Robby and Ryan: Chapter II

                                          From the Author:

You're back. Thank you for continuing to read our story. In this chapter, you will get a glimpse of what's to come, what was meant to be. I appreciate your interest, comments, and all your positive rating. Thanks again, Ryan.

                                Robby and Ryan: Chapter II

     I showed up at work on Monday and walked up the driveway to a smiling Walt. "You made a real impression on Robby the other night; he still hasn't shut up about it," he shared with his toothy grin. He added that it was really nice of me to buy him the clothes, and then asked, “Why?”

     I told him it wasn't a big deal and honestly it was fun watching him. He said, "I think you would be a good influence on him, Ryan, he could use a level-headed friend like you." Something about the way I carried myself and acted put adults at ease. I gave off that 'good guy' vibe.

      Everybody showed up and the rest of the week was uneventful. There was one thing though; I received a letter from an attorney in Virginia telling me that my grandfather had passed away. I was the last surviving Chancellor. There was a life insurance policy worth a quarter of a million dollars plus their home and furnishings. It had all been left to me.

      I was floored. I had only met them once and had not seen or heard from them other than Christmas cards since my dad died. I made a call to my godfather, Chuck, who was also an attorney. He oversaw my money and I asked if he could handle it for me. He said he would talk to my mom, contact the other attorney, and take care of everything.

      I arrived at work that Friday night a little dressed down. I hadn't got my suits back yet, but I still looked great in dressy casual attire. Around seven, a slender blond lady came in. After having looked at the reservations for the night, I remembered her from other visits. I said, "Miss Brown, so nice to see you again," holding out my hand, gently taking hers.

      She looked at me, smiling, her eyes looking beyond mine; I could feel them. She said, "You have such wonderful colors around you dear, you are an old soul too, aren’t you?" still holding my hand. "You have found each other again, haven't you?" She asked smiling with a questioning look in her eye.

      I looked at her a little funny as she continued. "He is an old soul too. He has been searching for So long. He is very fragile, Ryan; he will need you more in this life than he has in the past." I smiled, feeling a little confused and asked, "Are you dining alone tonight, Miss Brown?"

      She smiled and said, "Call me Sylvia, honey, and yes, I'm alone tonight." I asked if I could take her coat then showed her to her table. Harold saw me seat Sylvia and when he came over I told him I thought, Miss Brown, had stopped for happy hour before she got here. Harold said, "She has real insight, Ryan. If she has something to tell you, you should listen."

      I went out with Josh the next night and had a blast dancing my ass off. I loved disco and really loved to dance. I lived two lives. I had no trouble getting into clubs, gay clubs. I traveled with the in gay crowd, most, older than me. The way I dressed and carried myself, everyone just assumed I was legal.

      When out with Josh and that group; I could cut loose, dance, and flirt. I could touch and feel all the boys I wanted without having to go home with anybody. I had never taken that step; the random hookup, going home with a stranger; not that the opportunity hadn’t presented itself many times, but dancing was just what I needed and it was a great night.

      Rob came to work with Walt on Monday. With school being out for the summer, he would be working at the yard. Friday rolled around and Rob pulled me to the side. He wanted to wish me a happy birthday and asked if I was going to party my ass off.

      I had not said anything about it being my birthday but figured he remembered me telling Harold. He said how he would love to party with me, but Walt would never go for it. I assured him that we could do something fun real soon and walked into the office. How sweet.

       I left work and headed home to clean up then off to a friends house and a small gathering for my birthday. I supplied the smoke, as usual, and we partied till the wee hours. There was about twenty of us, most everybody being around my age. I spent the night at Mike's house, being too fucked up to drive, but woke early and headed home.

      I live two lives. These were my school friends and to them, I was totally straight. I was considered a flirt and a big ladies man and was known to sneak off with a girl or two just to make sure no one would think otherwise.

      I did like girls and had slept with a few, even had a girlfriend or two. Girls weren't used to a guy treating them like ladies and would misunderstand my intentions when I was just being a gentleman. I think the compliment I got the most was "You smell so good, Ryan." My standard reply was always "If you think I smell good; you should feel me," followed up with my killer smile, dimples, and a wink.

      I always smelled good; I was repulsed by body odor and the stink smell of sweat. I always took, at least, one shower a day and felt that hygiene was as important as smelling good. I also carried breath spray, partly because I smoked and didn't like bad breath either.

      But on the other side of town, I liked boys too. From about the age of thirteen I had a jack off buddy. First was Jimmy; the guy that got me my job. That lasted for a while; it was just for fun. After that came Gary. He was Jimmy's cousin. He was a little shorter than me and he had a very big dick, much bigger than mine. Gary and I fucked around into my freshman year.

      He had a girlfriend and was a little over a year older than me. Yes, he had a girlfriend, but I fucked him every weekend. Early on he tried to stick me with his monster, but without proper stretching; such a big dick was impossible for my tight ass to take. So Gary became the bottom.

      The first time I actually penetrated him was the greatest sex I had up to that point in my life. We had sucked each other to the point of shooting our loads into the mouth of the other. I used our cum as lube when he raised his legs and I slowly worked myself across his waiting hole.

       When I finally squeezed my head into his canal then cleared his tight ring, he rose up and my whole shaft sank into him. I didn't think this was his first time. I pulled out a little and then pushed back in; over and over, as he met every thrust I gave him. He was so tight and it felt so good; tighter than any pussy. I could get used to this.

      He was moaning, his monster leaking like a faucet as I lifted his legs up and put them on my shoulders. I pulled my dick completely out and admired his open hole as it pulsed and then pushed back in. Then just as fast, I pulled all the way out again. Gary seemed to like this, so I went at it with more vigor.

      I started teasing him and myself with about three inches, pulling all the way out then back in a little deeper each time. Every time I would slide in a little further, a stream of pearls would bubble from his huge snake. I was doing something right.

      I quickened my thrusts and started to slam him with my whole dick, animal urges taking over, my body acting on impulse. I would pull all the way out and then drive myself, fast and hard back into his ass. It was now obvious; he liked that, a lot. I had reached the point of no return when he let out his load that hit him in the face, chest, and stomach.

      His hole was quivering and contracting when I pulled my shaft from his ass. And as I rammed it back in, I came. We were both breathing so hard, sweat rolling off our faces and our bodies covered with a wet sheen of moisture. I started pulling out a little then would push back in again; each time taking a little more of my happy unit out until I had pulled out completely.

      I watched my seed slowly spill from his ass as it convulsed and then I plowed back in again. He was trying to get me to stop, but I continued until my dick went soft and most of my juice had leaked, or been pushed out his ass. And that's how it was every weekend for almost six months.

                                 Sorry, back to the story.

      I left Mike's early deciding to get breakfast before I went home. I stopped by a mom and pop place owned by a real nice lady named Millie, for some breakfast. She was about fifty and I had been going into her place since I was ten.

      It was about 8:30 in the morning and after a night of partying, I wasn't at my best. I just wanted to eat, go home, and take a nice nap. I walked in and saw Walt and Rob eating breakfast. Walt spied me; waving to come over and sit down. Millie saw me come in and brought over a cup of coffee.

      She started teasing me and asked, "Did someone have a little,  too much  fun last night, Ryan?" I sheepishly relied, "Just a little. I'll have my usual, Millie, thanks.” Walt looked at me and smiled as Rob said, "It was his birthday yesterday." "Really?" exclaimed Walt and he wished me a happy birthday.

      We chatted for a bit and I got an idea. "Hey Walt," I started. "Our family has a gathering at my uncle's beach house on the fourth. Would it be ok if Rob came along?" I could tell Rob could hardly contain himself. Walt said, "I don't see why not, we don't do much for the fourth of July."

      They finished up and he said, "We better get to the yard, Robby." Walt threw down a ten and told Millie that should cover mine too. I thanked him and gave Rob a wink telling them I would see them on Monday.

      On Wednesday Walt told me to sit down when I walked into the office. "What's up?" I asked. "It's about Robby," he said. "It was real nice of you to invite him to your family gathering. But if it would cramp your ability to have a good time, with him being just a kid, I'm sure he would understand if something came up and he couldn't go."

      "No Walt, he'll have a great time," I reassured him. "There will be a couple girls his age, and for me, it's just a family gathering. It'll be pretty laid back. It's not a problem at all." I added that it was about a two-hour drive and maybe it would be best if he just came home with me Friday after work so we could get an early start Saturday.

      I continued and told him that we would stay over at my uncle's Saturday night and maybe he could just stay with me and I would bring him to work on Monday. Walt nodded and said, "Well, if you're good with it, then I'm fine." Walt then added, "I have been watching, and you have been doing such a great job; I was thinking about making you my number two."

      I said, "I'm flattered, Walt." He stated, "You deserve it, Ryan, and besides, I want to go hunting in November. I will be gone for a week and if I don't have someone to take over for me, John won't let me go."

      He went on to say, he was going to start letting me deal with the customers more and taking calls, then asked, "Would that be ok with you?" I pondered Walt's offer and said, "Sure Walt." He said, "Well, Fence Rite, just pulled in, how about you go see what they need."

      I took care of Fence Rite then went to find Rob. I wanted to tell him that he was going to have to spend the whole weekend with me; I waited for his response. He got a huge grin on his face and I tingled just a little at his excitement.

     Something felt familiar. That smile on his face, maybe it was the tingle I felt run through my body. Something about him! He was happy about the arrangement and told me he couldn't wait for the weekend.

      Really; the whole story about a family gathering was a lie, mostly. But I did have plans that I thought Rob would like. My godfather's son, Parker, was taking their boat out on the lake for the day.

      We would all party on the boat then stay for the fireworks on the water. I thought it would be something Rob would enjoy. I told him on Thursday to bring the clothes I got him and something to swim in.

      On Friday, Rob, was running around like he had ants in his pants and it was so cute seeing how excited he was about our weekend together. At the end of the day he grabbed his bag, put it in my car, and was chomping at the bit to start the weekend.

      We got to my house and I showed Rob to my old bedroom and told him this could be his room as I waved my hand around. It was pretty good size with a Jack and Jill bath between the adjacent bedroom. I told him he could just throw his shit on the bed.

      I showed him around the rest of the house and yard telling him about some of the trees and flowers. He told me he had never seen such a nice house and the yard looked like a park. I left him sitting on the deck and went into my room to get my Frisbee.

      I walked back outside; Rob looked at me and got a huge smile on his face. Again, that smile, those eyes, and the feeling it gave me. I handed the Frisbee to him asking if he could roll. He told me no, as he pulled a make shift pipe out of his pocket and said, "I use this." I couldn't hold back my laugh at the pride he took in his little tool.

      I sat down next to him explaining that in order to appreciate the taste of bud like this, it was best to smoke it in a joint. I took a hunk and put it into a grinder, creating a blend that would roll easily. He watched me intently as I scooped it into the paper, giving it a few rolls, a lick, and a final twist.

      He grinned at me and said, "I’ve never seen anybody roll like that; it looks like a cigarette. How long did it take you to learn how to do that?" I told him I had a little practice as I put a match to the fatty I had crafted. With a little choking, I took a huge hit and handed it to him saying "Go easy on that, Jr."

      He took a big hit and started to choke and cough, almost puking. He caught his breath and handed it back to me. I asked, "Get a hit?" He nodded and said he had never smoked anything like that before adding that it tasted real good.

      I said, "Ok, let's see how you handle that before you have any more." I took another big hit and leaned over to drop it in the Frisbee when he grabbed it taking another big hit. "Ok, ok, that's enough for now. Why don't we get cleaned up," asking if he brought his clothes?

      I got up and Rob was on my heels. He followed me into my room and turned on my stereo and walked into my bathroom. "This is an awesome fuckin bathroom, Skate," he announced. I nodded at him from the door as he looked around. It was a great bathroom.

      There was a Jacuzzi tub in the corner, rarely used because of the hot tub on the deck. Double sinks in the eight-foot vanity, a mirror running the full length. The best part was a big walk-in shower and a separate toilet room. He walked around the corner to look in the shower and said, "Fuck! This is big enough for four people. I've never seen so many shower heads." It was a little over the top.

      My mom had it remodeled and added the sitting room after my dad died, but she still couldn't sleep in the bedroom. The shower; done in whitish marble tile had two heads, one on each wall, a rain head hanging from the ceiling, a hand-held wand, and a fold down bench. I said, "Ok, I'm going to take a shower, you can use the one in your room, you'll find everything you need in there."

      I took off my boots and stripped out of my work pants and shirt. Rob flopped down on my bed and was surprised at the wave he created. "You got a fucking waterbed too?" he stated, moving his ass up and down creating more waves. I said, "Don't get too comfortable," and walked into the bathroom dropping my underwear and walking into the shower.

      I stood under the water thinking about Robby and it caused my organ to start to swell. I put some cream rinse in my hand to use as lube as I started stroking my toy; wondering what Rob looked like naked.

      It didn't take long before my seed came screaming from my loins all over the tiled wall of the shower and I watched it wash away and down the drain, still thinking of Robby. When I finished I stood in front of my mirror feeling just a little guilty about my shower fantasy of Rob naked.

      I looked out into my room and saw him lying on my bed; his boots were off and he was propped up on a couple of pillows looking at me; the most adorable smile on his face. I looked down at my still heavy tool and then back at myself in the mirror to see what Rob was seeing looking at me.

       Still smiling he announced, "I am so fucking stoned. I don't even know if I can get up." I smiled at his highness and told him to pull himself together, take a shower, and change. "We are going to one of my friends to hang out for a while."

      He did look fried, his eyes were slits and bloodshot. "Can I use your shower?" He asked. "This one is mine, Rob; you have your own. Now get a move on."

      He rolled off my bed and just stood there for a minute. He said, "I have never smoked weed like that before." and walked off to his room. I yelled out "Put on your good clothes."

      I dried and combed my hair, spraying it so it looked and stayed full all night. I put on my black star jeans and eased my arms into a white silk shirt with French cuffs.

      I went to my jewelry drawer and pulled out my black Seiko watch, a gold bracelet, my nugget necklace, my pinky ring, and a pair of black onyx cuff links with small diamonds in the center.

      Being put together well was a trademark of mine; it was something I had grown into over the past few years. I loved the feel and look of expensive clothes and most people had come to expect me to be the best dressed and who was I to disappoint.

      I stood admiring myself in the mirror and wondered what was taking Rob. I sprayed some of my favorite cologne in the air and strolled through it as I headed for his room.

      I walked in; the bathroom door open, his dirty clothes on the floor, and his new ones lying on the bed. I could hear the shower and walked into the bathroom asking, "You drowning in there, Jr.?"

      The water turned off and he opened the shower door saying, "I'm good," as he stepped out; showing no sign of modesty about me seeing him naked. I thought to myself; 'I'm good'. That is a fucking understatement, to say the least. I looked at him and was speechless. Truly, I couldn't fucking talk.

      Time slowed to a crawl. Oh... His tight body was even better than my fantasy. It was physical fuckin perfection. He was small in stature but that's where it ended. His hair was wet and slicked back. His skin was absolutely flawless with the hint of a tan line.

      Water drops were sliding down over his smooth chest and stomach as we stood looking at his naked body in the mirror. His tan torso with those dime sized brown nipples; every inch of him was defined. My eyes rinsed down his tight stomach with his noticeable start of a six-pack that led to the natural V pointing to his beautiful muscle.

      It looked heavy like mine did after my meat beating episode in the shower and we appeared to be about the same size. I wondered if he had done the same. Oh the shit that was running through my head looking at him, trying to form words in my brain, but I was at a loss.

      My eyes washed over his reflection in the mirror as I studied every curve and contour of his body, and then my eyes met his. He had just been standing there, allowing me to admire him as the water drops rolled down his frame.

      He tilted his head, the corners of his mouth rising and our eyes met again in the mirror. Now with a full smile, he said, "Ryan," to my reflection in the mirror, soft and sultry. I turned from the reflection and looked at him. I was speechless, distracted to the point of stupidity, and getting drunk with lust.

      I couldn’t help myself as my eyes grazed down his body again and ‘Jesus Christ’ just fell, subconsciously, out of my mouth in a whisper. I focused on a large water drop that was sliding slowly down his chest and my eyes followed it until it disappearing into his navel.

      I waited and with his inhale it rolled back out traveling to his soft bush. His tool hung straight out and arched down over his pouch that was holding, two, perfect, golf ball sized orbs.

      My eyes remained fixed on that drop, following it as it slowly emerged from his sparse forest and rolled length ways down the top of his shaft. I watched as it picked up speed and traveled towards the soft, slightly darker head, until it reached the crown and dripped off the side.

      He turned slightly to face me and my eyes moved back up to his as he made a head motion to the towel I was holding in my hand. His head tilted a little as his eyes seemed to search mine again. It was like time completely stopped; his eyes looking deeper as I found myself swimming in those pools of blue.

      His eyes moved down to the towel that I was still holding and then back up to mine as he shifted from one foot to the other. I was mesmerized with how every muscle tightened and relaxed as he stood in front of me. He said my name again and I realized in my stupefied state I wasn’t even trying to be discrete; I was visually raping him and he knew it.

      I handed him the towel never taking my eyes off him. “I thought you were going to make me drip dry, Skate,” he softly said chuckling, taking the towel and drying his hair. He turned away from me a little and that’s when I saw his ass and the air in my lungs hitched and came out in a sigh. Fuck me…

      I thought he was just being mean, now, and maybe showing off a little. If there was a ‘boy ass, hall of fame’ his would have been the star attraction. It totally matched his body; small, defined, and literally, gods’ greatest creation.

      I still couldn’t move as I watched him towel off the drops of water that I was so envious of. I felt my hand subconsciously reach out to touch him when I realized what I was doing. I finally said, "Come on Jr. I want to stop and get something to eat before we head over to Mike's."

      I backed out of his bathroom shaking my head. 'I can't do this. Not with him. He is my bosses’ kid for Christ sake.' I walked back into my room and out onto the deck reaching for the roach and my Frisbee.

      I was thinking I have found my new, jack off, wet dream as I took a hit off the herb to calm me down a little. Even after jacking off in the shower my tight pants were giving me away. I sat, day dreaming, about how sweet it would be to just devoured that hard little body of his.

      I must have been spacing for a while because when I looked up, there he was, all dressed, looking good enough, to literally eat. His head was tilted the way he does and that smile was on his face as my eyes drank him in again.

      His hair was dried and combed, the top two buttons on his shirt undone, and the bulge in his pants pushing the material out. I shook my head again as I eyed what I had seen earlier that was now causing that beautiful shape in those clothes.

      He was the total fucking package; blond, blue-eyed, and built for his size. I am sure he had no idea how sexy he was or what I wanted to do to him. Or maybe he did.

      I got up; adjusting myself, checked for a wet spot on my crotch, and walked into my bedroom with Rob right behind me. I stood in front my mirror as Rob walked up beside me and looked at our reflections. He smiled and said, "We look like twins, but opposite."

      We did; him in his cream colored star jeans and black shirt, me in black star jeans and a white shirt. I looked at him and asked what his full name was. He replied Robert John and I responded "Great." I opened my jewelry drawer and pulled out one of my necklaces. It was a sparkling gold chain with a matching gold charm; my initials and diamonds in apposing corner.

      I stepped behind him fastening it around his neck and twisted the clasp making sure it was tight so it wouldn't fall off and said, "Now, you're perfect." He looked at it and asked, "We have the same initials?" I replied, "Yep. My middle name is James." We stood looking at our reflections in the mirror and I realized I was totally crushing on this kid. What was I doing?

      I had rolled a couple of joints when I was in my daze on the deck. I patted my pocket and said, "We’re ready then," and told him to grab his coat; it might be a little cold when we come home. We stopped at Wendy's for a burger and drove off to Mike's. Rob asked me if Josh was going to be there.

      I told him this was a different circle of friends, but assured him he would see Josh again as we pulled up at Mike's house and parked. There were a few cars in the driveway. We walked up to the door; walking in without knocking.

      I was immediately greeted by Mike announcing to everyone, "Hollywood has arrived. And it looks like he's brought his twin with him." There was a minute that I wondered if bringing Rob with me was such a good idea.

      The guys came up giving me bro hugs and high fives. The girls giving me full on hugs trading gropes, and cheek kisses. They went on about how good we looked and that Rob and I were dressed alike.

      I waved my hand in the air and proclaimed, "He can only dream of looking this good, and personally, I think he looks like a little pimp." 

      That caused a roar of laughter and Rob stepped up and said, "Maybe for your grandma, Skate." That caused even a bigger roar, and with that, Rob was accepted; receiving pats on the shoulder and back.

      Mike looked over at me and said, "He really burned you, dude. I like him." I took a joint out of my pocket, struck my best Saturday Night Fever pose, and asked, "Who’s got a light?" Within two seconds I had lighters sparking and flaming in my face. I took the nicest one to light my surprise then slipped it into my pocket. I took a big hit and blew it in Regan's face, blowing her a little kiss and showing her my dimples, while passing her the joint.

      Mike jumped in saying, "Nice try, Hollywood. Give me my fucking lighter back." 

      With my signature smile, I said, "Oh, sorry man. I must have spaced." 

      With that Regan said "You say that every time Ryan." as I gave Mike back his lighter.

      I introduced everyone to Rob, telling them he was my bosses’ kid and was spending the fourth with me. The girls formed a little line in front of Rob, bombarding him with questions. Between telling him how cute he was and asking; Robby, how old are you? Robby, how long have you known Ryan? And Robby, do you have a girlfriend? He was crimson with the biggest grin trying to answer their questions.

      My ears perked up to hear the answers. I learned his birthday was September 14th, and he was going to be sixteen. He didn't have a girlfriend and said, "I've known Skate for a couple months." I liked all the answers except the Skate part. We were all getting comfortable when Mike appeared holding a fifth of tequila in one hand, shot glasses in the other.

      He asked, "Shots anyone?" as he set the bottle and glasses down on the coffee table; throwing the cap over his shoulder saying, "I don't think we need this." Andy handed him the joint and he took a huge hit and starting to choke as he poured two shots and passed both the joint and a shot to me.

      I downed the shot and passed the herb to Rob. "This tastes a little funny, Hollywood. Did you dust this?" Mike asked as Rob started coughing and said, "Yeah Skate; this does taste different."

       I smiled at everybody and said, "Some blond hash might have fallen in when I rolled it."

       Everybody laughed and Mike said, "Should’ve known."

      I looked over in the corner and spied Mike's new guitar. "When did you get this?" I asked, walking over and picking it up, strumming a short lick, adding "Sweet man." 

      Regan quickly perked up and said, "Play something for us, Ryan." I set it back down in its stand saying maybe later baby, after your tight little ass pours me another shot. And I sat back down.

      Mike passed me another shot and handed the other to Rob. "No fuckin way, Rob!" I said, as he held the glass in his hand ready to drink it. Mike started giving me shit about it so I looked at Rob and said, "Go ahead." I looked back at Mike saying, "If he pukes in my car, you're going to clean it."

      After an hour and a half, we had finished the joints and the fifth. I was feeling no pain and Rob looked absolutely fried. I got up, walked over and picked up Mike's guitar. I sat down on the arm of a chair and ran my fingers over the strings.

       The conversation in the room died down and all eyes turned to me. The Eagles had a newer song out called Desperado. (If you don't know the song, you tube time) I fell in love with this song when I first heard it and had practiced it on the guitar until I had it perfect. I sat on the arm of the chair, began playing, and started singing the song to the girls.

      I made eye contact with each of them as I serenaded the young ladies that were my friends. When I finished, everyone stood; clapping and whistling, praising my abilities. I looked over at Rob as I stood and bowed, blowing hand kisses at everybody. He was just sitting there, staring at me, his mouth hanging open a little, his head shaking back and forth.

      He smiled and said, "I really don't even know you. You never said you sing and play, Skate." 

      I just said, "It never came up," as the rest of the group started going on about my voice, and skill on the guitar and piano. 

      Rob said, "The piano too? I can't wait to tell the guys about this." 

      I jokingly said, "I knew I should've left you at home."

      I announced, "We should be going Rob; it's getting late and we have to be up and on the road by 9:00 in the morning." We said our goodbyes; all the guys giving Rob five and the girls all giving him a hug, saying he could come back with me anytime.

      We walked out the door and I gave Rob an elbow in the side. He looked over at me as I pulled Mike's lighter out of my pocket and showed it to him saying, "He's going to be pissed in the morning," and we both started laughing as we got in the car.

      I started the car and Rob said, "Skate, you have some real cool friends." 

      I said, "I think they like you too, Robby." He rambled on most of the way home about me singing; everybody being so nice to him, and how he had never been so fucked up before.



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