The god damn computer continued to baffle me. I hated the piece of shit. And 'Windows Vista' was the worst piece of crap ever invented. It had been nothing but trouble ever since I bought it, and it was now three years old. But there were so many cool gay sites; thousands of them, with blogs and pictures and videos and you name its by the millions. And so much of it was free that you didn't need to go to the pay sites. I'm just a teeny bit under the eighteen year old age limit; well actually five years under the eighteen year old age limit, but who's to know or care. I didn't mind telling a little white lie about a hundred times a day confirming to the web sites that I was of legal age. And what my parents don't know won't hurt them and it certainly won't hurt me. Luckily they were totally computer illiterates. They were afraid to even turn it on..

Anyway this crappy Vista program still crashed every time I tried to access some of my favorite gay sites. It wasn't one of those family 'save the children shit' porno filters because I didn't have one installed, and it might have been a problem with the web sites themselves. But I blamed Vista; it was a crappy program that had always been crappy and continued being crappy. But there was so much cool gay stuff out there that I could easily skip a couple sites and still find tons of great stuff.

My parents had gone out to get something for my eight year old brother for his birthday tomorrow. I was pretty sure they were getting him a new bike, since his old one was a midget size and totally beat up. I wish my birthday was coming, because I'd try to talk them into getting a new computer with the 'Windows 7' operating system.

Anyway it was Saturday afternoon and I'd been doing nothing but surf the web all day, and now I had to stick around babysitting my brother and my ten year old sister until my parents got back. Talk was we might go out to McDonalds tonight, which was okay because I was dying for a hamburger and needed to get out of the house.

When the phone rang I was so fucking frustrated I was about to throw the computer out the window, so I was happy to walk away from it.

'Hey Kyle, this is Randy. What's goin on?' I froze as I heard that voice and almost swallowed my Adams apple. Oh... my... god... It was Randy. God's gift to mankind! After all this time.

'Oh.... Hi... ah... Randy' I answered, my voice shaking as the memories came flooding back. 'Ah... everything's okay. Ah... what's up?'

'What'd you say Kyle?' he said harshly. I could hear the threat in his voice, and I actually stopped breathing and had to gasp for breath as I felt my insides turn to jelly. There was a long pause and then he spoke softly. 'Think about it Kyle.' I felt my face burning as I tried to get my self under control.

'Ah.... Sorry Randy SIR. Everything's fine here SIR' I whispered, as I reached down and grabbed my instantly hard cock. Oh yeah I remembered what to call him. Randy the muscle hunk, the demigod, the most gorgeous and dominant stud on the planet. The guy who'd given me wet dreams every night for months. The guy who originally raped me and then made me crawl for him and worship him and beg him to be allowed to have it again. The guy who threatened to beat the shit out of me if I wasn't totally submissive and respectful and call him sir as I groveled at his feet. Oh, fucking shit. He was actually on the phone.

'Good boy Kyle. Hey Kyle, you know. I've got this terrible itch here, which you used to take care of once in a while' he said laughing aloud. 'I remember you used to do a pretty damn good job taking care of this itch for me. What'daya doin this afternoon?' Well shit. After dreaming about him for months and finally giving up on him, he wanted me again. My heart started beating fast, and I knew I wanted him again more than anything else in the world.

'Ah.... Randy. Ah.... shit. Ah.... I'm baby sitting my little brother and sister because my parents are out shopping' I answered.

'You want to come over and get reacquainted with my prick?' he asked, laughing. 'It's been a while, but my prick remembers those pretty lips of yours really well. In fact he's bobbing up and down right now while we're talking about him. Why don't you get your ass over here and take care of him.' And god, let me tell you I remember every second of the times I'd blown him. And he was not only the most beautiful guy I'd ever seen in my life, but his prick was absolute perfection. To damn big to suck comfortably but the three times I'd blown him and been the most fabulous experiences in my life.

'Ah... please Randy ah... sir. Please. I... I can't' I stuttered. 'I've got to stay here with my brother and sister.'

'When'er your parents coming back?' he asked.

'Ah... I don't know. Ah... they just left a while ago.'

'Great' he said. 'I'll be over in five. Meet me at the door.'

'Randy. Sir. I don't know...' but he'd already hung up.

Randy was the first and only guy whose cock I'd sucked, and I'd done him three times. The first time, I'd been out riding my bike when he stepped out of his garage wearing just a skimpy pair of shorts. He lived just around the block from me. He'd just finished working out in his home gym and every muscle on his incredible body was bulging and he was totally dripping with sweat. I was so amazed by his beauty that I actually ran into his next door neighbor's fence. He laughed as I picked myself up and called me over. I was totally in awe of him, an absolute god, and I couldn't even speak as he invited me into his garage/workout room. To make a long story short he put me on my knees and had me sucking his enormous cock within minutes, but he was so rough and demanding that I couldn't stop gagging and choking. He eventually gave up on my mouth and jerked off in my face. Even so, it was the most exciting event of my young life.

After that, I rode past his house every day, and on weekends I'd go by dozens of times. But the few times I did see him he was always with his workout partner and completely ignored me. In school he was always surrounded by a gang of snooty kids and never even looked at me. One time when I tried to get his attention, he actually pushed me out of the way and pretended I didn't even exist. He pretended like I'd never been on my knees in front of him while he force-fed me his prick.

Then there was that Sunday afternoon about a month after the first time, when I was riding by his place on my bike again and he was setting on his front steps wearing just a pair of shorts. He was totally pumped and sweaty again and looked like a god. That was the first time I'd seen him there alone, so I dropped my bike, scurried up and said hello.

'What'daya want kid?' he asked. He seemed to be a little depressed for some reason. Why else would he be sitting on his front steps alone with a frown on his face? I found out later he usually had Jason blow him after a workout, and he hadn't gotten it that day.

'Ah.... I just ah... wanted to say hi... ah.... Randy' I stuttered. He looked me up and down, as if I was a piece of meat, or like he'd never seen a 5'4' kid before, and then stared into my eyes. Evidently making up his mind, he stood up, grabbed me by the front of my T-shirt and headed for his garage, dragging me along.

'You don't call me Randy pip squeak' he growled at me. 'You call me sir. Got that?'

'Ah.... yeah. Ah.... Ran-.. ah.... yeah.... Sir.'

'Good boy' he said as he opened the door and gave me a swat on the ass as he pushed me ahead of him into his workout room. This was my second time here and I knew what was going to happen. And I was so hot and excited I could hardly stand it, and I was determined to give him a blow job like he'd never had before if he'd only let me get him in my mouth again. No way was I going to disappoint him and choke on the damn thing this time.

But instead of putting me on my knees, he walked over to the wrestling mat and lay down on his back, pulling me down to my knees.

'Okay squirt' he said as he pulled my head down to his chest. 'Lick that sweat off my pecs. You like my muscles kid; I know it. So, here's your chance. Worship these pecs with your mouth.'

I was shocked, amazed, literally overwhelmed, and absolutely thrilled. Just imagine the most fantastic wet dream you'd ever had in your entire life, the dream of a lifetime that you'd had over and over again. Imagine it actually coming to fruition? Can you imagine? I mean, can you really imagine such a thing? This was it and way beyond. My one and only, and continuing, wet dream had been about somehow touching Randy's incredible muscles before I sucked him. But he was now going to let me lick them! Lick them for god's sake. Who woulda ever thought of such a thing? It was like a cattle prod to my prick. The most gorgeous guy in the universe with muscles on muscles on muscles, was actually going to allow me to worship those muscles with my mouth. Shit, my whole body started shaking uncontrollably as he pulled me over to his very wet chest.

I gave his steel hard pec a kiss and then a lick, and then I couldn't help myself as I rubbed my face back and forth across him getting my face soaked with his sweat and getting a good whiff of his musky unwashed body. Oh fucking shit; I was as aroused as I had ever been in my whole life. I felt a jolt of energy shoot through my body, almost frazzling my brain as I raised my head and looked at his massive chest.

'Well, don't just set there on your ass' he growled. 'Get to it!'

Holding myself up slightly on my hands I began to worship this demigod's chest with my tongue. And I started moaning aloud as I licked; I just couldn't help it. I felt my prick shudder and knew I was about to cum, so I rubbed my face back and forth over his chest once more getting even more of his wonderful sweat all over my face. Then my whole body trembled and I actually screamed as I started shooting into my bikers shorts.

Randy knew I was cuming in my pants, but obviously didn't give a shit as he slapped me on the back of my head. 'I said fuckin get with it, and get your god damn hands behind your back' he yelled at me as he mashed my nose against his chest. I was still shooting into my shorts and groaning and whimpering uncontrollably, but even so I started licking him. Oh sweet Jesus, was it wonderful.

So I ended up almost wearing my tongue out on his prodigious body. After I finished shooting my wad, I still continued moaning in excitement as I worshipped him. He just lay there the whole time with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. He occasionally gave directions, like how long to slobber over his biceps, or how to eat out his arm pits by sucking as well as licking, but mostly he just let me go at it on my own. The only time he really reacted was when I tried to kiss him on the lips and he slapped me away. So I licked all over his face, his cheeks, his forehead and his ears instead. I must have spent ten minutes or more in each armpit, jamming my nose in and savoring his unwashed scent as I worshiped, and only quit when he ordered me too. I was in heaven. I even got occasional moans from him so I knew I was doing it right and he was really relishing it. I worked my way down his body licking up every bit of sweat as I went.

I skipped his crotch area since he was still wearing his shorts, and I worked my way down his legs to his feet instead. I guessed he'd want me to do his cock last, and evidently I was right because he didn't say anything. I licked his feet and sucked his toes for a good ten minutes, but when I started to work my way back up his legs he made me go back and do it again. I guess he loved having his feet worshiped, and for me, I just couldn't get enough.

'Okay baby, you've earned it. Get on my cock' he finally said. Having him call me baby sent a shot of electricity through my body, and as he lifted up a little, I pulled his shorts and jock down and off. Then I pushed my face into his crotch, rubbed it back and forth and breathed in deeply, adulating in the sweat and the musky odor of his groin.

And I took his cock in my mouth.

It felt like I'd been worshiping his muscles for hours and then again it was like only seconds. I'd cum once and was so hard the whole time that it actually hurt. An absolutely wonderful kind of hurt. I knew I'd cum in a second if I tried to touch myself, and besides he'd made it clear I was to focus on him, so my hands stayed behind my back.

Sucking him the first time had been a struggle since I didn't even know what I was doing, and he had been really rough. But this time I was prepared. He wasn't rough this time, but just lay there with his hands behind his head and let me go at it. And let me tell you, I gave him a blow job to end all blow jobs. I'd actually practiced at home remembering how huge his dick was and hoping to have another chance, so I was ready. It took only a minute or so for him to get fully hard as I started working on him. I started slow, trying to imagine how it must feel for him, and worked my way gradually deeper and deeper until he was actually in my throat. This was the hard part, but I knew I could handle it, so I literally swallowed him. I took that huge cock all the way deep into my throat, ramming my nose into his harry groin, and just held it there while wiggling my tongue.

Then getting a steady jacking motion going, and developing as much suction as I could, I worked that massive pole in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes, as I was beginning to get a little tired, I gradually started to speed up. I looked up his body to his face and noticed that his mouth was now open and his chest and abs were moving as he started to pant. I knew he was close, so I really started speeding up, and pushing the big rod into my throat with every thrust. As he started to cum I pulled back so I had only the tip in my mouth so I could taste every drop of him. And Jesus did he ever cum. I lost count after six or seven shots but he kept going and going.

After he finished I just held his prick in my mouth and watched his handsome face which was showing a very faint smile. His breathing began to slow, and I could see that the look on his face was that of total contentment. I was still hard as a rock, but the shudder of excitement that shot through my body was not from my cock, but from that look of total satisfaction on his face. I was ecstatic! I'd done him, and I'd done a terrific job of it, and I could tell he was completely fulfilled and satiated. And so was I.

As he began to soften, I let go of his cock, lay down on top of him, and kissed him on the cheek. We just lay there for a while, me on top of him, as my cock began to go soft, and I began to wonder if maybe he'd gone to sleep.

Finally, he pushed me off and sat up.

'Okay kid. Piss off' he said, but he had a smile on his face as he said it.

'Please Randy. Please. Can I see you again?'

'I told you to call me sir, and I said piss off. Now get the hell out' he ordered. You know of course that I went home and removed my cum filled shorts and jerked off twice within the next fifteen minutes.

The third time I blew him was a week later when he came over to my house and threw me onto my bed and was really rough. He slapped my face and my ass and yelled at me and jerked my hair, and even choked me once. I was sore for three days afterword, but I knew he had one hell of a good time. He may have yelled at me and called me a lousy cocksucker, but I knew damn well he had one massive ejaculation. Christ, I thought I was going to choke to death trying to swallow all of it. Unfortunately he didn't let me worship his muscles that time, but just fucked my face and then left. But he made me get down and kiss his feet and thank him when he was done, which made me so hot that I shot across the room two minutes after he left my house. Yeah I was sore for a couple days, but hell, when you're in the presence of a god you'll take anything he'll give you.

So, do you get my drift here? I was madly in love with the guy. But I was three years younger than him sixty pounds lighter and about five inches shorter, and he didn't even know I existed outside of a couple blow jobs. I tried to talk to him once and he told me to 'fuck off' so after that I just mooned over him from a distance. I went to every wrestling match he was in, sat in the back and groped myself while I watched, and I arranged my schedule in school so I'd see him in the hall between every class. I continued having wet dreams about him for months, and sometimes cried myself to sleep because I wanted him so bad. But he never even looked at me. And now, after all this time, I'd just about decided that I hated him.

But shit, he was coming over. What the hell was I going to do? There really wasn't much question about it since my cock was now the hardest it'd been in months. Maybe I thought I hated him but my cock thought otherwise and was beyond my control. As I walked to the window I decided that I had to get him to promise more. Yes he was a god and yes I'd do anything for him, but at the very least I had to get him to recognize my existence and maybe even say 'hi' once in a while or something.

He was already outside and coming up on the porch so I opened the door for him. I forced myself to frown as he pushed me back and entered my living room.

'Randy.... What do you want?' I asked with a quiver in my voice. Oh man, he was so fucking gorgeous! Absolute total and complete perfection in a human being. If there were a god he would look just like Randy. He simply took my breath away. He didn't say anything to me but just put his hands on his hips and gave me a really dirty look. I hesitated for a minute as he glared at me before I realized what I'd done wrong.

'Ah.... Randy. Ah.... SIR' I said. Shit, I wanted to be in control, but without a word he already put me on the defensive.

'What the hell' he said as he took one of my hands and pulled it into his crotch. 'You know what I want.'

'Please Randy. Ah... please sir' I said desperately. 'You haven't called me for over five months.'

'Really? That long?' he said with a grin as he moved my hand around his growing cock. 'Well, I been busy.'

'Five months, two weeks and two days' I said, and I could have almost given him the hours and minutes as well.

'Well, so what' he said. 'I'm here now, and I know you want me. Feel that cock getting hard for you?' And shit was it ever getting hard. I couldn't help but lick my lips in anticipation. 'My cock's missed you Kyle' he said with a laugh. 'Yeah, my cock remembers we had some good times together.'

'Randy. Please. Sir. You let me suck you exactly three times' I said, trying to regain some control of the situation. 'And I don't want to do this now.' Like hell I didn't since holding on to his super hard cock was driving me crazy. But what was I supposed to say? 'When you see me in school you don't even know I exist. It's not fair' I said with a sniffle.

'Okay Kyle. You're right. It's not fair, and I'm sorry' he said with a grin that made me wonder how sorry he really was. But that grin made his handsome face glow and look almost angelic, which made me weak in the knees with desire. 'I got so busy that I just forgot. I promise I'll talk to you at school, and maybe we can get together once in a while too. Okay?'

'Randy sir. That isn't good enough' I said, trying to be firm. 'I know I'm gay, but that doesn't mean I'm here for a quick fuck from you every six months, or whenever you feel like it. I want more than that.'

'Oh shut the fuck up Kyle' he said in irritation as he grabbed my shirt and pulled me up to him on my tiptoes. 'I know you're hot for me. The way you're drooling over my muscles and groping my cock tells me you want it bad. So let's stop the bull shit and get to it.' Well, so he'd seen right through my sham. I was so fucking excited and wanted him desperately and he damn well knew it. And never in a million years would I let him get away without doing him again. But I thought I might still have a chance

'No way Randy' I said trying to step back from his grip on my shirt. 'If I yell my little brother and sister are going to come in from the back yard and see us, and you're going to be in deep shit. Now, let's make a deal.'

'God damn it Kyle' he yelled. 'All I want is a blow job, and you know damn well you want it too, so stop being a prick. Let's do it here or go to your bedroom.' He finally let go of my shirt and I did step back.

'Number one' I said. 'You're friendly to me at school.'


'Number two. We get together every week.'

'No' he answered, but I had nothing to lose so I kept going.

'Number three. You let me watch you and Jason work out, and I know you're fuckin him all the time. I want to watch that too.'

'No way Kyle.'

'That's the deal Randy. Take it of leave it.'

'God damn it Kyle. You're being a total prick.'

'Take it or leave it' I said with complete trepidation. If he started to turn around I was going to drop on my knees grab his legs and beg him to stay, deal or no deal

'Okay, but we get together once a month.' Oh shit was I ever relieved. He was going to make a deal and he was going to stay. My super hard cock throbbed some more.

'Every two weeks' I dared to say.

'Okay already. But no way do you watch me and Jason getting it on.'

'Okay, but at least you let me watch you work out.'

'God damn it, okay. Now get on my cock.'

'You promise?'

'Jesus Christ Kyle, you want me to sign in blood?' he said as he pushed me to my knees. I immediately jumped up, grabbed his hand, and headed for the stairs to my bedroom I'd barely taken two steps when he reached down, grabbed my legs and lifted me up in his muscular arms. I was so excited I had to laugh aloud as he actually ran up the stairs carrying me into my bedroom just like a groom carrying his bride into the bridal chamber. After he tossed me on the bed, he closed and locked the door and turned back to me.

I was so fucking excited you wouldn't believe it. I was actually going to get him again, after months of jerking off while dreaming about him. 'God Randy. You're so big' I said as I admired his amazing muscles. 'I can't believe how your muscles keep getting bigger and bigger.'

'Just for you baby' he said with a laugh. 'Just for you. But if you call me Randy again I'm going to blister your ass before I fuck you. Now get out of those fuckin clothes.'

'Sorry sir. Sir yes sir, SIR' I said giving him a big grin. I had my T-shirt, tennis shoes, shorts and jockeys off in about six seconds.

'And stop being a smart ass' he said as I got on my knees in front of him. I looked up at him with what I suppose was the most worshipful look on my face that was humanly possible. God he was magnificent. A total god in human form. He was wearing a tight black muscle shirt which fit like a glove showing his massive chest, and the ridges of his abs, and I could even see his belly button through the thin cloth. He was pinching his tits as I looked up at him. His snug black jeans showed a bulge that had to be seen to be believed. It made me wickedly hot with desire, but it was also scary as hell because I could see he was totally fucking horny and he wasn't going to give a shit about my feelings while he got his rocks off. It hurt like hell the last time I blew him, and it looked like he was even more out of control today. He was looking down at me, so I sucked in my gut and tried to expand my thin chest to look good for him. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about my little peter which was only about four inches, even when fully hard. However, that didn't really matter right now because Randy could have cared less, and my prick would take care of itself. It was Randy's prick that I was lusting after.

'Kiss my boots little boy' he ordered and I immediately bent down and kissed each boot. Hell, I'd have figured out how to jump over the moon right now if he'd told me to do it.

'Take 'em off' he said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. I pulled them off and then removed his socks as well. Looking up at him I put the socks to my nose and took a deep sniff. The smell was like an aphrodisiac, and I was going crazy with desire. Looking up at him my heart was beating fast and almost breaking with love for him. And lust too of course.

As I dropped the socks he reached down to me and got a grip on my hair and started pulling on it. It hurt like hell and I groaned as he pulled even harder.

'Oh, oh, oh, oh, please' I moaned as the pain increased even more. 'Please sir, please sir' I whispered. Oh shit. It felt like he was going to pull my scalp right off of my head. I continued groaning in pain as he pulled my face into his crotch, and started dragging my face back and forth against the big hard rod. Then he started humping my face as I opened my mouth and tried to suck him through his jeans. God, he was being even rougher than I thought and the pain was intense, but I was where I wanted to be. I almost had his prick in my mouth.

Finally, he let go of my hair, pulled his shirt off and stood up. 'Get my pants off boy' he said, and I undid his belt and pants and pulled them down and off. I leaned back on my heels and looked up at him in all his glory, wearing only a jockstrap. It was no exaggeration when I said he had the most beautiful body of anybody I'd ever seen. Maybe the most beautiful in the world. It was not so much that his muscles were massive, which they were, but they were so perfectly proportioned to his total image, and with a face to die for and jet black hair he was an absolute god. And unbelievably, this god was only sixteen years old! But he was my god, and he was allowing me to worship him.

He reached down and took hold of my hair again, but not yanking on it this time, and pulled my head back so I was looking straight up at him as he grinned down at me.

'Put your hands behind your back' he directed and I did so. Then he made a production of coughing up some phlegm and I couldn't help but be totally shocked as he let a big wad of spit fall into my face. My cock went crazy and I almost came right on the spot. I moaned and almost screamed with desire as I reached for my cock, in a total frenzy. Shit! Randy spitting in my face. I'd never been so turned on before, never!

'Hands behind your back you little shit' he yelled at me, and it was a good thing because my prick was about to explode. As I put my hands back behind me he pulled my face into his jockstrap rubbing his spit off onto the cloth. Still holding me by the hair, he pulled me back so I was looking up at him again.

'Tell me you want it you little cock sucker' he said. 'Tell me you want me to treat you like shit and spit on you. Say it!' he ordered as I stared up at him.

'Oh shit. Oh shit, Randy sir' I moaned, and believe it or not, I started to shoot. Oh god, I'd never been so turned on in my life, and my first shot of cum disappeared off in the distance. Surges of electricity were shooting through me and I actually screamed in ecstasy as I blasted a half a dozen more times. My whole body was shuddering and my eyes were squeezed shut as I came.

'Open your fuckin eyes' he growled at me as I began to recover. 'And do what I told you. Tell me you want me to spit on you and treat you like shit.'

'Oh Jesus Randy' I said looking up at him. 'You're so fuckin hot. Please Randy.... Please sir. Ohhhhh God. Please. Do what you want. Please spit on me again.' And right then I wanted anything and everything from Randy. If he had strangled me on the spot I would have died happy.

'Open your mouth' he ordered as I looked up at him and he coughed up some more phlegm. Then, almost in slow motion, I watched as he let another big gob of spit drop from his lips. I was totally mesmerized as it hit my lip, splashed on my nose, and a lot of it went into my mouth.

'Now thank me for it' he said.

'Oh shit sir. Thank you, thank you' I babbled with my whole body shaking in excitement. My cock hadn't gone soft, and right now I felt waves of current shooting through it, and I was on the verge of cuming again already. I stared up at this gorgeous creature, and deliberately stuck out my tongue to lick his spit off my lip, and made a big production of swallowing it.

'Okay little boy. Worship time' he said as he put his hands on his hips. 'Get on my cock.' I was more than ready and I instantly leaned forward and started working his cock; sucking and gnawing on it through the jockstrap. Oh fuck. This was what I'd dreamed about for months and I was now finally doing it. I developed lots of spit and tried to soak the jockstrap as I chewed on the enormous rod underneath the thin layer of cotton. I sucked on it and tried to suck out all the juices as I rammed my nose in tight. I grabbed the strap in my teeth and almost started to pull it down because I wanted to get to his cock so badly. But fortunately I came to my senses before Randy realized what I was doing. I didn't mind Randy slapping me around for not being sufficiently enthusiastic, but I didn't want to go out of my way to do something he didn't like and get him angry.

'Oh yeah little boy; that's good' he whispered after five or ten minutes. 'Now pull my jock down.' I looked up at Randy who was staring down at me, and started to pull the jock down with my teeth, but I was so anxious to get to his cock that I reached up and tugged it down and off with my hands. His enormous, hard as steel cock sprang up against his muscled stomach with loud slap. As I raised my head back up he pulled my face into his crotch pushing my lips against his nut sack.

'My balls baby. Worship my balls' he ordered and I got busy doing exactly that, with his eight plus inches cock bobbing back and forth in front of my eyes. I was really getting into it now, but I wished he'd let me suck his cock. I knew I could handle it, and would do my damndest to make it even better than the last time, which I knew was pretty damn good. I intended to give him the blow job of the century. But for now those balls in my face were my total universe, and I sucked and licked and kissed and slobbered over them like nobody's business, getting them totally wet and smearing it on my face as his enormous cock banged against my nose.

Then he surprised me by grabbing me under the arms and tossing me onto the bed on my back. He climbed on and pushed my legs apart, and I realized he was going to fuck me. I'd never been fucked but I'd seen it on the internet, and I knew I wanted Randy to do it. I stared at his handsome face, now beginning to sweat with his hair sticking to his forehead, as he spit on his hand and started rubbing it into my ass crack. His cock was sticking up like a god damn flag pole and dripping with precum as he worked my ass. I groaned as he stuck a finger into me. Shit that hurt but I wanted him so fucking bad that it didn't matter. I loved him so much that I wanted him to hurt me. He was such a god that I would take any pain to give him what he wanted and take his cock anyway I could get it.

'Tell me you're a virgin baby. Tell me your hot little ass has never been fucked' he said as he spit some more and I felt him push two fingers into my ass. It hurt like hell but I didn't groan this time. My pain was his pleasure and I wanted him to fuck me no matter what.

'Never, never, never Randy sir' I swooned. 'But I want you to do it. Please fuck me Randy. I've been dreaming about nothing else for months.' Shit I was begging him. Begging him to fuck me and to hurt me. To ravish me. To use me for his pleasure. I actually screamed in exultation as I felt his enormous cock start pressing into my tight ass.

'Takin your ass virgin boy' he whispered as he started pushing. 'Gonna break you wide open with my big cock.'

Oh shit. It was much worse than I expected. The pain was incredible, and I moaned as I felt the head of his cock enter me. I was squeezing my eyes closed and was panting frantically, in total agony, as he stopped and let me adjust for a minute.

'Open your eyes Kyle' he ordered me. 'Keep 'em open and watch me while I take your hot ass.' I opened eyes and looked at him, still groaning from the pain as he started pushing in deeper.

'Jesus, you're beautiful Randy' I moaned as the pain increased again. He and I were both sweating up a storm now, and he was beginning to drip on me. But his incredible body, glistened from the sweat looked so super it just took my breath away, and almost made me forget the pain. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to hurt me. I wanted him to do anything he wanted. I just wanted him. I moaned again, as much from desire as from the pain.

'Oh yeah Kyle. Takin your ass. Rammin my big cock into your tight hole.'

'Oh, oh, please Randy. Easy Sir. Oh shit it hurts' I mumbled as the pain was now almost more than I could stand. 'Oh, oh, oh, oh' I groaned. I wanted to take him but the pain was now excruciating. Thank god he stopped and just held there for a couple minutes. As the pain eased slightly, I felt him pull out a little and start pushing back in little by little. The pain was not as intense, and I was determined to take it without anymore complaining because I could see in his face that he was absolutely loving it.

And then he stopped and just waited, looking down at me with his sweat dripping. I assumed he was all the way in. It hurt but I'd survived, so it should be all down hill from now on. I closed my eyes again from the pain as I felt him pull all the way out of my ass, which was wonderful. But he immediately pushed back in all the way until his crotch was tight against my ass.

'Open your eyes baby' he ordered and I saw he had a big grin on his face as I looked up at him. 'Watch how a real stud takes your ass.' Then he started a slow fuck, gradually pulling almost all the way out and then plowing back in deep while looking into my worshipful eyes. At this point I think I was getting totally zonked out, with a mixture of pain and pleasure blending together with lust as he started really slamming into me, jerking my whole body and shaking the bed too. The pain was now pretty well gone but he was really pounding into me now. His big cock reaming out my hole over and over again. I knew he was getting really hot, and was almost out of control as he hammered into me and I moaned and groaned under his determined assault on my ass.

Then he grabbed my hair, yanking it very hard, getting a yell out of me as he began to jerk my head back and forth in an absolute frenzy. Then he lifted me up so I was on the back of my neck and my shoulders so he could slam his cock straight down into my ass.

'Oh Shhhhhiiiiittttt' he screamed as I actually felt his cum spurting deep into my ass. He was still jerking my hair with a vengeance so I was screaming as well and damned if my cock didn't start shooting too. 'Shhiittt' he screamed again as he pulled partly out of me and slammed in so hard he was about to knock me right through the mattress as his enormous pistol kept shooting into my ass. My own cock sent blast after blast all over my stomach and chest and even onto my face.

When he finally finished and seemed to come to his senses, he let go of my hair and just dropped on top of me crushing my knees against my shoulders. I felt totally used and abused and worn out, and unbelievably satisfied. I was being crushed and in pain, but the grin on my face was a mile wide. It felt like I'd just finished the marathon, but damn did I feel good. After a few minutes, Randy raised up and pulled his cock out of my ass and rolled over next to me. I dropped my legs to the bed and just lay there for a while luxuriating in lying next to a demigod.

After a bit Randy reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me down to his crotch.

'Clean me off baby' he ordered and without question I started licking. His cock smelled a little of my ass, but was basically clean except for being smeared with his cum. I moved a little so I could look into Randy's face while I sucked up all the cum from his crotch and licked him clean. He was looking at me with a big smile on his face and I actually felt a nudge in my crotch, even after cuming twice already without touching myself. Shit, he was so fucking gorgeous, I could stay here with my face buried in his crotch for the rest of my life and be completely happy. And obviously he liked it too because he let me go on and on and on kissing and licking and sucking

When I finally felt his cock begin to grow again, he pushed my head away. I just lay there on the bed in awe as this muscle god got back into his sexy outfit, and I actually started to get hard again just by watching him.

I knew damn well he loved fucking me as much as I loved getting fucked, and I absolutely had to have it again, so I reminded him of the deal he agreed to.

'Remember Randy, you promised' I said. 'You talk to me at school, you come over every two weeks, and I get to see your weight room. You promised.'

I could see in his eyes he was pissed at me for bringing it up, and he reached down and grabbed me by the neck with one hand and pulled me off the bed to my feet.

'I don't make deals with my fuck boys Kyle' he growled at me. 'Besides I should kick your ass for not calling me sir like I told you.' With his hand around my neck he gave me a good shake.

'Now here's my deal. You'd better be damn happy I even came over here today, and maybe I'll talk to you in school, and maybe I won't. But since you were a good fuck I will agree to do you again next week. Then we'll see how it goes. You fuckin well better be satisfied with that or else. Got it?' he asked giving me another shake..

'Yes, Sir. That'll be great sir' I said because I knew I wouldn't get any more than that out of him. He'd left the door open to fucking me again next week, and I would just have to be sure that I was such a good fuck that he'd want it over and over again.

'I'll see you next week sir' I said with a big grin.

He grinned back and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

'Yeah, okay. Next week' he said as he headed out.

I wanted jump for joy and yell and scream in triumph, but my ass was killing me, so I just lay down on the bed with a beatific smile on my face. Next Week! Wow!



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