Change they say is constant,to move from one stage of life to another,to grow from childhood through purberty to adulthood as far as I know is change.But in the case of sexual reorientation, drive change ie moving from one sexuality to another is what I may regard as 'REVOLUTION'.

As I lay in my hospital bed with swollen eyes,bruised face and lips,lacerated and bandaged head,arms broken,I guess I heard the doctor say 4 broken ribs,dislocatd hip,fractured knee and ankles,plus a million of other scar which grace my once flawless smooth skin.For a little cut boy who barely turned 19 I guess this is too much of a pain but for the same condition to be caused by the same parents he always loved its more of a trauma. I vividly recall with pain laden heart the events that led to my critical condition,it all started 3 months ago when I started growing tired of living a fake life,pretending to be who am not.

My name is Jim Jones,I turned 19 few weeks ago,am tall at 6"3 thanks to the gene I got from both my parents,I have light brownish red hair with a pale blueish green eyes.I am the only son of my family with my elder sisters Rosie and Rachael all studying law and accountancy respectively at University of Illinois,Chicago and University of Texas,Austin,I just got into University of Ohio State which is not too close to our family mansion house in Cleveland.I love my parents so much and I thought they reciprocated my love for them.

Mum's Rebecca Jones but called Becky friends,she stood 6 foots tal with slim figure which was tanned from tireless work as a lecturer at the Ohio state University.She is red haired with hazelnut pale green eyes and she's 40 years old.Dad's a building contractor who is known best as Richie short for Richmund Jones,with crystal blue eyes,blonde hair,bit muscular but perfect for a man in his late forties He's 6'4 and strict.We seldom saw dad but whenever he's home especially on weekends he seems to makeup for his absence which is due to the nature of his job

***This is my story****

As the sparse February Winter gave way for the first signs of March's Spring I came home from school one day determined to come out to my parents about my sexuality cos I thought they'd understand me.I waited till supper that evening and that day was Friday for Mum and Dad were home and my sisters at school.After supper Mum and Dad were having a little chat so I seized the opportunity."Mum,Dad I've something to tell you guys" I began unsure of how to go'on but either way I've gotta word it out.

"Yes son"my Dad said tenderly.

""I stammered from panick."C'mon son g'on with it" Mum urged me


There was a threatening silence for 5 minutes as everyone even myself was taking in all I've blurted out.

"You're what?!!scream my dazzled Dad at me with disgust written on his reddened face.I can see Mum sitting next to him perhaps too frózen to move,talk or breathe.She was pale from fear and shock giving her this ghostly look,made her a mirage of herself once cheerful beaming with smile which seemed to infect everyone around her to smile when she did.

"Yes Mum,yes Dad am..."I was cut short by Dad's thundering voice "No Jim you can't be...A Fag?! his face overredened now with anger. Maybe I mistakingly thought they loved me,Maybe I was wrong to think they'd understand.I ran upstairs and cried my eyes out,what pained me most was that Mum who I thought'd stick up for me was cowardly dominated by Dad's threats.I felt the walls of my room crumbling down on me.I fell into despair for days I didn't have the will to continue,life itself was worthless,couple of times I'd thought of wrist cutting myself,drinking poison just to get rid of my misery-stricken life and it hurts to know am now a burden to my parents,and treat me like piece of shit cos of my sexuality.

Days rolled into weeks and each day the very air of death hovers over me in my own parents house.I woke up everyday to be beaten by my parents especially Dad at any little mistake and Dad will be staying around for two months which makes life a livin' Hell! I tried forgetting the pains by going to school unusually early with new bruises everyday.Soon my school became unsafe for my friends now taunt and call me names like FAG!,BITCH!,I was broken down and lost the will to live when my best buddy Bryan Ambler jilted me after humiliating me in front of the whole school.I became an ostracized slave!.

Things grew from worse to worst til that fateful day July 14th mid-Summer,I came back from school and taking a nap when my døor flew open I woke up half asleep and weak from the day's stress when I saw a figure that used to be my lovely Dad standing at my door,belt in his hand.Before I knew it I felt something with whirling sound land on naked back,I jumped to my feet from the stinging pain.I screamed but recieved yet another on my left shoulder.I tried to run but he pushed me hard against the wall sending my head breaking the glass clock.I fell to the ground helpless unable to scream out of shock as kicks after kicks land on my chest,eyes,stomach,face as rains of belt lashed and tore my tender skin.

I bled and pleaded with him but no help seem to be coming as I got more kicks and blows cos of my sexuality.I was feeling faint when I blurry saw Mum còme back,ran to my røom,she rushed and pushed Dad off me,his boots stained with blood,My BLOOD!.

I heard Mum making a call to 911 I was feeling my life slipping off me as I fell into OBLIVION.




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