"All good things for those who wait", how apt is this sentence for Rob, who waited for a long time to find answer to his sexuality. After confirming that he is gay, he never ever thought to date a guy from his college. He was just hoping to get someone in his life after his college. But everything does not end as we planned right? Even for Rob! He never ever thought; even in his wildest dreams that his childhood buddy Will, now true hunk of the college will be his boyfriend/lover. Will confessions that he loves Rob and want to spend his rest of his life with him was more than enough for Rob to float in cloud 9. He was the happiest guy in the world, forgetting what had happened in the past and what will be in store for him in future, he was living life to the fullest. Happy, blessed and satisfied.

But things were taking another turn in Will's head. He never thought of any guy and having sex with them was like the least inhumane thing to be done. But after the first sexual experience with Rob, things started to change. He never thought that sex with a guy would be so different, so enjoyable and so good! All the time he had sex with a girl, there was only one thing in his mind, to give his best shot to satisfy a girl so that she tell her friends that she had great time with him and prove that he is a real man. While doing this he forget that sex is to enjoy and not a thing to be done just like animals. In all the relationships he had been so far, he was just like a machine, where girls would come and satisfy their lust and leave him. They never cared about his feelings nor did he! Sex with girls was like a giving thing to him. But now after having sexual experience with Rob, he started to think about sex and more so with a guy!

Yes, after so many years of spanking pussys', Will finally started to think about sex in a different way.

Is sex just meant for fun?

Is sex with a guy is so good?

Why I did not try this earlier?

If it is good, why people are so afraid about it?

Why gays are ill-treated in every aspect of life?

These were some of the thousand thoughts which were going on in Will's head. He then decides to find solution for all these.

Is the special feeling of sex which I had with Rob, was it because it was Rob who was making love to me or the first guy I ever tried?

Will I enjoy it again if I try to do it with other guy?

Am I straight?

If I am straight, then why did I enjoy what happen last night?

Are straight people allowed to have sex with both the sexes?

His thinking was now converting into serious questions for which he has to find answers very soon. So he decides to talk with Rob about these things as soon as he wakes up.

Will opened his eyes to see Rob and got a surprise. Rob was hugging him tightly, their legs entwined and Rob's beautiful face near Will's right nipple. Will just lost all his thoughts and started to stare Rob's beautiful, innocent face. He kissed his forehead which made Rob open his eyes.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Will's handsome smiling face, which made him happier than ever.

"Good morning lover, kiss is for the lips" and gave him the sweetest kiss that a person can give. Will forgot all his tensions and gave up to the kiss. Rob broke the kiss and sat on Will's thighs.

"Honey if every day would begin like this, then I am ready to do anything to wake in your arms"

"I know babe, this feels amazing. From last night I am in euphoria, I never thought sex with a guy would be so different, so good"

Rob interrupted "sex? What sex? Honey we just slept together, we just started. There are millions of things that we can do, which feels awesome. But before that can I ask you something?"

"yes babe anything for you"

"Me babe ah? Woof! So sexy, from today onwards I am your babe and please call me babe only, please"

"okay babe"

"One more thing Will, I never dated anyone, seriously, I didn't even flirt with anyone, you know that. So as we became a couple and before we started to do anything about sex, let us flirt. I mean with each other not with others, let us date for a couple of weeks. Please, I want to feel the feeling of dating someone, the excitement of meeting secretly, going to movies together as a couple, candle light dinners, long drives, walk on the beach with hand in hand, late night calling, texting and other things before taking a big step in our relationship. Please honey please..."

"OMG babe! I never ever thought that my buddy will be so romantic. First things first as I call you babe, you also call me honey. Ok? And your woof, my god! You look so sexy when you say that. Please say it again...


"sexy! And for your request, yes babe we will date and will do all other stuffs that an ordinary couple will do, except for one thing!"


"usually couples start dating and then propose to each other, but we first proposed to each other and now we will start dating, how cool is that?"

"Honey we are extraordinary!"

"Indeed we are, so let me kiss my boyfriend first he is not only smart, but caring and romantic also. What combination!"

"handsome, hunk & humble, wow! I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you as my boyfriend"

And then they kissed each other passionately. Will broke the kiss by saying

"let's go babe and get a shower, our first shower together, common"

"no no no, we just started dating and now you want to take shower together! No ways"

"oh I see, already started the dating thing ah!"

Then Rob's mom knocked on the door saying "ROB, it's 8 am in the clock, what are doing till now? You will get late to the college, hurry up breakfast is ready. Are you still sleeping Rob? Wait a second"

And then she tried to open the door, Rob ran towards the door and held it "mom I am awake, just getting ready, will see you in minutes"

"Okay sweetie, hurry up"

"Okay mom" and pointing towards Will's clothes he said, "Will take your clothes and go from here right now"

"What's wrong with you? Your mom knows that we do sleepovers often na, why are you worried"

"Will we did sleepovers in our junior year, not in college and if my mom found out that we are sleeping naked, you have no idea how she gonna react, so its better you leave now"

"I don't understand you sometimes"

And then Will put his clothes on and walks towards the door then Rob stops him and ask "What the hell are you doin?"

"you said to leave, so I am leaving"

"Yea, through the door? Are you crazy?"

"whats wrong?"

"just now I told you how she's gonna freak out if she came to know that you slept with me and you are asking why? Please go through the window"

"what are you insane? I am not going through your window like a thief?"

"hey not only thief comes and goes through windows, many people does"

"Like who"


"oh! I see what you are doing, playing the dating thing aren't you"

"Yes, now get your things and go"

"My god you are crazy!"

"Crazy for you honey, now please leave otherwise she will come again"

"Ok, I will leave only on one condition"


"You have to kiss me"

"Like now?"

"Yes otherwise I am not going" and Will sat on the bed.

"Oh you act like a baby, come here" and gave him a kiss that would last for a long time.

"Wow! I am ready to jump of a cliff for that kind of kiss"

"That we will see later, now please leave" and pushed him near the window.

Going out through window Will said "so when are we meeting again today?"

"Well I have to see, I have so much work today and then a date with my boyfriend, so not today"

"You have a date with your boyfriend? Who is he?"

"Well, come to the French café this evening at 7 and found out yourself, I think you like him"

"Let me see, if I didn't like him, I will kill him"

"We will see that, now please go before anyone sees us like this, bye"

"Love you babe"

"Love you too honey"

With that Will left for his home to get ready for the college and here back in the room, Rob was dancing as he was so happy that even without praying for the god, he got all his wishes granted. But this moment was interrupted by his mother who came to the room to see what he has been doing and told him to get ready otherwise he will be too late for the college.

Will also got into his home and when his mom asked where he was he told her that he was at his friends place working on a project. With that lie he left for his room and went directly to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, undressed himself and closed his eyes gathering all the things that happened till now.

Everything has been great now since last evening, after that Tracy's incident. Oh! What about her? I told her that I am gay and I love Rob. Till now she might have told this to everyone in the college. What shall I do now? What everyone will think of me? Will, straight guy who was protecting his gay buddy is also gay?

All these things were going on in his head then his phone started ringing. He finished his bath, came out of bathroom and saw his cell who had called. It was none other than his babe Rob. He was going to call him, but Rob only called him and he received the call and said

"Hi babe, whats up?"

"you know what is up right? I just called to tell you that I am not taking my car today, I am walking to the coll. Who knows a handsome hunk would give me a lift!"

"oh really! I don't think so, because that handsome hunk is giving left to someone else"

"What? Who is that? Are you seeing someone?"

"Yea, that's my boyfriend. We have a date today at French café at 7"

"I think your boyfriend has a great choice"

"Yes because he himself is a great person"

"Love you, muaah! Miss you honey"

"Me too, will catch with you later, have to get ready, bye"

"Wait a sec, please wear something sexy honey, today I want to show off to the world that I have the world's most handsome man as my boyfriend"

"Wish granted, see you in the school babe, bye"

This talk changed will's mood and he decides to face any situation in the college. Now his love told him to wear nice clothes so he wore the best looking clothes he had, did his hair and head towards the college.

On the way to the college, he saw Rob walking on the footpath. As earlier told by him he stopped his car beside him and asked

"Excuse me, can you please tell me where is the St. Ford college?"

Rob smiled and said "well, I am going there only, if you don't mind I can take you there"

"Great, common in"

Both laughed at the same time and went. As soon as they got down from the car at the parking, everyone started seeing them in a weird way.

Both ignored everyone and went together towards the corridor. There were a lot of people gathered to see the new gay couple of the college. Everybody knew that Rob was gay because of that Hill incident, but none had the clue that Will is also gay. Obviously Tracy has spread this news that Rob and Will are couple after Will broke up with her last night. Since then the news has spread like a wildfire in the college and everyone was eager to see the new couple. As soon as they entered the corridor everyone became silent and just stared at them.

Rob got familiar to this situation but Will was not. He had a hard time to understand what to do now then suddenly someone from the crowd screamed

"See the new couple in town" and then everybody laughed. Will was getting impatient by this but Rob controlled him by pinching him arms. Then again someone screamed "Will is Gay, that's why he protected his Boyfriend Rob at the Hills" then everyone laughed.

Will was about to say something but Rob started to speak

"Whether Will is gay or I am gay, what you have got to do it? Its none of anybody's business to talk about our private life. And for your kind information, yes we are gay and we are a couple now. At least we have the guts to accept who we are and life our life the way we want, not like you guys who hide everything for the sake of society and kill their feelings everyday by cheating themselves. So before labelling us as a gay couple, first please analyse yourself and then talk."

This was more than enough for the entire crowd to make silent. But suddenly someone started clapping in the crowd, when everyone turned to see who it was they got shocked. It was Tracy's best friend Lisa. She came near Rob gave them hug, congratulated them and announced to the crowd

"I am Lisa Walker and I am lesbian. And I am in love with my closest friend Tracy" and then she walked towards the her, kneels down in front of Tracy

"Tracy I had crush on you from the first day I saw you, now that crush has developed into feelings and more so into love. Tracy I love you, will you be my girlfriend?"

Tracy was boiling like a boiler. All her plan to humiliate and embarrass Will had not only failed but also led to face embarrassment in front of the college where her best friend proposed her. She threw her bag onto Lisa's face and ran away towards restroom. This incident compelled everyone to see who they really are. One by one, those who were homosexuals started to confess in front of everyone that they are gay/lesbians and proposed to their love. Most of them were shocked, some of them were happy and some walked out with anger.

Then all those who admitted themselves that they are homosexuals came near Rob and Will and thanked them for giving them hope and opportunity to confess and live their life they want. Will was overwhelmed by this reaction. He never thought that they will be so many gays in his college hiding their identity, while Rob graciously accepted their thanks and wished them all the best. Then slowly crowd disappeared towards their respective classes.

Will was still surprised to see Rob and the courage he has shown. Rob saw Wills confused yet amused face and started laughing at him. He pulled him near a corner and asked why he has such a look on his face?

"Babe you completely surprised me today. First this morning you told me that you want to date me like other couples and second you ignited the spark in me which was missing in my life and third today you showed me that you are brave and daring by asking people to come out of the closet. How did you do this? I mean after that hill incident I thought you lost everything'

"You are right honey, after that incident I lost all my hope to live life, that why I attempted suicide. But then you came and saved me, took so much care for me, gave the hope to live my life again, boosted my confidence and more importantly filled my life with happiness by confessing your love to me. I did all these things because of you. You are my inspiration Will.

Will almost cried and said "I love you babe"

"I love you too honey" and then they locked their lips.



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