Greg and I were on the graveyard shift for a month. The shifts rotated around and it was our turn for the overnight patrol. We had been partners for a couple of months and had become fairly good friends.

One night as we patroled on the east side of town, where the industrial area started, we were talking when he said suddenly, 'I'm going to circle the block. I have a hunch something is going on in that old warehouse.'

'What makes you think that?'

'Well, before you started there used to be a lot of homeless guys sleeping in there and drug activity taking place. We raided it regularly and it all stopped. Now we only occassionally find a high school or college couple in there fucking. But when we passed, I noticed two cars parked by the alley. That's rare.'

We circled the block and pulled in behind the cars. Before getting out he said, 'Shut the door gently and follow me. Stay close.'

I nodded my agreement and we exited the car and eased up to the back dock where one of the regular doors was open. With flashlights in hand we quietly entered and heard soft moans over to our right.

Turning on our flashlights we aimed them at the sounds, not expecting what we saw.

There on an old blanket were two guys, both naked, in a sixty-nine. They jumped into a sitting position and tried to cover themselves.

'Well, gentlemen,are we having fun yet?' Greg asked. They just stared at us.

'Both of you stand up and put your hands behind you.'

As they did, Greg handed me his set of handcuffs saying, 'Cuff them.'

I did and we could see the fear in their faces.

'Officer, please, if you just let us get dressed and leave, you'll never see us here again.'

'Sir, at the present time we can't do that. So far, we can arrest you on burglery, unlawful entry, and performing an immoral sex act.'

'Officer, please,' the other guy begged. 'We're both married and his will not only cost us our jobs but also our marriages. We'll do anything if you'll just let us go.'

'Hum, interesting,' Greg said. 'You two have any identification?'

'Yes, sir. In our pants.'

Greg picked up both pair and pulled out their wallets. 'Well, damn. I recognize both these names. You are both very well known in town. I can see why you don't want this to get out.'

I wondered who they were. Both were in their mid thirties and reasonably wel built and good looking. Their cocks were now soft but when we turned on our flashlights, they both looked to be seven to eight inches long.

'Please!!! We'll do anything,' the manpleaded again.

'Anything?' Greg asked.

'Yes, anything,' came the reply.

Greg looked over at me and asked, 'Say partner, are you as horny as I am?'

I knew then what he had in mind and it totally shocked me. I never dreamed Greg would let a man touch him in that way.

'As a matter of fact I am,' I replied, stepping over next to him.

'Gentlemen,' he began, 'you take care of us and we'll forget about this incident.'

'Gladly,' one replied as the other nodded.

I saw Greg raise his gunbelt and begin unzipping his pants. I did the same and soon both our cocks were exposed.

'Time to pay your fines,' he said.

The men stepped up to us and dropped to their knees and immediately swallowed our stiffening cocks. when I saw Greg's cock, I was wishing I was the one sucking it.

The two men soon brought us to roaring climaxs and as they did, Greg said, 'Make sure you both swallow every drop.'

They did and once we had our cocks back in our pants we uncuffed them. Greg then did something unexpected.

'Gentlemen, if you would, please give me one of your business cards. My partner and I might get horny one night and need some relief.'

I knew then that we would probably be calling them to meet us at a later date.

As they began dressing, we hurried to our patrol car and left. As Greg drove away, I said, 'I can't believe what just happened. If they say anything it will be ur jobs.'

'They won't. One is an assisant fire chief and the other is an assistant prosicutor with the district attorney's office. Both are high up in society. They won't say anything.'

'Damn, that was wild,' I said.

'Well, I certainly feel better,' he replied.

'So do I, but do you go hat often?'

'You mean get my cock sucked?'

'Uh, yea.'

'When I can. I love getting sucked and the couple of women I date ocassionally refuse to do it. Besides, women in general don't know how and don't go to completion.'

'Well, I can't argue that point.'

'So, I assume by that remark, that you have had guys suck you before.'

'Since we're finding out more and more about each other, I won't lie. Yes I have.'

'When was the first?' he asked.

'Back when I was in my teens.'

'Hell, you started early. Mind telling me about it?'

I told him about my first time, leaving out the part about me sucking him in return.

'Did it become a regular thing?'

'Yep. Several times a week. What about you?'

'I was eighteen and had just joined the Army. I had been in basic training a week and was a scared little shit. For some reason our drill instructor, Sgt. Cooper, took a liking to me. When I'd be on barracks watch at night, he'd invite me into his room for snacks and sodas. He was always in just his underwear.'

'What happened?'

'Oh he'd tell me how well I was doing and complement me on my build and he always seemed to come into the showers at the same time I was in there. Then, the day we finished basic, we had all received our orders for our first duty station. We all had liberty and went into town. Sarge said I could ride with him so I did. On the way into town he stopped and bought some beer and we went to a park on the river and began drinking. I was feeling real good when he suggessted that we take a walk. we eded up in the woods and it was then that he stopped me and grabbed my crotch and said he wanted it. Between being half drunk and scared, I didn't resist. He dropped my pans and went to town on it. I found that I loved it. Before we returned to the post, he had sucked me twice more. Been letting guys suck me ever since.'

'Fucking unreal,' I said. 'I did have an officer in the Marines suck me about once a week at my last asignment.'

'Damn, an officer?'

'Yep,' I replied.

'So, if we find any other guys that like sucking, are you in for us both getting sucked?'

'Sure. Why not? Just as long as yu know that they can be trusted not to say anything.'

'The ones I know of are trustworthy.'


A short time aer we stopped for coffee and a snack and once back on patrol, I asked, 'Greg, can I ask you a personal quetion?'

'Sure. If I don' want to answer it, I won't.'

'Have you ver thought about sucking another guy? I mean to see what it's like?'

'Damn, that's a loaded question, but I'll answer it. But remember, what we discuss in this car or in private stays just between us.'

'Oh fuck, definitely.'

'To be honest, yes I have. For the last year, maybe a little more, I've been curious and almost tried it, but chickened out at the lat minute. I just didn't trust the guy that much. What about you?'

'Oh, I've been curious about it for a couple of years,' I lied. 'I've come close a few times. The officer woud get a room in town and I'd meet him. We'd both be naked and he'd suck me and eat my ass and get me to fuck him. I came close to sucking him on several ocassions.'

'Damn, he'd eat your ass and take your cock up his?'

'oh yea. Both felt awesome. His ass was better than any pussy I ever had.'

'Holy shit! I've never experienced either one. You're ahead of me there,' he replied.

After that night, he'd see someone out at night that he knew sucked and we'd both get sucked. And on several ocassions he'd call our two guys from the warehouse and have them meet us and suck our cocks.

As we became even closer friends, he asked one night if I jerked off.

'Doesn't every guy?' I replied. 'I'm sure you do.'

'Yep, three to five times a week. How about you?'

'Hell, I get off at least once a day. If it's not getting sucked when we're out when we're on patrol, it's after I get home before I go to bed.'

'Shall we have an agreement, just between us?'

'Sure, what kind?'

'When we're out, day or night, if you feel the need to jerk off you can do it and if I feel the need, I'll let you drive and do it.'

'Right here in the car in front of each other?'

'Sure, why not?'

'Sounds good to me,' I replied, hoping things might develop bewteen us.

A couple of days later after we returned to the morning shift, Greg pulled the cruiser to the curb and said for me to drive. My heart raced at the idea of watching him jerk off.

We traded positions and after a minute of so I saw him unzipping his pants and extracting hos cock. We had put a box of tissues in the car for this very reason.

As I drove, Greg began stroking his cock. aftera moment, he said,'This is strange, yet exciting, jerking off in front of you.'

'Hey, don't sweat it.'

He soon brought himself to a massive climax, making sure everything went into the tissue.

'Feel better?' I asked.

'Oh yea, much,' he replied as he put his cock back into his pants and zipped up.

We stopped for coffee and when we returned to the car, he drove. About an hour later, I reached down and unzipped my pants.

'Go for it, bro.'

I began stroking my hard cock and moaned softly. Before long, I reached my climax, firing my load into the tissue.

'Man, that was a huge fucking load,' he said.

As I wipped up, I said, 'Mine are usualy large but that was larger because I found it exciting to have you watching me.'

'I know the feeling. I found it exciting to have you watching me.'

I decided then to try and take things further. We were off Friday and Saturday and I decided to invite him over for dinner Friday night and watch a ball game on TV. I made the invitation just before our shift ended and he readily accepted.

On Thursday he asked what time he should come over.

'Hey, bud, anytime you want to and come comfortable. I'll be in shorts.'

'Sounds good. See you tomorrow.'

Friday I made my plans. I stayed naked and figured that when he arrived, I'd answer the door that way. If he said anyhing, I'd say that with all we had done together, he'd seen it all anyway.

When he arrived, I did as I had planned. When he said, 'Damn, I didn't know you were going to be that comfortable,' I replied with, 'I was just heading for the shower. Besides, you've seen it all before anyway.'

'Yea, that I have.'

'Make yourself at home. I'll be out in a minute. There is cold beer in the fridge.'

'No problem,' he replied.

I took a quick shower and returned to the living

room commando wearing just a pair of shorts.

As he sipped his beer, I noticed him looking me over. I grabbed a beer and joined him in the living room. We visited and after a while he said, 'Can I asked you something?'

'Hey, man, we're open with each other. Ask away.'

'Do you go nude here a home?'

'Quite often, yea. I find it more comfortable. Do you?'

Smiling, he said, 'All he time.'

'Damn, here is something else we have in common. We both enjoy going nude.'

'You ever done it with others?'

'Oh yea. On leave last year, I went to a nudist resort. I considered a family nudist resort but I wasn't sure how I'd feel about being nude in front of kids or seeint the teens nude in front of me so I chose an adults only resort. It was fantastic.'

'With it being adults only, was there any public playing?'

'No public sexual activities, but it was common to see guys waking around with erections and seeing a couple talking with a guy then the three of them head off to their cabin.'

'Damn. Three ways. You ever get in on one of them?'

'Several to be honest. And what was wild, most of the husbands or boyfriends were bi and would suck me in front of the woman and le her watch me fuck them in the ass.'

'Holy shit! I need to visit there,' he said laughing. It was obvious that he was excited from the bulge in his shorts.

'Greg, being on the third floor with a two story buildig on the side of me and woods in the back, it's totally private here, even out on my patio. If you want, you're welcome to go nude here.'

'Will you join me?'

'If you want to go nude, of course I will.'

'Hell, lets do it. Like you said when I arrived, we've already seen each others cocks before.'

I stood and dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. He immediately did the same. There we stood both naked and semi-erect.

'Was it exciting to have the women watch you get sucked and fuck he guys?'

'Very,' I replied, 'but what was hard to get used to was when the women said that they wanted to watch us kiss and make out.'

'What? You kissed another guy?'

'Yep. And played with his cock, stroking it.'

'What's it like kissing another guy?'

'Greg, to be honest, it's not much different than tongue kissing a woman. It's just that men get much more into it and are more passionate.'

'Unbelieveable,' he said as I noticed his cock stiffening even more.

I decided to not push hings any further unless he brought it up.

With fresh beers in hand we went out onto the balcony and enjoyed the warm afternoon sun as we chatted mostly about work.

Once back inside, he helped me prepare dinner, frequently getting close enough for his soft cock to brush against me or mine brush against him.

We ate dinner and cleaned the kitchen, finishing up just before the game started. As we sat on the sofa,he turned to me and said, 'So you've kissed a guy, jerked another guy, and fucked a guy in the ass. Man, you're way ahead of me.'

'Yes, I have and to be honest, I enjoyed all three of those.'

He turned to me, looking me in the eyes. When he asked if I really enjoyed kissing another guy and I said yes, I knew what he had in mind, but I was not going to make the first move.

He continued to lookintomy eyes and after a moment leaned toward me. I responded and leaned slightly closer to him. He closed the gap and our lips met. together, we began parting our lips and offering our tongues. As our tongues explored each others mouths, I could tell he was beginning to get into it. Suddenly, I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me closer.

We kissed for several minutes before seperating. When we did, he looked at me and said, 'Damn, that was fucking hot. I can see why you enjoyed it.'

'The question is, did you enjoy it?'

'Very much. I've never had a woman kiss me like that. I loved it.'

We kissed again, both of our cocks now fully hard. As we kissed, I suddenly felt his hand grasp my cock and sart stroking me. I then did the same to him. Then it happened.

After a moment of stroking each other, he brke the kiss and suddenly owered his head into my lap and began sucking my cock. It was obvious he was a beginner, but he was ding a great job. I made no attempt to stop him. As my climax drew closer, I warned him but he continued sucking.

When I climaxed, he took it all and after collecting it in his mouth, he pulled off and as he looked up he swallowed.

I smiled and pushed him back into a sitting position and uickly leaned over and swallowed his cock. I eagerly sucked him as he moaned with pleasure. When he climaxed, I collected every drop and as I pulled off, I looked up into his eyes and swallowed.

We kissed again and then I asked, 'Well, what did you think about sucking your first cock?'

'I found it sensual, erotic and exciting. I enjoyed it. As for taking your load, I have tasted my own several times but I found yours to be more tasty. Truthfully, I liked it. But, I could tell, that wasn't your first time sucking was it?'

'No, Greg, it wasn't. I've been sucking cock since the first day I got sucked. And I've wanted to suck you since he firs day we patroled together. After every shift, I come home and jerk off hinking about what it would be like.'

'When you found out I loved getting sucked, hy didn't you say something?'

'I wasn't sure how you would feel about having a gay partner. But as time passed and we found out more about each other and that you were curious, I thought that there just might come a time I could fulfil my dream, but I wanted it to be you choice and ot mine.'

'This makes our partnership even better. We can take care of each other whenever we want.'

'If you ant to, yea. Or we can come back here or to your place and make it even better.'

'Hell, why not both?'

'That would suit me just fine,' I replied.

We kissed again and cuddled together finally watching the game as the fourth inning began. Duing the rest of the game, we'd kiss some and fondle each other. Then when the game was over, I stood and took his hand and led him to my bedroom where we had our first sixty-nine.

After swallowing and kissing, we lay together, his head on my shoulder and my arm around him, I asked, 'Would you like to spend he night here with me?'

'Yes, very much. I've never slept with another man before.'

'I was hoping you'd say yes. Tomorrow, if you want to we can go by your place and you can get what you need for patrol on Sunday and spend tomorrow nigh with me also.'

'I'd like that,' he replied.

Soon we were both sleeping soundly, cuddled in each others arms.

When we awoke Saturday morning, he smiled and me and after a passionate kiss, he said, 'That was the best nights sleep I've had in ages.'

'I'm glad, and just so you know, you don't need an invitation to stay over any other night. Just show up.'

'Thanks, but you may regret sayig that.'

'Never,' I replied.

Later, after breakfast, he asked, 'Mark, do you enjoy getting fucked?'

'Yes, very much. Are you wanting to fuck me?'

'Yea, I am.'

'Let's do it then.'

We returned to the bedroom and a minute later, he was sliding his well lubed cock deep into my ass.

Once he was n bals deep, he said, 'Oh fuck! This is better than pussy.'

He began pistoning in and out and as he did he leaned forward and we kissed. Before long he sped up and his breathing got heavier. Seconds later, I felt his cock exploded up my ass sending a flod of hot cum deep into me.

'That was awesome,' I said as he slowly pulled out.

'Was it ever. I've never had a cunt feel that good.'

As we kissed again, he took my hand and placed it on his hole. I began to gently finger him and he egan moaning. After the kiss, he whispered, 'Mark, fuck me please.'

'Greg, you need to know that the first time, it's going to hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. But if you relax and go with it, it will begin feeling awesome before it's over.'

'Do it. I can take it.'

Within a minute, I was slowly sliding my cock into his ass and he buried his cries of pain into a pillow. Once in, I held my posiion and after a while began working my cock deeper. After a moment I was balls deep and held it there.

After letting him adjust a few moments, I began to pisto in and out. After a few minutes he looked into my eyes saying, 'Oh fuck yea. I see what you mean. I love it. Fuck me and fill me up.'

Soon, I climaxed and as my load filled his ass he said, 'Oh, yea. Shoot it all up me. It's unbelieveably fantastic.'

After I pulled out, he grAbbed me and said, 'Fuck man, I want you to fuck me again. I loved that.'

For the rest of the day we kissed, sucked and fucked. Finally, we dressed and went for a bite to eat then to Greg's place for his clothes for Sunday.

Things quickly developed between us and after two weeks Greg was into it all, including rimming and being rimmed.

After beginning patrol a month after our firs sexual experience he said, 'Mark, I went on a couple of daes with women to find myself. I couldn't even get an erection once we got into bed unless I was thinking of you. I realize now that I'm totally gay. If we hadn't had sex, I would have always wondered. I owe a lot to you. Thank you.'

'Greg, you'd have found yourself eventualy. Maybe I just sped things up a little.'

We continued having sex several times a week a either his place or mine. My feelings for him grew stronger with each day.

Then six months later, as we began our nightly patrol, he pulled into a dark alley, stopped the car, and turned to me.

'Something wrong?' I asked.

'No, I just have something to say. Mark, I never thought I'd ever say this, but I have fallen deeply in love oth another man and tha man is you. I want you in my life for eternity. Will you do me the honors of being my lover?'

'Greg, I love you with all my heart and I'd be honored to be your lover.'

There in the alley we kissed passionately, pledging our love to each other forever. That weekend I moved into his home and we officially became lovers.

We hid it at work for three years then opened our own security company. There we could be ourselves and not worry. Several other officers came by to visit us at our new company and confessed that they were gay also, but for job security, they kept it secret.

A couple of them retired from the police force and came to work for us.

Greg and I have been lovers for ten years now and couldn't be happier. Our company is growing steadiy and we have a former officer running it for us. Next week, we leave on a gay cruise to the Carribean and next month we're going to a gay nudist resort.

I have introduced Greg to Luke, the former Navy guy I met at the airport, and the three of us have become great friends.

My return to civilian life has proven very enjoyable and fulfilling.




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