Rob Shares this hot story of what happens in that bedroom

After Bret and I had been seduced by Sean for blow jobs while watching his three xxx adult movies staring real hot porno stars at Bret's condo and dinner, we were horny as hell to get it on with Sean for some more sloppy kissing, cock sucking and fucking man pussy.

We rushed to Bret's big bed and soon we were all stripped of our clothes and naked with raging hard cocks. Seeing Sean, the 21-year-old dark and handsome waiter that we had met at the restaurant a few days earlier, totally naked for the first time had me dizzy with lust. This six-foot dark tanned stud with black hair, blue eyes, ribbed abs, hard big nipples, slim stomach, hard muscled legs, gorgeous thighs, and one hell of a huge cock that had to be at least 10-inches, had me ready to be his bitch even though I was in love with my new fuck buddy Bret. Lust had me erasing any pledge to only be Bret's lover that evening. I could tell that Bret too was ready for a hot three way. The animal instincts had taken control of us thanks to Sean's beauty and his raunchy ways he had used to seduce us into a night of pure lust, fucking desire for man sex and wanting many orgasms. 

Sean must have had the same reaction to my young body that Bret had pursued at the produce section of the supermarket where I worked for months. If I say so myself, I do have a cute face, athlete's type frame and sexy eyes along with a huge bulge in my pants. I often get those lustful looks from a number of guys at the supermarket. But Bret had been my first lover and his 32-year-old body is a man's man's body. Fuck he knows how to fuck and turn me into a willing slut. 

This was about a week ago when we had this steamy three way sex in Bret's bedroom. 

I took hold of my raging stone hard cock and began to jack off. Soon my cock head was shinny with an unusual amount of pre-cum leaking on to my cock head.

When Sean noticed my raunchy masturbating, he grabbed me around the waist and threw me on the bed on my back. He took his gorgeous tanned hard body and jumped hard down on top of me. I instantly felt his sweaty body began to wet me all over and holly shit I felt his huge cock at the entrance to my ass. I spread my legs far apart making a clear entrance to my man pussy. I moaned loud and desired his cock to be inside me. I wondered about how much of that monstrous tool I could take inside my recent virgin ass before I had met Bret. Sean began to rub his leaking cock up and down my ass crack while he planted his red juicy wet slips hard against my eager lips. Soon the lips of my ass were slick with his precum as he slid his cock up and down my cum lubed asshole. Then he began to hump me with very hard thrust of his entire body. I was about to faint from the feel of the hot flesh rubbing against flesh. And the incredible smell of his sexy sweaty body and hot breath against my lips sent electric waves through my whole body. Oh how I needed for him to fuck me.

Bret had gotten up on the bed and he had his hard cock close to my face as he was masturbating with drops of his pre-cum hitting both Sean and my lips. WOW, this was turning into a new hot fucking sex experience. My first three way was a fantasy coming true.

As our lust took control, Sean took his powerful large hot tongue and tried to part my lips. The feel was so powerful that as I began to moan my lips parted and Sean drove his wet tongue inside my mouth. When his tongue rubbed across my tongue, we went wild thrusting our tongues in and out as if in a sword battle. Soon my mouth became filled with gobs and gobs of spit soaking both of our tongues. Sean lost control and began to kiss me with great force while increasing his driving his whole body hard into my frame. The humping had me almost at the point of a climax.

Bret wanted more action so he went down on Sean's hot ass and began to lick and suck that bubble pink ass while Sean continued to hump me as he had moved his cock up on top of my hard cock with our cocks locked in an amazing battle. The feel of Sean's cock thrusting against my cock had me moaning and  grunting with Sean's tongue in my mouth almost cutting off my breath. The smell of man sex filled the air as all our bodies were wet with sweat and the smell of pre-cum on our lips from Bret's deposit before he went down on Sean's ass and began giving him a rough wild rimming. Soon Bret's sheets were soaked from all out hot sex.

After at least ten minutes in these positions, we got into a circle and Sean began to work my cock with his lips and tongue. Bret put his hard cock in my mouth and soon Bret was sucking Sean's huge dick. We went wild sliding our tongues up and down those big cock girths and swallowing those cocks deep in our throats. I felt shivers up and down my spine with Sean's hot mouth on my cock while I tasted Bret's oozing pre-cum sliding down my wet throat and I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth. 

My ass began to pucker and pulsate as I desired to be fucked by the biggest cock I'd ever seen. After being fucked by Bret for over a week and no longer having a virgin ass, I hoped my ass was stretched enough to take all Sean's boner deep inside me.

When we were all close to coming, we stopped and began to talk dirty to each other to raise our libidos if they were not already at a maximum for fucking.

I began the fucking hot suggestion: "OH Sean, Baby, I want your big cock inside me. Drill my ass. Split my ass open. Drive that hard boner deep inside me. Pound that dick against my prostate. Make me shoot my load. I want your cum milk inside my pussy."

I noticed a huge mischief smile on Sean's face, when he responded: "Fuck yea, get on your back, you bitch, lift those legs up on your chest and push that hot pussy up and let me put a pillow under that nasty ass so I can fuck the shit out of you, you bitch, you new whore, you hot nasty dog."

I obeyed and did what my master ordered me to do. I noticed Bret was looking curious and somewhat disappointed. What was Bret going to get out of my getting fucked by Sean? Would he just watch? I was concerned and wondered if I had taken this too far. It seemed that Sean and Bret both were hungry to fuck this hot supermarket produce worker's ass. But I needed and lusted after Sean's big cock and hell no matter what the outcome might be, I had to have that cock inside me. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Sean lubed my ass and drove the wet lube inside my ass with a sexy finger, he lubed his cock and lowered his throbbing leaking cock to the entrance of my puckering asshole. I felt his huge dick began to part my ass lips and then I heard and felt his cock pop inside me. At first the pain was so severe from the thickness and length of that horse cock as I felt it go deeper and deeper in me. I cried in pain but Sean continued to travel down my ass until his cock had disapperared in my ass. I felt his balls rub up against my ass and he began to pound my ass harder and harder. He would pull his hard cock half way out and then with one hard thrust drive it all the way back in. It felt like his cock might reach my throat. I'd never had my ass so filled with an object before. But soon the pain went away and the feel of his big hot sweaty tool against my ass walls was so hot and had me trembling with shivers.

As I became so content and feeling the fuck of my life, shit I felt some other object trying to invade my ass. Holy shit, it felt like another cock and soon I was in total pain as Bret began to drive his cock underneath Sean's big missile. I cried out in total pain but there was nothing I could do. As I begged for mercy, Sean and Bret were in total lust as they felt their two ccoks rubbign against each other and the feel of their cocks swimming in all those jucies including a growing pre-cum from the two big cocks.

Shit I was experiencing my first DP of two cocks up my ass. Those cocks seemed to be ripping my ass apart. As they sped up and got into a rhytem moving those cocks around my ass, part way out and back in and Sean planting kisses on my lips, I became so hot and horny that I managed to even push my hips up to meet those two stone hard cocks in me.

They fucked me for the longest time when I felt their cocks seem to swell more and they both cried out here I come. Man, I felt a flood of wet cum drench my ass. They continued to fuck me as their cocks swam in all that thick hot semen.

Finally Bret pulled out his softening cock followed by Sean. They came up to my face and took turns having me lick the cum of their cum covered cocks.

I needed to come so bad. I begegd for relief when my lover Bret went down on my cock. He beagn to lick up and down my cock shaft, finger my wet ass as cum ran out onto his fingers and hand and finally he took my swollen hard cock down his throat. I did not last long when I blasted his throat with one of my largest loads of salty cum that he swallowed.

 He kissed me and I sucked hard on his cum covered lips.

Finally, Sean and Bret got down and took turns eating my ass and sucking all that cum out of my man pussy. They spit part of that cum in my mouth and we kissed. The cum meal was delicious and we all felt satisfied from being milked of all our cum in our blue balls.

This was part 4 and the final chapter except to say that the three hot guys continued to fuck each other with Rob being the best bitch.


Naughty Eric


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