Revenge is sweet!

I have wrestled off and on most of my life. I have never been really any good, but dam it, I still love it. Of course growing up watching Saturday night wrestling was probably the biggest reason, all those sweaty hot men grappling. Some barely in any clothing showing off rippling smooth or hairy bodies, I didn't care. My little dick and I were perched in front of the TV every week end.

In high school I really got addicted to the sport as more than just a spectator and continued on into college wrestling in intermural leagues for fun and exercise. Stan, one of buds from back in college, we have been running buddies since the first day of practice. We were both about the same size, most of the guys on the team even thought we were brothers, we resembled each other so much. But on that first day sparring and trading holds I noticed he enjoyed getting as close to my crotch as possible and made sure his hefty package was pressed into me every chance he got. Yea, we were the two gay guys on the team and we have been best buds ever since.

Stan, however, is not the problem he is actually part of the solution. The problem happens to be my lover, the big lug. Don't get me wrong he is a great guy and we are awesome together but he is about twice my size, a totally jacked up muscle dude and I can never win any muscle or physical challenge with him. Where I am a rock hard lean 155 pounds with naturally smooth bronze skin from my Latin heritage. He is a rock solid 225lbs. I am 5'9", he towers over me at 6'2 inches. He is Italian with the same dark features as mine but has a hairy chest that he keeps man-scaped and clipped tight revealing the sculpted body beneath. And yea I like his size, his massive ripped muscles and the sex is mind blowing for sure. Crawling all over his body like a jungle gym in heat is pure porn material for me and he likes being the "muscle" object of my fantasies and desires. But dam it coming from years and years of wrestling I can never over power him, and I wind up being the hapless jobber to his sheer strength. For the longest time feeling his power and dominance was as hot and erotic as anything, it leads to some of the most intense sex. But lately he is getting all cocky and big headed about it all, he acts like there is nothing I can do about it. He will not lighten up for me to practice my holds, he presses hard and goes for broke. That is about to change and he has no idea.

More than a few times, may be over a beer or when the conversations turns a bit erotic, Jack has commented that it would take more than the two of us, talking about Stan and me, to take him down. Almost as if he is testing the two of us. Mark and Stan have this very flirtatious innocent but witty banter with sexual under current, I am pretty sure he thinks Stan is hot, I mean hell we look like twins and our bodies are identical, so why wouldn't he. Jack and I have been together for over ten years now, so it is all cool and sort of fun, and honestly the idea intrigues me. Jack and I have talked about it few times, but never acted on it.

So me and Stan concocted a plan to show him how the two of us could take him down and show him pay backs are a bitch, it may take some surprise and dirty tactics, but it will happen. "Are you sure this will work?" Stan is not backing out just jittery as we lay in wait. "Hell no. I am not sure, but what is the worst that could happen?" We both laugh nervously. He could get majorly pissed off. He could toss us both around like rag dolls. He could storm out, but I doubt that, he is always horny after a gym work out, and he loves to show off his body when he gets home. So yea jumping him when he walks through the door, totally unexpected is our only option. We have gone over every possible plan and this one is the best, or at least not as bad as the others.

As usual I hear his jeep pull in the drive. He has the top off the car enjoying the sun on his skin, driving home shirtless all pumped up and a little sweaty even after showering. Dam, he looks as hot as the day we met. Snap out of it, we have work to do here, I tell myself. We are still madly in love and horny as monkeys for each other, so it is not surprising for me to greet him at the door, run my hands all over his freshly pumped body while he shows off and we kiss deep wet and passionately. This is also one of our regular times to have sex, little does he know I have other plans.

As soon as we are in our deep hot embrace I hope Stan does not chicken out. Then I see out of the corner of my eyes he actually is going to do his part. He crawls behind Jack's legs on all fours. Now all I have to do is get the never to shove him hard knocking him off balance. "I missed you today" Jack tells me as I step back a few inches pretending to take in the impressive man before me. I run my hands over his chest, "chest and shoulders today huh". Now or never! My heart almost stops as I shove him with all my might and Jack goes flying backwards.

"What the FUCK!" Jack hollers as I see his feet and legs flailing and his huge body landing with a thud on his back. I move quickly landing on his chest with my knees digging into his massive biceps using every pound of my body to pin his torso down. Stan rolls over and locks both his legs in a grapevine around Jacks powerful legs restraining them. Stan's legs may not be anywhere near the size of Jack's, but his legs are fucking strong and his technical skills are the best I have ever seen. "What the fuck are you two morons doing" Jack is still a little shocked. He bucks and thrashes and tries to twist and get out from under us. I gouge my knees in harder to his ceps to slow him down. "Oh fuck that hurts" he growls.

"Stop thrashing around and it won't hurt" I smile down at him. I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever had this vantage point over him and seeing all his powerful muscle immobilized is causing my dick to swell in my thin cotton shorts.

Stan cranks the leg lock around Jack's legs with full force, "Yea, you big dummy. Quit moving"

"You two are going to pay for this when I get up". Jack is partly serious, but the grin on his face reveals he is not as mad as he could have been. "Who says you are getting up" Stan taunts him back. He is enjoying this, just as much as I am.

"Um. Stan. What do we do now?" realizing we may not have thought this all the way through. He is the more experienced and skilled wrestler so he rotates his legs around Jacks ankles, and starts to roll the lower half of Jacks body on his side. I reach behind his head grabbing onto a wrist, and we flip Jack over landing him face down in a powerful thud. I pull his arm behind his back in a rock solid arm bar, while Stan pulls up on his ankles stretching his quads out, he then locks them behind Jacks ass. His legs are not going anywhere now, he has no leverage with his lower body.

Stan is sitting on jacks lower back, both of his arms entwined into Jacks ankle's leaning back stretching his lower torso as far back as it will go. I feel the air rush out of Jack, the pain and intensity sets in, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrgggggggggg" not really words just loud primal sounds escape his lungs.

"Grab the scissors" I hear Stan yell at me. "What the hell for"" I asked puzzled. "We need to cut these skimpy gym shorts off him to really humiliate this bruiser". I like were this is going, plus Jack never has any problem parading around nude no matter who is around. Of course with his ample cock and set of bull nuts, I don't mind one bit. As I get up, sure enough Stan has complete control over Jack, he can barely move, only able to slam his fists to the floor and grunt in pain. "Stop squirming or a will crank it up" Stan warns Jack and for emphasis he really lays back bringing his lower half of his body off the floor for a few seconds. Jack gets the message and stills for a minute.

"That is better you big ape". Stan seems to be enjoying this role of power a lot. I find it amusing and he is good at it. "So. The two of us have no chance against you. Are you changing your mind about that yet?" he continues the teasing. "You morons surprise attacked me. Let's have a go at it in a fair match and I will show you who is boss." I jump into the fray, "not a chance." As I slice the thin fabric of his shorts and rip them off his ass leaving him nude and sprawled out on the living room floor. "We are not done with you yet." I tell Jack. "Not so arrogant now are you. All naked pinned down by guy half your size. How does that feel?" I keep the trash talking going.

With Stan still in full control I dig through the gym bag that Jack dropped by the door and find his wrist wraps. I show them to Stan, his eyes bug out. "Fuck yea- do it"

I slip one of the slide loops around his big dick and nuts and cinch it tight with a yank. Jack begins to buck hard at the feeling of his pride and joy now being used as part of the game plan. Stan once again impresses me with him surprising strength, cranks up the combo grapevine /camel and makes him suffer a little before he calms down again. I take the other wrist wrap and lace it around one ankle and tie that one to the one on his nuts. Once I have his legs crossed and his huge balls doing all the work keeping him in check, Stan and I high five each other with an evil grin on his face.

Stan relaxes on Jacks lower back and swats the bare mounds of muscle cheeks with a loud thwap. "He is all yours buddy, what are you going to do with him now?" Stan asks me. "Grab his arms, and let's roll him on his side." Even though his nuts are cinched tight and pulled up his ass crack, with him now on his side, Jack's big dick is standing rock hard pointing straight out. "No wonder you two fuck like rabbits" Stan chuckles as he enjoys the sight of the big hard cock. No shit, I tell him. I rub my bare foot over his rock hard dick, it jumps and burps out a large wad of precum. He always had a major foot fetish, and my sexy feet drive him insane. Stan has a firm grasp with both of Jack's arms over his head and locked them in a grinding arm bar. "He aint going any were."

I kneel down in front of Jack, using my finger tips to trace his erect nipples and the ridges and outlines of his pecs all the way down over each striated ab muscle down to the base of his cock. "You are beautiful." I whisper in his ear licking his neck. "Are you going to be a good boi"? His sneer is as powerful and threatening as his ripped muscles straining and vibrating in the hold we have him locked in, "you are going to get it when I get hold of you!" I slip my dick out the side of my shorts legs and slap him up side the face a few times with hard solid whacks. "Oh yea? Maybe so, but I am not done with you yet." As I bounce my dick up and down leaving splatters of precum on his reddening face. He can't help it, his sneer fades and his sexy smile returns. "Okay, I admit it, I have had this coming for a long time. But damn it, I would like a fair fight with you two." Almost pleading now. "Let me up and we can all enjoy this."

I glance over at Stan, "what do you think? I am game if you are. I mean what else if nothing but a hot wrestling match between the three of us." Stan nods, "fine by me." I return to Jack, grapping his rock hard nipple between my fore fingers and thumb squeezing tight for effect. "If we let you up? Are you going to be a good muscle boy, and play nice with us?" I hear a soft, "Yes." About the same time, Jacks entire body jerks hard as Stan wrenches the hold to the max, Jacks huge arms are quivering in pain. "I did not hear you BOY!" Damn he is really playing this to the hilt, glad he is on my side. "OKAY, Okay, I get it. This could be hot and fun, just let me up. Come on guys." I think he is serious. But for added effect, "please'. He is loving this, and it is hot.

I start to untie the one wrap that is around his ankle, but decide to leave the other one cinched around his nuts just on case. Stan lessens the tension on Jack's arms and the blood rushes back into them. Stan still has his ankle locked around his neck testing to see if Jack is really faking it or going to play nice. Jack shakes his big arms out getting the feeling back before resting them calmly over Stan's strong thighs. "Damn buddy, those legs of yours are dangerous. I never knew you had that in ya." He leaves his hands on the thighs and gently squeezes and rubs them. I wink at Jack with a knowing nod, he understands completely. We are good.

I give them both a hand and help them up, still using the wrist wrap like a leash on the big bull's balls, "we should continue out in the garage if ya like. The mats might me safer once we get rolling"

We get the mats rolled out, of course Jack is still nude, surprise - surprise, and the shorts I am wearing are not hiding much by now, so I step out of them. Stan right on cue, without hesitation flinging his shorts across the room with a flick of his bare foot. "All right you two. Let's rumble". Stan revs up the already smoldering tension. Jack and I give each other a nod and circle around Stan, Jack wraps his huge arms around both of us, lifting us off the mats together and hugs us tight. "What in the hell am I supposed to do with the"--- I cut him off mid-sentence. I had my left arm around his back reached up behind him, snaked it around his neck and cinched tight. "Not so fast big guy". As I enjoy the feeling of my rock hard bicep around his neck, I feel Stan's strong legs wrap around Jack's midsection and begin to squeeze. Jack lets go of both of us, his hands immediately grab for my arm around his neck but the two of us remain suspended from his massive body standing in the middle of the mat.

I slide down the rear of Jack, get both my arms under his pits, and raise them over his head in a standing nelson. Stan has yet to break grasp, his legs are powerful enough to hold him around Jack's midsection leaving his hands free to roam over his bulging pecs and biceps. Seeing my best friend maul and enjoy my nude husband's massive muscles, is not disturbing at all, in fact I am getting off on the sight. And Stan, his cock is pressed up against Jacks massive chest, leaving a trail of precum on the already sweat soaked muscles. He is obviously enjoying it as much as we are.

Stan Slides down Jacks sweaty torso like a fireman's pole. He grabs hold of the ball strap for reassurance, using his feet, he nudges jacks feet wider apart. His free hand is rubbing across the wash board abs and hairy clipped stomach, "You got a good hold back there buddy?" he asks. I wedge my cock deep in to his ass, reapply the standing sweaty nelson with as much leverage as I can, "yea, as good as I can". Before I could answer all the way, I hear a loud solid thud, and Jacks body doubles over lifting my feet off the ground. Stan had pummeled Jacks concrete bricks with a solid fist. Stan yanks the leash on the bull nuts, "Stand up big guy" and lands another round house fist deep into Jack. The sound of his hard fist meeting rock solid flexed muscle makes my dick spasm and flex in my lovers crack. Stan drops the nut rope and wails on Jack's bricks until he is panting, cussing and totally spent. No fight left in the big guy, and I like it this way.

Since Jack is so much taller than I am, the hold is getting harder to keep the leverage applied with him bucking and jerking, so I break my leg into the back of his knees and allow Jack to fall forward landing in a kneeling position. We get our places traded with Stan now doing the honor of holding the big guy in place and me in the front. I can see Stan's impressive dick poking jack in the back and the head sliding up and down just behind his traps. I have seen Stan nude a million times over the years, even hard once or twice, but in this situation, it looks different, it looks hot and I like it.

"My turn babe". I rub my hands up and down his massive pecs, my cock is slapping him in the face. He is not fighting, not resisting. His big cock is leaking a solid string of precum from the tip of his dick meeting the floor. I use my foot and nudge his knees wider, and run my toes over his rock hard cock. "You are cruel" I hear the words raspy and horny out of his deep voice. "Don't stop". With that I land a few of my own rock solid fists into his abs and pecs. Speed bagging his muscles as hard and fast as I can. I hear Stan egg me on, "beat that muscle HARD!" Jack is writhing, flexing and absorbing ever blow not even trying to resist. The final shot, I take my foot, rub it across his face, of course he licks it, and then I rear back and let a solid kick land in his spent abs.

The smile and look of lust in my husband's eyes, are something I have not seen in years. He is a goner and past the point of any fight. "Again

he hoarsely utters. "Then get it nice and wet this time, muscle Boy" I feed him my right foot. Stan is still standing in disbelieve half holding the standing nelson keeping Jack's huge arms out of the picture. I raise my foot to his whimpering mouth and he devours it like a starving puppy. Getting the entire foot soaking wet with his spit. "Ready?" I don't wait for an answer, I kick his abs about as hard as I ever had. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKK- Yea." Escapes his horny mouth. As he slumps over as much as he can.

Stan and I are face to face, nude, with the hot muscled body of my battered nude husband on the floor between us. Something clicked and we both leaned in at same time and kissed. Loud / wet / sloppy / hard kiss.

We both feel Jack begin to tremble and shake, I recognize the signs of my man about to lose a nut, but I keep the tongue wrestling with Stan on full force. Stan must realize the effect our kiss had on Jack too and he releases the standing nelson, leans over grabbing Jacks face and open mouth kisses my husband full on with a horny wet kiss. I lean in closer pressing my body as close to the action as possible, and hear moans and gasps escape from Jack's mouth about the same time I feel hot shots of molten cum land on my thigh, covering my shins and running down to my right foot.

Jack collapses in a pile on the floor between us gasping and heaving. Stan breaks the silence first, "fuck man, I have never seen a guy come hands free like that with just a kiss. That is insane." He then notices the size of the load covering my thigh running down the front of my leg and collecting on my foot. "No wonder Jason always calls you his bull, look at that load."

Standing over Jacks body, I attack Stan's willing mouth, exploring his finely ripped body with my hands. Not missing one sexy inch. In reality I could be making love to a mirror as far as size, shape, skin, muscle definition goes. He is hot as hell, but then so am I. His hands are repeating every movement of mine, feeling me flex and my skin move in unison with his.

Without warning from below we both hear a loud roar and feel Jacks muscles tremble again. "You can't be serious, he asks me softly" Just watch! Jack's huge fist is attacking his big dick with fury. His head rolls back, and every muscle from his size 12 feet all the way up to his neck flexes as one, veins explode and so does his dick again. The first shot of this load shoots up between Stan and me landing back down on jacks face, the next few rounds not as far but equally as full and heavy.

When Jack finally returns to earth, and catches his breath, he spreads his massive arms out wide lays them on the floor spread eagle beside himself, "come here babies" he whispers. And we both fall in on each side with one powerful arm pulling us each tight into his sweat and cum covered body. He kisses first me, as deeply as I ever remember. I surrender into his muscles and kiss and feel like the luckiest man in the world. He leans over and brings Stan's mouth to ours and we all three trade spit and kiss and passionate lust.

He grabs for both our rock hard cocks, "let's see what these two big dicks have to say about all that". He strokes us both. "You know what I want Muscle man," I tell him. "Well, what are you waiting for?" He flexes his left gun to full mas, "get on it". I get on my knees and straddle his massive biceps. The peak rubbing my ass and my big nuts bouncing off his rock solid muscles. "Fucking A" we hear Stan mutter. "I have another one just for you my little man." And flexes his right biceps to full mass as he did for me with his left. "Ride it Stud". Stan mounts his right biceps, grabs his own cock and follows suit.

Being the absolute muscle show off that he is, Jack starts flexing both guns, riding our cracks with his huge hard peaks and racking my big nuts so good. "Ride Daddies muscle's" Jack is in heaven being a muscle play toy, always has been, now to have two of us to fuck with, he is loving it.

Humping and riding the 18" biceps we both lean in and kiss each other, our own hands stoking our own cock and nothing could be hotter for any of us, until we hear Jack "you two are so fucking hot together, I love to watch you kiss." In unison we both unload long overdue loads of cum, shooting over to the other's dick and covering Jack's handsome face before we all collapse again. I waste no time licking our warm mess off his face and feeding every drop I can into my starving lovers greedy mouth.

The last thing that I remember before we drift off to sleep, in each of his massive arms, I hear him say to no one in particular, or to all of us at once. "Yea! This works for me."  I smile, 'me too'  then drift off.



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