This story is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Rob and Will, as they were called by their family and friends were two hot, good looking guys who just got out of the college and searching for a job. Both of them were of them same age and lived next door in a small town in Washington. Both met when Rob shifted from LA to this town for starting a new life with his family, when he was just 8 years old. Soon they became best friends, as they were going for the same school, college and shared identical interests.

But there was a one thing which was not common in them, that Rob was gay. He discovered this truth just after he hit puberty but went into a major denial that he is not. But god has his own plans for him. Day after day Rob started to realize that he is attracted to men than women. He tried dating with girls to prove him that he is not gay, but when he got the chance to spend a night with one of the hottest girls in the school, Tracy he just didn't fit the scene. When Tracy asked why he is acting weird, Rob made excuses to leave her home and left her home without satisfying her and neither proving him that he was not gay. Then Tracy got slight of doubt about Rob's sexuality and started spying on him. Which girl in this world would not like to sleep with a hot hunk?

She tried to woo Rob with her girl friends and most them succeeding in kissing him but none was able to go to bed with him. Then Tracy set up a plan to find whether rob was Gay or not? She asked rob one day to come to a café to meet her as she wanted to talk with him urgently. As Rob was a kind boy he went without asking what the matter was about. When he got there, they started talking about college and in general and a good looking guy came and sat just behind Tracy's table. He sat in a way as he could easily stare Rob. All this while when Tracy was saying something Rob just nodded her and started to gaze at the guy. The guy did the same; actually he even did more than staring at Rob. He stated giving a smile to him, put his hand at the back of his head to show him his bulging biceps twisted his lips in a way to show that he wants to kiss him. Rob was watching all these things. After a while that guy left signaling something as he left a piece of paper in a small plant near the café's door. Minute after this, Tracy got a call and said she had some emergency and left Rob while kissing him on his cheek. After she left Rob paid and went near that plant, took that piece of paper and put it in his pocket and left the café. In his car he unfolded that chit and it included a note saying "if you want to have some fun with me then meet me at the top of the hill alone this evening at 8, I'll be waiting for you".

Rob was shocked as well as surprised to know that a hot guy wants to have fun with him. He was in a complete dilemma as to what to do? He went to home and lied on his bed thinking whether he should go or not. He has never dated a guy before and he has not founded an answer to his sexuality yet: whether he was straight, bi or gay. While he was lost in these thoughts he got a call from Will saying: "hey buddy no big plans this evening, wanna hang out together and catch a movie"

Rob doesn't know what to say, as he never rejected Will's offer for anything. But this time it was different, he got his very first date with a hot guy and his best buddy was calling him to hang out. He was thinking about what to say then, Will spoke "buddy are you there? Something wrong!!?

Rob: "nothing pal, just not interested, wanna spend this eve in home alone. You carry on with your plan. Sorry"

Will: "are you okay? U never sounded like this!!

Rob: "I'm totally fine, but feeling low. That's it. You continue"

Will: "okay buddy, if you are not interested I won't force you, just rest and take care, see you soon, ciao"

Rob:"yes I'll. Bye".

Rob with a lot of courage decided to meet this stranger and to find the answer for his sexuality. So he got up, took a shower and worn the best looking clothes he had and left his home for the hill. His heart was pounding like hell and he was nervous so much that his hand on the driving wheel was shaking. He came to the top of the hill and stepped out of the car to search for that hot guy. He was glancing near the road than he heard a SUV roaring at a distance from his car. He turned around to see whether this was the guy from café, and indeed he was. The gut stepped out of the car and started walking towards Rob. While he was walking, Rob scanned that hot guy's entire body and felt shivers and goose bumps. The hot guy was wearing a tight jeans and red sleeveless t-shirt to show off his body. Rod was drooling to see his hot body. The guy came near Rob and stood leaning on rob's car. Unable to see or speak to him, Rob just looked at the ground. The guy put his hand around Rob shoulder and raised rob's face to see him and said

"hey, relax! Is this your first time?"

Rob felt goose bumps again as blood raced his entire body in anticipation of what will happen next. Again with lot of effort he spoke

"ya, kind off and yours?"

"Nope, but I usually don't get attracted to men often, but there is something about you that made me took this big step".

"So are you gay?" Rob asked hesitantly.

"Yes" said that stranger" what about you?"

"Well, yes I am but no I'm not, I don't know!! Rob started to cry.

The guy hugged Rob so tightly that it gives Rob another round of goose bumps and shivers. Never ever was Rob close to a guy like this before. He never hugged any guy except occasionally on his birthdays or in some parties' for meeting and greeting. He could feel the heat of this guy and his hot body pressed against his body. He was enjoying this but suddenly ocean full of thoughts came to his mind.

"Am I doing wrong? Is this is the real me? Am I really gay? I never felt anything like this before, a girl never made me feel this before. What should I do?"

Then he pulled him off from the guys hug, said sorry and tried to open his car door to go. Then the guy did something that rob would have never dreamt before.

He pulled Rob to hug him once again and planted his lips on rob's and started kissing him lightly. The whole world started to dismantle in Rob's head as he was kissed by this beautiful stranger. Soon he gave in and started kissing him even more passionately and hugging him tight. He wanted this kiss to last forever but god has planned other way around.

Soon a random of car appeared at that site and cameras started flashing lights on these two guys kissing and they were scramming and yelling "Rob is gay", " Rob is gay"... rob pushed that guy aside and try to look what's happening but he couldn't open his eyes as car lights was staring him. He couldn't believe what was happening around him. There were many people staring at him but girls outnumbered boys in that group. All of them were laughing and yelling "Rob is gay", "Rob is gay". Rob started to sob in an Embarrassment and humiliation that he never felt in his entire life. Then a girl came near him and put a hat on his head that says "I'M FAGGOT". Rob looked at that girl and found that it was none other than Tracy. She was laughing and telling to everyone that "today we have with us Mr. Robert Stewart, the first official gay in our school".

Rob couldn't control this embarrassment so he moved to get into his car. But it was too late. All the guys over there gathered near him and hold him by his arms and his shoulders. The girls started screaming "take off his clothes". The guys did the same. One by one they started to undress him. Rob was unable to do anything as he was sobbing very hard and the guys were strong and much in number. The guys took off his jacket first and then pulled his shirt over by tearing it. When they were unbuttoning his jeans, a loud car horned filled the entire atmosphere. It was so loud and continuing that made everyone to close their ears.

Then a much anger and frustrated 'Will" came out of the car and ran towards the gang that was holding Rob. He was so furious that he pushed some of the guys on to the ground and kicked their ass. The other guys backed off by looking at his red fierce eyes. Will gave his all energy to scream at them by using foul full language. Rob was already on the ground, totally numb watching Will scolding at them. Will was the true hunk of the college. He was tall; his shoulders were broad, big biceps yet a handsome face and a gorgeous smile that not only made girls look at him but boys as well. No one had the dare in the entire college to fight or to just argue with Will. He was like The King of the college. Everyone obeyed him.

Will with a much louder voice screamed at everyone "no one will ever call Rob, a gay, faggot or queer etc, and nobody will discuss or share this incident with anyone in the college or at their home. If I found out that someone still talking about this incident then I'm gonna FUCK them till death! Understand? FUCK them till death! And who planned all this? I know that none of you came yourself here to harass someone. There must be someone who planned it, I'll count till 10 and whoever it is should come near me or else I'll find out and trust me when I say this, the day I found who planned it, I'll kill them. Yes KILL them. So it's better for you to show up now or else have to face the real consequences." Then Will started to count from 10 to 1. When he reached 1, he was blasting like a volcano. No one has the dare to speak or at least to look at him in this anger, so no one showed up. Then Will spoke up: "you are going to play with me, fine, I'll also play you. Your time has started now, whoever it is, get ready to be KILLED. Now leave you sick Bastards! Get lost before I start to beat each one of you".

Nobody ever thought that Will has a temper like this. They have never seen this side of Will before. So without wasting a second everyone disappeared like air.

Rob was almost fainted on the ground because of continuous sobbing and man handling. Then tears rolled out of Will's eyes as he saw Rob in this state. His jacket was thrown somewhere, his shirt was torn and his jeans got dirt because of mud. Rob's body was shivering as cool wind was flowing and he was exhausted. Then Will kneeled down took out jacket that he was wearing and put it around Rob's shoulder and tried to talk but couldn't as he was crying. He tried to make Rob stand on his legs, but Rob didn't have that strength left in him so fell on Will's shoulders. Still crying, Will pull him up, took Rob in his hands, just like a Handsome Hero would carry his Girl in a romantic Hollywood movies. He took rob up to his car and made him sleep in his SUVs' back seat. Rob now fully fainted. Then, Will take a long rope from his SUV and tied his car to Rob's Car in order to tow Rob's car. After this, he started driving towards their home and then rain started heavily.

Will didn't go to Rob's home; he took him to his home, as they were no one in his home. He looked at Rob still fainted, took him to his room on second floor and made him sleep on his bed. He called doctor to make sure that Rob's okay. The doctor said that he will come in half an hour. Till then, Will took out Rob's clothes until he reached Rob's boxers and bought hot water and a towel to clean him and give him some heat as it was getting cold. He cleaned his best friend, still crying but there were signs of Rob getting consciousness. He then put his clothes on Rob and then went to receive Doctor who was at his door.

Doctor inspected Rob and told him that he might have suffered a huge mental trauma and because of this his blood pleasure had reduced and made him fainted. He gave one injection and some medicines to Will and told him to take care of him and not to let him walk for a day and left. Will still had tears in his eyes as he couldn't believe what has happened. He then heard Rob's phone ringing and saw that it was his mom, and then decided not to tell what had happened, he answered the phone casually and starts walking towards the living room not to disturb Rob. He tells her that he was in his home playing games and now he is sleeping and will make him call you as soon as he got up. Till he could finish his talk, Rob got consciousness and tried to see where he was? He was still feeling dizzy because of the injection. He then realized that he was in his very buddy Will's room. Then suddenly he realized what had happened and starts crying again thinking that he has lost everything, his life is ruined, what will his classmates do when he go to college tomorrow, what his parents will think of him and all .... Then he decides that he has only one solution to this problem. SUICIDE!

Yes, Suicide! He then decides to suicide and look at the room to find something to kill himself. But there was nothing. Then he saw the street light coming from the window. Jumping off the window is the only way to suicide now, he thought. He then tried to move himself up from the bed but couldn't. He tried again but no results. He didn't have the strengths to get himself up from the bed so that he could walk near window. Then he took few seconds to gather all the strength he has and tried. This time he got up of the bed and leaned to the adjacent reading table. Through the table he moved himself and got hold of the curtains of the windows. By doing this he pushed the water jug that was placed on the reading table. He then, with the help of the curtains stands facing the window. Back in the living room Will was still talking to Rob's mother then heard the noise from his room. He then thought the Rob might get up and with excitement he told her that he'll call her soon and ran towards his room. By this time rob was standing in front of the window closing his eyes remembering all the memorable moments that he had spent in his life so far. Then with one attempt he put his leg on the window and lean forward to jump, then Will enters his room seeing Rob jumping from the window he screamed:"Rob NO! NO!" but it was too late. Rob looked at Will with smiling face and jumps of the window from second floor.

Want to know what happens next? Wait for the Rob & Will Part 2.

Because "All good things to those who wait".



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