"Fuck." I heard Caleb mumble, and Donnie pulled me close to him. "Welcome back baby boy." He whispered in my ear. "Hey, how was your weekend?" Donnie looked at me weird, "fine...and yours?" He dropped his arm, as Caleb opened the door, and I stepped through. "It was relaxing, and sweet." "I see." I glanced over at Caleb, who was adjusting the weight of his bags, as he stepped up behind us on the stairwell.

"So you wanna hangout later?" "Yeah, I'm going to relax a bit, and unpack and then I'll come over." I didn't look at him. I couldn't. I knew he wanted to see me, but in front of caleb, after our weekend, it just seemed weird. "Alright then, I'll see you later." Donnie quickly sprinted up the rest of the stairs, disappearing into the hall. "Hey, s..." "Don't worry about it." Caleb quickly interrupted me. "I almost thought..." "What?" "Nah, let's just get up to the room, and chill." I felt my face getting warm, as I walked down the hall, to our room. 

I opened the door, and stepped in, seeing how clean it looked. It had only been a couple days, but the familiarity of our tiny dorm, was a welcome warmth . I dropped my bags down, flopping onto our beds. Caleb dropped his bags, and shut and locked our door, laying down behind me, draping his arm over my side. "I had, the best time this weekend." "Me too." I kissed his arm, and he pulled me back toward him.

I fell asleep again, waking up around 7. The room was dark, and I could hear Caleb's breathing. I got up off the bed, and shuffled my feet around, finding my closet, and reaching through my clothes for my hoodie. I pulled it over my head, and stepped out into the hall, shielding my eyes. i closed the door behind me, and walked down to Donnie & Chris's dorm. I knocked on the door, not hearing anything. I knocked again, and still nothing.

I turned to walk back to my room, when the door opened, and Chris stood before me. Even in the dark room, I could see his tall, athletic frame, filling the entire door way. He leaned to one side, and held his hand out. I took, it and he pulled me in. The room was dark, but his body was warm and strong. He held me for a couple minutes. I had my arms around his waist and my head on his chest. I could feel he had on some shorts, but nothing under them. 

He didn't say anything, but led me to his bunk, as I crawled in. He got in behind me, pulling the light blanket up over us. He kissed the back of my neck, and draped his arm over me. Donnie was gone, and I was alone with Chris. I was suddenly reminded of my feelings for him, as his scent rose to my nostrils, and the warmth of his body enveloped me. I was still tired, and soon fell asleep.

"What the fuck?" I woke, to the lighted dorm, and Chris was shifting his weight in the bunk. I rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the light, seeing Donnie's lower body, wrapped in a towel, standing just out of view of the bunk frame. "You came down here to see me, and end up sleeping with Chris?" "Hey man, we didn't fuck, I thought he was here to see me." "Yeah, sure." Donnie was digging through his drawers, and Chris was trying to conceal his hardon.

"I'm sorry. I'm so tired, I just fell asleep with Chris." Donnie glanced over at me quickly, leaning against his dresser. "I just...I haven't seen you all weekend, and then..." "I know. I'm sorry. I should've just waited for you." "You should've." He turned to me, and I could see his frustration. I'd never seen him look upset like this. Not pissed, but almost sad. I walked forward, and hugged his neck. He hugged me back, and I heard Chris mumble something sentimental. I pulled back, and apologized to Chris. "I did come down here to see Donnie. I just felt comfortable sleeping next to you. "Hey, you should by now." Chris smiled, and turned away, pulling on some jeans. His muscular body was shimmering under the dim light from above. Damn he's sexy.

I turned back to Donnie, and hugged him again. "wanna get out of here?" He pulled back, kissing me quickly on the lips. "Yeah, sure. Where are we going?" "Hmmm....How about we chill at pizza hut?" He talked to me while he got dressed, slipping off his towel, and pulling on some shorts. I didn't mind watching, and he didn't care that I watched. His body was hot, and that sexy smile. His wet curls hung loosely around his face and neck. He had grown out his chin straps, and they were trimmed and neat, framing his gorgeous face. I cleared my throat, looking around for my shoes. 

I slipped them on, turning to see him pulling on a sweater. We were out the door in a minute, and on our way out to the parking lot. We got in his car, and took off. The pizza hut was a little further than I remembered, but we were soon pulling in. As it was before, there were no other customers around, and we got the corner booth around the fake shrubbery. 

Donnie ordered our drinks and food, and quickly had me pinned in the corner, with his lips on my neck. I could feel him get hard quickly, and I whispered for him to stop, before we made a scene. "I missed you baby." "I missed you too!" I smiled and kissed him quickly as Sarah came back. "You guys are dolls. Let me know if you need anything else." She walked away, and Donnie turned back to me, kissing my neck, and tickling me with his prickly face. "Stoppppppp!" "I can't help it." He sat back, and put his hand on my thigh, grabbing at me. "I just wanna be naked with you, and fucking you til you can't take it anymore." "You're so romantic." I punched his arm, laughing. "No I mean it. It's been a long couple days without you." "You survived though baby." "I did." He lifted my hand, kissing it softly.

Our food came out in a few minutes, and we ate quietly, playing footsie under the table. He kept flashing me that sexy grin, and winking. He was driving me crazy, and I kept reminding myself I still had some Caleb in me. I got so full, and sat back, resting my head against the back of the booth. Donnie slid closer putting his around around me. I rested against his shoulder, and he told me how his weekend had been. 

He was explaining what happened to the dryers down in the basement of the dorms, when we heard some loud voices coming in the front door. I sat up, and Donnie slid away, as Sarah seated them at the opposite end of the dining room, out of view. We still kept our hands to ourselves, and Donnie continued telling me, someone had commented on a smell from the dryers, and so they had a service man come check it out. He'd found a dead rat in the air duct, and everyone freaked out, and Chris opened up the laundromat after hours, so all the guys could re wash all their clothes. The maintenance director on campus refunded everyone two loads of laundry, and then they all ordered pizzas and had a party Saturday night.

It made me glad I wasn't there, but I liked hearing about stuff I missed. The voices continued getting louder, and the laughter continued. Donnie kept rolling his eyes, and we asked Sarah for a take out box. We got up to leave, and the voices stopped, as the older people lowered their conversation to mumbles, and glanced apologetically at us, as we walked by. We got in Donnie's car and drove back to campus. 

We went upstairs, finding the dorm empty, and got up in Donnie's bunk. I was so tired again, and he put on some low music, while we cuddled. He was whispering sexy sweet things in my ear, and rubbing up against me. I knew he wanted to fuck, but I didn't want Chris walking in, and having that continued awkwardness between them. I told Donnie I just wanted to relax and cuddle, and he agreed with me...but not without reminding me how horny he was.

"It's been a couple days and i've been holding out for my boo to get back, but I don't know how much longer I can make it. "Yeah, I'm sure you jacked off plenty, while I was gone." "Nah." He grabbed my hand, placing it down his shorts, over his throbbing dick. "Feel that?" "Yeah." "It's nice and heavy, from all that build up baby." He flexed his dick in my hand a couple times, and I pulled it back, and under my face. "Not that I don't want you inside me, but Chris could come back any minute, and I don't want you guys fighting." "Fuck that. he knows I'm hittin it." "I know, and he hits it too." "Damn, you had to remind me." He shoved his dick against me, and I pushed back. "Fuck." He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my neck, while I dozed off.

I didn't mean to spend the night. I saw some sunlight peeking through the blinds and I jumped slightly. Donnie shifted behind me, moaning a good morning, and poking me with his morning wood. I slowly got up, turning to kiss his lips, and then shuffled down the side of the bunk, and shuffling back down the hall. I opened the dorm door, and worked my way to our bed, getting in, and feeling nothing. I turned and flipped on the switch. Caleb was gone, and he had stacked our towels and bedding on his dresser with a note: "I'm staying at patrick's. I'll see you in class." 

I felt a little angry, but more at myself than anything. Why hadn't I just come back to the room, and stayed? I knew I was tired, and the chance of falling asleep for the night had been great. I shut the light off, and crawled into bed. I didn't sleep. I glanced at the iHome, seeing it was 6:37. I got out of bed, and shuffled through my bag, finding my phone, and setting it on the charging port. I sat on the edge of the bed, and stared of into the darkness. My phone started blowing up shortly after, and I jumped at the initial notification. I turned, and slid across the bed, glancing quickly at the screen. All of the previous messages from Chris and Donnie showed up, and I scrolled down, reading a couple from Caleb.

"Hey want to go get dinner?" "Where are you?" "Chris just told me, have fun." "Chris and I are getting food." "Hope you have a good night. Love you." I felt teary eyed, but he wasn't here. I wasn't sure how much longer I could carry this on. My feelings for Caleb were clearly outweighing those for Donnie, and certainly for Chris. Each guy offered a different security, and a different feeling of love and comfort. I needed to find those same things in caleb. He had everything I wanted, and needed in a partner. Was that what we were? I didn't want to be cliche, but the fact was, Caleb was life partner material, and he loved me. Not just for the sex. He wanted to spend time with me, and I wanted the same with him. 

I got up, and grabbed my phone. I slipped on my shoes, and went out into the hall, and down the stairs, across commons, to Patrick's building. I knocked on the door, hearing nothing, and knocked again.

The door opened slightly, and I saw Caleb standing there,

sleepy eyed,

and holding a draped bed sheet around his waist...


Luc G

[email protected]


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