As I lay here in bed this morning remembering the week before,I started gently stroking my hardened cock, I knew it wouldn't be very long and I would be shooting a load of hot wonderfeeling cum and I remenised, I had gone to the Park to enjoy the neighbor boys ball game, He is thirteen and a quite good little ball player. I had told him I was going to try to be there if I could make it.

Well I had made it. But I didn't see his father, he usually came to the game too. Oh well no matter was my thought, I'll just set here and enjoy the game, but, My thoughts went to the glory hole in the mens room across the field from the Ball field.

The truth is I'm a really nice looking man, at least in my estimation, and I have a nice seven and a half inch long, five and three quarters circumference cock, uncut and I think quite nice looking as cocks go and it loves to be caressed, stroked, sucked and just plain given a lot of attention, Oh yea! did I mention I'm thirty one years old and I'm what you call a cum pig, I love to suck cock.

Well Jason, the thirteen year boy that is playing ball, came out to the field and started warming up playing left field, and the game started, I was setting when the desire hit me.

I got up and started walking over to the mens room, thinking about the glory hole. I walked into the mens john and didn't see anyone there and took the third stall back in the corner, I set down and got ready, started reading the writings on the wall etc.

I had just started stroking the ole schlong and it was feeling pretty friggen good when I heard someone walk into the john and they came to the stall next to mine, pulled their shorts down to their ankles and set down on the commode next to mine, they sorta leaned over to see what was on the other side and leaned back pulled up their polo shirt and put the front of the shirt behind their head. they leaned back and started playing with their nipples, they had a lightly hairy chest, quite muscular, looked to be about my age, and had a quite nick looking uncut cock sticking out from between their legs.

I started stroking my cock to make the connection, and they were responding, Fuck they really started twisting their nipple with the left hand while stroking that gorgeous cock with the other, I placed my finger up in the glory hole, (the sign to stick your cock thru) and He sorta stood up and looked over the dividers at the door to check for anyone else, and then turned and stuck his nicly thick, uncut cock thru the hole which was large enough for his balls too. and I leaned over and started licking his cock, I was loving this, his cock and balls had a manly scent, and that nicely clean aroma of a freshly showered man, and the cock tasted just absolutely perfect, I was lost and in heaven, I was so sensative to that game, not the one on the field, but the one in the stall, I could feel his heart beating in his cock, each time I would lick and suck stroking it with my mouth I could feel it respond and tighten up, each vein, each throb, each drop of pre-cum I could feel and taste and I was in Heaven, I was gently massaging his testicles and rubbing them and I could feel each one like candy eggs in a soft bag, I began to notice the signs, hearing his soft moans, hearing him wisper Oh fuck man, Jeezezuss, Oh god, feeling his nuts sack shrink up tight against his body and almost disappear, noticing that the head of his cock was getting harder thicker more pronounced, feeling how much harder his cock was becoming, Like a peice of flintrock in my mouth and, then feeling him sorta start jerking and grunting as his cock explodes into my waiting mouth, Feeling each volly of sperm as it ejaculates into my hot, wet mouth and feeling his body as it recedes from his experience of shooting his wad of cum into my mouth, God what a rush for me, I almost blew off there, My cock was as rigged as iron, but I wouldn't touch it, I Noticed he sorta fell back onto the commode and sorta set there and I heard him wisper thanks man, that was fucking awesome, then I noticed something familiar, He was wearing a little string braided bracelet, kinda like a kid would make for a dad, and a signet ring with the initial 'K' on it, I couldn't place it but I had seen that ring and bracelet before, Oh well never the less I enjoyed sucking this guy off, then he pulled his pants up and left.

In a few minutes there came another man maybe about twenty five or so. came into the stall and set down, began stroking a nicely cut six or so incher, I put my finger up and he stood up and jammed his cock thru the hole and I started sucking his cock too, It took this young man about two minutes and he was blowing his wad, I almost laughed, He acted like he hadn't gotten off in a month and he was all but yelling when he unloaded a mouthful of the sweet nectar of the nut.

He quickly got up pulled his trousers up and got out of the stall, I stood up to see who he was and fuck Me, it was My fucking insurance man, What a fucking shock, He's married and has three kids, goes to church, the whole friggen perfect citizen thing, I just kinda chuckled and set back down.

I got up and went back out to watch the game, already in progress and I had a wet cock from the excitement and pre-cum leaking, I did not get off. When Jason's Father came over and sat by me and we watched the game together, We got a beer and enjoyed the game and then Keith and Jason, Oh yea, Jason's team won the game and They left to go home and said see ya back at the house.

I went back to the glory hole to see if there would be anymore action, and there was a guy there setting in the second stall, I took the third. Now ususally the glory hole thing is and unseen, unspoken act of just getting blown getting your nuts off and going about your business. but sometimes you make a connection.

I sat there and watched thru the hole and this guy had a humongous cock, very hairy, I would guess this guy to be about forty or so, nicely muscled, his stomach looked like he maybe was a fireman or policeman, and he stood up stuck his and I swear it had to be nine inches long and like a beer can around cock thru the hole and I reached up and started pulling the foreskin back and I loved this, His head was purple from the hardness and he started wimpering almost immediately, Fuck man, I took as much of this horsecock into my mouth as I could, and started sliding my mouth over it, It didn't take me very long and I had this guy humming Yankee doodle dandy, He started fucking my mouth and saying suck it, oh baby suck it, and he started tightening up and I felt it start jerking in my mouth and rewarding me with a mouthful, and I do mean a mouthful of Hot, sweet tasting, salty, cum, shit man I almost lost the load it was so big, When he was finished after about what seemed like five minutes of shooting it, he fell back on the commode and then he said put yours thru buddy, I gotta return the favor, since it was getting late, I figured I just get off and go home, and thats what I did, Man this guy could suck a cock, he had me almost screaming before he was done He was rubbing my nuts, sliding my foreskin back and forth with his tongue, sucking and nibbling on my cockhead and slurping like there was no tomorrow, fuck man It didn't take too long and I was about to tear the stall wall down, It was amazing, and when he left I had to see who this dude was. I saw first hand that many, many, married men like getting a blow job from another guy, they just wanted it to be under wraps, so to speak. Well I saw who it was It was Dave Dodson, Fire Chief from our little home town, married, five kids, the upstanding A/1 Mr. citizen, but one thing for fucking sure, He knew how to handle a hose.

I got up and pulled up my shorts and left and lit a cigarette, I don't smoke all the time but after doing the glory hole thing I ususally have a beer and a cigarette.

I got home and Keith and Jason, my good friends and neighbors were on their back patio and were haveing Hot dogs and soda kinda celebrating, Now The truth is I have had the hots for Keith for about the whole time, five years, they have lived there next to me. So I looked at Keith and His wife and kinda put the sexual thought about Keith out of my mind, but I have watched him out in the yard in just his shorts, working in his yard, His body was not muscle man defined, but very nicely muscled, excellent looking chest, just the perfect amount of hair, washboard type abs and very muscular legs, fuck I have stroked off watching him out my kitchen window working in his yard.

Well here we were celebrating Jason's victorious first game of the ball season and Keith walks over and places his hand on my shoulder and says can I get you a beer, and I noticed it and like to swallowed my tongue, the little bracelet on his wrist, I thought I would pass out, and then I looked down and there it was the signet ring with the 'K' on it, shit my stomach did a leap and a doubletake, I was speachless, Keith says, Hey man you look like you just saw a ghost or something, I came to my senses, and fuck I just realized I had given Keith a blowjob at the glory hole that very night, no wonder he looked so fucking relaxed and happy. We continued to enjoy the evening and went to bed about eleven o'clock that night.

I layed awake thinking about that awesome evening and the glory hole revelations, first Keith, my next door neighbor, My insurance man, then The Fire Chief, Fuck I was beginning to wonder if everyone in town patronizes the glory hole.

About two days later I had been thinking about Keith constantly, and was wondering about his wife Karina, Well I got the answer to my question that morning, Keith came over to borrow my electric nail gun to do some wall repairs in his family room, He was home alone this particular morning and I invited him in for cup of coffee, He said sure and walked into the kitchen and set at the table, I sat down and said Keith we've been friends now for about, oh, almost five years, and I need to ask you something, Do you know just how fucking sexy looking you are, and, do you know I have had the hots for you for almost five years, and I was wondering how your sex life is with Karina, He was taken back and was sorta studdering and said, Well, It's about none existant. I said I kinda thought so, then he said, but I didn't know you were, well gay, I said, yea! I am ,and I want you bad, sexually that is, Keith kinda blushed, and what makes you think I would be interested, I just smiled at Keith and said Keith, fuck man, and I reached over and rubbled his leg up close to his bulge area and he kinda wimperd and leaned back, and said man please don't do that I get turned on so easily these days, and I responded to Keith, so what I will take care of that problem for you Keith, I did Monday night during the ball game at the park at the glory hole in the mens room, Keith's eyes flew open, and he stammered, I said, calm down Keith, It's alright, no one will ever know but me and you, and I want you to know you can come over here when you need it, not take a chance at the park of getting caught, He Looked at me a blushed, I then said I fucking loved sucking your cock, Hell I've been jerking off to you ever since you moved in here.

I started rubbing his bulge and he started breathing hard and saying oh fuck man, Karina and I don't have sex but about once every three or four months and I need to do something, I love her and won't leave, but I need a touch, and I said Hey man, I'm here, right next door.

I had him stand up and undid his pants and let them drop to the floor and then I took him by the hand and walked him to the bedroom and layed him down on the bed, Now I said We will take care of that little need right now. He said Oh fuck man, I reached over and started rubbing his balls gently and the insides of his muscular thighs. he started moaning, I then leaned over and took his nipples into my mouth sucking, nibbling, licking and licking on his abdomen, I started sliding my tongue down to the navel button and stuck it into the cavity there and he started writhing, saying man I never, I started licking around the waist line and he started kinda jumping at the touch, HE was holding his face in his hands and

ugmmming like crazy, I spread his legs and had him raise them up holding under his knees and I started licking his ass which was so beautiful and his dark pink starfish of an asshole, I started driving my tongue into it, I was in Limbo, in a state of ecstacy, I had wanted to do this for a long time to Keith, Now my dream was comming true,

Keith was going biserk lifting up his asshole to my advances with my tongue, he was loving it, I released him and let him put his legs down, and I noticed a pool of pre-cum laying on his stomach from his excitement, I looked up at Keith and smiled and said awesome, and started licking it up, fucking delicious, I said, He was blown away with it all, Fuck man If I had known you wanted me this bad You would have had me, I just smiled and leaned over his body and took his cock into my mouth and with the edge of my teeth and my lips and just a light bit of pressure slid his foreskin back down his cock and He started groaning, awe fuck, awe fuck man, and I started sucking and swirling my tongue around his cock head licking the underside of the head with the tip of my tongue like a lollypop and he started jerking and his stomach almost started spasming, Oh Holy mother of God, He was almost there and as I rubbed his nutsack I noticed that both of his testicles had risen up almost completely up to the top of his cock and were setting there like a coulple of extremely large jelly beans. and I licken them there at that place and he started saying I gotta cum soon or I will bust, fuck man, then I took his cock to the hilt and started sucking, sliding my mouth over and around up and down licking with my tongue and lightly nibbling the very tip of the cockhead and His body was setting rigid, his ass muscles tightened up like a rock, His cock got harder and harder and the head started flanging out and then he started ughnnnnnn,,fuck, jeeeze, Oh fuckin shit man, and started unloading one, two , three, four, five, six, six and a half spasmes later he had shot what felt like a quart of cum into my waiting mouth and I held his cum there and savored ever drop of Keiths Love nectar, What a fucking rush.

Keith just layed there breathing heavily and sorta jerking in his hole body as his muscles finally relaxed, I was in heaven, Keith was exhausted, and looked up and smiled the he spoke, the was the most intense climax I have ever had man, Thank you, thank you, I can't move, I have never climaxed with my whole body before, I said Keith darlin, You have never been made love to before, You have just had sex. I made love to you and I worshipped your whole body, and there is more to come, remember that. He looked up and said, is that a promise, I leaned over an kissed him on the lips and he responded by returning my kiss with his tongue, and holding it there while we exchanged saliva, and did a tongue dance with each other, and I leaned back and said You can be sure, That's a promise.



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