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Will kissed Rob like there was no tomorrow. He just lost in his own world making love to his best friend. Rob didn't know what was happening, he was having a hard time digesting all these things happening with him. He too was kissing Will with all his passion and never wanted that moment to end but what made Will to kiss him; was the question flying in his head. So he stopped kissing Will and pushed him

"Will what the hell was that? Do you realize that you kissed me?"

"Yes Rob I know. I kissed you. I kissed my best friend because I love you"

"Love me? What do you mean? Love as a friend right?"

"No Rob, more than that, I love you as my lover. Rob will you be my lover?"

"Will, are you alright? You are freaking me out, what happened to you? Where were you till now?"

"I am fine Rob, more than fine. I was at Tracy's home to break up with her, so that I can start my relationship with you Rob, not as best friends, who we already are, but as lovers. She made me realize that I love you, thanks to her for that. Yes Rob I love you, I love you till my death and I cannot imagine my life without you. Please Rob love me and give me a chance to love you. Please"

"OH MY GOD! Will do you realize what you just said? AH! I think you just drunk too much to say like this. Go to your home now, we will speak tomorrow."

"No Rob, I won't leave you until you tell me that you love me too. I know you do. Just admit it. We are made for each other Rob. I know I am straight, but what matters to me is a person who loves me, takes cares of me and more importantly trusts me completely. You do that Rob. You have all the qualities that I imagined about my life partner. You are close to me as no one else has and knows me well more than my parents. You are made for me Rob and I am for you. I love you" and kissed him again.

Rob broke the kiss" Will are you saying that you are gay and you love me? Really? No this can't be happening. You are straight and you know that. Don't do this to me. Please leave me.."

"There is no way I am leaving you now after realizing that I love you. I always loved you and will continue to love you. It's just that I haven't put much thought to it earlier. But now I know what I want. It's you that I want Rob. You make me complete. Please accept me as your lover, I know you love me too. Aren't you?"

"Yes I do, but I don't know what to do. I am gay, I know and everybody knows that. What about you? Are you ready to accept label called Gay? Are you?" and started crying.

"If loving you means gay, than yes I am gay. I am ready to accept anything coming on the way to love you. I don't care about the world. It is you I want. I need my Rob, my world called Rob" and started to cry.

This was more than enough for Rob to accept the truth that his best bud loves him. With that he ran towards him and starts kissing him. Will knew that he got his lover and started kissing Rob.

This time the kiss was more passionate assuring Rob that Will completely loves him. Rob just forgot all the thoughts he had in his mind and submits himself to Will by kissing him more passionately. He felt Will tongue at his lower lip asking permission to his mouth and without a moment he accepted it and offered his tongue to Will. With that both fell on the bed, Rob spun Will and fall on him making love to him. He never realized that he had this intense emotion for his best friend. He started kissing him more and more for like 20 minutes. Then both ended the kiss needing for air to breathe. Will was amused, shocked and surprised.

"What the hell was that Rob? I never felt anything like that before! Did you always kiss like that?"

"Oh my Will! You have no idea how you filled my life with happiness. Yes Will, I love you. I love you till death. And I will do anything for you. Yes I'll be your lover now and forever. And for your question, I have never kissed any one like that Will. I don't know what happened to me, I just lost my control. You are saying those words that you love me, oh my god! I love you, I love you and I'll never let you go Will"

"I love you too Rob and I'll never leave you. I can't imagine my life without you. I love you"

With that both started kissing once again. But this time it was very different. There was love, passion, madness but importantly lust started to take over them. Now they started to undress each other. Will was the one to start removing Rob's shirt. Then he started kissing his neck and started maneuver his hands all over Rob's body. After that he started to unbuttoned his jeans. Then Rob stopped him saying "I want to love you, be loved by you, make love with you and have you make love to me. I want us to be together always, and when the times comes, when it is legal, I'll want us to be married. I can promise you that as awesome as that kiss felt, I can't imagine how it will feel when you put your cock inside me. I know all these things are new for you and I will give you time to get acquaint with it, no forcing here. I just want you and sleep with you holding you against my body. Please let me do this."

Will said" you can do whatever you want Rob. I am feeling so full today I don't need anything else. Please make love to me. Kiss me"

Then Rob spun Will so he was over him and took his gorgeous face in his hand and kissed him. Not just a kiss, it was Rob surrendering himself to Will and telling him that how much he love him. Will was experiencing thunder storms in his head. His body was shuddering and wanted to hold his lovers body near him. So pulled Rob and hold him tight against his body while kissing him. Both were lost in paradise because of kiss and both never thought that a kiss had this much of power in it. That's the magic of love. Then both had to stop for breathing. But Rob was so excited, amused and was flying in the skies that he has his best bud as his lover and continued kissing Will's beautiful face, planting kisses all over his face. Then he moved towards his neck and kissed it sensuously. Rob started to unbutton his shirt slowly and steadily enjoying every bit of it. And when he removed his shirt, he was stunned to see Will's Greek god body. He never saw his best bud like that but now he was under him and more so he loved him. This temptation took him to another new level and started kissing his body with so much love that even he didn't know.

Will was sailing in heaven at this time. He never experienced anything like this before. Obviously he had countless sex with every other girl in the college, but that was just a meaningless animal sex. 'Hunger of body' as they say. But never ever he thought that there would be something more than that. He could hardly believe what was happening. He was just enjoying every moment and lost in that happiness and surrenders him to Rob.

Rob took his own time in kissing and loving his lover's body. Slowly yet sensuously he made love to him and literally worshiped every part of his body. He kissed his chest, nipples and played with it for a while. Will was gasping and yelling as if he was Cumming already. Then rob continued his kisses and reached near his belly. He kissed and massaged will's jeans little bit. The hot cock of Will was already ready to burst a load of semen by mere touch of Rob's hand. Rob played for a while like that with his hands and then Will screamed

"Please for god sake take my jeans off. Please I beg you, don't play more, poor guy of mine needs attention. Please.."

"oh really! I thought we could play more before getting into it"

"please don't kill me like this, please I want to enjoy more with you. Please continue your love but don't assault the poor guy, he needs desperate attention" he pointed towards his cock, which was ready to tear the jeans.

These words were more than enough to make Rob Raunchy. Then he started to unbutton his jeans and slowly unzipped his jeans and took it off, leaving Will with only his white boxers. He stood near his bed and watched this magnificent gorgeous guy lying in front of him begging him to love him more.

"Oh My God! Why were you hiding your sculpted body from me for so long. Do you have any idea how godly made you are. Holy mother! I can hardly believe that your mine. Poor girls. Poor tracy, she has no idea what she is missing. You are mine.."

"stop talking Rob, please make love to me. Please I need you"

With that Rob removed his pants and got naked. Now this time it was will's turn to get surprised. Sure Rob didn't have any Greek body, because he barely worked out yet his body was good enough. Will was simply spell bounded to see Rob like that.

Then Rob started kissing Will's feet and slowly moved near Will's thigh through kissing. When he reached Will's gigantic rod, he looked at it for a while and kissed its tip. This was more than enough for Will to cum. But he didn't want to end that magical moment there, he wanted more. So he pulled up Rob so he can see his face and held him like that in the air, just staring at him. For the first time both were naked, their body touching each other, every bit of it and the temperature in the room got hotter.

Then Rob kissed him once again. Now this time, it was different. They were naked, their bodies hugging each other tightly, both holding each other as were trying to become one, theirs cock grounding against each other, find a pace to move in a rhythm. With this position, they started to move their body as if they were fucking someone. With bodies glued together, cocks moving in a rhythm and kissing each other, both were sailing in heaven. And then the movements got intensified, kissing become more intense and both were reaching their sexual climax. And with one more move both departed from kiss as both cummed simultaneously, ejaculating loads and loads of cum on each other body reaching their first sexual orgasm.

Rob just lost it and fell upon Will. Will closed his arms around his new lover and held him like that. Both didn't say anything as they were exhausted and shocked that without touching their cock, they cummed!

Will break the silence" oh lord Jesus! If this is the beginning, I can't wait for more. Please Rob make love to me, show me everything. So that I can make love to you. Please do everything tonight. Please, I love you.."

"Will whatever just happened was first time for me too. I am gay but I never slept with anyone till now. I am virgin and I am ready to give it you. Not today, may be some other day. Tonight I just want to sleep in your arms will. Please hold me and cuddle me. I need to sleep in my lovers arm, feeling safe, secured and loved. Please make me yours"

"You are mine baby, now and forever!"

With that Will hugged Rob like there was no tomorrow, kissed his forehead, put blanket on them and in a couple of minutes both flew to slumber land like a match made in heaven.

The end (at least for now, wait for the next part for more action).




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