Will slowly moved his lips towards Rob's lips with closed eyes trying to kiss him on his lips. And then Rob...................

realized what was about to happen, then he thought what if after the kiss Will might not like what he did to him, which could harm their relationship, because Will is straight: so he decided to stop at this and not to kiss. Perhaps he wanted Will to understand and share the same emotions and feelings which he had for him and then he could make a move. So he pretended that he's feeling sleepy and slipped into slumber land. Will was waiting Rob to make a move and kiss him but nothing happened and he opened his eyes to found Rob sleeping soundly. He thought that he's tired and didn't notice his move so controlled his emotions and kissed Rob's forehead.

He sat at the seat next to Rob's bed, slowly thinking about the situation and realized that he was over emotional for his friend, which urged him to kiss and then drifted off to sleep staring Rob. After sometime Rob woke and found Will sleeping on the chair and realized that what an amazing person he got in his life as his best friend. But he wanted Will to be more than that. He thank god for sending an angel for him, but the thought of going to college and seeing classmates after all this scared Rob. He has to find a solution to all these things.

After a couple of days Rob was discharged from hospital, Will was always near Rob to help him to get well soon. He missed all his classes and disconnected from outside world like it didn't existed for him, taking care of his best friend was the only work he had. When Rob reached his home he said to Will:

"Will I can't think of any other person in my life, who is close to me as you are and the way you have treated me as I was your only priority in your life, it fills my life and I want nothing else. You have no idea how much gratitude I have for you, for me you are my IDOL, you are my role model. I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you Will" and started to cry in his shoulders.

Hearing Rob Will also started crying and hugged Rob tightly. After holding Rob in his arms Will spoke:

"No need for all those things Rob. I did all those things because you are my closest friend. And I will do anything for my friend. I love you", with that he kissed Rob's foreword and led him to his room. Rob's mom has already prepared all the food he liked and welcomed him home with lots of hugs and kisses. She pulled Will into a group hug and kissed him on his cheek and said

"you are my son too Will, Always" and then all had a healthy food. While they were talking Rob's mom asked him to get ready to go to College from tomorrow. Going to college and seeing all those people who assaulted him once again scared the dick out of him. He nodded yes and started towards his room. Will noticed Rob's face and followed him. In the room Rob started to cry again and fell onto his bed. Will grabbed him and asked what's wrong.

"Will, I don't think that I can come to the college anymore. I just can't forget that humiliation, no matter how hard I try to erase it from my memory I can't and I don't have the stamina to answer everyone or even to look at them. I just can't. I won't go to college".

"Don't be mad Rob. There's nothing to be afraid of. Nobody's got the courage in college to ask you or even to talk with you about that incident. Remember you are my friend, MY ROB. I'll be with you to take care if anything happens. Just forget whatever happened and come to college tomorrow with me, please."

"You won't understand Will. I can't. Those scoundrels' won't leave me; again they'll do something to harass me. So it's better for me to just stay here and avoid all those things".

"Stop talking like that Rob. Nobody will do anything to harm you. If they have to do anything then they have to face me first. Ok. I promise you, nobody will harm you. Just come with me".

"But Will.............."

"No but rob. You are coming with me to the college tomorrow and that's final. I'll take you in my car. That's it."

"Will please understand......."

"What to understand Rob? Okay let me assure you. How about this? I'll find the person who planned all these things and make them pay for it: will it make you happy then?"


"Tell me why did went to the hills and how all these things happened?"

"I was at the café shop having coffee with Tracy that afternoon. Then a tall guy came and sat behind Tracy facing me. All the while when I was talking with Tracy he was staring at me and made weird movements as if though he was hitting on me and wanted to kiss me. Then he left the shop by leaving a note in the plant at the door steps of the café shop, indicating that it was for me. After Tracy left me I picked the chit and read it, which told me to meet at 7 at the top of the hill to have some fun."

"So that's why you made that horrible excuse of not coming with me for the movie, so that you can go and meet him?"

"Yes. I'm sorry Will. I was confused. I didn't know what to do. Since a couple of years I was feeling something for men. I always liked women but I don't know, every time I was dating a girl a thought would came into my mind saying that what I was doing is wrong. Some unusual feeling take over me and when I started to think about it and when I look at other men, something attracted me to them. So I started to think whether I am gay? I denied it for a long time that I was not. But as the time passed by, with all the denials, my interest for men grew stronger and stronger. So I thought this might be the opportunity to find out whether I am gay or not, given the fact that I haven't done anything with men yet, especially sexually. So I decided to meet him and find a solution for all these things.


"What happened when you met him there?"

"He just asked me whether it was my first time, I said yes. Then he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards him, then I felt weird so I pulled myself away from him and moved towards my car, then he pulled me towards him and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked so I couldn't think what to do, so let him kiss me and then I heard cars roaring in and flashing light on me and started to scream that I am gay. And then they started to harass me and...." started to sob.

"Oh! He just kissed you and nothing else happened right?"

"Yes. After that I don't remember what happened. The last thing I can remember is you running towards me and that's it, I fainted"

"How does that guy look like? I mean I didn't saw any unfamiliar face in the crowd. All were our classmates or at least people we know."

"I don't know. I don't remember what happened after that kiss."

"Okay. Relax don't worry, I'll find out who he is. Now you go to sleep and get rest."

"Will please tell me that you'll not get involved into this. Please promise me. It is already messed up, and I don't want you to be included in this and ruin your reputation. Please leave this matter here."

"I don't care about reputation Rob. I care about people and more importantly you. You don't worry about this, I'll handle it and I promise you that I'll fix this. Now you go to sleep. We'll talk about this tomorrow" and he covered Rob with blanket and kissed on his forehead and said" good night".

Just as Will was about to get up and leave, Rob grabbed him by his wrist pulled him towards him and kissed his cheeks and said" thank you very much, I am very lucky to have a friend like you".

Will smiled and left his room with huge grin on his face as a sense of satisfaction that he achieved something in his life. He never realized that he was so close to Rob and needed him so much in his life till that day. Back in room Rob was happy and started to rewind all the moments happened that day and while he was enjoying each and every moment he realized that Will told him that he loved him. This amazed him because he never said that to him and couldn't believe that he also started to love him, not as a friend but even more than that.

Next day Rob hesitantly dressed for the college. He was not at all ready to go to college and pretended ill to not to go to college and his mom fall for this plan but not Will. When Will came to his home to pick him to the college, he knew that Rob would made excuses for not going to college. But he also knew how to handle him, so he just dragged him towards his car and made him to sit beside driver's seat. He then drove towards the college and on the way he noticed that Rob was nervous and completely stressed out. He put his hand on Rob's hand and squeezed it assuring him that everything will be alright. Rob thought for a second that when he has his best friend as his support, he shouldn't afraid of anything and decides to face the situation.

At the parking lot with shaking hands and a very clumsy Rob get downs from the car thinking that by this time everyone in the college would know his incident. He starts walking towards the college door and entered the hallway. He was greeted with different looks from everyone which was very frustrating. He continued to walk by looking at the ground and then he was stopped by a group of boys whom he remembers at the hill. Unable to say anything he tried to pass them but couldn't. They were all giving him weird looks to make him frightened. Then Rob decided that he can't handle them so thought to leave the hallway and turned back to move towards the door with the intention to leave college. But then he was stopped by none other than Will. He turned Rob around and put his arm around his shoulder and started walking towards the group. He asked the group what's going on.

Everyone in the hallway was scared like hell when Will came to support his friend Rob. Then all remembered what Will warned them at the hills, so they just acted naturally like nothing happened and asked Rob:

"Hey Rob, how are you? Are you okay, heard that you met with an accident. You look good."

Will interrupt by "he is fine Bobby; tell me how are you or how you want to be?"

Everyone understood what Will meant and tried to leave the place. Then Will asked Rob to go to his class room and Rob agreed and left towards the room. Here in the hallway Will enquired everyone in the group about the hill incident and asked them, how they came there. Everyone replied that they got message stating that something exciting is going to happen at the hills so they came to see what it was. Then Will asked them to find that who send that message to them and to report him within a day. Everyone agreed without saying a word because now they have seen other side of Will. After that everyone left. Will went to classroom and saw that nobody was sitting near Rob. He was sitting all alone. Then he went and sat next to him indicating others to stop acting like a baby. Classes went on like a train and everyone got busy in their lessons. Rob thanked god that the teachers didn't know what happened to him and looked at Will with pleasing eyes and said thank you. After all the classes Rob and Will got into their car and all the people in the college watched them with awe. Instead of taking Rob to his home Will took him to a separate place. When Rob asked him where they are going, Will told him that it was a surprise. Then he parked his car and took Rob to a bar. Inside the bar, Rob was shocked to see where he was.

Because it was not just a bar it was a gay bar. He couldn't believe where he was as he never been into these places before. Then with much confusing face he looked at Will and asked him

"what the hell is this? What are we doing here? Don't you know it's a gay bar?"

"Surprise Rob! I know that you were out of actions for couple of weeks, stressed out, worried and scared. Now that I know you are Gay, so I thought to take you to this place so that you can relax and forget what happened".

"But Will I don't want all these things. I just need you and what about you? Could you be able to watch all these things?'

"As I said Rob anything for my friend, anything for you".

And then they sat at a special place which Will had booked for them. They started to have drinks and Rob couldn't believe what was happening with him. Then suddenly a tall handsome guy came dressed like a cop to enquire what was happening. He was a stripper that Will had booked for Rob. But fate decided something else. Rob just lost his control and started to cry loud and throw the glass he had in his hand at the stripper. The stripper looked at Rob with frustration and ran away. Will was shocked to see Rob's behavior and asked him:

"Rob what's wrong, why are you acting like this, what happened?"

"Will...... (Still crying) Will the stripper, that stripper...."

"What Rob, what's with that Stripper, I booked him for you, what's wrong?"

"Will that stripper is the guy whom I met at the hill. He is the guy who kissed me and responsible for this incident. He is the one who ruined my life...."

Will left Rob in that condition and ran towards the stripper. He entered the green room and started searching for the guy, but he wasn't there. He then went to restroom to see whether he was there and he guessed it right, the stripper was crying in front of the restroom mirror. Then Will pushed him on the floor and started to beat him. He was beating him like he wanted to kill him and then everyone gathered to see what was happening, so did Rob. He just ran towards Will and tried to stop him from beating that guy. With much efforts he tried to stop him and then the stripper pleaded him

"please Rob save me, please I beg you."

Will said "after what you have done to him, you deserve to be a beggar and I'll make sure that you became one"

"Please stop it, Rob please help me. I just did it for money. I have no intentions to hurt you."

Rob yelled at Will to stop after hearing the stripper and asked "What? You did all those things for money? What do you mean?" and then helped him to stand up.

"A girl contacted me to play a trick on you to find out whether you are gay or not. That's it. I don't know who you are; I needed money so I did it. I'm really sorry Rob. I shouldn't have done something like that for money. I regret doing it and I paid for it. I' sorry"

Rob couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was completely shocked that somebody planned all these things for him. Then Will asked the stripper

"Who is that girl? What's her name?"

"I don't know who is she or her name but she was there on the hill that day"

"What? Really? What does she look like?"

"She was good looking, tall, blonde hair and she was the girl who put hat on Rob saying "I'm FAGGOT"

Will looked at Rob to ask who she was but Rob collapsed on the floor remembering who put that hat on him. Will asked Rob to tell who she is, but Rob didn't say anything he was numb. Then Will pulled Rob towards him and asked who she is. Then Rob said

"It doesn't matter Will, leave. Let's just get out of this place and you, (pointing at the stripper he said) please never ever do anything or even worse to anybody again. Please I beg you" and dragged Will out of the room and walked towards Car. Will stopped him and demanded Rob to tell who she is. Rob again declined to tell and made excuse that he is not feeling good and wanted to go home. But Will was boiling like a volcano at this moment and bang at his car bumper and asked Rob

"God damn it, tell me who is she Rob, otherwise I don't know what I'll do to you, just tell me who is that bitch"

Rob started to cry and said" no Will, I won't. If I tell you who she is, I don't know how you will handle it. It's better for you. Let's just forget it. Please"

"Rob I'll kill you if you didn't tell me who she is" and then he raised his arm to slap him and then Rob said

"It's Tracy"

Will was wonderstruck to hear whom just Rob named. He asked

"What? Tracy? You mean my girlfriend Tracy?"

"Yes Will, its Tracy, see that's why I don't want you know about it and now everything is messed up. Yes it's Tracy. Now I realized why she called me to meet her at the café that day to talk something urgent but couldn't say anything. And just after that stripper left she got a call and left me saying that she had an emergency. At the hill also she was the one who put a hat on my head and announced me as the college's first official gay. Tracy is behind all these things. I' sorry Will. I shouldn't have told you about this but you leave no option. I' sorry"

It was time for Will to get the shock of his life. He couldn't believe what Rob was telling and more so he could not stand the fact that his girlfriend did all these things to his best friend. He just lost his control and collapsed on the ground. Rob grabbed him and hugged him tightly. It was time for Rob to show to his best friend how much he cared for him and how much he loved him. But then Will pulled away from him and told him "get in the car!"


"I said get in the car"

"Will there is no way I'm letting you to drive car in this condition"

"Just get in the car" and forced Rob to sit and put his seatbelt. And then he sat in driver seat and droved like he was taking part in a car race. He drove his car like a jet while Rob was begging him to slow down. Then he came in front of Rob's home to drop him. Rob asked him what he is thinking and where he'll go but Will told him that he has some business to finish and not to worry about him and left his place.

After driving for some minutes he came to Tracy's home. He parked and jumped out of his car and yelled 'Tracy' at her home.

"Tracy, you fucking bitch come out"

Hearing Will's angry voice Tracy knew something bad must have happened. She hesitantly came out of her home to face him and said

"Hey honey what happened, you look so upset, is anything wrong?"

"You tell me what's wrong with you bitch. What you did to Rob?"

"Rob? What happened to him? I didn't do anything to him, but why are you acting like this?"

"Stop acting you whore. You set up the plan and told everyone to come to the hill to harass Rob. You hired that stripper to find out whether Rob is gay or not and lead to all these things. Why did you do this to him? Whether he is Gay, Bi or Straight, what's that with you? Why you didn't mind you own business?"

"Will I don't understand anything that you are saying? What are you talking about?"

"Shut you asshole, you nymphomaniac, you did all these things to Rob. Didn't you"

"Yes Will, I did that. And do you want to know why I did that? I did it all because of you"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Yes Will, I did it for you. Even though you are my boyfriend, you always gave priority to him over me. You cared about him more than you cared about me. No matter whatever we do, once at least once you want to talk about Rob, how is he as a person, what he does and blah, blah...it freaked me out. Then I thought that you might be Gay to talk about him so much. But after the sex we had on Valentine's Day, my doubts got erased but I wasn't sure about Rob. So I send my girlfriends to have sex with him but he refused. Then I got some serious doubts about his sexuality so I thought of this plan. I did it for you Will, to make you realize that Rob is Gay and he is seducing you to sleep with him. Gays' mean sex and nothing else, Will you were being trapped by him. He's not your friend Will, he just want you on his bed like all other gays and....."

This was enough to make Will erupt like a furious volcano. He slapped Tracy. Not once but twice.

"How dare you to say that about Rob. You don't know him and you don't deserve to speak about him. You have no rights to say those words about my Rob. And sex what sex are you talking about? You have been slept with men more than twice of your age and you talking about gay sex, who are you to say that you fucking bitch. This is it. I break up with you. Now don't you ever show me your fucking face in your lifetime and if hear that you are doing anything that you did to Rob, trust me I'll Kill you" and slapped her once again and moved towards his car.

"You know what Will, my first doubt for you that you're gay was absolutely right. Not only Rob is gay but you are also gay. Now get your ass out of here and get fucked by your best friend Rob"

Will turned to face Tracy with a smile and said

"I don't know whether I'm gay or not Tracy, but I surely know that I love Rob. If that's means Gay, then hell yes I am gay for him and thank you making me realize that"

Tracy was totally shocked to hear what Will said and stood like a statue staring at him while Will drove away. Will drive his car like crazy with happiness and made to Rob's home within few minutes. He jumped out of car and ran towards Rob's home. Rob's mom opened the door and asked what happened that he's in hurry. He asked her where is Rob and ran towards his room. In the room Rob was worried about Will as he was not answering his phone. He was sitting on his bed staring at the wooden floor thinking about Will. Then his room door flew open and Will rushed towards Rob and pulled him into his arms and kissed him on his lips. The kiss was so intense, passionate and full of love, which was hidden deep under the walls of Wills heart.

Wanna know what happens next...

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