I always had the hots for Chris an 18 year old volunteer fireman who ethnic ancestry background was that his family was from Portugal. Chris was second generation black hair,dark eyed,body to die for.I loved when he played soccer with his mates at the end he would take off his shirt which always turned me on since he was completely covered in hair, I loved how his chest hair would trail down his abdomen to his belly button and then dive into his crotch.I used to be obsessed with getting into his pants and sucking him off.

I could tell he was interested but was afraid of taking advantage of all the times we were alone in the squad house.We spent many hours watching straight porn in the tv room. He would end up going to the mens room and jacking off to relieve himself of a load of ball juice.

I spent many endless nights thinking how I could get the chance of sucking his fine prick. I knew it was fine because somtimes after a rescue call or fire call we would shower at the station. Chris was uncut with an six inch soft cock with a nice set of hairy balls.We would be showering next to each other and I could tell he was at least bi or gay because his glances at my cock lasted too long.I remember one time we were in his car driving in the hidden lanes of Westchester and he would say things like you better not try anything with me like making me give you a blowjob or vice versa. He knew I was bi or gay because I always had many guys wanting to get laid by me or wanting to suck my cock. And he had probably never seen me with a woman and even spoke about fucking one.

I told him one night that I went to the city alot when I was horny to get a blow job through a gloryhole. I told him it was great since it was dark and you never saw the person sucking your cock when you came that was it no strings attached. I told him I could arrange for him to get head for free if he wanted. So after a few days he said he might be into getting his dick sucked.He said he had never had oral sex and he wanted to know how it felt. I told Chris a good looking guy like you has never been sucked off . He said no but one time in Portugal when he was there with his family he had stopped at a rest stop and one of the partitions had a gloryhole cut into the wall.And when he looked through there was a guy jacking a big uncut cock. All at once the guy got up and shoved his cock through the hole balls and all. Chris said he leaned closer to the cock which was at least 10 inches in length, but got scared since his family was outside waiting from him.

So we made plans to go to Queens where this video place was. I told him it was real neat since it had two floors a main floor that sold videos and the basement was an arcade where you put coins in to watch videos. We arrived at the place and being friend´s with the owner introduced Chris to him. Little did Chris know I had planned on sucking his cock hell or high water. The owner said one of his best customers was downstairs in number two and told us to take number one. Chris and I went downstairs and sure enough the red light outside number two was lit up,We entered number one and I asked Chris who wanted to go first. He said you go first and he would watch how it was done. So I pulled out my cock and stuck it through and a pair of lips engulfed my cock. I moaned and told Chris it was great and began to fuck this mouth through the hole. It was dark and Chris was at my side watching my dick disappear and reappear. Chris was intent on watching start to finish. He didn´t know I had other plans. I told him I had to take a leak that it was hard for me to come if my bladder was full. I opened the door and went out telling him enjoy himself while I was gone. As I was leaving my friend in number two opened the door and I took his place. Looking through the hole Chris had hauled his cock out and was jacking off to the video. I put my lips to the hole showing him what I wanted and he turned and faced the hole. Slipping his cock through he gasped when it went into my mouth. I started to suck his cock letting him drive his cock hard into my mouth. I heard him say suck my balls bitch so I obliged and lathered his scrotum with my tougue. He had the balls that I liked to suck they reminded me what the balls of the bull my father had on the farm when I was young.

His balls werent loose but taunt and snug in their sack and really hairy.I knew it wouldn´t be long til I had their contents.A cpoius amount of precum began flowing from his cock.

Chris abruptly removed his cock and got on his knees and was trying to see who was on the other side. A smirk came over his face and he ran his finger along the edge of the hole. This gesture told me he wanted to suck cock. I knew he couldn´t see me so I raised up and shoved my cock through , It entered his lips and he began to suck my cock. I managed to shove my balls through also and he went and sucked each one. I was in heaven getting a blow job from Chris.I was getting close so I pulled my cock out of his mouth and bent down to receive his cock again. It was salty and drooling its precum I managed to swallow his hairy dick all the way to his balls and he began to fuck my mouth banging his body against the plywood wall.I knew it wouldn´t be long til I tasted his young cum load. He began to say he was coming so this made me more intent on giving him a great blowjob.His first spurt was like a bullet hitting the back of my throat burning as it went down. The next eight spurts got me so hot after swallowing them I got up and shoved my cock through. the hole. He was ready with his gulping mouth receiving my huge load. As I withdrew I could see he was already pulling up his underwear and pants so I had to hurry and get out of there. I slipped out and went to the vacant number four while another customer entered number two. When I heard Chris outside I opened up number four and stepped out.

Driving home Chris said it was great and had a great time unloading his balls into the unknown mouth on the other side of the wall.He said he liked not knowing who sucked him off .He didn´t mention doing alittle sucking of his own of the cock next door. I knew it was the start of something Chris and I could talk about in the future.




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