppy drunk kiss and put a hand on both our asses. She told us that she had our backs as one of her girlfriends came up and put her arm around Rob.


       Cass asked, “So Chancellor’s, what’s a girl got to do to get you guys to smoke some of the good shit?” batting her eyes and doing that lip thing. I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, took her hand as Rob took Carrie’s, and we walked back up to the deck.


       I smiled at Mike as we all walked past and went into our room; hoping it would squash anything that might be said by Trish. We smoked some hash with them; I put my robe and sleep pants on and walked back out to the deck, looking like Heffner.


       Cass knew what she was doing and so did Carrie. They were acting as our covers with us never asking. Cass was like her brother; sex was just that and she liked the drama of the whole boy, girl thing.


       Carrie had been around a while and I knew they had a thing but being a girl nobody seemed to notice and wouldn’t have said a word had they.


       Sam was getting out of the tub and I just couldn’t help but look at him. I scanned the deck; making sure it wasn’t obvious and realized that most everybody was watching him, even Mike. He was a fuckin sight to behold. I reached over and gave him a towel as he stood; dripping right in front of me. Fuck.


       I thought it was time; so I walked to the laundry room where the freezer was and pulled out the tray of Jell-O shooters I had made for when things died down a little.


       I walked back to the deck with the tray on my shoulder and holding it with my right hand. As I twirled it around and set it on the table, I yelled out “Shooters anybody?”


       As people started gathering around I gave everyone a demonstration. I stuck my tongue out, you know the way, and twisted it around the inside. I made eye contact with everyone, and then sucked it into my mouth, making a spectacle of it. Shooters were fun and always got a good laugh.




       I had made sixty of them and there was enough for the twenty or so who were left. Drew and Sam came up to us and he rubbed his hand over Rob’s hair and said, “Great party little man,” and held his hand up to me for a high five.


       Drew gave us both a kiss and told us to have a great trip. They headed out of the house and Rob turned and said, “I can’t stand him.”


       I put my arm around him and ruffled his hair up and in my best surfer voice I said, “Gnarly party little dude.”


       It had dwindled down to about ten of us; Park, Cass and Carrie, Conner, Mike, Cindy, and Trish. Cass was trashed and my Robby wasn’t far behind.


We had kind of been cleaning most of the night and the place didn’t look bad considering that we had about seventy people show up.


       Finally, it was just the two of us. Rob was feeling no pain as he climbed into the hot tub next to my naked ass. He looked at me and smiled then found my hand under the water.


       “This was fucking awesome, Rye; we should do this every year.”  He sincerely told me.


       He rested his head on my shoulder rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. I rested my cheek on his head and thought that it really had been a great party. No fights, nobody puked, and the house wasn’t much worse for the wear.




       Rob, even wasted, was in my head. He said, “I can’t stand him, but I wish I was built like that,” without lifting his head.


       I told him his time would come; and yes, he was built, meaning Sam.


       “I saw you looking at him Ryan,” he said.


       I told him I heard him, but said everybody was looking at him. He said Drew, called him her arm candy and snuggled his head further into my neck.


I picked his hand up and kissed it and asked, “Ready for bed, little dude?”


       “I’ll show you, little dude,” he said as he floated over and rested himself on my lap.


       He pulled my lips to his and kissed me in a way that told me he would like to continue this in bed. We got up; he went into the bathroom and I walked around the house. I locked the doors, picked things up, and dumped some stuff in the garbage.


       I walked back into our room and Rob was in bed, sound asleep. I brushed my teeth and stood at the end of the bed looking at him. I don’t think he knew just how fucking hot he was. I knew in a few years; girls would walk right over Sam to get to him.


       I crawled in behind him and adjusted myself so I rested in his naked crack, putting my arm over him pulling him into me. He mumbled a little and I just had to smile to myself.


       I loved him so much; and I really was thankful that my soul mate wasn’t a hag. He giggled like he heard what I was thinking, but I knew he was asleep.


       I woke up in the morning with him behind me; my favorite toy resting in my crack, and his arm over me. I felt him squeeze me and he croaked out “I feel like shit Ryan.”


       I congratulated him on not puking and said he did real well; it looked like he had a good time.


       “It was the best,” he said. His friends had told him, it was the best party they had ever been to and thanked him over and over for inviting them.


       Pulling on me more he asked, “So, did Cass save you?”




       I told him not before Trish threw me on the bed and tried getting in my pants.


       He rolled me over and looked me in the eyes; “You’re fucking kidding me?”




       I told him I wasn’t kidding; Cass really did save me, and thanked him for sending her to my rescue.


       He said, “That’s why she said, hands of RJ.” And I nodded.


       I told him that Trish saw both our robes on the bed and Mike was watching us pretty close. I went on to say that I thought taking Cass and Carrie into the bedroom might have put his mind at ease.


       He got serious and asked, “Do you think of other guys like that? I mean like, Sam?”


       I told him that I wasn’t blind; he was an attractive guy, but it wasn’t any different than looking at a hot girl. I kissed his forehead and told him that I didn’t want to be with anybody like I did with him.


       He smiled and said, “I know that Ryan, you just needed to hear yourself say it.” How fucking smart is he?


       He told me he really did feel like shit and implied maybe some hot chocolate might make him feel better, sad look and all.


       I said, “OK little dude,” and crawled away before he could hit me.


       The phone rang when I was getting our drinks but I let it ring. It stopped and then I heard Rob talking. I walked into the bedroom and heard him ask, “How did you get our number?”


       I looked at him and he just shook his head. “He’s still asleep like I would be if the phone hadn’t rung. I will; bye.” He hung up the phone and said, “Trish”


       I gave him his cocoa and sipped on my coffee.


       He said, “Rye, I have something for you that I made in art class. Can I give it to you now?”


       I told him it wasn’t Christmas yet but I was never one to stand on tradition. He got up and went into his room and came back with a poster size scroll; rolled up with a ribbon around it, and handed it to me.


       I unrolled it and laid it out on the bed. He had done a drawing of the willow tree and river in Fredericksburg; so detailed that it looked like a photo; all from memory.


       He had drawn vines and ivy up the sides; framing what he had written in old looking calligraphy. I saw in the corner A+ and I started to read. Tears immediately started falling from my eyes.


       Every moment we are together Ryan, I am learning something, and that knowledge becomes a permanent part of me. Though my feelings may be different a year from now, or ten years from now, part of the difference is You.


       Because of you, I am a different person, and the person I will grow to become, with or without you by my side, will have gotten there partly because of you.




       If you were not in my life right now; I would not be who I am right now, nor would I be growing in exactly the same way. Much of what I grow towards, and change within myself, has to do with what I respond to in you, what I understand about myself through you, and what I learn about my feelings in the dynamics of our relationship.


       I do not worry about our ‘future together’ since we have already touched each other and affected each other’s lives on so many levels that we can never be totally removed from each other’s thoughts. A part of me will always be you, and a part of you, Rye, will always be in me. This much is certain, no matter what else happens. I love you more today than yesterday and not as much as I will tomorrow.


       I just kept shaking my head back and forth; tears streaming down my face and falling on my sleeves. I looked at him and saw his tears and the biggest smile on his face.


       I couldn’t even talk; I was so overcome with emotion and was in awe, how Robby could so eloquently put his feeling for me into words. The tears just wouldn’t stop. He pulled me close so he could put his forehead to mine.




       He told me he started it when he went back to school after the funeral. It had taken him over a month to do. He said the words weren’t all his but spoke to everything he felt. He said the teacher cried when she read it and gave him an A+.


       He said she didn’t ask who it was for but told him; it was one of the best things that any of her students had ever done.


       I just couldn’t stop crying. He pulled back a little and started kissing my tears and said, “Please, Rye.”


       I shook my head again and told him it was OK; he had just caught me off guard, they were happy tears. I could feel my heart growing again and he could too.


       He told me that by the time we died this time; my heart would be bigger than it was before I gave it to him, and the tears that had subsided, started to flow again.


       Now it was me who felt unworthy. His love for me was almost more than I could bare and he knew that I felt the same for him.


       I was tongue tied again; I was at a lose for words to tell him what this meant to me, so I just pulled him back and rested his head against mine and let him feel it for himself.


       He pulled back; his smile never faded, he told me that I was the most important thing in his life and that I was to never, ever, forget it.


       I rolled it back up and told him I was going to have it framed; I would hang it in our room so I could see it every morning when I woke up, adding, it would be the next best thing to seeing him.


       I pulled him close again; I told him that things like this were worth more to me than anything money could buy. It made him so happy that I loved it, and it showed on his face.


       I dried my face and eyes and told him that my life would be so empty if he wasn’t in it. And if he couldn’t tell “I liked him a little too.”


       We showered and dressed and went to Denny’s to eat because it was the only thing open. We went by Deb’s so he could drop off the presents he had bought for everybody.


       This was the first year he had money to buy things that he wanted, not just what he could afford. Deb did to Rob what he did to me. She had taken Walt’s wedding ring; that was Rob’s fathers, and had it resized for him.


       He was as moved as I and Deb said it should be his. It fit perfectly on his ring finger. He came over and showed me; I held up my hand showing him mine, and in our minds we knew that they were far more than just gold and diamonds.


       He happily showed Deb his progress report and he had straight A’s and she looked at me and smiled. She knew that a lot of it had to do with me.


       There was a knock at the door and Rob bounced down the stairs to answer it. I heard “Little dude” I broke up laughing. I almost had tears when Rob came back up the stairs.


       He looked at me and smiled as hot fucking Sam came up behind him. Sam looked at me and said, “Dude; that was an awesome party last night, I was telling a friend about it and he said he knows you.” He told me the guys’ name, but it didn’t ring a bell.


       Deb, hearing what he said became interested in the party. Drew stepped up and said it wasn’t like a party, it was just a few people, and gave Sam a look.




       I confirmed what she said, saying, it was just a few friends; I wanted to do something considering we were going to be gone. Rob came out of the kitchen and I asked, “Ready to go little man?” making just a little fun of the way Sam talked.


       We gathered up the presents and walked out to the car. When we got in Robby said, “if you call me little dude again you’re gonna get it.”


       I told him I thought it fit him and when I heard Sam say it when he came in, I thought I was going to pee my pants.




       I knew my Mom was at her boyfriends’ house so we went by there before we went home. Rob had never met him and they seemed to hit it off.


       We pulled in the driveway about 11 and decided to soak and smoke a little. I told him we would have to find smoke over there because I didn’t want to carry anything on the plane.


       He asked if I was going to try and get us upgraded to first class and I told him, “I just paid for it,” not wanting to risk being stuck in coach. He asked if I thought my charm was wearing off. I said, “Hell no, but do you want to risk it?”


       He floated over and straddled himself over me. He looked at me for the longest time. He told me he wished he could see himself as I did; saying that when he saw himself through my eyes, it was so much different than when he looked at himself in the mirror.


       I told him that I knew exactly what he was talking about; I had thought the same thing.


       I asked, “So little dude, are you ready for bed?”




       He smiled and said, “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”


       I pulled him down for a tender kiss; my hands roaming all over his soft body. There were times when I just couldn’t get enough of him; my mind still not able to comprehend what we had and how we felt about each other.


       I knew he was feeling the same way; he sucked his way around to my neck and recreated the hickey so it could be proudly displayed when we were on the beach.


       He came back to my lips and with more passion he kissed me. I could feel him in my head; I followed him back to Fredericksburg and could feel the sun shining on us as we lay on the bank of the river.


       He loved it so much there; the place where we connected for the first time, each time we did this it was like it would happen again.


       Like a rock being thrown in the water, we were back in the hot tub. He stood up and reached for my hand telling me that he passed out last night; we had unfinished business.


       We dried off and brushed our teeth and he crawled onto me and I pulled the covers over us. He came down on me again and started rubbing across me.


       He slowly worked his way down; lower and lower until he was in the perfect position to take me in his mouth. He didn’t spend much time bathing me in spit, then came back up and kissed me hard. He pulled back and whispered, “Show me, Rye”


       I knew what he wanted; he put his hands on my shoulders and I guided myself to his hole that had been craving for me to make long, slow, love to him.


       His insides were on fire and he worked me so sensually. We were back on the bank next to the river; feeling what the other did. We moved in unison; pleasuring ourselves with the passion and tenderness of true lovers.


       He rolled us over so we could look at each other; seeing ourselves through the eyes of the other. He wanted long loving strokes; our bodies melting like clay being molded together as we shared the words he had written for me.


       He could feel my pending orgasm. He took my cheeks in his hands and slowed me down. He slowly shook his head and breathlessly said, “Not yet, Rye.”


       He was so intense. He had wrapped his legs around me then pulled me down to his lips and kissed me. It was like we had so many times before but was different; he was taking me to a place he never had before.


       He was showing me how we were; how it was long before this life, our love so strong, even stronger than what we had in this one. My eyes filled with tears again; his hands running through my hair and down my back like he couldn’t get enough of me, the way my body felt on his.


       I could feel him inside me; I knew that what was building in me couldn’t be held back. I was one stroke away; he pulled me in as far as he could with his legs and just held me there. He pulled my head down and our lips came together.


       His hole was convulsing around me, his hands becoming tangled in my hair.


       He started to moan in my mouth; I could hear him plain as day in my head. “Show me Rye, show me now.”


       I held it as long as I could. Like pulling the trigger of a gun; I came on his command with such force from the anticipation of my climax I thought I was going to pass out. I felt my stomach being coated with his lava hot load as we erupted at the same time.


       I couldn’t hold myself and my body fell on him, our cheeks resting on each other, as our tears of love and the fucking mind blowing orgasms mixed together.


       Our thoughts; like unspoken words swimming in our heads and hearts making us smile even though we still had tears in our eyes. “Merry Christmas, Robby”


       He squeezed me in his arms and said, “I tried to show you Ryan; it has always been like this, I know you’re starting to remember.”


       I nodded with my head on his shoulder and trying to clear the cobwebs from my mind, wanting to remember the way he did.


       He told me that every time we made love; like we had just done, more and more came back. I slid to his side and rested my head on his chest and slipped into the most peaceful sleep; his heartbeat matching mine.


       We woke in the morning with the sun shining through the window. We were both awake but not talking out loud. We were having another silent bonding experience, not having moved all night.




       I tried to move, but his arms tightened around me. He whispered, “Not yet, Rye.”


       I just laid back down on him and enjoyed the warmth of his body.


I told him I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and took the Christmas presents out of the bottom drawer. I set them on the counter, relieved myself, and turned the shower on.


       I heard him doing the same and then he joined me; putting his arms around me from behind.


       “What’s on the counter, Skate?” He asked.


       I smiled and told him I got us matching Christmas presents, he could open it when we got out. We shaved each other and admired our handy work as we had the day before and stared at our reflections in the mirror.


       Something was different; our closeness or whatever it was; seemed stronger, how, I don’t know, but it was.


       He stood next to me; naked, and I handed him the box and picked up the other one saying, “You got me this.” I put his on his wrist and he did the same to me and we admired them.


       I had gotten us matching bracelets. His was in white gold, mine in yellow. RJ inscribed on both in old English script, much like the poster he had done for me.


       He turned, pulled my head down, and kissed me softly saying how much he loved it and liked that we have matching stuff.


       We put our robes on; each took a suitcase, and started to pack. I told him to bring his jewelry box into our room and went into my closet and showed him the safe.


       We were going to be gone for a week and I usually didn’t lock my shit up but I felt it was the best thing to do. I told him to open it up, and he just looked at me.


       He told me he didn’t even know it was here, how was he supposed to know the combination? I told him it was the date we saw each other for the first time. He dialed it in and opened it.


       He smiled at me and said, “Should have known.” I went and got what I wasn’t taking with me and stuffed it in with his and the lunch box full of his cash.




       He had $500 in cash and I had five times that to spend on shit well we were gone. We packed our luggage and just lounged around the house until it was time to leave.


       We stopped at a hotel close to the airport for dinner then dropped the car off, and were shuttled to the airport. We checked in and sat in the first class lounge until our flight boarded.


       The flight was smooth as glass and we slept most of the way. We woke up just before we started our decent; our heads resting against each other; the stewardess had put a blanket over us.


       I’m not sure if it was out of the kindness of her heart, or if the tents in our pants were that noticeable. Maybe she was saving us the embarrassment of the other passengers seeing us.


       She smiled at us as we disembarked and said, “Have a wonderful time gentleman.”


       We were blasted by heat and humidity as we walked off the plane, dressed in cold weather clothes.


We had a short wait until our flight left for Maui; our home for the next week.


       The puddle jumper was much smaller than the plane we had been on but it only took half an hour to reach our final destination.


       We caught a cab to Kihei and got the key for our condo. It was a beautiful place; two bedrooms two baths, a balcony off the living room and bedroom, and a view to die for.


       We dropped our bags and changed into our cutoffs, commando, and went down to the garage, hunting for the jeep that was to be our transportation.


       We drove into Lahaina for breakfast and bummed around; we found a guy to sell us some of the best Hawaiian I have ever smoked in my life.


We drove back to the condo and got blazed then went for a walk on the beach.


       We found a spot to sit enjoying the scenery and soaking up the smells and warmth of our holiday getaway. I was just looking at him again; the sun shining on his golden body, the breeze blowing his hair around a little his face, and that smile.


       He was in those cutoffs that left nothing to the imagination but made him look so fucking hot.


He was fumbling with his bracelet and then looked at me. “Ryan, this is so perfect,” he told me and then asked, “Are you perving on me again?”


       I just said “guilty”


       We had planned four days of touristy shit and three days to do whatever. Tomorrow we were driving to Hana; the road to hell. We saw the seven sacred pools, the waterfalls and stopped at a black sand beach on our way back.


       Robby had a smile on his face the whole day; we had the top off, our sunglasses on and our tight cutoffs. The sun shined on us all day and our hair was windblown.


       Afterward, we said that it was nice but wasn’t worth the drive. I told him, if we ever came back we wouldn’t do it again. We sat on the balcony looking out over the water as the sun set. He took my hand and just held it.


       “I understand what you told me now Rye, about being in a relationship and wanting to show it in public. It’s so fucking unfair. Sometimes I want to hold your hand, or just slip my hand into your back pocket and feel your ass, or walk close to you, it sucks.”


       I nodded at his realization that I might be a litter wiser than he gave me credit for. We found a pizza place close enough to walk to and enjoyed our pie and conversation.


       Even with our tanning; we had got a little burned and lathered each other up when we got back. We crawled into the foreign bed and found our comfortable spot. He was curled up to my back with his arm over me and we both fell asleep.


       I woke early and managed to get out of bed without waking Rob. I sat on the deck getting intoxicated on the breathtaking view. I got up and stood at the sliding glass door looking at the love of my life, sleeping.


       How could my life be so good? How long would we have searched for each other? How much time could have been wasted? I could get teary eyed just looking at him.


       He looked so peaceful; a small smile on his face, his hair all messed up from sleeping, the sheet just covering his lower half. I knew it bothered him that what we had couldn’t be shared, and how unfair he thought it was, I did too.


       I just stood and admired him for I don’t know how long. He started to move around and he stretched; the blanket sliding down and exposing his thick maleness. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw me. He always did.


       He reached his hand to me and said, “Come back to bed, Ryan”


       I shook my head no. I told him if I did, we wouldn’t get out of bed all day. He gave me the pouty face as I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.


       We showered and shaved each other and drove into Lahaina for breakfast; we shopped and did more tourists shit. We bought some board shorts and Hawaiian shirts. We changed in the store and carried our cutoffs in a bag.


       We spent most of the day going from one store to another; walked through art galleries enjoying the talent of the local artists. We ate dinner at a very nice restaurant that allowed casual attire, and again, enjoyed the sunset.


       We got back around 8 and sat on our deck and smoked out of my homemade pipe. We were in bed about 10 and fell asleep with the sliding glass door open and the warm breeze blowing across our naked bodies.


       We got up the next morning and had an early breakfast then were back at the airport by nine to leave on our islands tour. We took a boat ride through the Fern Grotto on Kaua’i and had lunch on Moloka’i.


       It was late in the day by the time we got back and we ate dinner on the deck at Kimo's, the restaurant we ate at the night before.


       Rob reached across the table and took my hand; he told me he didn’t know how life could get any better then asked me if I knew it would be like this when I suggested it months ago.


       I told him that I felt that way every morning that I woke up with him next to me, and all this; it was just icing on the cake. He let my hand rest back on the table and we leisurely ate our dinner.


       I told him that tomorrow was a rest day and maybe tonight we should have a little fun, giving him a wink. We parked the jeep and when we closed the door to the condo he pushed me up against the door and kissed me.


       We undressed each other as we kissed; our hands not being able to keep from touching the other. We made our way into the shower and made out passionately as the water ran over our tan bodies.


       He rummaged around in my bathroom kit and found the lube and walked to the bed still dripping. When I got in bed he popped the top on the lube and moved between my legs so our toys were in a position that he could jack us at the same time.


       We hadn’t done this since we were in Virginia and it was as satisfying tonight as it was back then. I worked his nipples with my fingers as he told me to hold off until he told me.


       He truly loved when we came together at the same time, like I didn’t. He worked us slow and then would speed up and work our heads and then slow down again.




       Finally, after keeping us on the edge for what seemed like hours, he smiled at me and said, “Are you ready, Rye? Ready to cum with me?”


       The little fucker knew I was and had been for a while. He was teasing me, but he was teasing himself too. Our timing was impeccable; we both came hard, hard enough to shoot about four feet in the air before falling back on my sweaty chest.


       He smiled wide; loving what he could do to us and licked his way back to my lips and let me clean the inside of his mouth with my tongue.


       He slid down over me and I knew he was thinking back to the night in front of the fire when we did this for the first time. I kissed the top of his head and said, “How about we sleep in front of the fireplace tonight?”




       We closed our eyes and just like that we were there again; the hundred-year-old comforter wrapped around us, I could even smell the smoke from the fire. When we woke up we had both cum again in our sleep; having made love most of the night on the floor in front of the fireplace.


       He started writing on my stomach, where I was a little ticklish and said, “You know, Rye, we would have found each other eventually, don’t you?"


I smiled and wondered just how much he could see in my head. He said, “Everything, Ryan.”


       I asked him if we always had this connection and he told me, kind of; but nothing like we had now.


He told me that he liked how I was so open to him, I never tried to keep him out and I just said, “Why would I? I have nothing to hide from you.”


       I was hoping with that admission he would let me in completely; let me see what he was hiding from me. What was it he didn’t want me to see? He knew what I was thinking and I knew he did, but that wall was too strong for me and he didn’t say anything. He had already started protecting me.


       I told him again that today was a rest day but we could do whatever he wanted. He asked me if there was something wrong with what we were doing now, meaning staying in bed.


       I told him that this was one of my favorite things, but this isn’t what we flew all this way for. I said, “Why don’t we spend the day on the beach, people watching.”


       He thought that was a fair trade, he did enjoy people watching. We took a shower and grabbed some towels. We ate some fruit and muffins in the lobby then found a spot on the beach that seemed to have a lot of foot traffic.


       We always had things to talk about; school and work, our friends and music, and the occasional person of interest walking by. Even when we weren’t talking; we were sharing. Sharing memories of the times we had spent together and the fun being in, how the other saw them.


       There was a group of kids around our age playing volleyball on the beach and we were asked to join in. We played enough to get all sweaty; then all of the sudden, I felt weird.


       It was like what had happened to me in Fredericksburg; my heart started beating triple time. I hollered out to rotate and walked over and sat on the towel.


       By the time Rob came over it had gone back to normal and he never seemed to notice. We moved our towels over and joined those who weren’t playing.




       One of the guys was twenty-one and I offered to pay if he wanted to go get some beer. He said, “You buy and I’ll fly”


       We wound up staying the whole day and building a fire on the beach as it was getting dark.


It turned out to be one of our best days. We met people from all over, even a set of twins from Washington and traded numbers, saying we should try and get together when we got home.


       We were a little red from being in the sun all day but nothing that would bother us tomorrow. We showered again; having sweated early on in the day and sitting in the eighty-degree sun.


       We sat on the deck; in our sleep pants puffing on my toilet paper roll and tinfoil pipe watching the group of die-hards on the beach. Our chairs were sitting as close as they could; we were holding hands and I could feel him staring at me.


       I looked at him and he said, “No, you don’t have cum on your face, stupid. You are so handsome, Ryan. There were girls looking at you today, some guys too.”


       I told him I didn’t notice; all I saw was girls looking at him and added; a few guys too.


       Trying to sound interested; he asked, “Which ones”? I smacked him on the arm and walked in to get a cigarette.


       I lit one up and he took it from me then started to smoke it. I lit one for myself and questioned him on why he would want to start smoking. He shrugged his shoulders and asked why I did, adding that this was my first one since we had gotten here and I should just quit.


       I told him it was something I started when I met Zach and it seemed cool. I said that by the time I realized I was cool, I just never stopped. He elbowed me and called me a dork.




       We smoked our cigarettes, brushed our teeth, and crawled in bed. We talked about our snorkeling trip tomorrow as we cuddled up with each other and got comfortable.


       I told him that I wasn’t big on tradition, but maybe we should come here every Christmas; adding, we could stay on a different island next time. He pulled me closer and said he could live with that.


       We both woke up in the morning to the sun and the Hawaiian breeze blowing across us. It was so fucking nice; the smells, the sound of the surf and Rob next to me.


       He asked, “You got to pee,” and he rolled over on top of me and found that ticklish spot he found the other day. He was going at it and had me laughing my ass off.


       As if remembering at the same time; back to that day I was tickling him; he stopped and looked into my eyes. At that moment we saw and felt what the other had that day; everything, it felt like it was happening again.


       I asked him and he said he didn’t know; maybe, or maybe it was that we were seeing it as the other did, then he started with the tickling again.


       “OK: OK, I have to pee now,” I told him, trying to get him to stop. It only intensified his effort; and now he had lowered to my neck and started nuzzling me, trying to find a new spot.


       The nuzzling slowed and kisses started; so soft and tender. The tickling stopped; his hands started roaming on my stomach and chest, his arms rested around my neck and without opening his eyes, his lips found mine.


       I could feel his lust; when he got like this it was such a turn on. He was hungry for me; my little fucking stud, all he wanted was me.


       I pushed him up and asked, “So, are we still going snorkeling today or what?”


       With a pouty face, he said, “Ok, but we better see some cool shit.” He gave me a peck on the forehead and got up. He walked over and stood at the open sliding glass door, naked. “This really is the best Rye, I’m so glad we did this,” he said turning to look at me.


       I looked at him; my favorite toy heavy and hanging down over his balls, the sky, and ocean behind him. His hair all messed up, his head cocked a little to the side, and that smile that seemed to be on his face every time he looked at me.


       I said, “I’m looking at some pretty cool shit right now.”


       His smile grew and he asked, “So, are we going snorkeling or what?”


       I replied, “Ok, you go start the shower, I’m right behind you.”


       We showered and shaved, put on our cutoffs, tank tops, and were ready in half an hour.


We drove to Lahaina and down to the dock where our boat was waiting. We ran into Chris and Cam, the twins’ they too were going snorkeling. It was about half an hour ride to Lana’i, close to the reef we were swimming at.


       About fifteen minutes into the ride I started feeling strange again; not like yesterday, it was different. I looked at Rob and he didn’t look so good.


       I asked him if he was ok and he said he thought he was sea sick. I never got seasick except on ruff seas but that’s the way I felt. We could feel what the other was thinking; we felt what the other did emotionally but never like physical pain, like one hitting their hand with a hammer and the other feeling it.


       But for whatever reason I was feeling seasick and it was him that was making me feel that way. We never got like throw up sick, but we felt shitty. Once the boat stopped and anchored we were feeling better and the four of us got in the water along with six others.


       After a short lesson we were swimming around the reef seeing some awesome shit. It was worth every penny and it was hard to hold back our enthusiasm. The people running the charter had an underwater camera and took pictures of us underwater.


       We got back to shore and they told us to come back in a couple hours to pick up our pictures. We bummed around on the beach in Lahaina and came across an artist doing charcoal drawings. Rob and I sat and had her draw us.


       She started on us and told us she would finish it and we could come back in a while and pick up the finished product.


       There were artists all over the beach and we came to this surfer, beach bum guy. He was doing underwater stuff, just like the real thing. The fish and dolphins looked so alive, just like being underwater with them.


       I found one that we really liked and I bought it. His name was Christian Riese Lassen. How lucky could I be, ten years later the painting that I paid twenty dollars was worth thousands?


       We got our pictures of us snorkeling, the charcoal turned out fantastic and Chris and Cam invited us to a New Years Eve party in Kihei, not far from where we were staying.


       We got back to the condo around five; we showered again and smoked a little then sat on the deck talking about all the fun we had.


       We went to a great seaside restaurant for dinner and spent about three hours enjoying the scenery, the wonderful food, and all the virgin cocktails.


       We got back around nine and changed; sat on the deck again and got loaded. We talked about Chris and Cam; we decided that we were going to ask them what it was like to be twins, how it felt and what kind of connection they had.


       The moon was shining and we decided to go for a walk on the beach, just wearing our sleep pants. It was the most beautiful night; the moon lighting up the surf and the sound of the waves; it was romantic as hell.


       We held hands as we walked and would bump hips as we went along. We had walked about half a mile down the beach and then turned around.


       I asked Rob about the boat ride and he said the most time he spent on a boat was at Parker’s and he didn’t have a problem with that. He said this water wasn’t like the lake and maybe that’s what it was.


       We got back to the condo around eleven and sat on the balcony and smoked a little more.


       I reached over and took his hand; “Whatcha thinking about, Skate?" He asked.


       I told him that tomorrow was our last rest day and if he was up for it; we could stay up late tonight. I got up out of my chair and straddled him and ground my ass into his crotch. He put his arms around my neck and pulled my head down to his.


       He put his forehead to mine; “Ryan, I told you how much you have affected my life, the things you’ve shown me, the way we love, and the way you love me.


       Ryan, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you someday, I think I have every time.” He admitted.


       I asked him, “Where is all this shit coming from, Rob?”


       He just shook his head and said, “I don’t know Rye”


       I got up off his lap and took his hand; we went in and brushed our teeth and got in bed. I let him lay on my chest and we just talked. We got up a few times; sitting naked on the balcony and smoked a little, and a cigarette.


       He was telling me shit I should have been able to see but I couldn’t. He was telling me about the things he wouldn’t let me see. When we finally fell asleep it was almost light and we didn’t get up till two.


       We walked the beach into town and had a late lunch. When we got back we called the twins; just to make sure where this party was and when we should arrive.


       We decided to get in the jeep and just drive around the island and see what we could see; we realized we had missed some shit.


       We got back around eight and cleaned up, dressed in the best clothes we had. We looked smoking fucking hot. We stood at the big mirror looking at ourselves and each other.


       He reached for my hand and asked, “Ryan, can we be back here at midnight?”


       I told him there was no other place I wanted to be, than with him, and if that’s what he wanted, then that’s what it would be.


       I grabbed a bottle from the bar and the weed we wouldn’t be able to smoke before we would leave and we walked the eight or so block to the condo where the party was.


       It wasn’t a huge affair, maybe two dozen kids our age and a little older, most, spoiled little rich kids. We did pull Chris and Cam off to the side; we asked what it was like and told them a little about what we had.


       I could tell they understood; they would smile at each other like they knew what the other was thinking like Rob and I did. We didn’t go into detail about being together or that we remembered shit, but I think they knew.


       We partied with all of them until about eleven fifteen and said goodbye to everybody and were naked, sitting on the balcony when the fireworks went off at midnight.


       Rob kissed me and said, “The first of many Rye” and pulled on me to come to bed.


       We spent hours; kissing and rubbing, sucking and exploring, and then he took me like he never had before. We didn’t go off someplace in our minds; it was all so pure and in this moment.


       I have never had anyone make such tender sweet love to me before like he did. He understood everything I had told him months ago; things about what love was, what it meant and how it felt.


       He made me cum twice and when he came inside me it was so much more than him getting off. We talked more in bed about life and love; us being so young and how like me; he felt so much older.


       When we woke up, the sun was shining and the warm breeze was blowing into our room. We were intertwined together; legs and arms wrapped around each other and the feeling of closeness that was almost scary.


       We really couldn’t have been happier; our feelings for one another so strong, more than lovers or boyfriends, more than soul mates, and we were becoming acutely aware of the effect we had on the other.


                          From the Author:




       You continue to read my friends. Rob and I had the best time in Hawaii that year and it turned into a yearly thing. I say it a lot, but I really want you to know how much I appreciate your comments and rating. 


       Some of you have emailed me praising what I have written and shared with you. Some were surprised when I responded. I have said I am not a writer but there are those who have argued the opposite. 




       I am the storyteller. All I am doing is recounting the lives of Robby and Ryan. I picture us all at ‘The Willows’ having a large party in the grass. I am sitting on the deck with Robby beside me watching and smiling as I tell all of you about our life. I can picture that. Can you? 




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