"I'm telling you, the best head" He muttered, loud enough for just me to hear.

"So wait, you just went in and a guy was there to suck you?"

"I had a wait about ten minutes, but he arrived and was all too eager to eat up my cock"

"How long did you last?" I mutter, getting turned on.

"No more than five minutes. Then I sucked him and he sucked me again"

"You sucked dick?!" I said, shocked. I covered my mouth and glanced around, making sure the surrounding tables didn't hear. Justin just laughed.

"I sucked him good and long. He lasted much longer than I did" By now my cock was throbbing in my boxers and tight jeans. I glanced down at my package to see it was noticeably larger than usual. I could feel a wet spot forming on my tip and it was oozing down my length. I bit my lip and looked up to Justin, who was in turn staring at my bulging crotch. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him looking and his eyes panned up my body to look me in the eyes. "Looks like you need to pay it a visit"

"I'm gonna head over as soon as we get the bill" I laugh

"Why leave? I could pleasure you better here" He said with overwhelming confidence. My heart nearly stopped. I looked up to see the serious look in his eyes. He wanted this. As if on cue, the waiter arrived. He placed down the bill but before he could leave, Justin handed him his credit card with a flirty grin. The uniformed man blushed and took it and the bill. I looked at Justin. "Go into the bathroom. Don't lock the door. I'll join you once I get my card back"

I couldn't say anything. I stood up and walked, my bulging crotch leading me to the bathroom. I opened the door in the dimly lit single room. Inside were a sink, mirror, and a toilet with nothing else. The walls had marker drawings and scratches that looked like pathetic attempts at vandalism. This was clearly not the most upscale place. But I was too focused on the wetness in my boxers to care. I looked in the mirror and saw that the look of lust in my eyes was strong and my whole body looked tense. I had a think blush on my cheeks and my package looked like it could be noticed a mile away. Before I could think of anything else, the door opened. I spun around in a flash to see Justin entering with a grin that had a mix of lust and evil in it. He slammed and locked the door and I was pushed against the wall, his hands on my chest and his breath on my lips.

Everything happened too fast. Suddenly he was on his knees, then his lips were on my bulge, then my fly was down, then my pants were off, and finally my cock was out and he was staring.

"Wow dude, looks good enough to eat" He says when his jaw drops

"Then eat it" I mutter.

He didn't have to be told twice. He licked the hot tip and slurped up the precum. I moaned loudly and he opened wider. He took my tip into his mouth and started to suck. His tongue on my glands while he sucked all of my precum out was almost too much. I felt my balls tightening already and I knew I wouldn't last long.

I bite my lip and start to pant as he takes my length down into his mouth and then, without so much as a gag, down his throat. It was an amazing feeling. He was a pro at this and it felt like I could shoot off any second. And I did. I gasped and felt my cock harden to steel before I shot my cum into his mouth hard.

My legs shook and my hips bucked as he just kept sucking. My orgasm last a good time but ended too soon. My cum soon ran out but he kept sucking. My tip quickly became over sensitive and I had to yank away, panting. I looked down at him.

He looked up, licking his lips with a smile. I hadn't even noticed him get his impressively large cock out. Not to mention that he jerked off and had shot a thick load onto my pant leg and shoes. He giggled when he saw that I noticed.

"Sorry dude, I couldn't control myself. Your cock is just too good"

I was lost for words. He was worshipping me. My cock was soft by now but I felt blood start to flow to it again at his sexy words. But I didn't want to waste this load on his again. I giggled to my thoughts and quickly put my pants on again.

"Don't worry about the mess dude. It's like a badge of honor" I giggle at him. He stands up and I forgot how much taller he was. He grabbed my now covered ass and almost lifted me off my feet to move our faces an inch away.

"I'll call you when I'm ready for my turn" He said in a tone that dripped sexuality. I almost fell over in pleasure, but he let go and started to leave.

"Call me soon" I giggle and wave. He turns and smiles before leaving. He closes the door and I sigh, before realizing I am still in the bathroom. I laugh at myself and head out, my bulge inflating again at my new plans.

"Fuck" I said out loud in my car as I pulled up to the park. The sky was orange with approaching sunset. "I hope it's not too late. I spent too much time with Justin." But there was no turning back as I park in the less than half full parking lot. My heart was racing, my bulge was swelling, and the bathroom was in sight. I leave my phone and wallet in the car, but slide two lubed condoms in my pocket just in case. I step out of the car and walk, almost in a trance towards the bathroom.

As I approach I can see the stone walls. The bathroom building was large with windows too high to see through. There were two doors, one saying men and one saying women. I grin as I enter the men's room. The room was brighter than the restaurant bathroom. The urinals were out of order, with tape covering them. There were five stalls though.

"Fuck" I mutter. The room seemed empty, without anyone at the sinks and no sound coming from the stalls. "But I am already here" I groan and walk into the center most stall. As soon as I entered, my heart jumped.

The two walls had two large holes. Each one was at least five inches wide and smoothly sanded. I squatted down and glanced into the left hole and my heart stopped. Sitting on the toilet was a hunk of man. He was butt naked with a hairy chest and abs, but the best part was what was in his hand. He was slowly jerking off his huge and thick cock. It must've been nine inches long and thick, complete with a heavy set of furry balls and a huge bush.

He didn't notice me yet, so I took this moment to turn around. I looked through the other hole and saw a similarly stimulating sight. A thin, tall, butt naked man stood in this stall, with his back to me. His ass was fat and clenching rhythmically and as I watch I realized, he was fucking a mouth through his glory hole.

I had never been to such an openly sexual place. On my left was a jerking hunk and only right was a man getting blown, presumably by an equally horny man. I fell to my ass on the ground. I was overwhelmed. "What should I do?" I think to myself. This was when I heard a voice "You gonna suck it?"

My eyes shot up as I saw that the hunk of a man had not only stood up, but shoved his cock through the hole. It was larger than I thought from a distance. It pulsed with his heart beat and precum oozed out with each pulse. It was cut and a thick vein was on top of the length right at the thickest point. It seemed to shine in the dim light from the bulb. I roll onto my knees and look at it's wet and hot tip. "Well?" the deep voice asked.

"One second" I mutter, with an unfortunate voice crack. I heard the hunk and the sucking couple chuckle, along with surprising fourth voice from behind my hunk. My whole body seemed to blush. "One second" I repeat in a forced deep voice, to which my hunk pulled his dick out and squatted to look through the hole at me. His eyes were a deep brown. They looked like warm chocolate. He blinked and I could see by just his eyebrow expression, he was waiting to see why I didn't suck. I needed to do something.

I stood slowly, my legs shaking. I reached down and slowly started to pull my shirt off over my heard. My pale and hairless chest and stomach was revealed, to which my hunk wolf whistled. I almost laughed at the moment but thought it best not to. I hung up my shirt on the hook and slowly unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall to expose my boxers. But what I didn't realize until looking down, my cock was so hard it was poking out the bottom of my boxers and leaking precum down my leg. My hunk whistled again, but this time I blushed a deep red on my face and chest.

"Is this your first time boy?" His deep voice asked.

"Yes" I muttered softly

"Then let me tell you the rules" He said, his voice not even close to a whisper. "When you come into your stall, strip naked and either get ready to suck or be sucked. If you want to be sucked, get hard. If you want to suck, wait for someone then rub your finger on the bottom of the hole. Got it?"

My mind was racing. He was so open, and the two guys behind and the mysterious fourth voice from before could undoubtedly hear him. My cock was throbbing hard and my thigh was getting soaked in precum. My boxers were tight from the hardon and I just wanted to yank them off, but I wasn't sure if it was right yet.

"Got it?!" He said, slightly irritated now.

"Ye... Yes sir" I mutter, the sir slipping out of my lips. His eye brow rose then I said it and then he stood up, his cock back in view.

"So, get to work"

I now knew it was time. I push my boxers off and my cock bounced up, splattering precum onto the stall wall. I stepped out and hung them on the hook with my clothes. I slide to my knees and looked at his hot cock as he slowly stroked. My heart fluttered as I put my finger on the bottom of the hole and ran it up and down for moment before pull it away. He took his cue as I removed my finger and shoved his hardon forcefully through the hole. My mouth watered.

But I couldn't keep him waiting this time. His tip was throbbing and flowing precum with excitement. I slowly stick my tongue out and slide it up his tip. It was even hotter than expected but his precum was cool and delicious. I was experienced enough to take this moment to swallow his tip whole.

His tip almost filled my mouth entirely. I could feel it pressing against the roof of my mouth and pulsing. I opened my lips wider and took more of his length into my mouth. I slowly crawled my way up his length, feeling it pulse more and more violently. I felt myself about to gag but controlled it and slide my way all the way to his hairy bush. To this, I heard the beautiful sound of him moan out the words: "Fuck man, you got it down to the bone." This made me loss control and start to slide off then back down. I slowly sped up, going up and down until I was fucking his cock with my mouth.

This was when he moaned again. It was like fuel to the fire when I heard his moans of pleasure. I went faster but took me a moment to realize that he had started to fuck the wall. He was hump harder and harder into my mouth, but he got into a rhythm. My spit and his pre made perfect lube for my throat as he fucked it. He was getting faster and faster until he loudly gasped and I knew it was time.

His cock was harder than even and bigger than ever. It throbbed and ached. His humping was going wild, as if he was pounding an ass. He gasped and moaned and in an instant he shoved his length all down my throat and shot off.

It was thick and heavy. His first shot went straight down my throat. I pulled up so his tip was on my lips just in time for him to shoot again. Again and again his shot his cum and my mouth was full. I swallowed hard only for him to fill my mouth again. I swallowed it all until he was spent and yanked his cock free. I was panting and so was he. I looked through the hole but could only see his deflating cock just as he put it away.

"Thanks boy. I hope to find you here again someday" At that, he left. He was pulling his shirt on as he walked out. I collapsed onto my ass on the cold tile. In all the fun, I had forgotten about my own hardon, which was aching with hardness and was soaked in precum. I looked up to see that out of the high windows it was already dark outside. Everyone else was probably gone too. I looked at my hardon again. "I guess I better jerk it" I mutter.

"No you shouldn't" a voice said from where my hunk had been and I looked up. A finger was on my glory hole and stood. I was in a trance of arousal and simply slide it through the hole. A set of lips took it in care and started to suck hard. I wouldn't last long, but just as I thought that, I felt my cock hardening. I clawed at the wall and humped my cock through the hole until I heard the gaging sound. I gasp loudly and shot my cum. It was an amazing orgasm. Fueled with sexual tension, my cock would not stop twitching as my cum shot out, and even after my cum ran out, my orgasm continued until I was soft. I fell back against the opposite wall, panting.

I looked at my glory hole. A green eye was looking at me and I squatted down to look back at it. "Thank you" I whispered.

"You welcome" The voice said in a regular volume voice.

"Do you want one?"

"No, I'm good. I came when I heard you sucking that other guy. You sounded like you really pleased him"

I was blushing again. I knew I was good but didn't know I could get someone off just from my sounds. I shyly looked at the floor. "Well, thanks again. I am spent for the day"

"I hope that I can feel your lips one day though"

"I hope I can taste that piece of meat of yours" I giggle and wink at him.

"Later dude" He said with a smile, getting up. I hadn't realized but he was fully dressed this whole time. He strolled right out of the stall.

I stood up and started to get dress, shoving my now soft cock away and putting my tight clothes on again. I took one last look at the glory holes that I plan to visit often when I was surprised to see a new hard cock poking through the other hole.

"Can I get some service here?" A voice said and I couldn't help but grin as I slid to my knees.


Gay Aidan


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