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                       Robby and Ryan: Chapter I

                               From the author:

       This is the love story between Robby and Ryan. We were two lost souls until we found each other in this life. This is not a fuck story; it is so much more and is a true love story, but it does include sex.

       This is a re-write that I hope you enjoy. I received criticism for my spelling, grammar, and punctuation's, that was deserved, and I hope I haven't made the same mistakes again.


       It is impossible to share a lifetime in three thousand words or less and I hope you enjoy our journey. My goal is to introduce us to you, allow you to get to know us, care about us so you may appreciate everything we went through and what we meant to each other.

       The story is complete; you won't have to wait a year for the end. I will continue to post more chapters at the reader's request. This is our story told from my 'Ryan's' perspective, with interjections from Robby's journals'.

                                     Robby and Ryan Part I

                                           The Beginning

       Today is Monday, March 3rd, 1977. It was 7:15 in the morning when I pulled into the parking spot; day one at my first full-time job. My neighbor, Jimmy, had told me about this place saying they were looking for someone else to add to the crew.

       He had started working there about a month before and said everybody was pretty cool. Unfortunately, for Jimmy, I ran circles around him and he was let go about three weeks after I started.

       I was turning seventeen in a little over three months and had dropped out of high school the week prior; a few months before completing my junior year. I just couldn't handle it anymore. I wasn't being challenged enough and needed something different.


       I lived with my mom and had been the man of the house since I was eight when my dad died. We lived a comfortable life. My mom and dad had plenty of money when he died and a large life insurance policy made worrying about money, a non-issue. We lived in a large custom four bedroom ranch style house, on two and a half parked out acres. They actually bought it from the builder.

       When my Dad died, I started getting social security checks that my mom put into an account for me. By the time I was fourteen I had over sixty-five thousand dollars in the bank and didn't need to work for the money, but I liked working; enjoying the interaction with people.


       My mom was a professional waitress and worked at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town. She made very good money and had done it all her life, saying, she loved it. Mom felt that manners and edict were very important and raised me to be a perfect gentleman and to treat ladies with the utmost respect, which I did.

       I was mature for my age and by the time I was fourteen, I looked and acted like I was seventeen. I was fortunate; tall, thin but toned, and a very good dresser. I stood 5'8'' and weighed 145 pounds. My hair was full; a darker shade of brown with some red highlights that I wore in a shag; parted in the middle, and feathered back on the sides.

       I always said my eyes were brown though Robby said they were golden with a hazel ring around them that I just couldn't see. My teeth were sparkling white and it was impossible to smile without showing my dimples.

       ‘I’m so sorry; I am, Ryan J. Chancellor. How rude of me to not introduce myself. You have already learned a little about me so I will continue.


       I love to spend money on clothes and my walk in closet overflowed. I began working weekends with mom when I was fourteen; starting as a weekend dishwasher and within a few weeks was moved out on the floor as a busboy.

       By the time I turned fifteen; I had been moved to the front desk working with the owner, greeting and seating customers. I learned so much from him about how to handle and satisfy our guests. I was in my element.

        Harold, the owner, told me I could be running the place if I was eighteen. He was very much a gentleman and dressed as well as James Bond. The colors, cut, and style were spot on. I don't think I ever saw him in the same suit twice, or at least the same combination.

       I took this to heart buying a few real nice tailored suits from my friend Josh that I could mix and match. Harold and I looked great working the place like pros. He told me early on "You want people to come in and think the only reason you came to work today was the chance they would come in." Something I took to heart.


       We were reservation only, but he taught me to always keep an open table or two for the rich bitches. I learned quickly that if I held out, I could make some good money when a rich fucker would come in without a reservation. They would slip me a twenty and ask if there was any way they could get a table.

                          Sorry. So anyway, back to the story.

       I got out of my car that sunny, spring, morning and walked up the driveway to the small lumber mill that was my new job. The guys; my new coworkers, were all standing around drinking coffee, watching me make my way up the gravel drive.

       After my interview the Friday before and was told I got the job; I was in a dilemma. I didn't have work clothes. My closet was full, but nothing that I could do this kind of work in.

       Sears seemed the place to get what I needed. I walked out of the store with bags full of new stiff and scratchy work clothes, ready for what might come.


       The guys were looking at me a little funny as I walked up greeting them. I had taken note of how Walter, the foreman was dressed when I was there the Friday before. When I bought my new work clothes

       I tried to keep to his style; far different than Harold's. Walter introduced me then pointed in the direction of the coffee pot. When I returned to the group; the smallest of the guys, Dan, said to me, "Get some new clothes did you?" with a smile on his face.       

       Everything I was wearing was crisp, brand new, and looked it. From my feet to my head; new boots, jeans, flannel shirt, jean jacket, and a baseball hat that I didn't think I would ever get used to. I didn't like my hair messed up.

       The big guy, Bart, looked at me and said to the other guys, "He looks like a skate to me." I knew he meant slacker. And that's how it started; Skate was my new name, but a slacker, I was not.


       Walter looked at us and said, "OK guys, get to work. Bart; you take Skate here with you and show him how to pull green chain." I followed him as the place came alive with sound; saws, motors, the green chain and forklift. And then Bart started up the ripsaw. He would feed the loud beast and I was to stack and sort the boards that came out.

       The ripsaw would take larger boards like 1x12 and rip it down to 1x6 or 1x4. I would have two or three boards flying out of the screaming machine and it was my job to stack and sort them. What in the hell had I gotten myself into?

       I caught on pretty fast and realized if I used leverage, I could move the lumber around with little effort, sliding them into ever growing slings that would be cut down for fencing or decking. Even with leverage on my side, it was still kicking my ass.


       The end of the first day came and I thought I was going to fucking die. I had used muscles I didn't even know I had; all I wanted to do was go home and smoke a fatty in the hot tub. I loved my weed, and yes; I was what you would call a stoner, a big one.

       I had developed a friendship with a guy who had the best smoke around, not the dirt weed that most of my friends smoked. This stuff, was kick your ass to the ground shit, but you paid for it.


       Over the next month or so I was getting into even better shape and was developing relationships with the guys. My friend Jimmy was let go and Walt had new guys come in and start working then the next day they wouldn't show up and he would have another guy come in. This went on for a while and poor Walt was getting frustrated he couldn't find someone like me who could stick it out.


       The first of April rolled around and the guys had been talking about Walter's kid, Robby. He was going to be on spring break and would be coming to work with him. I really didn't give it much thought. Monday rolled around and I got to work just behind Walt, about 7:00 am. I liked to have coffee and a smoke or two before we had to start, and it gave us time to get to know each other.

       He was starting to like me and had talked about moving me off the green chain when Robby came. So I asked Walt "Where is this Robby I've heard so much about?" He replied the little fucker was asleep in the truck. I thought great; some lazy snot nosed kid getting in the way.


       The rest of the guys arrived and we were standing at the front of the shop smoking and drinking coffee. Robby started walking up the driveway and from about two hundred feet away he looked small, real small. I said to Bart, who I now called Bear, "He looks kind of small!"

       Bear responded, "Don't let his size fool you Skate. He is one tough little fucker."


       As Robby approached, I took notice of him. He was about five foot four; maybe a buck ten wringing wet. His hair was honey colored blond that stuck out around his hat and he the most beautiful face I had ever seen. He looked about twelve in his loose clothes but the guys said he was going to be sixteen.


       Bear greeted him with a slap on the back and said, "Skate Jr. you ready for me and Betty to kick your ass?" as Robby was looking at me. Betty was what Bear called the rip saw. Bart looked over at me and said, "This is Skate Sr. I don't think you have met him."

       Robby and I were looking at each other and then he smiled at me like he knew me. His eyes searched mine, like, for some sign of recognition. I got the strangest feeling and the hair on my neck stood up.


       Walt had told the guys that he was going to put me out in the yard pulling orders and Robby was going to be pulling green chain. I got a few looks from the guys. I had only been here a month and in their eyes I was being promoted.

       Walt took me down to the office to show me around. My new job was to pull the orders for our larger customers for fencing, siding, decking and help retail customers. I would build the orders into slings to be delivered or picked up.


       The first day kept me busy and I wasn’t able to make it into the plant. By the end of the day, I had filled most of the orders Walt had given me and was very pleased with myself.

       I climbed in my car to leave and stopped in front of the office to say goodbye as Walt and Robby came out. "Are you some kind of pimp?" Robby asked, unable to hold back that beautiful smile as he looked at me in my car, "Or is that your grandma's car?"

       The little fuck! I was quite proud of my 1975 cougar XR 7. It was dark gray, almost charcoal, two-tone leather interior, tinted windows, sunroof, and power everything. It had nice tires with custom wheels and rocked a killer sound system. Actually, it was the nicest car in the parking lot.

       "How in the hell can you afford that?" Rob asked.

       I told him, "You might say I like to spoil myself."

       Walt walked up saying, "You did a great job today Skate," adding, he had given me two days worth of orders and I had finished almost all of them with no mistakes.


       I drove off headed for home looking forward to sitting out back on the deck, rolling up a stick, and relaxing. The next day was a little warm for the first of April and having most of my orders filled, I decided to make my way into the plant.

       It was just before lunch when I walked through the plant as if needing something to fill one of my orders. I saw Bear and Robby on the ripsaw; that's when I got a good look at him. My fucking god; Bear was right. Robby was a little ox.


       I walked over to talk to Bear and steal some more looks at Robby. His arms were well formed and kind of big for someone his size, defined. I asked him "Is he working you hard?"

        Robby replied, "That big fucker can't swamp me." saying it loud enough for Bart to hear.

       Shutting off the loud machine; Bart looked at him with a furrowed brow and said, "You just wait till, after lunch, you'll be singing a different tune, Jr. I'm going to have you swimming in boards."


       Robby smiled at him, then at me, and I took notice of how rosy his cheeks were, how smooth his face looked, like a girls, and then that smile. I knew then, he was going to grow up to be a lady killer.

       It was hard to take my eyes off him. I was captivated; his smile and the color of his blue eyes as he stood looking at me with that beautiful smile, his head tilted just a little. God! Those fucking eyes! And his long lashes.


       Spring break ended and Robby went back to school. Walt announced that I was going to be out in the yard pulling orders full time now. I was delighted about this but the rest of the guys saw me as a suck ass. Walt told me privately that he was giving me a raise and said that it would be best not to brag about it to the rest of the guys.


       I had stopped working at the restaurant with Harold but would still work a Friday or Saturday night when not partying with my friends. Harold brought in his grandson Frank to work the front desk with him when I wasn't there. Frank was a walking, talking, fucking wet dream.

       He was a football quarterback, fresh out of high school. He stood six feet tall, broad shoulders and weighed about one ninety. And he was handsome as hell. He also had a bulge in his pants that was impossible to miss. Though not the sharpest tool in the shed, he was like candy to my eyes.


       Time passed, summer arrived, and I was kind of looking forward to having Robby around the yard again. My body had been changing and I could tell because my clothes were getting a little tight. I had grown about an inch over the last four months and packed on about fifteen pounds of muscle. If I say so myself; I looked real good.

       I never worked at the yard on the weekend but Walt had asked if I could work the following Saturday. He adding that he would drop Robby off in the morning to help me out if things got busy.

       That Saturday came and Walt dropped Robby off and asked if I could bring him home after work. I told him I had some errands to run and asked if I could take him with me and drop him off later in the evening, adding, I would feed him first.


       He told me that was fine and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched Robby roll his eyes. I had made an appointment with Josh, the guy I bought most of my suits from, well almost all my clothes. I needed to have the suits let out a little and it looked like Robby was going with me.

       The day ended, Robby and I closed up. I told him we were going to swing by my house because I wanting to clean up a little before heading out.


       When we got home Rob's expression at the sight of it was one of surprise. Not that it was a palace or anything; but it was a nice. I parked, we walked in the front door, and he looked around saying, "Nice place!"

       I told him to come on back to my room; I needed to take a shower. We walked through the living room, down the hall to my room, and I told him to make himself comfortable. He looked around and said, "Fuck! This is an awesome room, Skate."

       He was right. I had taken over the master suite a few years ago; my mom, not being able to sleep in it after Dad died. She used the guest room with its own bathroom on the other end of the house.

       I had a king size waterbed, a rocking stereo, and posters on the walls. I walked through the pocket doors and showed him to the sitting room that was off my bedroom and looked out over the backyard.


       I told him to open the French doors; he could sit on the deck if he wanted while I took a shower. I went into my bathroom, stripped off my work clothes, and walked into the shower. I heard the stereo come on and figured Robby was having a little fun. I finished my shower, walked back into my room; a towel wrapped around my waist.

       My hair was dried and combed, parted in the middle, feathered back on the sides, and sprayed to stay in place. Robby was looking through my music collection when I entered and he looked up at me.



       He turned the music down and said, "You must have a thousand bucks in this collection." And paused, still looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and then he said, "I've never seen you without a hat."    

       My reply was "There are a lot of things you haven't seen, Jr." I walked over to my closet and started hanging my suits on the door along with looking for something to wear when Robby came up behind me.


       He looking in my closet and asked, "All this yours?" I nodded in reply and pulled out a pair of black designer jeans along with a nice white silk shirt. I then moved to my dresser grabbing a pair of black skimpy underwear and some nice socks.

       I had dropped my towel to put on my underwear when I looked up and saw Robby smiling at me; his head tilted a little. He said, "I've never seen underwear like that before," his smile starting to show more.


       He went on to say that he thought the guys at work would get a kick out of those like he was going to tell them. "They might wonder how you saw me in my underwear, don't you think?" I questioned. I smiled back and continued with, "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."


       I finished dressing then opened my top drawer where I kept my jewelry. I put on a nice gold watch, my favorite pinkie ring; it was my dads that my mom had re-sized for me. I continued picking out stuff; my gold nugget necklace, cufflinks that went well with my shirt, and a spray of cologne.


       I walked over looking at myself in the mirror and then saw Rob's reflection looking at me with a large grin, "You look like a pimp!" he said, starting to laugh.

       My reply was "A pimp would kill to look this good! Besides, I'm going out after I drop you off, so just shut it, Jr."

       I grabbed a nice leather jacket, my suites, and said, "Let’s go." As we were walking out of my room Rob spied the Frisbee sitting on my bookcase. In it sat a big bud and a roach about an inch and a half long.


       When Rob saw it his eyes got big. He said, "Fuck, Skate! That looks like some gnarly shit. Let's smoke some."

       I shook my head no and said, "That is a little above your pay grade Jr. I'm not going to get you fried and take you home stoned," pulling him out of my room by the arm.


       We got in my car and headed off to Joshes' store; Rob playing with my stereo and EQ the whole way. We strolled in and Josh came over giving me a big hug and my ass a feel saying how long it had been.

       I gave him a look that said, 'let's just keep this business’. Josh was just a little gay and a lot flaming; he always seemed a little excited. We met a year or so ago when I was taking a walk on the gay side.


       Josh looked at Rob, then back at me. With a knowing smile on his face, he asked, "Who’s your little friend?"

       I introduced them; telling Josh this was Rob and said, "Let’s get to work." leaving it at that. Josh said "Let's have some fun, Ryan," and he called Mary over. Mary was very cute, little rocker chick, who was about twenty years old; she worked in the store with Josh.

       He called Rob over and said, "You can play dress up, little man, while I am doing measurements." Then he looked at Mary saying, "Dress him like this." pointing at me. "And be sure everything fits well to show his wonderful assets," he reiterated. Rob just looked at me. Josh said, "Off with you, Robby, Mary will take good care of you." I told him to go ahead and have fun as Mary took his hand and they walked off.


       Josh looked at me and said, "OH MY FUCKING GOD! Where did you find him, RJ?" I explained he was my boss’s kid, and, it was hands off. He said to me "When Robby grows a little more, Ryan; he is going to be a fuckin fox." I replied, "You think?"

       Rob had come over a few times showing us what Mary had picked out for him and he seemed a little more at ease. It was obvious he was used to jeans and flannel. Tight fitting clothes made all the difference, he looked more his age.

       The last time he came out I looked at Josh and said, "Wipe your fuckin mouth, you whore." He was already moving towards, Rob, just gushing. "Oh... my; this is perfect," he announced as he walked up behind Rob who was standing in front of a large mirror. "Oh, doesn't he just look perfect? I'm speechless." He said with his hands on his face.


       Robby was wearing cream colored soft denim designer Jeans with a big embroidered star on the back pocket along with a tight long sleeved black shiny shirt. The pants were tight in the waist and crotch showing a nice bulge for someone his size and I couldn’t help but stare.

       Mary had included a nice belt matched with dress shoes. I hear "He is smoking fucking hot!" from behind me as Josh, who had run off, returned with a black, waist-length, very nice soft leather jacket. "He has to put this on or I'm just going to die," He blurted out.                            


       He helped Rob into the jacket, running his hands across his shoulders and down his back. Josh then clapped his hands quickly well congratulating Mary on a job well done as he swooned in the mirror.


       Rob, looked at me and said, "This feels so good. I don't even look the same."

       I couldn’t help but say, "You really do look good.” Then I asked, “Do you like it, Rob?" He was smiling wide and nodded his head up and down.


       I turned to Josh and said, "We’ll take it, all of it. Just cut the tags off, he's going to wear it out." Rob began to protest, saying this was just way too much and I couldn't. I assured him it wasn't a big deal.

       Josh nodded and smiled then said, "I'll have those suits back in a week or so. You can pay for everything then; definitely before your birthday. I think you're going to need some new shirts." he said, feeling my arms. "You have packed on some muscle Ryan," and then whispered, "You look good enough to eat." as we headed out of the store.


       We got in the car and I started it up, a smile on my face as I turned to look at Robby. "Is he gay, Skate?" He asked, looking back at me.

       "I don't like to put labels on people Rob, but yes, he is a little gay. And a real nice guy who gives me great deals on clothes." I said and added, "Now, I'm fucking starved, let's go eat."


       Rob couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had trying on all the clothes and how much he liked what he was wearing. As we pulled up to the Gentleman I looked over at him saying, "You know you look like a fucking pimp, right?" and busted up laughing.

       "For your grandma maybe," he replied, starting to laugh himself.


       We walked inside and were greeted by Harold. Rob was looking around; I think wondering what the hell we were doing in a place like this. "You guys here to eat or are you looking for your mom?" Harold asked.

       "Both," I replied.

       He asked me if I was still working next Friday and Saturday night. I told him, yes, but the Friday after that was my birthday, so I wouldn't be working that weekend.

       I told Harold that we could sit at the employee table back in the kitchen if he didn't have a table open.

       He smiled and said, "You know I always keep one or two open," as my mom walked up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I introduced Rob to my mom and Harold then he took us to our table.


       Robby started rattling off questions like, "You work here too? It’s your birthday next week? And why are people looking at us?"

       I said, "Because we're smoking fucking hot, that's why. Now shut up and look at the menu."

       Rob studied the menu saying he had never eaten in a restaurant like this before and didn't know what most of the stuff was. I told him to look at the other tables; I would tell him what the people were eating.


       He spied a man eating a large cut of prime rib with a lobster tail and said, "That looks real good."

       My mom came to the table asking if we were ready to order. I replied we were and told her, "We'll both have prime and lobster, rare, with a baked potato. We'd like blue cheese on our salads," giving Rob a questioning look; wondering about the blue cheese. He nodded and I continued, "And some Ice tea would be nice."


       Just before our dinner arrived an elderly couple came up to our table. I immediately stood, as a gentleman does when a lady comes to your table.

       The man stuck out his hand and shook mine firmly. "Ryan, how are you? Are you enjoying yourself and not working tonight?" He asked.

       "Yes. Thank you, Mr. Mayor." I replied. I turned to his wife and said, "You just look younger every day, Mrs. Compton."

       She touched my arm and said, "You are such a tease Ryan," blushing a little. They smiled and walked away as I sat back down.

      I turned to Rob; his mouth was hanging open a little and he asked, "That was the Mayor?" I said,

       "Yes it was," then continued. "Whenever a lady gets up from the table or comes to the table, a gentleman always stands. It's good manners and shows respect. Remember that Jr." My mom brought out our food and when she got to the table Rob stood up. I looked at him and said laughing, "You don't have to do that for her, dork. Sit down."


       We started eating and Rob couldn't get over how good the food was. He went on and on. Harold came to the table asking if everything was satisfactory and asked what I said to the Mayor because he paid for our dinner. I told him, “I just said Mrs. Compton looked younger every day.” 

        He smiled and said, "Ladies love a charmer. You guys have a wonderful night, and Ryan, I'll see you next week."


       During dinner, I had time to really look at Rob. He had the softest features. His face was smooth and his skin was absolutely flawless. His eyes were big and the most beautiful color of blue accented with little gold flecks, long eyelashes, that any girl would be jealous of and that wonderful smile.


       He looked up at me; smiled as he tilted his head a little and questioned, "What?" Again, the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I got a chill that ran up my back and I couldn't help but smiled back at him as a wave of warmth washed over me.


       Robby continued looking at me and said, "I don't think I even know who you are. You are so different. The way you dress; you don’t even talk the same. I didn't even know your name was Ryan until today."


       I asked him, "Did you think my mom named me Skate?" Then I added, "I'm like an onion, Robby. With every layer you peel away, you find something new." I ordered Rob a country caramel for desert and then took him home.


       I was going to just drop him off but he said I had to come in and meet his sister. The first thing out of her mouth was "Where did you get those clothes, Robby?"

       I chimed in and explained I needed to have a suit let out and a friend ran the store and everything was marked down. I added that I got a discount on top of that, saying it wasn't that much.

       Rob jumped in saying, "More like four suits and you should see his closet."

       She went on about how cute he looked as Walt walked in. There were introductions and he said to me "You clean up pretty good, Skate."

      I excused myself; telling them I had plans for the night; I would see Walt on Monday, and out the door I went. Rob came out behind me saying, "Ryan, wait up."

       I stopped and turned around. "I really want to thank you for the clothes and dinner and stuff. I had the best time."

       I smiled back and said, "That’s the first time you've ever called me Ryan, and you're very welcome Rob. I'll see you on Monday."

                                          From the Author:


       You have come to the end of chapter I. Like I said at the beginning, you can't recount a lifetime in a few thousand words. I am pleased that you have persevered and I promise you will be rewarded with the chapters that follow.

       I appreciate your comments and reviews; I hope you take the time to give me your honest opinion. I will use ‘From the Author’ to respond to reader comments, questions, and other relevant items. 



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