I was nearing the end of my time in the Marines and was looking forward to returning to civilian life where I wouldn't have to hide my homosexuality as much as I did in the Marines.

Oh, don't misunderstand me, I found plenty of male sex while in the Marines. After joining, it really surprised me at how many gays there were in the Marines. I had even had sex with several officers, some married and some single.

I had two weeks to go before my discharge. There was a group of us that met regularly for sexual fun and games. One of the officer's wife went to see her mother once a month, leaving early on Friday and returning late Sunday. We'd meet at his home for a weekend of hot male sex.

On our last weekend together, I was the guest of honor so to speak and all the others agreed for me to do whatever I wanted with whomever I wanted.

I started out by lining the eight of them up and sucking each one to a full and complete climax, swallowing each load. Later, I had all of them fuck me one after the other. After that, it was anything between anybody; just one big orgy all weekend. Then on Sunday before it ended I sucked each one off again, one after the other.

The day of my discharge arrived and I was called into the base commanders office to sign my discharge papers. After signing them and becoming a civilian again he looked at me and said, 'Mark, close the door please.'

'Yes, Sir,' I replied, turning and walking to the door and closing it.

As I turned back around he grabbed me and as he hugged me we kissed passionately. After the kiss he said, 'Our monthly parties just won't be the same without you. If you're ever back in town, you know where I live. Please stop by.'

'I will,Sir,' I replied. 'Your wife won't think anything about it?'

'No. I have past Marines stopping by from time to time. besides, I'd like to see you again one on one.'

'Same here, Sir.'

'Mark, you're now officially a civilian. Please call me Carl, and before you go I'd love one more taste of that awesome cock of yours.'

'Sure, and I'd like another round at yours.'

As Carl opened my pants and let them fall to the floor, I couldn't remember when I'd met a guy in his late forties as hot and sexy as Carl.

He sucked me to completion and I quickly returned the gesture. After a final kiss, I saluted him and we shook hands.

'What are you going to do now?' he asked.

'Well, with my six years in the military police, I've applied with several police departments. In fact, I have an interview with one a week from today.'

'Great. I wish you the best and feel free to use me as a personal reference.'

'Thank you for everything, Sir.'

I left and was surprised to find Carl's driver waiting to take me to the airport. He was straight but hot as hell. Everyone wanted him.

I caught my flight and arrived in Tuscon a couple hours later. I was in civilian clothes but had my Marine duffel bag at my side as I looked around and debated on whether to rent a car or get a cab to my hotel.

As I stood there, I suddenly heard a voice say, 'You look lost, Marine. Is there any way I can help?'

'Huh? Oh, I'm just thinking. I just got my discharge and I'm here for a job interview and was trying to decide if I should rent a car or get a cab to the hotel.'

'I'm Luke Taylor. I'm former Navy and I just dropped off my younger brother. He's Navy also and is headed for Virginia then to sea. I'd be honored to give you a ride if you want it.'

'Thanks. I'm Mark Jacobs. I guess I can decided on renting a car after I get checked in.'

'It's the least I can do for a fellow service man. I'll meet you in passenger pickup after I get my car.'

I went out and waited and a few moments later, Luke pulled up and opened the trunk. I tossed in my bags and climbed into the passenger seat.

'Where you staying?' he asked.

'The Adobe Inn,' I replied.

'I know where it is. It's all the way across town. It will take us about forty-five minutes to get there, but their check-in time isn't until three and it's only a little after ten.'

'I'll just wait in the lobby,' I replied.

'Like hell you will!' he exclaimed. 'You can stay at my place and relax until check-in time.'

'Man, you've done enough for me. I don't want to put you out any more than I already have.'

'Nonsense! You haven't put me out at all.'

As we drove, We talked and I found out that he was twenty-six, single, and worked construction. He was my height, six foot, had black hair and green eyes. He was muscular and good looking and hot in his snug shirt and jeans.

We arrived and left my bags in his car. Once inside he said, 'Make yourself at home,' as he began making fresh coffee.

I looked around and it was a nice place. He was on the second floor and all the windows except one living room window looked out to a wooded piece of property.

'Nice and private,' I said.

That's why I chose this one. I can leave the blinds and drapes open and no one can see in. The side window in the living room stays shut. If I get out of the shower and come in here in the buff it doesn't matter. No one can see me.'

'This is the kind of place I need. Before I joined the Marines, I was always running around the house in the buff when I was alone and would forget that mom always had the drapes open. I've had to make a mad dash to my room numerous times.'

'Well, if you get the job and settle here, I know that the apartment right next to me is vacant. It's a mirror image of this one.'

'Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.'

We had coffee and talked and as we sat on the sofa, I noticed that he would change positions and get closer. Soon we were only inches apart.

Then, the conversation changed and he began talking about how well built I was and how he bet I looked good nude with all my muscles. I thanked him and complimented his build. He stood and removed his shirt and asked if I liked what I saw. I said he looked great and he asked me to remove my shirt so he could see me. I knew what he was working toward as I removed my shirt.

'Damn, Mark,' he began, 'you look good enough to eat.'

'Well,' I replied, 'if your hungry, start eating.'

It caught him off guard and he just looked at me, then my crotch. I casually spread my legs wide and smiled at him.

'If you want it, it's all yours.'

With that, he reached over and began rubbing my crotch. I lay my head back and moaned softly. After a moment, he opened my pants and as he began trying to slide them down, I raised my hips. Seconds later, they were piled on the floor next to my feet.

He leaned over and began sucking my cock. As he did, I moaned again and said, 'Swallow it all.'

He did and gave me a fantastic blow job. I soon climaxed and filed his mouth. I watched as he eagerly accepted and swallowed my load.

I wanted him also but decided not to reveal myself just yet. Looking at him, I said, 'I'll be here for a week or more if you want to do that every day after work.'

'Are you serious?'

'Hell yea! That was awesome.'

'I'd love to do it every evening. Twice if I could.'

'No problem. When I check, you can come up to the room and suck it all you want for the rest of the day.'

'Fuck! I'd love that. I think I'm in heaven.'

'Luke, were you sucking cock in the Navy?'

'Yea. There were seven guys I took care of regularly either orally or anally. They all kept my secret.'

'I had a few in the Marines that I could go to to get serviced. I never got horny.'


'Does your brother know what you were up to in the Navy?'

'Oh, yea. He's gay also. We had sex this morning early before I took him to the airport. One of the guys I used to do is on board the ship he got assigned to. I called my bud and old him to look up my brother and he'd take over where I left off.'

'Damn! You had sex with your brother?'

'Oh yea. It had brought us so much closer than regular brothers.'

We later dressed and went to lunch and then to my motel. I checked in and we went to my room and after entering, I stripped and lay on the bed and said, 'Whenever you're ready.'

He came over and got between my legs and I said, 'Why don't you get comfortable also?'

He got up and stripped as I watched. Damn was he built and hung. His cock was already hard and at least eight inches long.

Between three-thirty and seven that night he had sucked me twice and had me fuck him once. We dressed and went to dinner and upon our return he sucked me again before leaving.

The next afternoon he came to my room straight from work bringing a change of clothes for dinner. He immediately stripped and showered and crawled between my legs. After sucking me twice, we went to dinner and upon our return he lay on the bed, pulling up his legs. I knew what he wanted and within seconds I had my cock buried up his ass. He moaned in pleasure and I worked my cock in and out of his hot ass.

After I climaxed, I lay up next to him and reached over and began stroking his hard cock.

'Damn, I wasn't expecting this,' he said.

'It's the least I can do. Just lay back, close your eyes and relax.'

He did and once I was sure his eyes were closed, I quickly swallowed his cock to the root.

'OH FUCK!' he exclaimed loudly. 'Fuck yea!'

I continued sucking him and soon brought him to his climax, eagerly swallowing every drop he fed me.

'You bastard! That wasn't your first time sucking, was it?'

'Hell no. I've been sucking since I was fifteen. I'm sorry but I had to play you along for a while, but tonight I couldn't resist any longer.'

We kissed and cuddled and he ended up spending he night with me.

For the rest of that week and all weekend, he spent his off time with me in my room having sex. We did it all to each other; sucking fucking rimming kissing making out.

I had my interview with the Tuscon Police Department and was scheduled for testing. I spent another week there and was hired.

Luke visited me every night after he got off work and it was awesome.

Having been in the military police in the Marines, certain parts of my training were skipped after I took and exam on that part and passed it. I completed the training at the top of my class and was assigned to patrol duty with another officer, Greg Sims.

Greg was twenty-nine, single and hot. We hit it off immediately and became close friends.

I took the apartment next to Luke and we were always at each others apartment. He thought it was hot as hell to be having sex with a local cop. He loved sucking me off as soon as I got home while I was still in uniform.

Greg and I had been patrol partners ad had been rotated to the night shift. During one of our patrols, we came upon two guys in an old abandoned warehouse and I learned something new about Greg.




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