Xander Conrad rushed into the fancy bathroom, snapped the lock and crumpled to the floor. Tears welled down his face. How did he get here. Was he really about go through with it? Only this morning.. life was so much simpler. 'Hi, Xander Conrad? this is Mary-Beth from Martin Greene's office. This is regarding the new 'Red Heat' movie. Mr.Greene would like to discuss writing up a contract with you. Yeah.. that's right. The part's yours.'

Xander was ecstatic when he played that message. All he wanted since he was a kid was to be David Heat, the sexiest teen spy on TV. And now the part was his..... If he was willing to whatever it took. A flash of anger washed through him.

Earlier that evening, Xander walked through the lavish house being led by the help to Martin Greene's room. Once they got to the room, which was extravagantly decorated, Greene asked the butler to leave them and shut the door. Xander couldn't help but notice that it was just the two of them. He'd expected the other producers to be here too.. considering that they had millions of dollars riding on this movie.

"Ahh! Xander Conrad!, the star of tomorrow. Would you like some tea?", Martin Greene asked, gesturing Xander to take a seat next to him. Xander also noticed that there was a stunning lack of any sort of documents to sign. "No, sir. Thanks", Xander replied politely. "So! where do I have to sign?", Xander asked.. unable to remain patient any longer. Martin chuckled. "Xander, the parts yours.... On one condition", he said as he placed on hand on Xander's thigh sliding it up closer and closer to his crotch. "What.. what are you doing Mr.Greene?", Xander asked choking back a gasp. "Mr.Conrad, the parts yours.. but the question is... how bad do you want it? Now all the pieces came together. If he wanted the part, Xander was going to have to let this guy fuck him. Being gay all his life, Xander was no stranger to being with guys.. but never like this. Never for a part.

"Can.. can I use your bathroom, real quick?", Xander asked and rushed in as soon as he was told which door to go through.

Can't stay in here forever Xander.. he said silently. He checked his phone for the hundredth time, hoping for some hidden savior to whisk him away from this and just give him the part.

Fuck it Xander thought. He was 19, blond, cute, he was at that age where he's got a libido that's simply never satisfied and Xander was usually pretty much up for anything. So much so that he'd seem just at home taking a mate's eight inches up the rear as he does giving it out to one of his horny buddies. Xander's greatest appeal, however, was always going to be his fair, blue-eyed sexy face. Xander loved to entertain, no doubt, loved putting on a show. The 'Cum one Cum all' kind and, with a thick 8" cock, that sexy face and a physique like his as assets, who on earth wouldn't want to sleep with him?

He walked out from the bathroom to find Martin sprawled on the bed, with no clothes on. Just a cushion on his deal. Now that Martin was.. better visible, Xander noticed that this guy was quite the hunk himself. Perfectly toned muscles, pecs as firm as rock and once he noticed Xander sizing him up he threw off the cushion to reveal a super thick, hard shaft. Man was this guy hung. Xander pulled off his hoodie till the mouth of it got caught around his head. He fumbled to pull off him when he felt two cold hands rub against his bare stomach, circling his belly button and then slide up to tweak his nibbles. Xander fell back onto the bed, as he was, caught hoodie and all and just laid there feeling his shaft grow harder by the second. Before he knew it, Xander felt a warm mouth breathe on his nipple. Inching closer and closer until a tongue was circling his sensitive pink disc. Martin began to suck on Xander's nipple, occasionally stopping to nibble on it. Which was throwing Xander over the edge. Abruptly Martin stopped. He pulled the hoodie the rest off the way off Xander and threw it aside. Martin got up and took a seat on the couch, "I'd like for you to put on a show for me Mr.Conrad".

Xander happily complied. He began by rubbing his hands over the length of his body.. then slowly driving it through his hair. Next he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans all the way and kicked them off to reveal a giant tent in his boxers. Martin was pleased by the size of this twink's thick shaft. Xander began to rub his dick through his boxers, occasionally sliding his hand in through the slit to fondle his balls. He looked at Martin, and then with a wink revealed his big cock through the slit. He couldn't help but grin when he heard Martin gasp a little. He jerked his cock a few more times, rubbing it against his abs and then kicked off his boxers. Martin hadn't gotten better at containing his surprise. Yet again he gasped when he saw Xander's big balls.

Xander got on his knees, spread enough to let his balls hang free and then began to stroke his cock. Slow at first but then he picked up the pace when he noticed Martin stroking his own cock . A sight which oddly turned him on. Soon Xander's breathing got heavier, moans and pants escaping his mouth all the same. He licked his lips. He placed his free hand on his firm chest, rubbing his nipples and then drove his hand into his hair and gabbed on firmly. He retreated to the head of the bed and relaxed his body giving Martin a clear view of his puckering hole all the while still stroking his cock. Xander rubbed a finger between his butt cheeks while furiously stroking his shaft with the other hand. Martin gave up his position and walked over to Xander who continued to stroke unaffected by this. He relieved Xander's hand and placed his own, circling Xander's hole. Slowly Martin began inserting finger after finger into Xander's willing hole while Xander spread his legs wider and wider to grant more access. Martin could feel Xander's butt tense around his fingers. He knew what was going to happen next. Surely enough.. Xander's breathing grew even tenser and he screamed out, shooting volley after volley of hot cum that erupted all the way from his face to his stomach. Xander continued to stroke his now semi-hard cock while Martin moved slid his fingers in and out. Finally spent, Xander fell back, his breathing returning to normal. Martin scooped some of the cum on Xander's chest with his tongue, desperate to get a taste of this sexy boy's creamy goodness. But Xander wasn't done yet.. he resumed stroking his cock which was rapidly growing to full size.

Martin moved his mouth to Xander's cock and began to lick the head while Xander continued jerking. Martin dove down and pulled one of Xander's nuts into his mouth, which sent Xander to the edge. He began stroking furiously, his breathing grew rapid, he slid a finger into his hungry hole and continued to jerk and finger himself in one synchronized motion. Xander continued doing this.. only increasing the number of fingers till there were four. Xander was now reduced to breathing only through his mouth while he stroked his shaft as hard as possible. Realizing that he might be a bit too loud Xander bit his lip to keep himself from screaming the neighbors over. Until he couldn't anymore, when every muscle in his body tensed and his balls were gearing up to explode. A rapid "ughh ughh ughh", escaped Xander's mouth when his cock for the second time in a row.. erupted volley after volley of cum. This time Martin's mouth was on his cock, swallowing every drop. Xander fell back. Exhausted. His chest heaving, body covered in cum.

As he laid there, Xander realized two things..one, now he was David Heat and two, this wouldn't be the last time he'd have to get naked for a part.



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