Doctors are examining Rob in the operation theatre, while in the hospital lobby Will is sobbing so hardly that he was having difficulty in breathing. There were Will's parents, Rob's parents and other neighbors' waiting for doctor to tell what happened to Rob. After a long time of operation doctors came out of the OT and said that they have done their job and now it is up to god. Because of continuous bleeding and a hard hit on Rob's head, it was really difficult for the doctors to save him, but now they can hope only for 2 things to happen: Either Rob would regain his consciousness or slip into coma. Hearing this Rob's mom broke down and Will couldn't believe what he was hearing and ran towards the room they were shifting Rob. He just stood still like a statue by seeing Rob's face. It made him to sob more.

He started to blame himself for all these, if hadn't leave him alone in the room, these things couldn't have happened. He just started to bang his head towards the door, and then Rob's father got hold of him and asked what happened. The police also appeared on the scene as it was a suicide case. Then Will remembered all the things happened so far and if he tells them the truth and then if anybody asked Rob about it, Rob would again try to commit suicide. Thinking about all these things Will decided to make up a story. He told them that he and Rob were playing video game, as he was continuously losing in every game so started to fight with Rob. One thing led to another and Will pushed Rob so hard that Rob lost his balance and fell out of window. Hearing this Rob's father got very angry and started to beat Will in front of everyone. Police stopped him and took Will into custody by reporting attempt to murder. Will accepted everything as he was barely in a state of attention to grasp what was happening around him, but when police told him that he has to come to police station, he just started to scream that he won't leave Rob. Then he rushed towards the room where was Rob was resting and started another huge cry by hugging Rob. He was holding Rob so tight against his body that Rob started to shake his body. He didn't notice this and continued sobbing even harder. Than the monitors started making beep noise which alerted Doctors that something was wrong, so doctors and nurses' came running to the room and with much difficulty made Will leave Rob so that they can see what was wrong.

Rob's blood pressure was rising very high and his heart pulses were dropping drastically so Doctors started treatment immediately by giving him injections and much to their surprise Rob opened his eyes and started responding to the treatment. He tried to move his body but Doctor told him to stay in that position so that they can analyze his condition. Then doctors came out of the room and told Will and parents that Rob got consciousness and is out of danger. Hearing this Will rush towards the room and so did their parents. Rob was having a pale look on his face and had a hard time to realize that he was still alive. Will jumped towards Rob and started kissing Rob on his face. This shocked Rob and without wanting this to stop, he made no attempt to stop Will. Then Rob parents had to interrupt this scene as Rob's mom hugged him and asked how he is feeling. Rob nodded yes and looked at Will who was full of joy and happy tears. Then police stepped in and asked what happened. Rob again looked at Will don't knowing what to tell but then Will interrupted by telling the story once again, but the police continued the story and asked Rob was this all True?

Rob looked at Will once again and Will wink at him to say yes to the story. While Rob was grasping all this in his head the Police assured him that there was nothing to be afraid of and told him that if it's true then they'll took Will into custody by reporting attempt to murder. Hearing that Rob will go to jail, he got a shock then he suddenly spoke:

"No, that is not true. I fell out of the window and it is entirely my fault not Will's" and started to crying once again. Police reported everything and left the room by wishing him to get well soon. Hearing the truth Rob's father realized his mistake and hugged Will, crying and asked him to forgive his mistake. Rob was still crying and couldn't believe what was happening in his life. Than Docs advised him to take rest and asked everyone to go out of the room giving permission only for one person to stay with him. Rob's mom told authoritatively that she'll stay but Rob asked her to go home, bring him some food and clothes and requested Will to stay with him. After a long argument everyone agreed with him and left the room leaving Rob and Will alone. Both didn't know where to start were but staring at each other. Then Will came and sat beside Rob's bed and held his hands and stared into his eyes.

"Bro you have to promise me one thing that you'll never try to commit suicide. Please promise me; no matter what ever happens you'll never commit suicide not even a thought of it. Okay?"

"Yes I'll, but why did you save me?"

"What do you mean? U jumped out of my room after that horrible incident at the hills, do you expect me to just stay back and let my bro dying? Never"

Hearing about the incident happened at the hill; Rob remembered everything and started crying. Then Will put his arms over Rob's shoulder and told

"Hey Rob please don't cry. Shit happens. It is past now. Everyone has past. Just forget about it and don't ruin your present by thinking about past. Okay? Relax"

"But I didn't understand one thing. How did you know that I was at the hill? When I didn't tell anyone where I was going? How"?

"Remember I told you that I was going for the movie and asked you join me? Actually I left my home towards the theatre but on the way I realized that I forgot my wallet, so came back home to take it, and then I noticed that you were going somewhere. But I clearly remember that you told me that you will be in the home taking rest. Then I asked your mom about you, she told me that you didn't tell her where you were going except to meet a person. I wonder why you didn't tell me about this, because you never lied to me. So I decided to follow you to find out who you was up to. I followed you near the top of the hill but you suddenly disappeared. Then I had to search through all the roads on the hill about you. Then I heard a crowd screaming and followed that and founded a place where number of cars was parked. Till I was thinking what was happening here, I saw a group of boys handling you and then I saw Tracy and my class girls screaming at you. Then I came and rescued you from those bastards. Why didn't you tell me where were you going?"

As Rob was hearing this he decided to tell Will the truth. He told him all things that led him to that hill and what happened till he came to rescue him still crying. Then he gathered all strength said:

"Will I don't know what to say, because I didn't know what I am? That's why I decided to go and find out who I really am? Straight, Bi or Gay. Will I am Gay. I'm sorry if I hurt you by this. But that's the truth. All these years I was denying this but now I know what I am. Please Will don't leave me. You're the reason why I am alive. Please don't break my friendship, I'm sorry" and continued to sob even harder.

Will already figured out about this and with an angry look on his face he asked him "do you think that I'll leave you like this? Do you?"

Rob knew that he lost his priceless relationship with Will, then continued cry even harder.

"Babe I'll never leave you. Even if could, I can't, you know why? Because you're a part of my life, a very precious part of my life. I am not close to anyone as much as I am close to you. We grow up together sharing everything that we had. And now just that you are Gay I'll leave you and your friendship. NEVER! If I do that then I'll be the dumbest person on this earth. I'll never ever. But you shocked me today. We know everything about each other and then what made you to jump into the conclusion that I'll leave you. Why Rob, don't you trust me?"

"I'm sorry Will, I'm really sorry. It is just that you are the true Hunk in our college, the real macho man. And I couldn't imagine myself, a gay with you. I mean what will the college think about you being with me, if they found out that I was gay? It would bring bad reputation to you and you'll break our friendship. So I thought it is better for you to stay away from you"

"OMG! Rob you thought about me and my reputation more than yours? I mean this is why I like you and this is why you are my best friend Rob. You think and care about others more than for yourself. That's why you are a wonderful person. Coming back to the people thinking about us, I don't care. I don't give damn thing to it. Because what really matters to me; is you and your friendship.

You were there when I needed a friend.

You were there when I was alone,

you were there to help me to get over my bad times,

you were there to share happiness with me.

I mean you were with me for as long as I remember my life since I was 8 years old.

And now what matters to me is you, not others who just think nonsense about me. I want you Rob and nothing else. As long as you are with me I need no one. Please remove all those things from your mind. I'll be with you till my last breath unless you want me to leave you" and started to cry.

Hearing all things Rob realized what a dumb person is he and what an angel he got as his friend. He just held his hands wide open indicating Will to hug him and said

"I'll never want you to leave me Will. Please never leave me alone. I need you".

Then Will Hugged his friend like he hadn't hug any other person in his life. Rob never had this kind of affection on him except from his parents which was different. Now he realized that he doesn't had just friendship with Will, it is even more than that and hoped Will felt the same way about him. Will was happy and quite amused at himself because he never wanted any person so bad like Rob in his life. He was just floating in his own world trying to analyze that this isn't just friendship whish he shares with Rob. It is much more than that. They both shared a very special relationship, which doesn't have a name in this world.

He then moved his face to look directly into Rob's eyes. Rob was also looking at Will with so much affection and passion that he never realized that he had such connection with Will. Then Will slowly moved his face closer to Rob's face and he could feel Rob's impatient breathing. He didn't know what he was doing and didn't wanted to think about it because he needed his best buddy in this world to be with him forever. He slowly moved his lips towards Rob's lips with closed eyes trying to kiss him on his lips. And then Rob..........................

Want to know what happens, whether Rob will kiss his best friend or not?

Wait for the Part 3.



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